Saturday, March 25, 2006

Neutral Grounds Galleria...

March 25, 2006...

FYI. NG Galleria's new location at the 2nd(?) floor opened. It's smaller, and a little cramped if you wanna put in a table for warhammer games, but doable if you ask me. Being welcome to play is another matter. A lot of warhammer stuff are still displayed on the shelves and a big part of the shopfront has army boxes on display. Never had the opportunity to talk to Freddie about this since he was busy attending to- and participating in a card tourney. Things were a bit chaotic considering the just-moved-in feel of the place. Will come back for updates.

That's all to report for now...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 005 - Troop Movement

Shink1m, The Meanderer, Balian and Salubri showed up at NG Galleria last saturday, March 4.
Warhammer Fantasy was the chosen game for the day.

1st match: Shink1m's KDL went up against Balian's Bretonians with KDL walking away victorious.
2nd match: Salubri's Bretonians VS The Meanderer's Wood Elf warhost. The Meanderer miscalculated his flee reactions which left his units immobile for 1 turn. Salubri took advantage of this with cavalry charges all around. Victory for Bretonians.

Good games guys.

mental note to self: when asked by a pretty young girl with long legs and fair skin, if you smoke, reply with: "Oh I'm smoking now girl!" lolz.

where's a smoker when you need one...