Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Defenders of Ultramar

For Eons the realm of Ultramar has experienced unparalleled prosperity under the watchful gaze of the Ultramarines Chapter. Stalwart defenders of humanity they wish to bring other systems under the benevolent protection of the Emperor of man.

"Let them bestride the galaxy like gods of old, sheltering Mankind from destruction at the hands of an uncaring universe"
-From the teachings of Roubute Giliman

The Heroes Of Ultramar

Marneus Augustus Calgar - Chapter Master Ultramarines

Cato Sicarius - Captain of the Ultramarines 2nd Company

Varro Tigurius - Ultramarines Chief Librarian

Ortan Cassius - Ultramarines Chaplain, Master of Sanctity

Brothers Captain Ali Sadat Khan and Librarian Lazarus on Bike

Librarian Lazarus in Terminator Armour

"We are the bulwark of the Emperors defense against all who wish mankinds demise, We are The Ultramarines!" -Librarian Lazarus

Captain Agemman in Terminator Armour

Command Squad

"Raise the flag high. Let those degenerates know who comes to claim their lives this day!"
-Sergeant Adar Geronan Imperial fists 4th Company

Brothers C.I.A. Dreadnoughts

Brother Corvis

Brother Ixion

Brother Augustus

Tactical Dreadnought Armour

Assault Terminators of the 1st Company

"Primus" Tactical Marines Squad w/ Rhino

"Secondus" Tactical Marines Squad w/ Rhino

"Tertius" Tactical Marines Squad

Dedicated Transports -Rhinos & Droppod

"Sextus" 1st Scouts Squad w/ Bolters, Bolt Pistols & Close combat weapons

"Quintus" 2nd Scouts Squad armed w/ Sniper Rifles & Missile Launcher

Assault Squad

Landspeeder Squadron

Vindicator -"Valorum"

Vindicator -"Repentia"

Land Raider -"Septimus"

Ultramarines Assemble!!

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