Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Craftworld Megil en Mea "The Sword of Light"

The Sword of Light was one of the few Eldar vessels that escaped the fall largely untouched. The trading vessel with it's then small crew often made runs into the farthest colonies surrounding the outer rim of the Eldar empire. It was by fate that the ship was far from the epicenter of the catastrophe that claimed so many lives.

Even though far away from the anomaly that would later on be referred to as the eye of terror the crew knew instantly of the tragedy that struck their race. They had born witness to the slow descent of eldar society into depravity. With each trip home the crew of The Sword of Light saw what had become of their brethren. Though the seers aboard the ship tried to plead with the leaders of their world their's was ultimately a lost cause. No one would listen.

After the fall the vessel made one last trip home. They had sought to find survivors. What they found was death. Where the once mighty empire of a star spanning race stood... there was only a rift thru time and space. So it was that the ship headed for the rim worlds of the pioneers we have come to call exodites. On their way they found numerous survivors and each ship found either added itself to the fleet or melded the ship to The Sword of Light thru the bone singing prowess of their seers. It was thru this process that the craftworld grew to accomodate the burgeoning population of survivors. The exiles and the last of their kind...

Salubri inspecting his then newly acquired cheddar, I mean Eldar army. :D

The path of the Warrior
The eldar of "The Sword of Light" strongly believe that their continued survival rely heavily on their ability to eliminate threats before they become evident. To achieve this goal the craftworld adopts a more militaristic approach similar to that of the eldar of BielTan. Their interventionist stance also explains why rumors of strikes made by the craftworld all over known space. 1

Howling Banshees

Fire Dragons

Warp Spiders

Shining Spears

Swooping Hawks

Dire Avengers

Escalating Conflict

While the craftworld may employ the honed warriors of the different aspects for surgical strikes a more prolonged or major conflict also sees the presence of civilian volunteers. They come to the field with different roles, from support to frontline troops. Even the youngest of the eldar are trained to fight in the defense of their home and species.

Guardian Defenders

The Living Dead

For the eldar, eternal rest is but a dream for even those that have long since passed away may yet be recalled to life in service of the craftworld. At times of dire need the Spirit Seers will rouse the souls of legendary warriors from sleep. They are then placed within an incredibly resilient wraithbone structure that can house their souls and allow them to move around in the world of the living.

Wraith Lord