Thursday, December 03, 2009

Return of the Comeback

OK where do I actually start….hmmm wow my first GT in 10 years…..a little history hehe, I started playing warhammer 40k back in 1996 where I bought my first box of metal 2nd edition catachan troops. Wow it was around 1,095 php per box then…expensive?! But I loved the metal stuff and the GI Joe feel of it so I was always looking forward to it..after a few weeks and more allowance saved I bought my first Leman Russ Battle Tank! Woot! Finally after all the time I spent playing, painting warhammer from 40k to fantasy…from working as a staff at Neutral Grounds….to finally quitting after the Virra Mall incident…wherin 200k php worth of my entire collection went to ashes ….I never thought to myself I would actually get back to warhammer again….fast forward..2009…March…after much prodding and much consideration (after Freddy Tan also agreed to revive his old Imperial Guard again) I went back into the game. Lo and behold! My first purchase after 10 years I got myself a Space Marine Codex and a Thunderfire Cannon!! (everyone was like WTF that’s useless), well let’s leave the thunderfire cannon story for some other time… after much playing and painting and getting to know the rules all over again (it was a monumental jump from 3rd ed to 5th ed) finally after a few months…GT time…I was in fact excited at the same time tense as I have never joined any GT event let alone play in a competitive environment in a long time. Many new faces where seen after I entered the scene again..the only old dinosaur I still recognize was Ian Kuneho…after actually looking at my space marine collection came Space Wolves…my old 3rd edition army! WOW! Finally I can get those old dogs going again…. Now comes the challenge..painting!! With work in the way and lots of things to do…wedding preps….manning the renovation at our house…I made a little plastic tool box as my mobile painting box….I get to paint on the go…since I really liked the dark angels army color scheme I decided to paint my army in that scheme with a twist of course! I got my GF to paint with me as well, helping me with the painting and basing and all…every time I look at my stuff, I remember how lucky I am to have someone to share my hobby and interests…..mind you she buys some of my stuff too….without me even asking her to..she knows what I need LOL heck she can play if she wants to…. The dog army I built was actually not as competitive as others would think it was…it was more fluffy than competitive… most of the constructing time spent was making those thunderwolves…I built them from scratch..I was inspired to actually field them in combat… anyway come GT time…I was skeptic…I was nervous..I was happy..finally, a GT after such a long time….I had a great time those 2 days of gaming, after making lots of warhammer friends in galleria and having a blast playing! It was good to see the old faces like dpaul and Fred Yu…and it was a welcome sight to see Sir Lito play in a GT…and of course finally a Neutral Grounds WH 40K event!!

I never thought I’d actually win it….

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