Thursday, September 20, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 032 - Killing Fields - Aftermath

Okay so midnight and I went to HH after office hours last wednesday to test the modified version of Killing Fields. It ended up being just that. A killing field!

We both decided to deploy facing the center marker as spreading our forces too thinly would cause our troops to get picked off one by one. Turn two and no one decided to take on the objective as each opponent was poised to counter anyone going for the objective. On Midnight's left flank sat the Totem Hunter behind some buildings, staying out of the Gun Mage Captain's effective range. On his right flank were the Centrati which eventually easily over came the two Stormsmiths sniping at their leader and was free to take the object. The game was decided in the middle however, as the bulk of the battlegroups and war parties were lined up for a major engagement by turn two. Turn 3 proved to be the deciding factor as midnight pours out a flurry of spells that caused the Thunderhead's strength to be used against every Cygnar model within 3". The result was catastrophic almost wiping out the knights, killing the journeyman and damaging the Thunderhead! To add to that it was Hexeris' feat turn which then put every "dead" model in his control before being removed from the game! Devastated by the enemy, the Cygnaran's went into melee and Stryker seeing a hole in the enemy's defense took his chance! It was feat turn for Cygnar and everyone could move 3" and attack after all friendly model's have activated. This allowed an overloaded Stryker to make the final movement and contact a fury-less Hexeris!

The game ended with Cygnar taking the field after 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenario Edit from recycle bin

Okay guys here's what I propose. These are some minor changes to the mission Killing Fields, just enough to make it more enjoyable... err I think. :P

Mission: Killing Fields
Modifications: a. Begin counting control points at the end of turn 2
b. Control points are counted at the end of the turn (after both players took
their turns)
Explanation: I'm thinking this only makes things a bit more fair because it eliminates the early advantage of being able to go first and also having lots of advanced deployment models. The original form started counts for control points on the first turn. Which meant whoever went first could get the required number of points by turn 2 (5 CP). Also I think that counting control points at the end of each player turn rather than at the end of 1 game turn (when both players took turns) kinda screwed the 2nd man a bit since you could run, sit on the counter and he won't be able to stop you from gaining a point.


I'm hoping that we'll get past some sort of legalism here as I've always thought of our gaming group as playing for fun rather than for keeping a tally of who wins and who loses. At any rate, just so you don't get any wrong ideas that I'm trying to change the way missions are played in the current WMH community, I am NOT repeat NOT pawning these changes to the community. Hence the reason why I'm posting it here in OUR BLOG. Its just for our gaming group and only if you want to try it. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. My only aim is to make things more enjoyable for everyone concerned. Personally I'm okay to play with anyone using whatever scenario but I'm thinking it would be more enjoyable for us if we "fixed" some of the things that we are not comfortable with. Games are made for gamers after all and not the other way around.

At any rate I leave you with this: Prime Remix, page 81, middle of left column: "Experiment with different combinations, and feel free to create variations or unique scenarios of your own."

Thursday, September 06, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 030 - Weekday Katipunero session #1

Midnight and Salburi met at hobby haven for some Warmachine VS Hordes Action!


Midnight had 500 pts of Skorne Against Salubri's 500 pts Cygnar. The guys decided to play pure assasination to get the most out of their game. It promised to be no holds barred metal vs muscle slugfest!

*Salubri discovered some nasty tricks up Skorne's sleeves when the basilisks starts spraying and doing their paralytic field/aura combos. to quote Salubri: "Nabobo yung Centurion ko dun nang 2 turns!"

*Stormsmith evades Cyclop's boosted attacks twice! lol

*Storm Lances executed a perfect flanking maneuver! effectively separating Huge bad ass titan from main battle group and holding opponents for several turns. (total amor= 20 from arcane shield bonus!)

*Storm Knights earn their pay in glorious battle with the leader bringing down both a Titan and an arcuari with one charge! ( flank attack... engaged by armless hunter. :D )

*Hexeris disengages from Centurion to make one final gambit vs Stryker only to be cut down by free strike. ( sakto pa yung damage sa life 15 vs 15. lol )

Results: Cygnar win by Assasination vs Hexeris