Sunday, January 18, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 083 - Small Gaming of GT Proportions...

Date: January 17, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars in Attendance: Kuneho, Henri, Sigis, High Noon, Deadeye, Salubri, with special appearance from Ebon, Marty, and Kyuzo
Other Players in Attendance: Mickie, Matthew, Martie, Jasper with special appearance from George, Paolo, Jaime, and Mark
Gaming Highlights:

For starters, check these numbers:

FOUR gaming tables!
SEVENTEEN players, old and new!
EIGHT games logged in!
SEVEN xenos armies to TWO space marines in one session!


Game1 - Kuneho(Tyranids-Hive Fleet Conqueror) vs. Matthew(Eldar)
1500pts Seize Ground (5 counters), Spearhead Deployment
Kuneho Wins! 1-0, 1 contested


Game2 - Salubri(Eldar-Craftworld Megil en Mea) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Capture and Control, Spearhead Deployment
Mickie Wins! 1-0


Game3 - Jasper(Eldar) vs. Sigis(Tyranids)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
Jasper Wins! 1-0

This was a long fought one. Supposed to be a draw where both are claiming one objective each but during the post-game the gang realized that the unit Sigis was using to claim his objective was in fact a unit of genestealers which can't be a claiming Troops choice if it was a Broodlord's retinue (making the 'stealers an Elites choice) ain't it? Sorry man, better luck next game. ;)


Game4 - High Noon(Space Wolves) vs. Martie(Tau)
1500pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment

Martie: "Is there anything about your army that I should know about?"
One Regular: "It's something about the PLAYER that you should know about maybe. ;)"


Game5 - Matthew(Eldar) vs. Deadeye(Tau)
1500pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment

"Never ending dying I want to kill Firedragons..." - Deadeye's fixation on Matthew's Eldar unit


Game6 - Mickie(Chaos Daemons) vs. Henri(Space Wolves-Iron Wolves)
1500pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
Mickie Wins!

Drop Pod Assault vs. Daemonic Assault! Imagine drop pods falling from the sky while daemons rip through time and space! In the end, it was Mickie edging Herni in the killpoint score 4-3.


Game7 - Salubri(Eldar-Craftworld Megil en Mea) vs. Henri(Space Wolves-Iron Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment
Salubri Wins!

This was a rematch of last week, right down the to last mission and deployment roll. One distinct highlight in this game was the failed skilled rider check by Salubri's Shining Spears Exarch. But vengeance in the end was Salubri's, racking in a decisive 5 killpoints to Henri's none.


Game8 - Deadeye(Tau) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids-Hive Fleet Conqueror)
2000pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment
Kuneho Wins! 1-0

Last game for the night. Ace move for Hive Fleet Conqueror to assault two firewarrior squads with enought spacing to dislodge them from holding their home objective. Deadeye tries to counter by flanking his pathfinders and shoot down hormogaunts sitting on their home objective. Was almost successful in doing so, but the relentless advance by the Hive Mind ends up claiming the enemy objective on the last turn.

"Ganda talaga ang pagpintura ng... tambay." - Salubri after commenting on Kuneho's paint job.


With that so many games in and players in attendance, maybe a chance to get another mini-tourney to start off 2009.

Until the next gaming session.


Salubri said...

you know... freddie tan has been wanting to organize a tourney for us. with so many players in the galleria seen alone maybe this is a good time to talk to him. :D

Salubri said...

there was a time after the horus heresy when only the three primarchs(salubri, kyuzo & balian)remained to keep the imperium in order. together we insured that the incursions of chaos into the realm of man will was put down at every turn.

now it seems that all is right in the universe and thus this post deserves a place in our "soldier's journal"...

if you don't understand what i'm talking about... you're new to this hobby and this community. but don't bother trying to find out what it means. :P

Balian the Blacksmith said...

don't forget sigismund... he was there with us during the "heresy" too :D

baka lang magtampo :P

Salubri said...

he was? i'm getting old. lol