Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Call From the Dark Side - 40K GT account from Lucas (Best General co-winner)

Written by Lucas Jacinto
Co-winner - Best General, 2010 40K GT

(Photos courtesy of Neutral Grounds)

I am very pleased that I got co-best general at this year's GT. I wasn't expecting anything when I decided to use Dark Eldar knowing that the risk was great. Being a new codex it works both ways, at my advantage because no one has fought against it yet and to my disadvantage, I am still at the experimental stages in using it.

I was actually going to field Eldar. For this year's GT, I have put together craftworld Norrae-Kai, a fire based, tank-heavy Eldar army. With the release of the new Dark Eldar codex, I couldn't resist. I followed strange whispers from the warp. Sir Freddie Yu, Ian Siongco and Paulo Lapa. Sir Fred helped me make up my mind between using Dark Eldar and Eldar stating that if they let me use the new codex then its a good idea to push through with it. Ian was very supportive and gracious in allowing me to use the new codex. He states that it will bring much excitiment to the tournament if the new codex was present, and it actually did just that. I engaged in a lot of exchange of ideas during the tourney on what combos go well together and so forth. It seems that a lot of people were anticipating this codex release. And lastly, I have to thank Paulo for helping me streamline my list. Being last year's best general, he knew a lot in terms of what strategies work in the current 40k scene, as well as having a good idea on how to remove fat from an already good list.

Dice played a major role in my games. With my first game with Freddie, i was massacred. It could be because of my initial deployment or maybe my target prioritization. I blame the dice. I was rolling 1s and 2s with 15 blaster shots and 12 dark lances! I wasn't able to blow up a single tank. I even rolled a 1 on my first shadowfield save. The dice was against me. But on the succeeding rounds, the tables have turned. i was so impressed on how my dice were performing I nearly dropped my games and headed for a casino - I was destroying everything and I was rolling way beyond statistics can justify. I even kept on saving my 5+ flickerfield save! I have to say that luck was definitely on my side during the GT. To conclude all this, I preach that don't lose faith in your games, GT or otherwise. It still can be anybody's game. You just have to have a good attitude toward's winning and losing. Accept failure as well as you accept success because it is all part of the game.

On a side note, I actually had a lot of fun putting together the new DE army. Being an old DE player i thought it would be easier for me to do whip up a list. I was wrong. The new codex had a different dynamics to the game as compared to the old codex. To be specific, instead of Raiders, I needed Venoms. Looking at the codex artwork and scanning the net, I decided to turn my shelved Vipers into something useful. With the help of a couple of boxes of Reavers and a few unused Raider bits, I had Venoms. My DE army was ready for action in no time.

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