Friday, December 22, 2006

Congrats to Sigis and Ivy!

December 21, 2006

Remember Dude, marriage is not just a word... Its a sentence. ;)

From all the guys, here's wishing you and Ivy all the best!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 013 - Lost In The Warp

This entry has been long overdue :)

I cant even remember the games played that day. We deployed, threw dice, extended the tape measure, used a few templates, had lotsa laughs...

In attendance that day :

- Balian, Steel Falcons
- Salubri, Ultramarines
- Kyuzo, Emperor's Children
- Sigismund, Grey Knights
- Lord of Change, in wrestlehammer form
- Adrian...
- Joel, brand new daddy

Poker, anyone?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 14 - Where'd No. 13 Go? +P...

December 1, 2006...

Da Players : Midnight, Salubri, Balian, and Kyuzo
Da Venue : Midnight's Residence, somewhere in QC
Da Order of Play : Warhammer 40k and Texas Hold Em Poker

40k Game

Combatants : Midnight's Space Wolves vs. Kyuzo's Emperors Children
Scenario : Take and Hold
Level : Gamma


Kyuzo had to resort to the 3-defiler config to make the list playable since there are not enough havoc models to field and kept the proxies to a minimum. Heard a lot of cries of "foul" and "cheese" from Midnight after realizing majority of Kyuzo's troops are infiltrating, six units carried icons, and the nasty siren minor psychic power on his daemon prince. The defilers proved effective against Midnight's troops and landspeeders. The daemonettes proved most effective in taking out the rest of the troops.

Midnight still proved the craftier of the two being able to use a Wolfguard's consolidate move to get into base contact with what was initially thought of as an untouchable daemon prince (due to siren) reducing him to two wounds, plus his infiltrating scouts that almost took out two defilers using bolt pistols and a meltagun, and a heavy concentration of heavy supports on one flank (Midnight used two Pred Annihilators and one Vindicator) which Kyuzo wasn't able to neutralize. Shrewd strategist! Nice one.

Last turn ended with Kyuzo's DP, daemonettes and one noise marine squad controlling the center with two damaged defilers and one full noise marine squad still standing while Midnight was left with a vindicator, a pred annihilator, and a couple of rhinos.

Result : Emperors Children wins

Poker Games

Played three rounds of Texas HoldEm with special participation of Shana Hiatt in the proceedings. ;) The results:

Round 1 : Kyuzo over Balian, Salubri and Midnight
Round 2 : Midnight over Salubri, Balian and Kyuzo
Round 3 : Balian by chip count over Salubri, Midnight and Kyuzo

Special Thanks and Mentions

To Midnight for providing the venue. Sa uulitin dude! :D
To Shana Hiatt for providing the necessary inspiration for the poker players to survive elimination. :D
To Salubri for bringing the poker set (That thing is heavy!)
To Balian for writing up the battle report for No. 13. +P
To Kyuzo for bringing Shana Hiatt to the get-together. +P
To Ricky for bringing us all together and be missing in action at the same time. +P
To Sigismund and Meanderer who hopefully will be able to join us next time.

Monday, October 30, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 012...

First Game
Combatants : Balian's Steel Falcons vs. Kyuzo's Emperors Children
Scenario : Take and Hold Gamma
Highlights :

6'x6' gaming table in da house! Plus, debut of Kyuzo's Emperors Children at 2000pts! Although around 30% of the army are proxied, it was graciously allowed by the Regulars in order to get a feel on how the config works. And with Balian's Steel Falcons across the table, its the proverbial baptism of lascannon fire right there! +P

Deployment was a little non-eventful, except for the fact that all of the Emperor's Children's troops are infiltrating. Balian himself highly recommended this given the config's obvious tactics. Wanted to check its full potential by letting Balian's scouts infiltrate first as a worst case scenario, giving my infiltrators less places to hide.

Started out with the predictable turbo-boost of the Lt on bike in the hopes of the summoned daemonettes to come out closer to the Steel Falcon firing line, only to be shot down the next turn by virtue of multiple lascannon fire. Even the 2+ invul save could not weather the Steel Falcon firepower. Daemonettes proved deadly predicted still able to take down a Calidus assassin as well as a venerable dreadnaught, but sadly ran out of turns to get to the deadlier troops still left on the Steel Falcons' deployment zone. Sonic weaponry rocks, as combined power of blastmasters and sonic blasters were capable of taking out marines with the occassional pinning check! And defilers are cool too, which was best described by Salubri. One or two defilers on the table is cheesy, while THREE defilers is not. ;)

Result : Minor Victory to the Steel Falcons!

Despite the loss, already learned a lot on what adjustments are still needed to be made to the config as well as some post game analysis to the basic tactics. Until the next time these rockers show up again. ;)

Second Game
Combatants : Sigismund's Black Templars vs. Salubri's Ultramarines
Scenario : Recon Gamma (which actually was played at Omega) +P
Highlights :

This would involve a long march for both sides due to a longer table length. Seemed ironic that an all-infantry Ultramarine army was able to cover more ground while the more forward-oriented Black Templar army stayed back. Some silent protests going along the line, "This is Recon! Cross the %&*# table already!" hung heavy in the air as the Black Templar line did not budge. Ultramarine assault squads and bikers successfully reached the black templar enemy lines, which later on proved vital in sealing the win.

Result : Minor Victory for the Ultramarines!

Salubri's Veteran Squad Sergeant

Kyuzo's Slaaneshi Marine

WIPs from Kyuzo Check out the Kroot Marine! :P

Heroes of the Imperium... and extra. ;)

Hmm... that guy looks familiar! :D

Monday, October 09, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 011 - Tanks, Drugs, and Mental Trauma

With Balian back in action the Regulars went to Galleria for some weekend gaming. Two games were held;

combatants: kyuzo's dark eldar vs. balian's 13th company
scenario: secure and control alpha

balian's 13th company would have a distinct advantage in securing loot counters with his troops as the first wave to take out my transports and bikers to counter attack and retake points at the last turn. plus his pesky long fangs shooting me down from the back.

after deployment, my tactics were pretty much straight forward: 1) concentrate fire support on the left flank as well as commit my archon and one wych squad for close combat there since most of balian's forces are deployed to claim most of the loot counters there. 2) use my raider squads for some drive-by shooting and even close combat. with balian's 13th company, you have to throw all the bodies you can afford. 3) the wolf priest needs to be neautralized otherwise he'll be sitting back with a unit of troops to teleport anywhere on the table. 4) zoom in a bunch of wyches to take out the long fangs on my right flank and work my way to the left in the hopes of providing support to that side as well.

i had first turn. i felt lucky and popped the crucible before balian's long fangs would surely target my archon carrying it. and it worked with the wolf priest rolling an 11 on his leadership check! byebye wolfpriest.

first four turns i would say was in my favor since i was able to tie up his long fangs with combined efforts from my wych squad and one raider squad. the battle on the left flank was an expensive one where both sides suffered heavy casualties, which pretty much left me controlling two counters to balians none. fifth turn was critical where i missed the opportunity of delivering my wyches to that one long fang squad that got away, as well as the untimely demise of my archon who overdosed on combat drugs (triple sixes!!! karma.) while trying to stop the wolf lord on bike.

balian was able to salvage a draw by wiping out my ravager with one meltagun-toting spacewolf (or was it the plasmagun-toting wolf lord i cant remember) as well as sneaking in a unit-scoring long fang squad (mental error on my part not being able to block that squad with my consolidating wyches).
result : draw.
-- by Kyuzo

Combatants: Salubri's Ultramarines VS Sigismund's Armored Company
Mission: Take and Hold
Game Level: Omega

Omega level rules worked to Salubri's advantage as Sigismund deploy's nothing on the first turn. This gave Salubri the chance to get everyone in position to intercept enemy tanks. Wisely avoiding the heavy concentration of guns on Salubri's right flank, Sigismund deploy's his tanks to face Salubri's weaker left flank as they come.

Thanks to the sacrificial veteran unit, barrage artillery was reduced to one basilisk allowing Salubri's fast units to go relatively unharrassed. One assault squad was hit dead center by a demolisher shell right after deepstriking and going off target. Inneffective shooting by the Ultramarines left the assault and bike squads with the heavy burden of taking out enemy tanks. Meltabombs help the Ultramarines in reducing Armored Company tanks to half.

Sigismund makes his last minute dash to the objective and manage to take out Salubri's Vindicator postitioned near it. Last minute heroics weren't enough to secure decisive victories for either side though as the battle ended in a draw.

result: Draw


Kyuzo came with a camera last saturday and we were able to take some pics of the game and then some... :D

Balian VS Kyuzo, Secure and Control

Salubri VS Sigismund Match, Take and Hold

Donnel and Adrian also came by;

It was off to Quattro after the games where Balian recounted his adventures in the hospital despite being Darth Vader for several days. Now we all know where to go if we get confined. :D

It's a good thing the day ended with no one accidentally swollowing tilapia fish bone. :P

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Glad Cup 2006, The Galleria Cell...

Gladiator season approaches. Minimum of 6 players to comprise one cell. Champion per cell advances to the next round to go up against the other champions of other cells. I believe HGR can form one cell if we establish ourselves in Galle for the other players to join in. Your thoughts please.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Space Marine Odds and Ends...

If you guys have any to spare, especially torsos, bare heads, helmets (beakies I hear are at a premium), running legs (though I hear this is a rare one), etc. I'm planning to use these as accents to the CSM army I'm building... already started assembly using a csm box and some metal bitz. Might post a picture once I get to assemble a complete squad. Thanks.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

gmail acct

mga tol,

i may not be able to chat with you guys sa YM! but why dont we try sa GMAIL they have this GTALK thing and its not block in our office ... yet... :)

Jonnel Mendiola...

Snipped from the RHGC forums as posted by Gelo...

As you may or may not know, this friday marks the death anniversary of one of the pioneer players for Warhammer 40k (and my old boss) - Jonnel Mendiola, from
where the original Gladiator championships was renamed to the JAM cup in his memory.

As such I would be paying respect to his memory by holding a small 500 point tournament at Hobby Haven from 12noon onwards, followed by a drink afterwards courtesy of Jeff and his Johnnie Walker and maybe a bit of BattleField 2
or Mechwarrior computer gaming

Entrance to the tournament will be P100 per person. Half of which will go
to store credit ( for the use of the facilities ) and half will go to drinks and food.

The restrictions for army list creation is based on Combat Patrol
Missions will use the Rules of engagement for combat patrol
that is found in the UK website. No need to worry about proper
computation of VP. Because of the fast nature of the games we will have
4 to 5 matches. Please have an objective marker (it can be a base or even a coin ) ready

Because of the slightly cramped space sa second floor , I have to request that only those that will play be on the second floor playing area ( ng Hobby Haven )

Those that will not can play mechwarrior or battlefield muna sa baba -- Once the games are done and we have cleaned up the tables then we can everybody that wants to have a drink. (No rowdiness though or else we will get kicked out of hobby )

Hobby Haven can only accomodate 8 people. I will play if there is an odd number of players.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 010...


Date: September 16, 2006
Venue: Neutral Grounds Robinsons Galleria
HGR's Who Answered The Call: Kyuzo, Balian, The Meanderer, Salubri and Sigismund

The 101st got together to play their deadly game of chess, to match wits against each other and see who has bragging rights till the next encounter...

1st Game
Combatants: Kyuzo (Dark Eldar) vs. Balian (13th Company)
Scenario: Take and Hold Level: Alpha

Balian and I arrived first so we were in charge of setting the table up for the coming games. From the scenario, we first established 4 objectives to control. Luck didn't really go the way of either side. Both suffered critical losses early on in the game, with Balian's Wolf priest falling to Kyuzo's crucible (this wargear has been consistent against a lot of high Ld psykers lately), and both of Kyuzo's succubi being removed from the game due to combat drug overdose on the very same turn!

The bodycount was high which is typical when these two armies face each other. 13th Company Storm Claw bikers and Wolves were ruthless in decimating Kyuzo's infantry, almost wiping out his entire right flank. Dark Eldar efficiency in shooting proved above average by reducing Balian's Grey Slayers troops and Storm Claw bikers to non-scoring unit status, which made the score tied at one objective apiece on the 5th round. On the 6th round however, Dark Eldar decided to go for broke by letting out a unit of warriors to claim an objective left by the haemonculus and grotesques which in turn tried to fry off the approaching wolflord with destructor fire... only realizing that there was no line of sight to the Wolf lord! Wolf lord then singlehandedly contested and destroyed DE warrior scoring unit and get his Long Fangs to within 6" of one objective.

Result: 13th Company win over Dark Eldar, 1 secured objective to none.

2nd Game
Combatants: Salubri (Ultramarines) vs. The Meanderer (Daemonhunters)
Scenario: Recon Level: Omega

This was fun to watch, since it all boiled down to who's getting their reserves in first to give full support to their units that will touchdown on the opponent's deployment zone, as well as bolstering the defenses from any enemy units trying to break through. Top space marine honors should be given to The Meanderer's librarian who almost singlehandedly held a combined assault of bikers and assault marines, killing off the enemy chaplain and allowing allied scouts to help finish off the bikers. This in turn kept the victory points close, with Salubri winning out via more Ultramarine units encroaching the Daemonhunters deployment zone.

Result: Ultramarines victorious over Daemonhunters via VP difference

3rd Game
Combatants: Balia (13th Company) vs. Sigismund (Black Templar)
Scenario: Cleanse Level: Gamma

This was also interesting, to which I saw an unusual role reversal with the 13th Company taking the initiative early in contesting quarters and taking the fight to the Black Templars, who in turn, boxed themselves in a corner behind hills and blocking off all entrances with their rhinos and their predators in the vanguard.(reminiscent of wild western carriage ring surrounded by blood thirsty indians). In four turns Sigismund's two predators were picked off one by one via the 13th Company heavy weaponry. It was only on the 5th and 6th turns did we see some major movement from the Black Templar front, with three of Sigismund's LSTornados zooming out of the canyon to contest the three quarters and setting his Black Templar brethren to weather out the 13th Company onslaught. This would've proven sound if it were not for the fact that the Black Templars were at the top of the turn. The 13th Company at the bottom of its last turn shot down two of the three enemy land speeders, and although it would seem unnecessary, the 13th Company still engaged the Black Templars on the assault (like true space marines) and left both parties with casualties that didnt really bring much weight to the score. A good game nonetheless.

Result: 13th Company victorious over the Black Templars via VP difference and with two uncontested quarters to none.

Other Highlights:

We wrapped up with a quick detour to Quattro (although Sigismund was not able to join this time since he was already starting to feel under the weather for lack of sleep) before calling it a night.

We all did agree that we should be making the conscious effort in painting our armies even if it means being able to show an improvement or a new WIP everytime we meet. Some plans to put Kyuzo's ideas or a new army to the test in the near future, since Kyuzo has already put into motion the construction of this new army.

A personal thank you should be sent out to Freddie and Des for still being able to accommodate us to play despite the space and playing schedules.

Some photos to follow.

Until the next encounter.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Call To Arms...

HGR unite!

No, this is not a call to a revolution but more of a call to get together this weekend. I'm thinking the usual Saturday afternoon (I think I'll be able to clear my schedule enough to go on half-day...) over at Galleria, maybe 2000pt 40k. If you guys are cool with this, let us know right away so we can try to set things up. Thanks.

Ok, its official then. We're good to go on Saturday, after lunch at Galleria. If Sigis will be there early, maybe we can try out the new Cities of Death rules. See ya!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Start of Transmission...

September 1, 2006...

Lotsa people in attendance. Noteable among the HGR's would be shink1m, sigismund, midnight and myself. People got together to talk about the new cityfight rules as well as testing their armies against each other in city conditions. Among the Regulars in attendance, midnight and sigismund were able to play out a cityfight scenario.

I heard sigismund's Black Templar lost to omegatron's CSM, while midnight's Space Wolves went toe to toe with beefcake's Word Bearers and won. If you guys can comment any details especially the mission and highlights, I can quickly update it to the post. Thanks.

+++ Snipped from sigismund's account of the game:

our mission was take the flag... omega level... 1500pts...

my BT's were up against art's nightlords... 4 troops for me against his 6 (2 havocs, 2 troops, 2 FA's) we got to choose which strategem's to take...
the battle was intense as both sides try to take buildings and place flags on them... heavy weapons moving tapos hindi pa sila makabaril thru buildings...

art lost 2 raptor squads and some troops in the process...
i lost 2 squads of troops...

we ended up with the score 8-6, art having 8 flags against my 6 ones...

but upon the intervention of his excellency sir lito...

the score was finalize to 7-5 due to some contested areas on the table...

not bad after a hard days work... sabi nga nila, dapat 500 pts. lang para mabilis ang game... :)

Grub was in an abundance with chicken pansit and soda. kyuzo and midnight were obviously tired from work and travel as they only finished only four (4!) beers each during the course of the evening.

Heard they boyz stayed on well into the night to as late as 2am I think. This get-together is planned to be done on a more regular basis. Looks like my game against Jubay's Tau will happen soon enough. +P

End of Transmission...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 009


1st game

Balian's Assaulty Black Legion vs Salubri's Deathwing. Balian struck Salubri's left flank and one big melee ensued. 4 black legion squads led by a deamon prince killed off a terminator assault squad in two turns of combat. With the librarian and 3 squads stranded on Deathwing's left flank the game ends in a draw with balian ahead by 100+ points.

2nd game

Adrian's Marines duke it out against Salubri's Deathwing. Salubri swallows hard as he faces an army with plasma cannons galore and 2 vindicators. Uphill climb for Deathwing as terminator falls after terminator. At the end of turn 6 2 squads of terminators survive while only taking out 1/3rd of the Adrian's Marines. Major Victory for Adrian

3rd game

Rematch game between Kyuzo a.k.a manny and Sigismund a.k.a larrios. Larrios pulls off the footwork routine once again while following up with straight right and left hook combo. Manny down for the count after receiving countless lashes from particle whip. Galleria regulars call Technical foul on Larrios after the game.

mental note to self: You can't shoot other weapons if you're using ordinance. :P

Despite odd things happening saturday's games were quite fun. Almost like the old days. Special mention goes to Manong_guard for showing up with new hobby in towe.

The gang headed on to Quattro to meet with the Meanderer and had dinner while detecting multiple infiltrators with auspex. Romy fell for Ay ay's very smooth back, Balian went Mcdreamy after minors entered the room and as a last hurrah Salubri had an encounter with fish bone just when everyone was about to leave on the end of the 8th turn. XP

sa uulitin.

p.s. ayoko nang steamed tilapia.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Since we're starting to have satellite gaming areas now. May I suggest that each of us come up with atleast one terrain every two weeks until we have enough variety to fill our gaming tables? I'm speaking of fully modelled and painted terrain. :D Right now midnight's gaming table looks a little bald. ;) My table at home has enough terrain for the time being. I understand Balian is also open to the idea that his house be used for an alternative gaming area so we should make terrain for that as well.

All in favor of this say "Cheese"! :D

(una na ako) ELDAR!

Monday, July 24, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 008...


July 22, 2006...

The Venue : Neutral Grounds Robinsons Galleria
The Gamers : Balian, Salubri, The Meanderer, Sigismund, Justin, Kyuzo with special appearance by Oberon

Neutral Grounds! Its been a long while since we last played here (last entry was dated January 2006). And the place was bigger then. Despite the intimate setting, we played on! Results are as follows:

1st Game
Combatants : Balian (Steel Falcons) vs. Salubri (Deathwing)
Mission : Cleanse Level : Omega
Highlights :

Saw this on Turn 4 where Salubri's Deathwing was on the march with his assault termies slowly but surely made progress into Balian's deployment quarter. But combined heroics from Balian's librarian, tac squads, razorbacks, landspeeder and dreadnaughts provided enough suppressive fire to wither the assualt termie advance. No need to count the points on this one. Balian's Steel Falcons won that day.

Some Pics :

Somewhere in Turn 4...

You Shall Not Pass!!!

2nd Game
Combatants : Kyuzo (Dark Eldar) vs. Sigismund (Black Templars)
Mission : Seek and Destroy Level : Alpha
Highlights :

This one was interesting. Most of Kyuzo's Dark Lances and Disintegrators either missed or wasn't able to blow up any of Sigismund's vehicles on the first couple of turns thus enabling Sigismund's BT to rush to my deployment in three turns using his rhinos. Some fancy maneuvering of his four rhinos thinking he can pull the "Where's the Emperor's Champion and his squad?" delayed the inevitable but only slightly, as Kyuzo has already stretched his forces to the right flank and is too late to send any counter support to his beleaguered troops. Wyches didn't do much today as initiative on the assault was hard to recover at the very first turn. True to form, Dark Eldar went all or nothing on this scenario, with the Black Templar crusade winning over these bloodthirsty pirates at the very end.

Some Pics:

"Where's the Emperor's Champion?"...+P

Vindicator about to get some haywire love...

Some last turn heroics didn't make the difference

A pleasant surprise to see Oberon pass by to see the games (well, mostly Sigis and his intricately thought out movement phase which took about an hour... +P) as well as how the store looks like now, but soon went ahead. After the games and some goodbyes to Love (+P), the gang went to Quattro for a quick dinner and an exchange of some lively banter.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Some Posterboy Pics...

Steel Falcons:

Chief Librarian of the Steel Falcons

Inquisitor Lord Constantine

More to come...

Weekend Warriors : In Pictures...

Weekend One (July 1, 2006)...


Weekend Two (July 9, 2006)...

Deathwing...WIP pa lang yan?! Aaaarrggghhh!!!

Nabilib ako sa kuha ko ng Deathwing! Goes to show na kahit nawala sa circulation, may nagagawa pa rin! ;)

Sa susunod na pag-untog sa cabinet, este, sa paglaro. +P

Monday, June 19, 2006

2006 40k GT...

Snipped from Freddie Yu's post in the RHGC Forums:

AHOY everyone!! The 40K GT is very nearly among us!!!!

Again as a reminder, here are the rulesets...

- Date: June 24 Saturday, Tourney starts at 10 am SHARP!!!
- Venue: #35 General Lim St. Quezon City (street parallel to Quezon avenue, located right behind HEARTBEAT
- Pointage: 1500 points using any 40K GW legal army (those that do not need opponent's consent) using 4th ed rules....
- 3 Games plus....
- 1 Special Scenario: 750 points composed of units from the 1500 list, with the ff organization chart: 0-1 HQ, 0-2 elites, 2-6 troops, 0-3 fast attack, 0-1 Heavy support
- Special rules for the scenario:
a. From the parent squad/choice, you can reduce the number of elements down to the minimum required (ex. in squad alpha, you can reduce from 10 marines down to 5, or in IG command platoon Beta, you can field only the command platoon without any attached HW squad, or 1 death cult assassin instead of 2 etc.)
b. You can REMOVE (not REPLACE) weapon choices from the squad members only (ex. removing special or heavy weapons)...NOT characters and vet sergeants...
c. In cases of units like tyranid warriors, you remove WHOLE models, not individual weaponsd. Vehicles, Monstrous creatures remain as is....Heroes and vet sergeants wargear CANNOT be modified too....

- Needless to say, naming your units would be a big help in the army lists...
- There will be generalship, painting, and sports scores
- There will be a special raffle for all RHGC members who did not win any prize after the tourney
- SUBMIT your lists EARLY!!! There will be a BONUS for early submission of both 750 and 1500 point lists (FRIDAY LATEST TO QUALIFY FOR EARLY SUBMISSION BONUS)...please email to me at, or to Owen (Ruruoni), or Arthur (Omegatron)- Good luck to everyone!!!!

Map to the venue:

So, here's calling all HGR's out of the woodwork! The call to arms has been sounded. Transportation to the venue can be arranged amongst ourselves. The more the merrier I always say. Good luck and happy hunting gentlemen! ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006

2006 Fantasy GT...

June 11, 2006...

Fantasy GT 2006! This year was different considering it was held in a new venue at the clubhouse of Bonifacio Heights here at the Fort. Despite the venue being a little out of the way, it was a joint effort from everyone who attended that all those who wanted to join could be brought to the venue to play.

Players in attendance were: Sunny (Wood Elves), Carlos (Kemmler List), Mark (Dwarf), Chris (Empire), Patrick (Skaven), Joel (Vampire Counts), Ross (Empire), Raf (O&G), and myself (Dark Elves).

Other noteables were Ronald and Freddie who organized the tourney, Lito who gave all out support in attendance and even in the assistance with the food run =), the Cua bros who still passed by to watch even if they missed the start, Francis (aka Sabaw) who went to watch Sunny's wood elf tactics, and Larry who made a special appearance (great terrain pieces dude!).

Another noteable difference in this year's GT was that we were able to play 4 scenarios in just 8 hours! The funky 2nd scenario was a blast as some high-leadership characters failed their terror tests (noteable to Marks Ld9 hero rolling a 12 =P), while lowly Ld5 Skaven passed easily.

Special thanks to Raf who flew all the way from Iloilo just to play. Our final round match was the most memorable to date. It was still fun even if it wasn't a draw. ;)

In the end it was the giving out of prizes. Best Painted award went to Mark. Best General award was given to Chris. And Overall Champion went to Joel. Great games guys!

Click the link below to see the pics:

2006 Fantasy GT in Bonifacio Heights

Congrats to the winners and kudos to Ronald, Freddie and Gelo (who had to be in Subic that day) for a well-organized GT (complete with tourney kits!).

Next up will the be 2006 40k GT. Hope to see you guys on the 24th of June. I will mention the details of that event in another post soon.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mini-tourney At NG Galleria...


May 7, 2006...

Small gathering of players to play 1000pt mini-tourney at NG Galleria. Three out of the eight players are 101st Regulars with beefcake playing librarian duties as tourney organizer. The eight player roster are as follows:

Balian - Steel Falcons
Kyuzo - Dark Eldar
Midnight - Space Wolves
EJ - Tau
Zeb - Necrons
Gelo - Lost and the Damned
Joel - Space Marines
Willy(?) - Ultramarines

The mini-tourney played three scenarios with Beefcake plugging in some funky weather conditions as well as individual player objectives forcing the players to think on their feet.

My three rounds felt like my regular Saturday games of late. My first round against Balian's Steel Falcons was a fun experience where Balian had a slight edge on VP. Second round was against Midnight's Space Wolves where I was able to edge him out on VP, with weather conditions playing a factor in the outcome. Third round was against Joel where we both were not able to breakthrough to each other's deployment zones but with my army almost decimated to the last man. Great games gentlemen! :D

In the end, it was Gelo who won out on VP to take the overall win. Congrats GeloMan! Hope to come across your mutants soon! :P

Some pics for posterity...

The boys (big and small) at play...

Gelo starting to quote some of his famous lines

Librarian Beefcake paposing-posing lang =P

"Uhm boss, I think were surrounded..."

Balian waiting for the next round...

Blaze of Glory Ultramarine fashion...=P

Some tables were intense...

...while some were just plain exciting. Joke. =P

After some inquiry with the NG staff were we able to gather that playing outside the store at the atrium can be arranged given a proper lead time for the securing of a permit. Will discuss this in detail with the organizers for the next tourney if not the GT itself.