Monday, January 29, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 015 - Starting 2007 With A Big Ordinance Template...

January 28, 2007...

Venue : Midnight's Residence, Somewhere in the concrete jungle of Quezon City
Attendees : Midnight, Kyuzo and Balian with special appearance of Baby Mia and Power Ranger Maki...

Game 1: Midnight's Space Wolves vs. Balian's Steel Falcons
Scenario: 2000pts Seek and Destroy Level: Alpha

Wasn't able to see much of this game since I had to distract Power Ranger Maki into helping me out in taking pictures of Midnight's painted minis and WIP's so that Midnight and Balian can bash each others brains out in relative peace and quiet (pardon the pun). Aggresive play from both sides early on with the Space Wolves initiating a forward charge to Balian's solid firebase. FOTA was also played a key role in some rounds but the determined charge by the Space Wolves kept things to an even standing. Game ended with Balian and Midnight with 5 scoring units each remaining on the battlefield.

Result: Draw (with Balian with a slight edge on VP if counted).

Game 2: Midnight's Space Wolves vs. Kyuzo's Emperor's Children
Scenario: 2000pts Cleanse Level: Omega

Escalation proved difficult to daemon-bomb effectively (Kyuzo's Lt on bike and Daemon Prince can only come in on the 2nd turn at the earliest) except via infiltrating squads or summoning becomes successful later in the 3rd turn.

By third turn Kyuzo did a risky bordering on foolhardy move of turbo-boosting his Lt in the midst of a sea of Space Wolves and heroically survive a torrent of shooting, only to be fully surrounded in close combat (thus, nullifying the opportunity to summon) and subsequently destroyed by a $#!^-load of powerfists (Space Wolves can carry two PF's per squad?!). It proved to be a blessing in disguise as consolidating units ended up in neat clusters for defiler target practice.

Daemonettes and DP were effective in dessimating at least 3 squads of troops, two predators and 1 landspeeder between them. Random game length proved a disadvantage to the Emperor's Children as one defiler blew up in last round heroics by remaining SW landspeeder squadron.

Result : Draw (Midnight's Space Wolves with edge in VP 1396 to 1344)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I've transfered our blog to the new Blogger. You may need to sign in to blogger via the main page( and follow the instructions on how to transfer to the new version before you can post anything here. If you're not having problems then disregard this message.

Malabo ba? Sensya na. Wala na naman ako sa sarili. lol