Sunday, July 27, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 064 - Slow Day For Gaming...

Date: July 26, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Deadeye, Kyuzo, Henri, with special appearances from Balian(who was there in spirit), John, Sigismund, and Salubri
Other Players Present: Special appearance from Justin


Game 1 - Kyuzo(Black Legion) vs. Deadeye(Ultramarines)
2000pts Capture and Control, Dawn Of War (5th Ed Beta)

Went mechanized Black Legion today, with the debut of two Predators, a Vindicator and Landraider to go along with my four Rhinos. Going mechanized seems better considering the scenarios and vehicle rules. First turn for both sides was pretty much straight forward with the troops from both sides securing their home objectives. In the succeeding turns I decided to go the way of the aggressor and tried to pick off his troops at his home objective and hopefully to contest and try to win it at least.

My Daemon Prince had a little fun, Lashing an Ultramarine Tac Squad from behind their Rhino right out in the open and within range of my Vindicator. Experienced a little guilty pleasure out of that move I must admit. But that guilty pleasure didnt last long. Wanted to go for the win by Lashing the remaining Lascannon squad that's guarding their home objective, only failing by rolling an 11 and getting shot down by Ultramarine fire, which pretty much sealed the Draw after no extended turns were rolled. Good game.

The Chaos list I used:


Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission


1x5Chaos Terminators - 1xTwin Lightning Claws, 2xCombi-meltas, 2xCombi-flamers, Powerfist, Landraider dedicated transport


4x10Chaos Space Marines, 2xMeltaguns, Aspiring Champion with Powerfist, Rhino dedicated tranpsorts with havoc missle launchers

Heavy Support:

2xChaos Predators - Twin-linked lascannons, Heavy bolter sponsons
1xChaos Vindicator

2000pts, 54 models


Game 2 - Deadeye(Ultramarines) vs. Henri26(Iron Wolves)
2000pts Seize Ground(5 Counters), Spearhead (5th Ed Beta)
Henri26 Wins! Iron Wolves-2 Ultramarines-1 Contested-1


Justin treated us to a Shakey's dinner at end of the day. Thanks man! :D

Session ends 9:30pm

Monday, July 21, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 063 - Know Thy Store Owner...

Date: July 19, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Salubri, Deadeye, Balian, Ebon, Sigismund. Kyuzo was there but did not stay long
Other Players Present: Kuneho for the first time in a long while.

Like I earlier said, I didnt stay long because I had somewhere else to go later in the day. Here's what I gather from the Regulars on what games were played and a few highlights from them as well...


Game1 Deadeye(Ultramarines) vs. Salubri(Craftworld Megil en Mea)
2000pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle (5th Ed Beta)
Salubri Wins!


Game2 Balian(Steel Falcons) vs. Ebon(Deathguard)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment (5th Ed Beta)
Ebon Wins! Killpoint Score 8-4


Game3 Sigismund(Salamanders) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment (5th Ed Beta)
Game only lasted 3 Turns before closing time got to them with Sigis ahead on killpoints.


Quotable Quote/Priceless Moment of the Day has to come from Deadeye hands down. Lolz!

Freddie: May I borrow this chair?
Deadeye: Uh, no. We already lack chairs.
One of the Regulars: Uhm... Deadeye? That's Freddie. He owns the store. So technically, he OWNS that chair.


Monday, July 07, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 062 - Some Continued Gaming...

Date: July 5, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Balian, Salubri, Deadeye, John, Kyuzo, Sigismund, Ebon
Other Players Present: Special appearances from Kuneho, Carl(?) and Owen

Only managed a few games today, with an interesting mix of games:


Game1 - Salubri(Sword Of Light) vs. Balian(Steel Falcons)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead (5th Ed Beta)
Salubri Wins!

Killpoint Score: 6-2


Game2 - Deadeye(Ultramarines) vs. John(Hive Fleet Kraken)
2000pts Seek and Destroy Alpha
Draw! After 5 Turns

A more detailed battle report care of Deadeye in The Duel blog entry. This was fun to watch (more like overhear while it was my turn to play on the opposite table), having been able to see two brothers go at each other's necks on the gaming table while they could've easily have done this at home. But like what Deadeye said, securing the Draw in Galleria is sweeter compared to being cut to ribbons at home.


Game3 - Sigismund(Salamanders) vs. Kyuzo(Black Legion)
2000pts Seek and Destroy Gamma

Sigis still tinkering with a Salamander list while my newly modeled Daemon Prince took the three Defilers for a walk. With sparse terrain and Salamanders with Las Preds, Razorbacks and Dreadnoughts galore, I'd say my army was made for this list. Lolz. Except for the Defilers, majority of my forces was able to reach Salamander battle lines at one flank and tried to overload the rest of my forces there and try to work out a sweep to the opposite flank. But that FOTA sniping Librarian in the far flank was able to pin one squad to slow down my march. That's the second time that Librarian (once as a Blood Raven, now as a Salamander) screwed up my tactics. Will get that Librarian one of these days. Game ends in a draw.


Game4 - Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist) vs. Salubri(Sword Of Light)
2000pts Seize Ground (5 Terrain Counters), Dawn Of War (5th Ed Beta)

Ebon's first stab at 5th Ed. Hehehe...

Ebon's Quotable Quote: "O ha! May Land Raider ako! ..... Syet." - after finding out he's up against Salubri's Eldar. :P

Game ends in a draw with Salubri and Ebon claiming one terrain counter each. Salubri had a chance to win when he zoomed one of his Falcons to contest Ebon's objective, only to realize he landed close to a six-sided die and not the actual terrain counter which was still out of his reach.


Received word that there might be no gaming tables next Saturday, to give way to a major pre-release tourney. Next gaming session most likely the Saturday after that (July 19).

See you guys then.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Duel!

July 5, 2008

Players: John (Tyranid Kraken) Vs. Mike (Ultramarines)

2000pts Seek and Destroy Alpha (4th Ed) 5 Turns Draw!


I opted not to deepstrike my Terminators and Terminator Librarian w/ retinue so I can utilize their firepower to full effect. A Brood lord w/ a six Genestealer retinue infiltrated fairly close to my Rhino.

1st Turn Marines

I moved my Terminators, Dreadnought, Landspeeders, Vindicator and Troops in Rhino to maximize fields of fire. My speeders unpacked a lot of hits on a brood of 20 Gaunts, almost annihilating them. A TAC squad w/ a lascannon finished the job on later turns. Terminators unloaded on Tyranid Warriors to no effect. Another TAC squad managed to wound a Carnifex. A Predator Annihilator did the same with the other Carnifex. Yes there was 2 Carnifex on the table.


The Brood lord w/a retinue and good dice rolls (into difficult terrain/fleet) brought them w/in assault range of my Rhino. Amazingly enough no marine died during the Tyranid shooting phase! But a Landspeeder was damaged losing his assault cannon to Tyranid Warrior fire. Another great miracle was the Brood lord w/ retinue assaulting my Rhino with no effect at all!

2nd Turn Marines

Another move to maximize chances of hitting and bringing all guns to bear! By rolling my Rhino away and disembarking the other, my Terminators and Troops made mince meat of the Brood lord w/ retinue.


A lot of movement/fleet by Gaunts and Hormogaunts that I will later pay for! The earlier wounded Carnifex answered back immobilizing my Predator in the process. Another Carnifex caused the already damaged Speeder to lose its only remaining gun. Then a Tyranid warrior finished the job by destroying the speeder. A brood of Genestealers assaulted my Rhino who earlier survived the same episode but with a different result forcing my troops to disembark from a wrecked Rhino, killing 3 marines. Later being assaulted by 2 Raveners, my Marines put up a valiant defense killing both but also dying in the end. A deep striking Lictor assaulted my Devastator squad w/ the aid of Hormogaunts assaulting from 12” away! Marines being in cover, strike first, but to little effect, resulting in a long drawn out combat which I later lost.

3rd Turn Marines

Another round of moving and shooting a lot of Guns! My Vindicator dropped a Pie plate on a Brood of 10 Hormogaunts, followed by a withering fire from Terminators Assault Cannons and Storm Bolters, while the Dreadnought also contributed, the Hormogaunts being in cover made all the difference from being all but destroyed by 3 Hormogaunts holding on. My Land Speeders and Terminator Librarian w/ retinue was firing and picking apart a brood of Tyranid Warriors and ripper swarms.


Again more movement to cover and fleets made it all but clear that this will all end in a bloody assault in the Tyranids favor! Shooting had little effect on my Power Armored Troops. Another deep striking Lictor almost destroyed my vindicator, causing it to lose all its guns but failing to immobilize it to bring about the Lictor’s demise.

4th Turn Marines

My Vindicator, surviving its close encounter w/ the Lictor, rolled out of the way to expose it to withering bolter fire from nearby marines obliterating it! In an effort to draw the enemy closer to my Lascannon totting TAC squad I was willing to sacrifice my Terminator Librarian and retinue by exposing them to Tyranid fire and possible assault!


My immobile Predator was assaulted by Genestealers causing it to go up in flames taking a couple of assaulters w/ it! As Predicted my Librarian Terminator was assaulted but due to sheer luck they all survived the first round of combat, destroying a Hive Tyrant Guard with a Force Weapon and several Gaunts! Hive Tyrant piled in squarely in front of my Librarian.

5th Turn Duel!

Due to player fatigue and a lack of nourishment (Player has not eaten lunch yet), We decided to pit our respected HQ units in a Duel to decide the winner. Being of the same initiative (In 5!) we hit simultaneously, My Librarian scored several hits but not scoring a wound due to Hive Tyrant’s high Toughness, Hive Tyrant hitting back causing one wound which can only be saved by a Terminators Invul save. Rolling a 6 brought all that carnage to a draw.


Final Tally


1 Brood of Gaunts

2 Lictors

1 Brood Lord w/ retinue

Tyranid Kraken

1 Tactical Squad

1 Predator

1 Land Speeder

Pretty close but no Dice! A Very Good Game!