Friday, December 22, 2006

Congrats to Sigis and Ivy!

December 21, 2006

Remember Dude, marriage is not just a word... Its a sentence. ;)

From all the guys, here's wishing you and Ivy all the best!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 013 - Lost In The Warp

This entry has been long overdue :)

I cant even remember the games played that day. We deployed, threw dice, extended the tape measure, used a few templates, had lotsa laughs...

In attendance that day :

- Balian, Steel Falcons
- Salubri, Ultramarines
- Kyuzo, Emperor's Children
- Sigismund, Grey Knights
- Lord of Change, in wrestlehammer form
- Adrian...
- Joel, brand new daddy

Poker, anyone?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 14 - Where'd No. 13 Go? +P...

December 1, 2006...

Da Players : Midnight, Salubri, Balian, and Kyuzo
Da Venue : Midnight's Residence, somewhere in QC
Da Order of Play : Warhammer 40k and Texas Hold Em Poker

40k Game

Combatants : Midnight's Space Wolves vs. Kyuzo's Emperors Children
Scenario : Take and Hold
Level : Gamma


Kyuzo had to resort to the 3-defiler config to make the list playable since there are not enough havoc models to field and kept the proxies to a minimum. Heard a lot of cries of "foul" and "cheese" from Midnight after realizing majority of Kyuzo's troops are infiltrating, six units carried icons, and the nasty siren minor psychic power on his daemon prince. The defilers proved effective against Midnight's troops and landspeeders. The daemonettes proved most effective in taking out the rest of the troops.

Midnight still proved the craftier of the two being able to use a Wolfguard's consolidate move to get into base contact with what was initially thought of as an untouchable daemon prince (due to siren) reducing him to two wounds, plus his infiltrating scouts that almost took out two defilers using bolt pistols and a meltagun, and a heavy concentration of heavy supports on one flank (Midnight used two Pred Annihilators and one Vindicator) which Kyuzo wasn't able to neutralize. Shrewd strategist! Nice one.

Last turn ended with Kyuzo's DP, daemonettes and one noise marine squad controlling the center with two damaged defilers and one full noise marine squad still standing while Midnight was left with a vindicator, a pred annihilator, and a couple of rhinos.

Result : Emperors Children wins

Poker Games

Played three rounds of Texas HoldEm with special participation of Shana Hiatt in the proceedings. ;) The results:

Round 1 : Kyuzo over Balian, Salubri and Midnight
Round 2 : Midnight over Salubri, Balian and Kyuzo
Round 3 : Balian by chip count over Salubri, Midnight and Kyuzo

Special Thanks and Mentions

To Midnight for providing the venue. Sa uulitin dude! :D
To Shana Hiatt for providing the necessary inspiration for the poker players to survive elimination. :D
To Salubri for bringing the poker set (That thing is heavy!)
To Balian for writing up the battle report for No. 13. +P
To Kyuzo for bringing Shana Hiatt to the get-together. +P
To Ricky for bringing us all together and be missing in action at the same time. +P
To Sigismund and Meanderer who hopefully will be able to join us next time.