Wednesday, December 02, 2009

WH40K GT Pictures

The cast and crewas taken by the super-gwapo photographer.

I mostly spent my time taking pictures during the GT, going through more than 600 photos taken between two cameras and three lenses. The light was terrible even with my stupid Sigma Speedlite (mental note: get a couple of Nikon Speedlites ASAP). All in all, I managed to post-process 120 salvagable shots from the D300. I haven't gone through the photos taken with my backup cam.

I hope you enjoy the pics. Please feel free to grab and repost. I would appreciate it if you could repost this version with my nametag attached instead of the ones that were posted on the NG Facebook site (tulungan niyo ang semi-career ko as a Photographer), better yet, leave me a note on my multiply site just so I know you went by.

The complete albums can be accessed through these links:

Warhammer 40KGT 2009 Album 1
Warhammer 40KGT 2009 Album 2

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