Monday, November 17, 2008

PAGE 2!!!

This is me kicking everyone else's ass into the right mindset. Quoting straight from the rulebook. lol

The games workshop HOBBY is just that. A way for people to make new friends and have loads of fun playing. It was never written to be some uber competitive sport. So for the sake of everyone else's blood pressure. Let's not turn it into one (except when we're holding tournaments. patayan na pag ganun! lol)

Oh and just so you're wondering what brought this about... no there are no juicy issues. I just thought it's important for people to know THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. (it's so important it has to be written in all caps!) :p

PAGE 2 for the win! :P


Warhammer 40,000 is an involving game, with many different armies, weapons and possibilities. In a game of this size and complexity there are bound to be occasions where a particular situation lies outside these rules, often when unusual models interact. At other times you may know the rule is covered but you just can’t seem to find the right page. Then again you may know the rule, but the reality of exactly where your models are on the table may make it a really close call – measuring assault moves and deciding if a key model is in cover are classic examples.

All of these instances can lead to arguments, so it is important to remember that the rules are just a framework to create an enjoyable game. Winning at any cost is less important than making sure both players – not just the victor – have a good time. If a dispute does crop up then work out the answer in a gentlemanly manner. Many players simply like to rolloff and let the dice decide who is right, allowing them to get straight back to blasting each other to pieces. After the game you can happily continue your discussion of the finer points of the rules, or agree how you will both interpret them should the same situation happen again. You could even decide to change the rules to suit you better (this is known as a ‘house rule’).

The most important rule then is that the rules aren’t all that important! So long as both players agree, you can treat them as sacrosanct or mere guidelines – the choice is entirely yours.

---page 2 of warhammer 40k AOBR mini rulebook.


Salubri said...

with PAGE 2 being said I hereby challenge all members of this blog to stick to the ideals put forth by the makers of this game as stated in PAGE 2! (refusing has no penalty. :P)

Darth Ravage said...

rats!... and all along I was aiming to be the undisputed pretty boy of philippine 40K gaming, eh iba pala golden rule :P

high noon said...

so the right way to resolve disputes is to roll off and treat the rules as guidelines.

high noon said...

and interestingly, it does allow for house rules.