Thursday, June 26, 2008

40k Mini Tournament

Ten players...
Six tables...
A whole lot of miniatures...
One champion!!!

It's been a long while since galleria saw tournament action with respect to the 40k game. So it was with much anticipation that the HGR guys organized an event that would let the new blood have a taste of what 40k tournaments are like. It involved a lot of work ( we never knew! ) but all in all everything turned out well. The players played nicely, the day went without incident (except for one dude going MIA for round 2 :P *and no. we'll never let you hear the end of it! as valid as your reason may be. :P ). At the end of the day though our legs and feat were tired from walking around inspecting the games and answering rules queries, we all had fun and all the hard work was worth it! Here's how it all went down:

We went to Galleria around 10 a.m., just around opening. Embarked upon Kyuzo's dedicated transport was Balian, Salubri, The Meanderer and of course... Kyuzo! Once there we proceeded to set up the tables with a lot of help from NG Staff and Omegatron who came early.

Thanks to manong guard for making sure our terrain stays in place and not end up as kiddie souvenirs!

Round 1 Begins!

The match ups were called after Balian's short opening address (naks!). With the player's at their seats and armies rearing to go, round one kicked of with a bang!

The player outstripping all others for this round was Green Shadow and his Ravenguard. Claiming a whopping two quarters to none. Sadly we have not recieved his battle report but interesting highlights I remember was when both the Dark Angel's and the Ravenguard's Assault Squads met at the center of the table. Aided by their Chaplain, the Ravenguard side came out on top and later some fancy maneuvering trying to dodge a hail of plasma cannon fire won him the game.

Raven guard Deploy in a set of ruins.

Other interesting things of note was The Meanderer's fateful morale check against shooting that sent his entire Sons of Light Tac squad running off table. Necron's taking a "Draw" from Mike's Ultramarines(perhaps the only one who managed to avoid a loss against the necrons and a newbie at that) which managed a lucky shot against monolith and destroying it early in the game.

Sons of Light Vs. Tzeench and Khorne Chaos

Henri's Space Wolves Vs. Arximperialis' I.G.

Round 2 - The Battle Rages On!

After taking their lunch, the players headed off to round 2 and the match ups became very interesting with some veteran vs veteran action. ( one player was lost in the warp but later found his way back to the mission area. lol )

Shink1m burried the opposition by running out with a 3-0 score on objective. Here's what he has to say about his game with Omegatron:

Kim’s Necrons (Tomb Fleet Vyr) versus Art’s Chaos Space Marines
By Shink1m

The mission required the winner of a roll-off to decide to be an Attacker or a Defender. The Defender will have to set up in the center of the table, deploying only his Troops and Heavy Support. The Attacker, on the other hand, will arrive from his table edge with all his units. At the end of the 6 turns, the player who has the most scoring units within 6” of the center will win.

Looking at Art’s army list, he has nothing there except Troops and Heavy Support. So if he was the Defender, he’d have everything on the table except his HQ. I’d be stuck there with a Monolith, Heavy Destroyers (2) and Warriors (22) – and no Resurrection Orb support. So with that and winning the roll-off, I decided to be the Attacker.

Art’s deployment was impressive – using two Rhinos to shield his Land Raider, and two Havoc units perched on elevated advantage position. I deployed using a weak left flank bait, placing the two Heavy Destroyers with firing position on his Land Raider. I failed in breaking his Land Raider, but the rest of my army succeeded in breaking the two Rhinos, forcing the units inside behind them for cover from the withering Gauss fire. My opponent has been unlucky with getting his winged HQ on the table, rolling several 1’s on his Reserves roll. I concentrated heavy fire on one of the Havoc squads but he managed to pull them back into the safety behind his wrecked Rhinos. Being behind area terrain, Art denied me any LOS to his troops. I assumed he will wait for the final turns before he’ll surge out and assault me, or just wait the storm out and win via objective...[read more about it here]

Shink1m broke thru this very impressive wall of ceramite armor! Kudos to you dude!

Round 3

The last game had several players in contention for 1st place but Marty's Tau army eventually took the crown. Read about his Battle reports for all three games [here].

Ravenguard vs. Necrons before and after shot. lol

It was definitely not the Meanderer's day as his multiple assault on Naj's single Dark Angel Squad ended in his own units losing the close combat. Another assault on the Veterans seen on the left hill ended in utter devastation of the Sons of Light.

Arximperialis and Omegatron read the mission

And so the day ends with a pose from us incredibly attractive guys. hehe

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