Monday, September 28, 2009

Apollo this is Houston, What's your status Apollo?

This has been a grueling weekend for our country. I have been texting people who live in Marikina since Saturday and so far only Kyuzo responded that he's okay. This goes out to all you battle brothers out there living in Marikina and other flooded areas. Mag sound off kayo so I know what your situation is and if you need help maybe I can do something. Wag kayo mahiya. Sino sino pa ba magtutulungan kung di tayo tayo. You know my cell number.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HGR Journal 113, Sept. 19,2009 Galleria Battles

Saturday, 19, 2009

NG Galleria Store front and backroom
Attendance : Emcee, JB, Nicky, Bogs, Marthew, Marty, Joel, RyanT, Patrick, Jojo, Sigis, Wiley with special appearances from Bataisip and Henri


Game 1
Emcee (SM-DA) vs. JB(IG)
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment : Spearhead
Emcee Wins!!! 6 - 1

Game 2
Nicky (Orks) vs. Bogs (BA)
Points: 1000
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Nicky wins via Tap out

Game 3
Wiley(SM-Smurfs) vs Ryan (SM DA- Deathwing)
Points : 1850
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment : Dawn of War
Wiley wins 1 Claimed 1 contested

Game 4
Patrick (Eldar) vs. Jojo (SM- Smurfs)
Points: 1850
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment : Dawn of War

Game 5
Marty(Orks) vs. Sigis (BT)
Points: 1850 on a 4x4
Deployment: Dawn of War
Marty Wins via Tapout

Game 6
Mathew (Eldar) vs, Joel (SM)
Points: 1850
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Who won?

Side notes:

Sigis Returns to Play!!! (fought Orks on a 4X4 Table? ). . .
Romy Physically present mentally Absent! . . .
No games for Henri! (too many games too little time)

Got to meet 2 new players too!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Battle Reports for 9-12-09 "the tamad version"

17 Sep 09, 11:21
wiley: alright the results are complete na kelangan na lang i post. haha i'm also going on the 19th :)

16 Sep 09, 19:57
Martie-2: I won in my game with Jojo by the way

16 Sep 09, 17:19
kuneho: tung game naminin ni emcee, draw, spearhead/ annihilation (4-4)

16 Sep 09, 15:26
fstan: Draw kami ni Matthew. Pero mas durog army ko. Hirap ng puro mounted na eldar hahahah hirap patayin.

15 Sep 09, 13:18
wiley: oh crap i almost forgot may game 5 pa that was being set-up when i was leaving. it was sir freddie tan (IG) vs matthew (eldar) pero aside from that wala nakong alam tungkol sa mission na yun. hehe

15 Sep 09, 13:15
wiley: game 4 was martie (orks) vs jojo (space marines) 1500, seize ground, pitched battle di ko alam kung sino victor. i had to leave early e.

15 Sep 09, 13:14
wiley: game 1 was between emcee (DA) and Ian/Kuneho (tyranids) 1850 points i dunno mission/deployment/and who won haha

15 Sep 09, 13:13
wiley: game 3 Emcee (dark angels) vs Jojo (SM) 1500 annihalation, pitched battle,
Jojo wins 5-3

15 Sep 09, 13:12
wiley: game 2 JB (imperial guard) vs wiley (ultramarines) 1850 capture and control, spearhead, wiley wins 1 claimed

Monday, September 07, 2009

2009 40K Grand Tournament

Hey guys,

Neutral Grounds is doing a survey on us players on the schedule for the 40K Grand Tournament.

Please voice out here as to when would be your preferrence. Choose either October or November.

For those who have access to this blog, please cast your vote as a comment in this post.

For those who can't post, you can use the chatbox or you may go to the Neutral Grounds forums (you have to register if you have no access yet). Please check this website :,15442.0.html

Also, for those qualified, you may want to do tourney officiating duties instead of playing. You may contact Freddie Tan (thru the NG forums as well).

Sunday, September 06, 2009

HGR Journal no. 111- Sept. 5, 2009

Attendance: Kuneho, Marty, Jojo, Emcee, Joel, Wiley, JB, George with special appearance of Ryan Tamayo, Matthew, and Jr

For the 1st 3 games, we use "Ard Boyz scenarios"....

Game 1: 1850- Kuneho (HFC) vs Emcee (DA)
Mission: Crushing it
Result: Kuneho won (wipe out)

"Gallerion V, once an industrial imperial planet, defended by the Dark Angels, was rampaged by the Ork invaders 5 months ago. Belial and his Dark angels were tasked to retake the planet by securing sector XI and to search for survivors who was once defending this cursed planet.

'Touch down in five minutes Commander' Vet. sgt. Corbulla informed Belial. Drop pods after drop pods landed within the city of sector XI. Dark Angels rapidly deploys to entrenched themselves preparing for another brutal battle against the Orks. But there were no Orks alive, just rotten bodies of dead fungi. 'Commander, no signs of Ork invaders!' Vet. sgt. Corbulla told Belial. 'I can see that brother Corbulla, it seems that we have another foe besides the Orks.' Belial replied.

'Commander, something is falling from the sky, would it be more reinforcements?' terminator brother Cassius told Belial. Belial looked and observed the falling thing from the sky and said 'I dont expect other reinforcments.' As it gets nearer and nearer, Belial shouted 'Brothers, prepare yourselves, spore mines incoming!!! It's the Tyranids!!!'..."

Hive Fleet Conqueror:
*Broodlord- ec, ts, ia, fh
*11 genestealers- ft
*Hive tyrant- wings, 2 st, ts, ia
*12 genestealers (x3)- ec, ft
*6 raveners- st, rc, ds
*3 zoanthropes- syn, wb, cat
*3 biovores- Bioacid mines

(ec- extended carapace; ts- toxin sacs; ia- Implant attack; fh- flesh hooks; ft- feeder tendrils; st- scything talons; rc- rending claws; ds- death spitter; syn- synapse; cat- catalyst; wb- warp blast)

Dark Angels:
*10 tac squad (x2)- plasma cannon, plasma gun, power weapon
*5 terminators (x2)- 2 Lighning claws (x2), chainfist, assault cannon
*10 assault squad- power fist
*10 dev squad (x2)- 4 missile launchers

Mission: Primary objective is to capture central objective with scoring units.
secondary mission is to capture table quarters with scoring units; the army with most scoring units in a quarter claims that table quarter. tertiary objective is kill points.

I rolled the highest on who goes first but gave emcee the first turn. he deployed everything in his list while i deployed my army except for my raveners, 1 brood of genestealers, broodlord w/ retinue.

For two turns, the DA moved and ran to get better positions coz of 2 bldgs blocking their sight while my 2 broods of genestealers and hivetyrant flanked to their left. biovores killed 3 assault marines in shooting phase. i failed all my reserve rolls

Turn 3:
assault squad moves to kill my biovores, terminator squad moves away from my genestealers. firepower from his 2 combat squad and terminators killed 5 genestealers and in assault, assault squad killed my biovores.

although none of my reserves were available, the genestealers moved for the kill together with the hive tyrant, zoanthropes covering their back killing 3 marines with their warp blasts. the genestealers assaulted a 4-man combat squad, killing them all and exposing them to the dev squads; while the tyrant assaulted the 3-man combat squad killing but 1 and held dor another turn.

Turn 4:

One terminator squad positioned themselves to kill the genestealers in the open and killing them all to avenge their fallen brethrens. The dev squads managed to kill 5 more genestealers from the remaing brood and assault squad who moved near to both zoanthropes and remaining brood of genestealers. The assault squad decided to assault the remaining genestealers in the hope of taking out all my troop choices; but they were outmatched by their speed and killing power, consolidated behind one of the buildings to control a quarter. the hive tyrant killed the remaining combat squad and consolidated towards 1 terminator squad.

Atlast, all of my reserves came in, and the broodlord entered in his deployment zone. my tyrant flew towards the terminator squad while my full strength genestealers moved towards to one of his combat squad controlling the quarter near my table edge. The raveners also moved towards his other terminator squad with Belial in it and the other combat squad. The zoanthropes fired at Belial's terminators, concentrating their warp blast, but failed to kill anything. I assaulted the terminator squad with my tyrant, 1 dev squad with my broodlord, his combat squad with my genestealers, and my raveners decided to assault the other combat squad.

The hive tyrant managed to kill 3 terminators, who managed to held their ground after giving 2 wounds to my tyrant. The full brood of genestealers massacred the combat squad, and my raveners managed to kill 4 marines while taking one wound from the vet sgt's power weapon. The vet sgt held his ground and managed to stay one more turn. the broodlord and his retinue managed to kill all but 1 and were stuck in combat with the dev squad.

Turn 5:
Belial and his terminators moved forward to aid the vet sgt who 's engaged with the raveners. with nothing else to shoot, he assaulted my raveners with belial and termies. Before my ravewners went down, with no synapse near to them (autokill), it killed the vetsgt before it can even strike back and a terminator with pair of lightning claws. The terminators consolidated towards the primary objective. The tyrant killed the remaining termies from the other squad, while the broodlord killed the remaining dev squad marine and consolidated towards his remaining termies.

After taking out the terminators, my hive tyrant glew near to his remaining dev squad and the broodlord moved towards belial and termies. The other genestealer brood moved also near belial but after fleeting came short in assault. The broodlord assaulted the terminators and Belial, while the tyrant assaulted the dev squad.

The tyrant managed to kill 4 marines and and get wounded in return, one more wound left in my tyrant. The dev squad stood their ground and hoping to kill the tyrant in the next turn. the broodlord and genestealers managed to kill 3 more terminators and in return took 2 genestealers who also stood their ground.

I rolled for random game lenght and i rolled a 6 for another turn.

Turn 6:
With the ongoing assault, the tyrnat managed to kill 4 more marines and was able to wipe out the squad due to "and they shall know no fear". The broodlord killed belial due to implant attacks, while his retinue managed to kill the remaining termies...

MVP (Most Valuable Parasite): Hive tyrant- killed 1 combat squad, terminator squad, adn a Dev squad.

Game 2: 1500- George (orks) vs JB (IG)
Mission: Break their backs
Result: JB won (3-1)

Game 3: 1850- Marty (orks) vs Wiley (SM)
Mission: Land Grab
Result: Marty won

Game 4: 1850- Joel(SM) vs Jojo (SM)
Mission: Annihilation/ Dawn of war
Result: Joel won (7-6)

Game 5: 1500- emcee (DA) vs Wiley (SM)
Mission: Annihilation/ Spearhead
Result: Wiley won (5-3)

Game 6: 1500- Kuneho (HFC) vs Marty (Orks)
Mission: Annihilation/ Spearhead
Result: Draw (7-7)

“Bozz, more of our boyz are getting eatin’ up by those tyranid insects, wot iz we gonna do? An ork nob told warboss Alexandork da Git. “Wot we gotta do iz, we tie you to my bozz pole and feed ya to those freakin’ insects ya scardy git!!! We orks iz da best, we stay and kill those insects, and dem hummies, and them sissy eldars, and all those who oppozzez uz orkz…. We will take dem all… we iz gonna take thiz land for Gork and Mork!!!” the warbozz shouted.
Without warning, spore mines covered the clouds, and with a barbaric shout, the warboss yelled “Diz iz gonna be a hell of a fight!!! Waghhhh!!!!” and the Orks prepared for battle…

*Warboss- power claw
*5 Mega armored nobz- power claws
*15 gretchins (x2)
*Snikrot with 15 kommandos
*15 lootas (x2)
*battle wagon (x2)- 3 big shootas
*battle wagon - kannon

Hive Fleet Conqueror:
*Broodlord- ec, ts, ia, fh
*11 genestealers- ft
*12 genestealers (x3)- ec, ft
*3 zoanthropes- syn, wb, cat
*3 biovores- Bioacid mines
(ec- extended carapace; ts- toxin sacs; ia- Implant attack; fh- flesh hooks; ft- feeder tendrils; st- scything talons; rc- rending claws; ds- death spitter; syn- synapse; cat- catalyst; wb- warp blast)

I rolled the highest so I decided to give the orks the first turn. He deployed everything except for snikrot, and 2 gretchin squad.. We are playing on a 4x4 table. With each quarter has a large piece of area terrain and one area terrain in the middle. 2 og his llotas inside a battle wagon are deployed on the side of the area terrain in his quarter and the other battle wagon with warboss and mega nobs was deployed in the area terrain. I only deployed my zoanthropes and biovores with my biovores hiding behind the area terrain in my quarter. Zoantropes deployed near the center. Broodlord and retinue outflanked.

Turn 1:
He moved his battle wagon with warboss torwards the terrain in the middle. One of his lootas has a line of sight to my biovores, he shot them and manages to take only one wound. The other squad of lootas also has a line of sight to my biovores but was an inch short to reach it. His battle wagon shot one og my zoanthropes but failed to take any wound.

My zoanthropes moved to kill the battle wagon near to them. Shooting my biovores with bio acid mine at the battle wagon with lootas and placed the spore mine at the back of the battle wagon. Scoring a hit and the barrage also manages to hit the rear armor 2 more times, for a total of 3 hits. Managed to penetrate and destroy the battle wagon killing 5 lootas in the explosion. My zoanthropes shot the warboss’ battle wagon but only manages to destroy its weapon.

Turn 2:

None of his reserves entered play. He moved his warboss’ battle wagon to kill my zoanthropes and disembarks its load. He also moved his other lootas’ battle wagon 6”. The lootas tried again to shoot at my biovores, but due to LOS without the battle wagon, they can’t see a crap so he decided to shoot at my zoanthropes and managed to kill 1. He assaulted my 2 zoanthropes and I decided not to make any rolls and I just removed my models to save time. Heheeheh… my poor tooth fairies….

All of my genestealer broods and the lictor went in, even with re-rolls due to pheromone trail by the lictor, my broodlord failed to enter the battle. So I mved my genestealers in a conga line while my lictor DS’ed within his area terrain near his loota battle wagon. It scattered a few inches away. I shot again a sporemine to his exposed lootas and killed 4 more, passing their pinning check but failed their morale and flew away from the battle. My genestealers fleeted forward.

Turn 3:

All his reserves went in, snikrot and retinue moved from my table edge. Warboss and meganobs went in their battle wagon and the battle wagon went back his deployment zone.The commandos shot my biovores killing all except 1. Shot my genestealers with his lootas and battle wagon and managed to kill 3
and 7 genestealers from 2 different broods. My biovores failed their LD check of 5, since I don’t have any synapse on the table it ran out of the table, leaving snikrot open. Combined shots form gretchins managed to kill my lictor.

The broodlord went in to his deployment side and moved it inbetween 1 gretchin squad and the loota battle wagon. I moved a 9-man and the 5-man genestealer towards snikrot while the other brood moved towards the HQ battle wagon. 2 broods of genestealers assaulted snikrot and the gang while the broodlord assaulted his battle wagon and clipping the gretchin. The commandos were wiped out but before they went down snikrot killed 2 genestealers. The broodlord destroys the battle wagon and his retinue managed to kill the gretchins leaving them out in the open.

Turn 4:

His remaining battle wagon with hq in it moved towards my broodlord, gretchins also moved towards to give fire support. Hq and meganobs disembarked to assault my broodlord. His shooting brought my broodlord retinue down to 5 models and the lootas managed to kill 8 more genestealers from my full brood of genestealers. He assaulted my broodlord and managed to kill 4 meganobs due to implant attack and rending attecks from senestealers, he made a total of 6 wounds killing the broodlords retinu and reducing him to just 1 wound.

On my turn, I moved the 4 remaining genestealers towards his lootas, and also moved my 9-man brood towards his lootas. The remaining 3-man genesteaers stayed behind the terrain to preserve my kill points. I assaulted his lootas with my 4-man genestealer and managed to kill 7 with lucky rolls and didn’t get any wound in return. He failed his morale check and swept his lootas consolidating to his wrecked battle wagon. The broodlord managed to kill the remaining nob and manages to bring the warboss to 1 wound, in return was killed by the warboss’ power klaw attack.

Turn 5:

Basically his warboss went back to his battle wagon and moved it away from my genestealers. And in my turn I moved towards his remaining battle wagon but cannot reach it in assault.

I rolled a 2 and the game ends in a draw!!!

"Space hulk sells like pancakes..."

Friday, September 04, 2009

HGR Journal Entry 110 . . Monday Galleria Games!!!

Date: Aug 31, 2009
Venue: NG Backroom/Store Front, Robinson's Galleria
Attendance: Mathew, Jessee, Martie, Patrick (Kuneho) and Henri
Some Highlights:

Game 1 Henri (CSM- Masters of Ecstacy-Noise Marines) vs Jesse (SM-Luna Wolves)
Points: 1500 pts
Deployment : Pitch battle
Mission: Capture and Control
Jesse Wins!!! 1-0

Game 2
Henri (CSM - Masters of Ecstacy) vs. Mathew (Eldar)
Points: 1850 pts Deployment : Spearhead Mission: Capture and Control Mathew wins via Tap Out on top of the 5th !!!

Game 4: Martin (Orks) vs. PAT (SM) Points: 1850 pts Deployment : Spearhead Mission: Seize Ground, 4 Counters, Martie Wins 1 - 0

players who was there please add your games :D thanks