Sunday, June 28, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 102 - Some Unexpected Gamers Present...

Date: June 27, 2009
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Attendance: JR, BattleCaptain, Kuneho, Commissar Alfred, Francis, Felix, Carlos, Ebon, Patrick, Lance, with special appearances from Kyuzo, Ogie and Sigismund
Gaming Highlights:

Game1 - Kuneho(Tyranids-Hivefleet Conqueror) vs. Francis(Daemonhunters)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground (4 Counters)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Kuneho Wins via Francis Tapout!

Game2 - Patrick(Space Marines) vs. Felix(SM-Salamanders)
Mission: 1000pts Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Patrick Wins! 5-2

Game3 - BattleCaptain(SM-Luna Wolves) vs. Carlos(Orks)
Mission: 1250pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: BattleCaptain Wins via Wipeout!

Game4 - Commissar Alfred(Imperial Guard) vs. Ebon(SM-Order of the Clenched Fist)
Mission: 2000pts Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Ebon Wins! 6-3

Game5 - JR(SM-BA/Royal Hawks) vs. Lance(Chaos Space Marines)
Mission: 1250pts Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Lance Wins via Wipeout!

Game6 - Carlos(Orks) vs. Lance(Chaos Space Marines)
Mission: 1250pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Lance Wins via Wipeout!

Game7 - Kuneho(Tyranids-Hivefleet Conqueror) vs. Patrick(Space Marines)
Mission: 1250pts Seize Ground(5 Counters)
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Patrick Wins! 1-0-2contested

Session ends 7:00pm

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You guys think this would look good on a shirt?

by the way guys,

the prize t-shirt for the up coming tourney is an OFFICIAL GAMES WORKSHOP ART DESIGN which we are AUTHORIZED TO PRINT-ON.

only 1 of this shirt design will exist in the Philippines unless further authorization by will be granted by GW. (how about that for braggin' rights?) :)


Sunday, June 21, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 101 - The 101st For The 101st...

Date: June 20, 2009
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Attendance: Matthew, Martie, Carlos, Joel, JB, JR, Joshua, Ebon, Henri, Ryan, Lance, Patrick, with special appearances from Deadeye, Owen, Kyuzo, Rob, and Manny
Gaming Highlights:

Game1 - Ryan(SM-Salamanders) vs. JR(SM-BA/Royal Hawks)
Mission: 1500pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Ryan Wins!

Game2 - Joshua(Eldar)+Joel(Imperial Guard) vs. JB(Imperial Guard)+Martie(Tau)
Mission: 500pts+500pts Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: JB and Martie Wins! Joshua Taps Out

Game3 - Matthew(Eldar) vs. Carlos(Orks)
Mission: 1250pts Seize Ground (5 Counters)
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Carlos Wins! 2-0

Game4 - Ebon(Orks) vs. Henri(SW-Iron Wolves)
Mission: 2000pts Seize Ground (3 Counters)
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Ebon Wins! 1-0

Game5 - JB(Imperial Guard) vs. Joel(Imperial Guard)
Mission: 500pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Draw!

Game6 - Lance(Chaos Space Marines) vs. Ryan(SM-Salamanders)
Mission: 2000pts Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Lance Wins! 9-8

Game7 - Martie(Tau) vs. Patrick(Space Marines)
Mission: 2000pts Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Martie Wins! 10-5

Session Ends 7:45pm

Monday, June 15, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 100 - The Conqueror Is Back!!!

Attendance: Kuneho, Joshua, JB, BattleCaptain, Commissar Alfred, Martie, Matt, Francis and his Brother, Lance. with special appearance of George, JR, Carlos Sandico

Game 1: 500 pts- Joshua (eldar) vs Jb (imperial Guard)
Capture and control/Pitch battle
Joshua wins (1-0)

Game 2: 2000pts- Kuneho (hive fleet conqueror) vs Jesse (luna wolves)
Draw (8-8)

Game 3: 1000pts- lance (chaos) vs matt (eldar)
capture and control/Dawn of war
Matt wins (1-0)

*battle between matt and francis ended early coz francis and his brother have to leave early.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Emperor's Champion Tournament

hi guys!

after the successful 1st Sigismund's Cup, i've been receiving a lot of SMS inquiring on the next event for W40K.

in lieu with this, i'll be sponsoring a simple tourney with NO REGISTRATION FEE.

No Sportsmanship Award...
No Best Army Composition Award...
No Best Painted Army Award...

Just Best General Award!!!

When: July 25, 2009 (Saturday)
Where: NG Galleria
Who: All Warhammer 40K Players
What: The Emperor's Champion Tournament

Registration Time: 1000H
Registration Fee: FREE FOR ALL (No Registration Fee)
Pointage: 1250 points Force Organizational Chart (Latest Army Codex)
Tournament mode: Swiss System (5th Ed Rules) 3 games
Prize: 1 T-Shirt with bragging rights as 2009 Champion (to post the shirt design later)
All Participants get 5% discount at NG stores (as pledge by Freddie Tan)

Battle Points:
Win = 20 points
Draw = 15 points
Lose = 10 points

Hope to see you all there!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The HGR Incursion To The ATC Sector - 1st Wave: Recon ...

Date: June 7, 2009
Incursion Sector: Alabang Town Center
The Roll Call:
HGR - Kyuzo, Deadeye, BattleCaptain, Henri, Grimnir
ATC - Rod, Roe, Paul, Jhei, with special appearances from Patrick Uy, Riza, Randell, Kent, Jim, Mark, and Louie
Incursion Highlights:

It was Sunday the next day and almost like clockwork I was able to round up the few Regulars who are willing to take on this recon mission to the South. We arrived just a little after lunch, just in time to help set up tables out of habit to the surprise of the NG ATC people.

The battleground...

The HGR First Wave: BattleCaptain, Deadeye, Grimnir, and Henri

Only a few minutes into the Incursion we already got a crowd gathering...


Game1 - BattleCaptain(SM-Ravenguard) vs. Grimnir(SM-Imperial Fists)
Mission: 1500pts Seize Ground (5 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: BattleCaptain Wins! 2-0

The HGR troops got restless so they decided to play some "friendly" games against each other to sharpen up on some tactics. In this game BattleCaptain's Shrike-led Space Marines defeats Grimnir's Imperial Fists 2 objectives to none.

BattleCaptain's Space Marines

Imperial Fists brace themselves for BattleCaptain's attack


Game2 - Deadeye(IG-533rd Cadian BattleForce) vs. Rod(Chaos Space Marines)
Mission: 1500pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Deadeye Wins! 1-0

Rod was the first to arrive among the South players. He was a little shell-shocked at the arrival of the Regulars and pressing him into a game while waiting for this schedule match against Paul. Good thing he was willing to give it a go starting out with Deadeye's Imperial Guard.

Deadeye and his IG

Chaos pressing the attack

South's Rod and his Chaos Space Marines

O ha! Pinasabog Chimera naging... Doughnut!

Daemon Princes on the loose!


Game3 - Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion) vs. Henri(SW-Iron Wolves)
Mission: 1000pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Draw!

I contented myself in going up against Henri's Iron Wolves in an all too familiar scenario against an all too familiar opponent. All too familiar draw was a testament to Henri's improved tactics.


Game4 - Roe(SM-Blood Angels) vs. Grimnir(SM-Imperial Fists)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground (3 Objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Roe Wins via Tapout!

Roe's Blood Angels in da haus! Now being the Schemer that I was (Tzeentch guided my hand I guess :P), I thought it was a good idea to set his beautifully painted army against Grimnir's Imperial Fists. Things would've ended quite differently if only the Imperial Fists Terminators came in earlier... well, the pictures speak for themselves. Hehehe...

Now THAT's a Blood Angel army boys and girls!

For the Blood Angels first trick, we'll make these Imperial Fists disappear...

Sarge, where have our BattleBrothers gone to?


Game5 - Jhei(Nids) vs. BattleCaptain(SM-Ravenguard)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground (4-Objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: BattleCaptain Wins! 2-1-1

South players started coming out of the woodwork from thereon in. Jhei arrives and brings out his Tyranids against BattleCaptain's Raven Guard. Some heavy defensive fire and gaps in the HiveFleet's offensive ends in the Space Marines claiming two objectives to the HiveFleet's one with one more objective contested.

South's Jhei duking it out with HGR's BattleCaptain while a few players look on

The Nids are without number...


Game6 - Rod(Chaos Space Marines) vs. Paul(SM-Ultramarines)
Mission: 1500pts Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Rod Wins! 8-2

Paul finally arrives just in time for his grudge match against Rod. Watched this game every now and then, with Chaos methodically taking out Ultramarine units while Lashing termies away from the fight. Despite last turn heroics by Marnius Calgar, Rod wins eight killpoints to the Ultramarines' two.

Big Paul and his WIP Ultramarines

Grudge match was long...

...and hard fought


Like a scene out of a movie... Awoooh! Awoooh! :P


Game7 - Roe(SM-Blood Angels) vs. Deadeye(IG-533rd Cadian BattleForce)
Mission: 1000pts Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Draw! 5-5

For a 1000pt game this took a little longer than usual, with Roe being outnumbered by reckless IG almost three to one. A hard fought draw was all there is to see when the dust settled.


Game8 - Jhei(Necrons) vs. Henri(SW-Iron Wolves)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground(3 Objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Henri Wins! Necrons phase out on the 5th turn.

Jhei calls up for another game, this time bringing out Necrons! And with a monolith at 1000pts! Whatda?! This was unexpected card pulled out by the South and before I knew it Henri decided to step up. Somewhere in the middle game a critical sweep of the Necron Lord proved the Necrons' downfall as they slowly reached phaseout numbers at the start of the 5th turn.


Other pics of the Incursion with some startling discoveries:

Gasp! Is that who I think it is?!

This is actually the girl who's playing the cool Blood Angels army ;)

And this is Grimnir after his game against the girl. LOL.

Class Pic: Riza, Jhei, Kent, BattleCaptain, Deadeye, Grimnir, Rod, Roe, Kyuzo, and Henri

Class Pic Part Deux

All in all I'd say the incursion was a success. Looks like we made new friends and had fun. Guess the South Sector will have trouble sleeping with the knowledge that we'll be coming back... Just a matter of when. ;)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 099 - Some HGR Gaming Before The Incursion...

Date: June 6, 2009
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Roll Call: George, JR, Deadeye, Patrick, Henri, Joshua, Kyuzo with special appearance from Owen
Gaming Highlights:

I went to Galleria to check out the HGR gaming scene as well as throw in something out of the blue for the Regulars to consider. But first, some gaming highlights:


Game1 - Grimnir aka George(Orks) vs. Joshua(Eldar)
Mission: 700pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Joshua Wins!

Heard this was Joshua's first ever recorded win using Eldar.


Game2 - JR(SM-BA/Royal Hawks) vs. Henri(Space Wolves)
Mission: 1500pts Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Henri Wins!

Henri vs. JR

JR: Isep isep...

Bakbakan na!

Got to see the closing rounds of this. JR's getting a better understanding of his army despite the fact he's up against one of the old dogs (pardon the pun Henri) of the game.


Game3 - Patrick(Space Marines) vs. Ebon(Orks)
Mission: 1000pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Ebon Wins!

Good to see Ebon still tries to play the game despite the health problems, with his tactics still being sharp as ever.


Game4 - Grimnir aka George(Orks) vs. Ryan(SM-Salamanders)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Ryan Wins!

Ryan vs. Grimnir

Salamanders assemble!

Salamanders vs. Orks


Game5 - JR(SM-BA/Royal Hawks) vs. Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion)
Mission: 2000pts Seize Ground(3 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Kyuzo Wins! 2-0

It's no mistake, but JR has pushed his army pointage to 2000pts, even if it meant stretching the force organization limits a bit ;) while Kyuzo brought out his all-infantry Black Legion (coz he brought everything he had EXCEPT for the vehicles he was planning to use that day) :P First turn went to the Royal Hawks who brought to bear some serious shooting concentrating much of their sniper and lascannon fire to one Daemon Prince (reducing it to just one wound) as well as an orbital bombardment that reduced one 20-man CSM squad to just 7 models (Ouch...). Obliterators and Chaos Terminators come in on the 3rd Turn in a hope to even up the numbers and contest objectives the Royal Hawks were entrenching themselves. Some well timed Lashes of Submission from the Princes and Doom Siren from the Noise Marines displaced the Royal Hawks from key objectives to seal the win. JR gains a morale victory for killing one Daemon Prince in the process. Talk about dispelling ones demons. ;)

Good Game.


Game6 - Deadeye(IG-533rd Cadian Battle Force) vs. Patrick(Space Marines)
Mission: 1000pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Patrick Wins! 1-0


Game7 - Grimnir aka George(Orks) vs. Henri(Chaos Space Marines)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground(3 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Draw!

Henri started his Chaos Space Marine project and playtested his starting list with a good result against Grimnir's Green Tide. More converts to the Dark Side. :D


After packing up and over dinner I then told the Regulars my intent to visit ATC the next day to check out the 40k gaming action to which quite a number enthusiastically agreed. Some general details were discussed regarding time of deployment, the battlebarge course, some rules of engagement, and logistics before we called it a day. All was in agreement, and the assets for the First Wave has been set. The ATC players will never know what hit them. Hehe...

Session ends 9:00pm.

But a conclusion has yet to be written... ;)