Sunday, March 29, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 091 - More Games Coming In...

Date: March 28, 2009
Attendance: Henri, Kyuzo, Deadeye, BattleCaptain, Commissar Alfred, Matthew, Martie, Mickie, JR, George
Gaming Highlights:

TEN games on THREE tables. Not a bad turn out as there was no pause in between games and everyone who came over had a lot of fun. Commissar Alfred comes back after a three month absence, while JR and George are slowly but surely playing more 1500pt games and getting themselves ready for higher pointages.


Game1 - Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion) vs. Henri(Space Marines)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War
Kyuzo Wins! (7-2)


Game2 - Matthew(Eldar) vs. JR(Space Marines)
1500pts Seize Ground(5 counters), Pitched Battle
Matthew Wins via Tapout!


Game3 - Deadeye(SM-Ultramarines) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Seize Ground(3 counters), Spearhead
Mickie Wins! (2-0)


Game4 - George(SM-Imperial Fists) vs. Matthew(Eldar)
1500pts Annihilation, Spearhead
Matthew Wins via Wipeout!


Game5 - Deadeye(SM-Ultramarines) vs. Martie(Tau)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War
Martie Wins via Tapout!


Game6 - BattleCaptain(SM-Luna Wolves) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Capture and Control, Dawn of War


Game7 - Henri(Space Marines) vs. Commissar Alfred(IG with Daemonhunter Allies)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead
Commissar Alfred Wins! (4-3)


Game8 - BattleCaptain(SM-Luna Wolves) vs. Deadeye(SM-Ultramarines)
1000pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle


Game9 - Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion) vs. George(SM-Imperial Fists)
1500pts Annihilation, Pitched Battle
Kyuzo Wins! (6-1)


Game10 - George(SM-Imperial Fists) vs. Deadeye(SM-Ultramarines)
1500pts Annihilation, Spearhead


Session ends 9pm.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

40k Mini tournament (1000 pts): Mar. 21, 2009

Mission 1: Seize Enemy Stronghold

Arvin (CSM-Khorne) vs. Freddie Yu (IG)
Result: Freddie Yu won- Major victory

Matthew (Eldar) vs. Mickie (Chaos Daemons)
Result: Mickie won- Major victory

Martie (Tau) vs. Pork (Orks)
Result: Martie won- Major Victory

Romy (CSM-Black Legion) vs. Mike (SM-Ultramarines)
Result: Romy won- Major Victory

Jesse (SM-Luna Wolves) vs. Obi (SM-Dark Angels)
Result: Jesse won- Major Victory

Mission 2: Secure and Hold

Jesse vs. Pork
Result: Jesse won- Major Victory

Obi vs. Matthew
Result: Matthew won- Major Victory

Mike vs. Martie
Result: Martie won- Major Victory

Romy vs. Arvin
Result: Romy won- Major Victory

Freddie vs. Mickie
Result: Freddie won- Major Victory

Mission 3: Assassinate!

Matthew vs. Pork
Result: Pork won- Major Victory

Mickie vs Mike
Result: Mickie won- Major Victory

Martie vs. Freddie
Result: Freddie won- Minor Victory

Romy vs. Jesse
Result: Jesse won- Major Victory

Obi vs. Arvin
Result: Obi won- Major Victory

Mission 4: All Out War...

Jesse vs. Freddie
Result: Jesse won- Minor Victory

Obi vs. Mike
Result: Mike won- Major Victory

Matthew vs. Arvin
Result: Matthew won- Major Victory

Pork vs. Romy
Result: Pork won- Major Victory

Mickie vs. Martie
Result: Martie won- Major Victory

Best Overall top 5 players:
1. Jesse
2. Freddie Yu
3. Pork
4. Mike
5. Mickie

Best General top 5 players:
1. Jesse
2. Martie
3. Freddie
4. Pork
5. Matthew

*since Jesse won the best overall, we gave Martie the best general award...

Congrats to all the winners and the participants of the 1st 5th ed 40k mini tourney... hope to see you guys again on the next tournament

Friday, March 27, 2009

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Don't get Ruled Out.

Goatboy here, and let me start by saying I was wrong. The trick with Chaos Dreadnoughts I was talking about does not work, according to the nice people at GW who wrote the books. Dreadnoughts, like every other model in 40K, can see 360 degrees around themselves, and only worry about Arc of Sight for weapons after they choose their targets. That said, a lot of you were swayed to my side of the argument, and that brings me to my topic for this week – rules abuse.

When we come to the table to play a game, we have an idea of the rules of the game that is probably at least slightly different than our opponent’s idea, even if both are experienced players and neither wants to twist the rules to gain personal advantage.
It is important to know the rules of the game, and being able to know when an opponent has made a mistake and call them on it is important in competitive play. The pitfall to avoid is reading part of Rule A, part of Rule B, and creating Rule C that is sort of like those two put together, and just happens to give you a big advantage. Most players don’t have the familiarity with the rules to deal with this kind of manipulation, so most rules lawyers can get away with it at the table. Later, though, when you look through the rules, you realize that Rule C doesn’t really exist, and you want to rip that guy’s head off. Don’t be that guy.

Forgetful Opponents

We all forget the rules from time to time, but try to have all the important stats and abilities of your army correct 100% of the time. Also, don’t be the guy that forgets that you can’t shoot with one guy and run with the rest of the squad, or anything like that. Practice for fun like it was for real, so when you’re playing a serious game you don’t screw up as much. That doesn’t mean being a jerk about mistakes your opponent makes in a pick-up game, but it does mean trying to make no mistakes yourself. Depending on the opponent, you may or may not point out their mistakes in the game, so they can play a tighter game as well.

How do we keep the rules?

First, have the rulebooks and codices for the armies you’re playing. Explain your list to your opponent, and make sure they know how any tricky things in your army work. Anything that feels hidden can make a player feel cheated, and no good player wants to win by taking advantage of their opponent’s ignorance.

Second, ask a judge. Outside of a tournament, there may not be a judge, but there are probably other gamers around that know the rules, so ask their opinion. If it’s just the players and you can’t figure it out, right it down, dice it off, and look it up later.

Lastly, ask questions if you think something strange is going on. Just because your opponent has a fully painted army and seems to play all the time doesn’t mean they are right; even the best players make mistakes, and I’ve know players to make the same mistake for a long time before someone helped them see their mistake by asking the right question.

I know a lot of this is common knowledge to most seasoned players. But I don’t know how many times I have seen people “cheated” by misrepresentation of the rules. Whether it is on purpose or on accident doesn’t matter, as you are the opponent and it is your job to make sure that things are run smoothly and correctly. The game is more then just rolling dice and moving plastic guys around. You need to interact with your opponent to help create a fun experience; no matter what army you are playing.

I will be heading to Chicago for Adepticon soon, and beyond that I am trying to finish up some painting commissions at the same time. I have both my armies done, so really I am just waiting for the date to rotate around. I just wanted to give a heads up for some upcoming articles that I plan on doing. The wash article will be coming, I just need to get BigRed’s camera set up and get to painting. Most likely I will take a bunch of ork models, do one step at a time on each one to show you how I do it from beginning to end etc. Beyond the painting article I borrowed a Tau army and plan on playing them a bit to see if I can find other tactics that might help the Tau players out there.

*from belloflostsouls...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


hi guys!

need help on a little financial matter.

am selling 1 space marine tactical squad (NOT AOBR) & 1 space marine landspeeder, all for 3k.

all new and on sprue.prefer to sell them at a one time basis. you may split them up with someone if you wish.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Khorne v.s. USF

Worldeaters (Sigis) vs. Ahr-zair Eldar (Jas) 2000pts.

Mission: Annihilation
Sigis WINS
Kill points:

Aerevin felt dread as the horizon blackened, heralding the approach of their enemy. For a thousand and sixty tender years of eldar life, the fear of death was never been this near. There was no quarter for forces of Chaos. They knew no reason but war. He tightened his grip on his spiritstone and steeled himself from the feeling and addressed his forces “The time for battle has come once again my kins. Khaine’s blessing be upon us. We shall slaughter them from a distance with our guns and…” Not finishing his words a deep loud howl came from the enemy lines. A sound so chilling, so demonic.

A huge winged creature towering twice the size of a man stood before them. It’s face painted with a sadistic grin. Behind him strode a hulking machination with 6 legs and heavy armoured tanks consigned to the ruinous power they worship. The farseer denied his fear to grip him and turned his eyes to the Avatar who in turn roared a challenge out to the hellish being. In his mind the Eye of Isha weeps, an omen of grief and sadness. They are doomed from the start.


Jas would pick his targets carefully and wouldn’t want to engage the blood crazed Khorne army early in CQB. Assigning his Falcon, Wave Serpent, and Vyphers as tank disposal unit; the Falcon adjusting its guns at the Land Raider and Vyphers took the right flank to get a clear shot at the Rhinos screened by the Land Raider. The guardians bide their time in their lines just waiting for targets to pop out off the tanks. The Avatar strode forward, its eyes on the Daemon Prince. With guns blazing Jas just managed to immobilized a Rhino. The Wraithlord tried to take a shot at the Land Raider with its brightlance but the daemonic possessed armor was such a bother Jas thought.

The Khorne tanks roared their engines to shorten their distance with the enemy for the assault. The Daemon Prince, Kharn, and Raptors kept themselves covered from enemy fire. The Defiler rocked the eldar troops with its battlecannon. The Land Raider managed to wound the Wraithlord twice with its lascannons. The construct down to one wound.


Sensing that the enemy is closing in. Jas desperately wanted to deal with the armoured carriers hoping to kill some of the passengers and eventually killing more in a planned crossfire. The Wave Serpent disgorged its passengers, Fire Dragons and Farseer with his Warlock tooled up to punch a hole on the Land Raider. Vyphers closing in for the kill. The Warlock was the only one that was able to stop the Land Raider and destroying one of its lascannon. The Wraithlord’s brightlance just glanced its thick armoured hull. The Falcons firing were all dud. Thus, Jas wasn’t able to force the troops out as planned.

The Khorne army would taste blood this turn. Sigis let loose his berserkers in a frenzy of slaughter just within assault range with the Daemon Prince and Kharn in tow. The Raptors took to the sky to deal with the Vyphers finishing off the whole squadron in a sweep. The Land Raider finished off the Wraithlord with its remaining guns. The Defiler blasted the Falcon its Banshee passengers unscathed. The Daemon Prince, and Avatar locked in combat steel and claw. The fiend fell before it can wound the nigh indestructible avatar of Khaine. The berserkers slaughtered the whole squad of guardians. Kharn in bloodlust finishing off the smaller squad of guardians and killing one of his own men ( the Betrayer that he is). With blind fury he picked a new target…the Avatar!


There wasn’t much shooting this turn. Only the Farseer’s squad fired at the berserkers heading their way felling 3 with the Fire Dragons deadly fusion guns. The Banshees fleet their way to get into combat with the squad near the butte. The Avatar felt it had not enough of the fallen Daemon Prince, it saw the Chaos Champion and ran towards his new quarry. The Banshees engaged the Berserkers and managed to wipe them out but three of their kin fell from the vicious chain axes and head towards the bloodthirsty Chaos Champion. The Farseer’s squad stayed as if disoriented.

Sigis moved his Raptors close to the squad of the Farseer hoping to drop their numbers to a few but due to the Psychic Power Fortune none fell. Sigis went on with the slaugher of the remaining squad of guardians. He ganged up the Farseer’s squad with his Berserker and Raptor squads managing to kill two of the Aspect Warriors. The much-awaited battle of the Avatar and Chaos Champion ensued. Both combat monsters are at full wounds striking simultaneously. The Avatar would kill Kharn we thought but lo the damn champion made his two invulnerable saves. Kharn in turn with one full sweep of his daemonic axe sent the god back to the wraithcore where it came from.


At this point Jas could only hope to wipe the Raptor or Berserker Squad in the melee. He killed only two Berserkers in the process. Not enough. His Banshees made an attempt to kill Kharn with his Banshees but to no avail and ended up all dead in the hands of the madman.

There’s nothing much for Sigis to do but try and finish off the Farseer’s squad. In the end what remained were the Farseer, Exarch, and a Fire Dragon fighting for their fragile lives. All taken by the followers of Khorne. What became of them none know for sure.

Battle report made by jasper.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BT vs Khorne

3 landraider
1 defiler
2 sqd berserkers
1 sqd termis
1 sqd raptors
1 lord
2 spawn (just filers to make 2k pts)

1 crusader (1 crusader sqd)
2 rhinos (2 crusader sqd)
1 razorback (1 crusader sqd)
1 dread
3 landspeeder tornado
1 vindicator

BT: bunch-up to support each other. (ahem) di na bago yan... :P
Khorne: right flank LR w/ termis & raptors, center defiler & 1 LR, left flank LR (pinag hiwahiwalay deployment) bakit kaya?! :)


Turn 1
kalahati na agad table lahat ng khorne
BT pinagbabaril nila chaos transports at pinasabog defiler agad (learned my lesson from romy's defilers)

Turn 2-4
tuwa BT kase upperhand sya ng 4 turns thru shooting (evilman hehehe...)

Turn 5
kaso pagdikit khorne turn 5, nagdadasal na nga BT na matapos na lang game kase kinakain na sila ng khone! (syet!) 2 basic + pistol + charging = 4 attacks (+1 Initiative, +1 Strength) tae (syet) na talaga!
pinasabog dread ng mga termis, raptors 1 rhino, immobilised crusader by lord w/ combi melta.
buti na lang madami kami... (whew! roll ng 2..., NATAPOS DIN! SALAMAT PO!)

Panalo BT.

best piece/model landspeeder tornado for busting chaos armor! hehehe...

Battle Bunker Results – March 17, 2009

Attendance: Sir Lito, Romy, Mike, Jessie

Game 1: Romy (Dark Eldar) Vs. Mike (Ultramarines) 1K
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Result: Mike Wins – Romy Taps out

Game 2: Romy (Dark Eldar) Vs. Mike (Ultramarines) 1K
Mission: Seize Ground 3Counters
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Result: Romy Wins 1-0 5-turns

Game 3: Sir Lito(Sisters of Battle) Vs. Jessie (Luna Wolves) 1.5k
Mission: Capture & Control
Deployment: Dawn Of War
Result: Draw - 5 Turns

Highlights: For Jessie: Assault Terminators living thru the searing flames of a Dominium squad and wiping them out in the assault phase!
For Sir Lito: Jessie’s Assault Terminators are peppered with Heavy bolter/bolter shots from a Retributor Squad and promptly meet the Emperor himself!

Monday, March 16, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 090 - Newblood Gaming Only...

Date: March 14, 2009
Attendance: Martie, Mickie, JR and George

Game1 - JR(Space Marines) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
1500pts Seize Ground, Spearhead
JR Wins! (1-0)

Game2 - George(Imperial Fists) vs. Martie(Tau)
1000pts Seize Ground, Spearhead
Draw! (1-1)

Game3 - George(Imperial Fists)+Martie(Tau) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead
Mickie Wins via Tapout!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Battle Bunker Results - March 10, 2009

Attendance: Kuneho, Mike, Henri, Romy, and sir Lito

Game 1: 2000pts- Kuneho (hive fleet Conqueror) vs Henri (space wolves); planet 6
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Kuneho won (1-0; 1 contested)

Henri got the first turn, hail of assault cannon rounds kept on crippling the genestealers as the tyranid herd marches forward to the space wolves' encampment. The space wolves made a tactical withrawal as the Conqueror rampages forward. But the Conqueror was too fast for them, one by one, marines were slaughtered by combination firepower and hand to hand combat. albeit the space wolves' encampment was already run down, they made a final counterattack, both bloodclaws killed both Hive tyrants, trying to stop the rampage. but in the end, the tyranids were able to secure one of the objectives and contested one, giving the hive the victory....

*after 7 games of draw, this game broke the ice.... nice game henri. it would have been a draw if the game didnt reach turn 7.

Game 2: 2000pts- Romy(dark eldar) vs Mike (space marines)
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitch battle
Result: Mike won (5-4)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

World Eaters vs USF

to follow na lang battle report ko...

isa lang masasabi ko... ang lakas ni kharn!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Gaming at the Bunker

Just trying out how the video posted on Youtube would look on this blog ^_^

Game was between Ryan Tamayo's Deathwing and Mike Nieves' Imperial Guard at Lito's Battle Bunker! I got four clips of it on Youtube under my ID there (pinoywargamer)!

HGR Journal Entry No. 089 - One Saturday... Three Tables... Nine Games...

Date: March 7, 2009
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Attendance: Kuneho+1, BattleCaptain, Salubri, Henri, Deadeye, JR+1, George, Kyuzo, Martie, Mickie, with special appearance from Matthew
Gaming Highlights:

Game1 - Kuneho(Hive Fleet Conqueror) vs. Martie(Sa'cea Dragoons)
1000pts Annihilation, Pitched Battle Deployment
Martie Wins! (5-4)

Game2 - JR(Space Marines) vs. BattleCaptain(Luna Wolves)
1700pts Annihilation, Pitched Battle Deployment
BattleCaptain Wins! (5-1)

Game3 - Deadeye(Ultramarines) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
1000pts Seize Ground (4 counters), Spearhead Deployment
Mickie Wins! (2 claimed, 1 contested)

Game4 - George(Imperial Fists) vs. Martie(Sa'cea Dragoons)
1500pts Seize Ground (4 counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
Martie Wins! (Wipeout!)

Game5 - Salubri(Craftworld Megil en Mea) vs. BattleCaptain(Luna Wolves)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
BattleCaptain Wins! (3-0)

Game6 - JR(Space Marines) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
1000pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment
Mickie Wins!

Game7 - Henri(Iron Wolves) vs. Kyuzo(Black Legion)
2000pts Annihilation, Pitched Battle Deployment
Kyuzo Wins! (9-5)

Game8 - Salubri(Craftworld Megil en Mea) vs. Deadeye(Ultramarines)
1000pts Seize Ground (4 counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
Salubri Wins! (1-0)

Game9 - Mickie(Chaos Daemons) vs. George(Imperial Fists)
1000pts Capture and Control, Spearhead
Mickie Wins! 1 claimed, 1 contested

Session Ends 7:30pm.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

goatboy's 40k thoughts: are we having fun? (from belloflost souls)

Hi there again. I played some Warhammer Fantasy this weekend, in the first “Heavy” tournament of the season here in Austin. I brought a tweaked Warriors of Chaos list with a Nurgle theme running through it. It is the same list I plan on throwing out at the Lone Wolf tournament this coming weekend. I had 3 great games and ending up coming up in second place at the end of it. Not to bad for someone that has played about 6 games of Fantasy before that.

So what am I going to discuss this week? Well I want to talk about not only playing this game but enjoying it. I know we all want to say that we always have fun when playing this game, but we all know that doesn’t happen. Let’s look at some common ways that the game can turn sour and the ways we can try and keep this game fun and our spirits up.


First of all, the most obvious thing that can make this game go from an awesome bloodfest, to a sad panda day is terrible rolling. We’ve all had those games where rolling a 4+ is next to impossible. It’s just a factor of the game, and something we can’t prevent (I guess you could always have loaded dice, but we all know that BoLS readers would never stoop so low). Any dice based game will always balance out in the end, but when you hit one of “those games” and your Space Marines fail 7 out of 8 3+ saves, it’s hard to tell yourself that.

Now how do you keep this game fun when all you are rolling is horrific? I like to just think that this is game and that no matter what this game is not the most important thing for me to “accomplish” that day. It is just a game for entertainment no matter how much I like to type about it. Its a great time to break out the jokes about how all your luck is going to some poor sod that finally won the lottery or magically was cured of some crazy disease. If my luck is extremely poor, I like to push the envelope and try to see if everything can fall through and I can roll as many 1’s as possible. If I can’t make a joke out of it, then I obviously need to take a break, step back and see all the plastic figures I bought and how in all reality this individual game means nothing in the long run.


Another thing that can just turn a great game south is playing the wrong type of opponent. I know in a tournament, you can’t help whom you play. It is all based on the luck of the roll as well as the type of tournament you are playing in. But what about the open table Thursday’s you might locally have? If you know a certain player pushes really gross armies and tries anything to win no matter what game they play, then don’t play them. I know that doesn’t sound hard, but lots of people just want to get games in and any chance to throw some dice is taken just to try and have some fun.

I know I come across as a power gamer, but most of the time I would rather throw a random list together with cool things to test out and see what is fun and what would work for a tournament. I only bring the “pain” when asked. I would rather spend my Thursday throwing dice and coming up with fun goofy stories of my really awesome dreadnought going all the way. Having a fun opponent is something you can control most of the time, because you can always say no. If they guy is a jerk, then most likely people will figure that out and he will get less and less game time on the table and hopefully will change his attitude.


Another way to help have fun in any kind of game environment is don’t be a jerk if you are winning. No one likes to have it pointed out they are losing. I know, winning is fun, but being gracious when you have the upper hand is the mark of a mature player that everyone likes to play. That is also why in games I play, I tell an opponent if they forgot to move someone. I know it might lose me the game but at a basic level this is a game for fun and forgetting something that might help you win, makes the game less fun for the other guy. It also helps your opponents get better too. And having better players, usually makes for better games. In the end it is just a game that takes at least two people to have fun.

I know this isn’t the normal tactics article that I normally put up per week, but I think this advise is just as valid to the game. We all want to have fun when we play. It is why we play Warhammer instead of doing laundry or washing the car. We want it to be fun. If it wasn’t, then most likely the game wouldn’t be here. I admit to occasionally falling into into the whole “not winning is making my day bad”. We all have. I usually follow my own advice, but sometimes I forget about it too. I am still only a goatboy.

Battle Bunker Reports: Mar. 3, '09

Attendance: Kuneho, Salubri, Henri, Deadeye, Kim, Kyuzo, and Lito

Game 1: 2000pts- Salubri(Eldar) vs Henri(Space Wolves)
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Result: Henri won (1-0; 1 contested)

Henri took the frst turn with the eldar not deploying anything on the table. a fierce battle between the two armies rages on. in the end, the space wolves manages to secure one objectives that won them the battle...

Game 2:2000pts- Kuneho (Hive fleet Conqueror) vs Deadeye(space marines); Planet 6
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Kuneho won (1-0)

the tyranids took the first turn, the space marines only deployed their lone dreadnaught. lead by kor'sarro khan, the space marines try to outflank the advancing tyranids. But the Conqueror's rampage was unstoppable, killing everything on its path. in the end, the tyranids had secured an objective that led them to victory.

Deadeye kept on rolling snake eyes during the game... better to be lucky than to be good...

Monday, March 02, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 088 – Space Marine Reinforcements

Attendance: Balian, George, Jasper, Jessie, JR, Matthew, Mickie, Mike, Apperance from Martie and Romy

Game 1 : 1500pts Mike (Tau 3rd Sphere Expansion) vs JR (Space Marines)
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Draw (Planet Gargantua)

Highlights: A squad of fire warriors fending off a lone Attack bike and lasting until the end of the game w/ the fire warriors still standing.

Game 2 : 1250pts Jessie(Luna Wolves SM) vs George(Imperial Fist SM)
Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Jessie wins 1-0


Game 3: 2000pts Mickie(Chaos Demons) vs Matthew & Jasper(Eldar)
Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Matthew & Jasper win! 1-0 2 contested

Highlights: Fateweaver dies on turn one. Avatar helped to prevent harlequins from being wiped out!
and harlequins do an amazing job in CC!

Game 4: 2000pts Jessie(Luna Wolves SM) vs Balian(Dark Angels SM)
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Jessie wins w/ 9KP – Balian’s 4KP

Highlights: Balian fielding an all infantry Dark Angels Army! Great to look at and very intimidating!

Game 5: 1000pts Mike (Tau 3rd Sphere Expansion) vs George(Imperial Fist SM)
Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Draw (Planet Gargantua)

Highlights: for George destroying a hammerhead w/ an assault cannon and a devil fish transport w/ a cyclone missile launcher, for me getting my a** handed to me by a noob, that’s actually a low point not a highlight LOL.

A Detailed battle report to follow.