Sunday, December 28, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 081 - Sunday Gaming With The Newbloods...

Date: December 28, 2008...
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Kyuzo, Henri
Other Players Present: Martie with brothers Mickie and Matthew

Probably the last gaming session in Galleria for 2008, and on a Sunday at that. Now with the help of a few Regulars, what better time to get some new players started in 40k, HGR style.


Game1 - Matthew(Eldar) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
1500pts Seize Ground(3 counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
Draw! 1-1

Matthew learned few lessons in deployment as well as a few ideas in tweaking/expanding his army list after his first game in Galleria. Eldar took a roundabout route with the intent to flank the Iron Wolves. Iron Wolves reacted accordingly by dropping most of his drop pods to delay the Eldar Wave Serpents from sweeping the field. Extended turns was very testing for both sides, but well played.

Game ends in a draw.


Game2 - Kyuzo(Black Legion) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Seize Ground(4 counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
Kyuzo Wins! 2-0

Mickie's Tzeentch themed Chaos Daemons is scary. His Keeper of Secrets is a lot scarier. Chaos Space Marines rushed to the center of the field, where most of the objectives are placed, deciding to take a defensive position from the impending Daemonic assault. The Black Legion's Daemon Princes were effective in taking out any daemonic troops venturing close to any of the objectives being defended. A timely arrival of Slaanesh Terminators and a few well placed Rhinos drove off the last of the remaining Daemonic troops from claiming any objectives during the end turns Note: After the game, Mickie and I resolved a theoretical assault of the Terminators against his Bloodletters... no termie would've survived and the Bloodletters would consolidate to claim an objective afterwards. Good thing I chose NOT to assault. :D

Black Legion claims two objectives to the Daemons' none. Good game.


There wasn't enough time left for Martie to get a Galleria game in. He'll sure get his chance in the next session. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of them next year.

Session Ends 7:45pm...

Monday, December 22, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 080 - Post Baptism Gaming...

Date: December 20, 2008...
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars in Attendance: Kuneho, Salubri, with special appearance from TheMuffinMan, Henri, and Kyuzo
Other Players in Attendance: Omegatron with special appearance from The Other Marty


Game1 - Omegatron(Chaos Space Marines) vs. Kuneho(Hivefleet Conqueror)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment
Omegatron Wins! 9-5


Game2 - Omegatron(Chaos Space Marines) vs. Salubri(Sword of Light)
2000pts Capture and Control, Dawn of War Deployment


Session ends 9pm-ish...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 079 - Double Team Saturday...

Date: December 13, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars in Attendance: Kuneho, Henri, Deadeye, Kyuzo with special appearance from Sigismund
Other Players in Attendance: Omegatron, the Other Marty and brothers...


Game1 - Kuneho(Hive Fleet Conqueror) vs. Henri(Space Wolves)/Deadeye(Ultramarines)
2000pts vs. 2x1000pts Seize Ground, Dawn of War Deployment
Henri/Mike Wins! 2-0


Game2 - Kuneho(Hive Fleet Conqueror)/Kyuzo(Black Legion) vs. Henri(Space Wolves)/Deadeye(Ultramarines)
2x1000pts vs. 2x1000pts Seize Ground, Pitched Battle Deployment
Kuneho/Kyuzo Wins! 1claimed vs. 1contested


Session ends 8:30pm

HGR Journal Entry No. 078 - Tiring Saturday, but gaming's still on...

Date: December 6, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars in Attendance: Ryan, Kuneho, Ebon, Deadeye, Commissar Alfred, Kyuzo


Game1 - Ryan Cheung(Salamanders) vs. Kuneho(Hive Fleet Conqueror)
2000pts Seize Ground Pitched Battle Deployment
Ryan Wins! 3-1


Game2 - Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist) vs. Deadeye(Ultramarines)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
Ebon Wins! Deadeye taps out on 3rd turn


Game3 - Kuneho(Hive Fleet Conqueror) vs. Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist)
2000pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment


Game4 - Ryan Cheung(Salamanders) vs. Commissar Alfred(IG with Daemonhunter Allies)
2000pts Annihilation, Pitched Battle Deployment
Ryan Wins! 8-7


Session ends 8:00pm

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Soul and Flesh

1000pts: Hive fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Chaos Deamons (Kim)
Location: Battlr Bunker
Date: 08Dec'08
Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Dawn of war
Terrain: Hills

The Conqueror fleet moved towards the desecrated island in the south, a deamon controlled sector, looking for yet another prey. Consuming every life form that crossed their paths, and destroying every deamon tombs along its way. It made the deamons mad, as bloodletters and a deamon prince was summoned out to reclaim the remaining tombs. The battle between the Soul devourer and the Flesh devourer commence.

soulless, the Hive tyrant together with the genestealers assaulted the bloodletters and the deamon prince, totally devouring them. The deamon flesh was sweet, better than those of humans. Another batch of deamons arrived, as the juggernaughts slaughtered one of the hormogaunt brood. The bloodthirster was caught by the other hormogaunt brood, holding it until the carnifexes arrived.

It was a total carnage for both sides, and ended in a stalemate as 2 of the tombs were recovered by the deamons.

Result: Draw!!!

The fall of Sicarius

2000pts: Hive fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Clenched Fist (joel)
Location: RG
Date: 06Dec'08
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Terrain: Hills

Two days have passed, after Hestan and his salamanders cleared the island for tyranid infestation, it was Sicarius and his Clenched fist moved in and was ordered to secure it. Weeks have passed, but yet no signs of the Conqueror fleet.

Without warning, Huge, lumbering Carnifexes and Hive Tyrants Sprung out under the dead land. hormogaunts leaped out of lurking and rushed towards the nearest prey. The Clenched Fist stood ground, firing lascannon and plasma rounds to the behemoths; landspeeder Tornadoes moved to the flanks trying to take out the genestealers. Sicarius together with his Terminator squad killed every hormogaunt in their way.

The Conqueror was known to be fast and deadly, as Sicarius' sight was covered by 3 huge monsters, that completely annihilates his Terminators squad. Left alone, Sicarius fought for his life. A dreadnought tried to aid, but it was the dreadnought that fell in the scythes of the Hive tyrant. The inevitable happens, as Sicarius was heavily wounded by the swipe of one of the Carnifex. Sicarius fell to his knees, slowly, darkness consumed him. The hive tyrant was about to devour Sicarius' wounded flesh, but a squad of marines diverted its attention, and enraged with anger, took down the tyrant. One of the Rhino Squad successfully salvaged the wounded body of Sicarius away from the behemoths and escaped out of the island.

The fleet was unstoppable, destroying and consuming everything in its path. Albeit outnumbered, it still seemed to be a stalemate for they recovered the almost dead body of Sicarius.

Result: Draw!!!

Conquering the Conqueror!!!

2000pts: Hive fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Salamanders (Ryan Cheung)
Location: RG
Date: 06Dec'08
Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Terrain: Hills

Hestan and his Salamanders was again called upon for another cleanse mission, cleansing another Hive fleet Conqueror infestation. As they arrived the deserted island, the place was all rotten and dead. There were no signs of life form. "Movement up north Commander Hestan." a Salamander said upon looking his auspex. "Call upon the drop pod Salamander squad, we will surprise them!" Hestan said.

Together with his Sternguard and a Librarian, they teleported in front of the rampaging tyranid fleet simultaneously with the drop pod Salamanders. Aiding their back, was 2 rhino squads, 2 Land speeders, a Predator, and a Vindicator. Wasting no time, they fired their bolters and flamers to the rushing hormogaunts, almost wiping them out completely.

As the smoke cleared out, a group of genestealers and a Hive tyrant leaped out killing all of the Sternguard. Hestan and the librarian made a tactical withdrawal, leaving the xenos out in the open. Combined firepower from the Rhino and Drop pod squads killed the genestealers and the Tyrant.

But the Tyranids seemed endless, as more of there battle brothers were massacred; tanks were destroyed by the lumbering carnifexes. Hestan saw a Psychic beam, destroying the Predator tank with just one shot, coming from a Zoanthrope.

Hestan Rallied his Salamanders. Concentrating on one flank, they slowly killed the Xenos along their path. The lumbering behemoths, one by one, fell from the Salamanders. Hestan took one carnifex head down with one slash of his blade. The Salamanders stood triumphant as the Last remaining Xenos was killed.

Result: Ryan Cheung won!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Emcee and Cheryl Nuptials

Congratulations to the Newly Weds! :D

Monday, December 01, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 077 - Pre-Wedding Gaming, HGR Style...

Date: November 29, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Balian, Kuneho, Henri, Kyuzo, Salubri, with special appearance from BattleCaptain
Other Players Present: Special appearance from the Other Marty

Balian in da Haus! Finally went back to get some gaming done before the big day this coming Monday.

Game1 - Kuneho(Tyranids) vs. Balian(SM-Dark Angels)
2000pts Seize Ground (5 counters) Spearhead Deployment
Draw! (2-2)

Game2 - Henri(Space Wolves) vs. Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion)
2000pts Capture and Control Dawn of War Deployment
Draw! Both controlling respective home objectives

Game3 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Ryan(Eldar-Sword Of Light)
2000pts Capture and Control Dawn of War Deployment
Balian Wins! Balian controls home objective

Game4 - Kuneho(Tyranids) vs. Henri(Space Wolves)
2000pts Capture and Control Dawn of War Deployment

Sunday, November 30, 2008

2000pts: Hive fleet Conqueror(kuneho) vs. Space Wolves(Henri)

Location: Neutral Grounds Galleria
Date/Time: 29Nov'08/1630hrs
Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Dawn of war
Terrain type: Intact buildings

Wolf Lord Draccus, Wolf Priest Barragan,and Venerable dreadnought Zeus accompanied by a full platoon of space wolves was sent to planet "Robinsons' Hive",
well known to be a tyranid infested area, to a search and rescue mission. Their Objective was to secure two lost wolf scouts who has a vital information on the where abouts of their long aged foe, Hive fleet Conqueror- known to be the current most feared devouring tyranid fleet, the Parasite of Worlds.

As they arrived, wolf priest Barragan and 2 squads of Grey Hunter scouts the area for ambushes and traps. But with no warning, a swarm full of hormogaunts attacks their prey destroying one Grey hunter pack. Barragan and the other Pack fell back and called for reinforcements. A swarm of behemoths, Hive Tyrants and Carnifexes, sprung out from the lifeless structures, rushing towards their prey.

Barragan and the grey hunters pack regrouped and stood their ground hoping to whittle down the swarm while waiting for back-up. And in just the nick of time, Wolf lord Draccus and Zeus with the full platoon of space wolves appeared from the shadows, aiding their comrades in searching for the two wolf scouts and destroying any tyranid genus in their path. But Barragan and his Grey hunter pack fell from the endless assault of the genestealers.

Hopes are still high for the Space wolves, albeit outnumbered. Draccus ordered 2 rhino squads, 1 Bloodclaw and 1 Grey Hunter pack, to search for the other missing wolf scout as he found 1 hiding inside one of the structures. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion as one of the platoon dreadnought was caught by a carnifex, tearing it to pieces. Draccus and his pack was caught by the raging hormogaunts but was able to kill their attackers. Nevertheless, as to his surprise, one Hive tyrant was able to get near them, scouring anything on its path including Draccus and the salvaged Wolf scout. Ven. dread Zeus witnessed Draccus' death, enraged, killed a carnifex in combat.
"Sir we have the objective" as one of the rhino squad voxxed Zeus and ordered for a tactical retreat. As infinite numbers of swarms rushing forward, the remaining Space wolves were able to fall back safely. Zeus reserved his anger as he know that he will have his revenge.

Game result: draw!!!

*"mahaba man ang prusisyon, draw pa rin ang kahahantungan!!!!"

Expanded Mission Set

*feel free to suggest or comment with regards to this trial mission set.... thanks!!!

Expanded Mission Set

Expanded Mission Set gives Warhammer 40k™ 5th edition additional mission and deployment options in the existing 40k’ mission set. This will add extra flavor, twist, and more fun for 40k players that will expand their tactical knowledge about the game. Try this one out and enjoy playing Warhammer 40k!

Modified mission set

Roll a d6 and consult the chart below for the mission:




Seize ground


Capture and Control




Take and Hold




Cleanse, purge, and kill!

Take and Hold:

Victory conditions:

Before deciding deployment zones, divide the table into 4 equal quadrants. Each objective marker should be placed in the middle of each quadrant. After positioning the objectives, deployment of the forces begins as described in the type of deployment being used. There should be at least one scoring unit and no enemy unit within 3” of the objective marker to take control of it. At the end of the game, the player with the most number of controlled markers win.

Special Rules:

One unit that is not deployed may enter the battle through any controlled and uncontested critical point per turn. Moreover, units within the quadrant of the controlled critical point may use the leadership of their HQ for morale, regrouping, and pinning check purposes only.


Victory Conditions:

At the end of the game, for every unit within your opponent’s ‘deployment zone’ which is not in close combat, fleeing, pinned, or immobilized scores 1 pt; HQ units are 2 points each. The player which has the number of points wins.

Cleanse, Purge, and Kill!

Victory Conditions:

Set-up d3+2 counters before deciding deployment zones. Set-up the counters same as 'Seize Ground' mission. To claim objectives, scoring units must be within 3" of the counter and no mobile vehicle or non-pinned/fleeing unit within it. Each claimed counter is worth 2pts each; every enemy unit fleeing or destroyed cost 1pt. At the end of the game, the player with the most number of points win.

Modified deployment set

Roll a d6 and consult the chart below for the deployment type:




Pitch battle




Dawn of war




Kill Zone


Winter assault


Both players roll of a d6, the player that scores the highest may choose first or second. The player that goes first chooses a corner and deploys his/her army as illustrated in fig.1, wherein ‘Y”’ is half the measurement of the short edge while ‘X”’ is for the long edge. Then, the other player will deploy his/her army on the opposite corner.

Deploy any infiltrators and make any scout move.

After both players deployed their army, the player that deployed first starts the first players turn.

Special Rules:

The battle starts with night fight rules. At the end of each turn, on a roll of 4+, night fight ends.

Kill Zone (fig.2)

Both players roll of a d6, the player that scores the highest may choose first or second. Both players divides their army into 2 groups (it'll be up to the players how they divide their own army) and their opponent gets to choose which unit shall be held in reserve. Armies with special rules in deployment (i.e. 40k deamons) are exempted to this rule. Your opponent then deploys his army on the opposite side.

Make any scout move.

After both players deployed their army, the player that deployed first starts the first players’ turn. Reserves may enter at the start of second turn through any deployment edge (short deployment edge included).

Special Rules:

No ‘infiltrators’ special rule (units with infiltrate may still outflank).

Winter Assault (fig.3)

Both players roll of a d6, the player that scores the highest may choose first or second. The player that goes first chooses a long table edge and may deploy his/her forces. Then the other player deploys his/her forces on the opposite side.

Deploy any infiltrators and make any scout move.

After both players deployed their army, the player that deployed first starts the first players’ turn.

Special Rules:

At the start of every turn, on a roll of 4+, Hail storm special rule is in effect; similar with night fight rule. Moreover, clear area counts as difficult terrain; while difficult terrain counts as dangerous terrain while Hail storm rule is in effect. Units with ‘Slow and purposeful’ USR rolls less one die for movement.




2000pts: Hive fleet Conqueror(kuneho) vs. Dark Angels(Emcee)

Location: Neutral Grounds Galleria
Date/Time: 29Nov'08/1330hrs
Mission: Seize ground(5 Counters)
Deployment: Spearhead
Terrain type: Hills

It was cold, the Dark Angels were patrolling the area for scattered mis-dropped supply pods, albeit infested with Hive fleet Conqueror's tyranid brood. Low in supplies, it was to the hive fleet's advantage and launched a devouring assault against the Dark Angels. Steadfast and ready, the Dark Angels stood their ground, prepared for the battle of survival, as endless horde of tyranid genus species appeared upon their sight. Master of the Deathwing, Belial, called upon his terminators to assist their battle-brothers in probing for scattered supply pods and scouring any tyranid brood they encounter.

But the hive fleet was fast, as vast amount of hormogaunt and genestealer brood were able to track supply pods and destroyed it. Hive tyrants and rampaging carnifexes, supporting their smaller kind, destroyed everything in its path as a squad of assault marines witnessed by themselves the carnage done to their battle-brothers. They saw how well-choreograph their attacks, moving and killing as one.

Even though being swarmed, the Dark Angels never lose hope, as long as Belial leads them, no matter the odds, victory will still be in their hands. As a Hive tyrant and a carnifex fell from the fists of the terminators, and Belial stood ground as he took down a carnifex, which boost the morale of the Dark Angels.

Outnumbered and low on supply, the Dark Angels were able to salvage enough supply pods. Enough for them to teleport out and prepare for another invasion.

Game Result: draw!!! for having 2 uncontested counters each...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This week at the Bunker 03 - Two Races not enough Space

Salubri's Sword of Light vs Deadeye's Tau
2000 pts Capture and Control in Dawn of War

Eldar and Tau face off on Imperium world. Eldar dash full throttle into enemy deployment zone. With the Tau's first round of shooting being ineffective the battle raged on for 6 gruelling turns. The ball bounced back and forth as the Eldar first wiped out the opponent's fire warriors leaving him unable to claim objectives and then the Tau retaliated by wiping out the dire avengers with 3 well placed shots.

Salubri attempted to annihilate but last turn shooting phases were unproductive and Mike snatches the draw from the jaws of defeat!

Good game!

HGR Journal Entry No. 076 - Brutal Fighting on the Front

Date: November 22, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Henri, Ebon, Salubri, Kuneho and Kyuzo
Other Players Present: The Other Marty
Game Results:


Game 1
The Muffin Man's Salamanders vs Kuneho's Tyranids
2000 pts, Annihilation in Pitch Battle(?)
Salamanders win!

Salamanders survive Tyranids wave after wave. Eventually score more kill points than the Tyranids.

Game 2
Ebon's Hestan lead Order of the Clenched Fist vs Henri's Iron Wolves
2000 pts, Caputre and Control in Dawn of War

Game 3
Salubri's Sword of Light (CW Eldar) vs Kuneho's Tyranids
2000 pts, Annihilation in Pitch Battle
Salubri wins!

Kuneho decides to play it differently this time by deploying his gene stealers with brood lord instead of flanking. Salubri fields an army of aspect warriors including the newly finished Dark Reapers who truly did perform as they should by gunning down a good number of bugs. Reappearance of the howling banshees proved to be a good choice as it was instrumental in rescuing the Eldar's beleaguered line and holding the right flank in time to allow the Reapers to retreat to safety. By the end of 5th turn(?) only few bugs remain(one carnifex and one swarm(?)) and Craftworld Sword of Light had commanding presence on the field.


On another note Ebon made the proposition to move the standard back to 1.5k. Give us your thoughts on the matter by commenting on this post.

Friday, November 21, 2008

2000pts: Hive Fleet Conqueror(kuneho) vs Ultramarines(mike)

Location: Battle Bunker
Time and Date: 7:30pm/17 Nov. '08
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Terrain type: City ruins

Mike won the roll off and decided to go first. deployed 4 combat squad and an HQ in bike. i deployed my Hive tyrant and two broods of hormogaunts, having my broodlord and retinue held in reserve for outflanking.

It was at the peak of dawn, the Ultramarines are patrolling in search for two lurking zoanthropes for experiment. cloaked by darkness, the tyranids emerged from the ruins. it was an ambush, using the zoanthropes to have their prey within their talons. but the marines stood their ground and fight their way through to capture their objective. the Vindicator tank and Orbital strikes whittled down the rushing tyranid fleet. assault terminators and the land raider took down the Hive tyrant and its Guard. jump-pack marines cleansed the area for ripper swarm infestation. but the tyranid herd seemed endless, as carnifexes emerges from the ground destroying everything on its path including a land raider and a vindicator. broodlord sprung out from the flanks together with its retinue killing the ultramarine captain and took down 2 squads of marines. another brood of genesteelers arrived as it secured one of the lurking zoanthrope, guarding it as commanded by the hive mind. the Ultramarines got overwhelmed by the sheer number of the tyranid brood and were forced to fall back failing to capture and control any objective...

Monday, November 17, 2008

PAGE 2!!!

This is me kicking everyone else's ass into the right mindset. Quoting straight from the rulebook. lol

The games workshop HOBBY is just that. A way for people to make new friends and have loads of fun playing. It was never written to be some uber competitive sport. So for the sake of everyone else's blood pressure. Let's not turn it into one (except when we're holding tournaments. patayan na pag ganun! lol)

Oh and just so you're wondering what brought this about... no there are no juicy issues. I just thought it's important for people to know THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. (it's so important it has to be written in all caps!) :p

PAGE 2 for the win! :P


Warhammer 40,000 is an involving game, with many different armies, weapons and possibilities. In a game of this size and complexity there are bound to be occasions where a particular situation lies outside these rules, often when unusual models interact. At other times you may know the rule is covered but you just can’t seem to find the right page. Then again you may know the rule, but the reality of exactly where your models are on the table may make it a really close call – measuring assault moves and deciding if a key model is in cover are classic examples.

All of these instances can lead to arguments, so it is important to remember that the rules are just a framework to create an enjoyable game. Winning at any cost is less important than making sure both players – not just the victor – have a good time. If a dispute does crop up then work out the answer in a gentlemanly manner. Many players simply like to rolloff and let the dice decide who is right, allowing them to get straight back to blasting each other to pieces. After the game you can happily continue your discussion of the finer points of the rules, or agree how you will both interpret them should the same situation happen again. You could even decide to change the rules to suit you better (this is known as a ‘house rule’).

The most important rule then is that the rules aren’t all that important! So long as both players agree, you can treat them as sacrosanct or mere guidelines – the choice is entirely yours.

---page 2 of warhammer 40k AOBR mini rulebook.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 075 - Hestan Is Everywhere...

Date: November 15, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Henri, Ebon, BattleCaptain, Midnight, Kyuzo, with special appearance from Salubri
Other Players Present: Freddie Yu, Ryan Chung, Owen with a brief appearance from The Other Marty


Game1 BattleCaptain(Luna Wolves w/Hestan) vs. Freddie(IG w/ Witch Hunter allies - Galen 7th - The Rockhounds)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 counters), Spearhead Deployment

Freddie in da haus! Well... Galleria actually. He brought his well-recogized army box of Rockhounds looking for some action. Well, he got it, courtesy of BattleCaptain and his Luna Wolves. The battle was long and fierce, lasting close to three hours and had to end on the 4th Turn in a draw, with the Luna Wolves and The Rockhounds claiming one objective each.


Game2 Henri(Iron Wolves) vs. Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist w/Hestan)
2000pts Capture and Control, Spearhead Deployment
Ebon Wins!

Ebon controls home objective while contesting the Iron Wolves home objective to secure the win.


Game3 Ryan(Salamanders w/Hestan) vs. BattleCaptain(Luna Wolves... w/Hestan?!)
2000pts Capture and Control, Dawn of War Deployment

Heard they played the last three turns with no more troops to claim any objectives but still played it out to the very end despite the draw. Good game.


Game4 Owen(Sisters of Battle) vs. Midnight(Space Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment
Midnight Wins! 12-5

Owen comes to play with lots of Sisters, and an Exorcist to boot! Midnight played like he was on a mission (well, he was... on annihilation... and well... you know), pulling off a convincing win 12 killpoints to 5.


Game5 Kyuzo(Black Legion) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
1000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
Kyuzo Wins! 7-4

We had time for one quick game using a 4x4 table. Henri's drop pod assault got him to land a Blood Claw pack led by a Wolf Priest and a Vendread right in the heart of the Black Legion's deployment, which pretty much placed the Chaos Space Marines on the defensive right on the first turn. Only downside to the Iron Wolves tactic was the late arrival of the remaining drop pods providing the support troops and was picked off one at a time. Game ends with the Black Legion leading with 7 killpoints to 4.


Gaming ends at 9pm.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

2000pt battle: Tyranids(kuneho) vs. Space Marines(joel)

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Terrain: Ruins and Buildings

As for getting the higher roll for who gets to have the first punch, i won, but I decided to give Joel the first turn; deploying everything except his assault termies. I then deployed my army except for the broodlord and its retinue of genestealers waiting to outflank the space marines.

First Turn:
never tried to seize the initiative so the Space marines made their first move. nothing much on the marines turn, just trying to climb up the city ruins but failing to reach the second floor except for one of the combat squad taking a higher ground and firepower advantage. As usual, the space marines trying to make a flanking move to concentrate their attacks on one flank, killing a few hormogaunts.

the tyranids all moved toward the Space marines, running as fast as possible in reaching their prey. But the hormogaunts failed in reaching 2 squads of space marines due to rough terrain as the predators are now caught in the open.

Second turn:
the marines stand their ground whilst the rhino squads kept moving on the flanks; assault terminators were kept in bay waiting for the right time to make a counter-assault. 2 dreadnoughts moved forward to support their comrades unleashing melta and bolter rounds on the rampaging genestealers and horomogaunts. but the genestealers managed to survive the shots except for one who got disintegrated by the multimelta. combined firepower from the bike squad and the tactical marines managed to wipe out half of both hormogaunt brood. the lone dreadnought on the other side, assaulted the vicious genestealers but got immobilized due to rending claws.

the tyranids rampaged forward, and the 6 huge lumbering carnifexes trampled forward trying to reach their food. the marines felt the ground trembling, with no fear in their hearts, stood their ground as the 6 stomping behemoths crushed their way through. both the remaining hormogaunt brood leaped towards the well-dugged-in marines and managed to kill 4 in one squad and wiped out the other.

Third Turn:
Time for the counter attack, as the assault marines jumped their way through and the bike squad roared forward. The space marine Captain Sicarius called on for assault terminator reinforcement, as it deep-striked in front of tyranid herd. combat squads disembarked their rhinos preparing for a counter assault while one rhino squad sneaked forward towards their objective. one of the remaining hormogaunt brood got whittled down by flamers and bolter fire and wiped out by the assault squad in close combat. the bike squad launched an assault to aid a single marine swarmed by the other hormogaunt brood and managed to wipe out the brood.

as to the loss of the hormogaunt broods, the tyranids surges forward. 2 carnifexes saw the bike squads and rushed towards them, and the 4 remianing giants stomped their way through the marine front line. as to the Marines' surprise, the Hive tyrant soared forward and fired its bio-weapon killing off an assault marine; while the broodlord and its retinue appeared on the flank. the herd spared no time, and rushed forward to consume their prey. 2 carnifexes went for the bike squad and completely wiped it out sparing no lives at all while the hive tyrant and it's guard devoured the assault marines. the broodlord and its retinue assaulted Sicarius and his squad of assault terminators and another combat squad. ripper swarms leaped towards the assault terminators aiding the broodlord. however, even though outnumbered, the marines fought back. Sicarius got wounded but managed on wounding the broodlord. assault terminators pummeled the ripperswarms and the genestealers with their thunderhammers. on the other side, the genestealers managed to blow off the power fist of the immobile dread.

Fourth Turn:
Getting consumed by the tyranid swarm, the remaining marines consolidated and prepared themselves for another counter attack. still, one of the rhino squad sneaks in toward the objective. Sicarius and his terminators killed the broodlord and its retinue, consolidated to a higher ground to make sure that thay are far from the reach of the tyranid monstrosities. away from the hive mind, a genestealer was crushed by the immobile dread and fled towards the Hive tyrant.

3 carnifexes saw the rhino sneaking up from behind and rushed towards it. the hive tyrant rush towards one of the rhino and managed to destroy its tracks leaving it immobile. one of the carnifexes moved forward the immobile dread and completely ravaging it. while feasting on the marine bike squad, the other 2 carnifexes saw another "preys"; the single marine who managed to survive the hormogaunt swarm and another combat squad. but then again, the marines got crushed.

Fifth Turn:
Outnumbered, the marines still stood their ground and moved forward trying to secure the other objective, the remaining dreadnought fired its multimelta wounding one of the behemoth. the sneaking got caught by one of the fexes rushing towards it but managed to get off undamaged. the hive tyrant moved towards the center to rendezvouz with the fleeing genestealers. the other 2 carnifexes, hungry for more, moved toward the other objective as they saw more preys running towards it.

Sixth Turn:
Sicarius and the terminators ran forward to help the remaining marines to secure the objective. while the other rhino squad hoping to reach the other without getting caught by 3 rampaging fexes. the dreadnought, ones more, fired another round of multimelta, and wounding one of the fexes again.

but no one can stop a rampaging carnifex as it caught one of the combat squad and finished it off with one swipe. and consolidated in front of the marine frontline.

Seventh turn:
with their brave hearts, the remaining 2 combat squads and the dreadnought managed to kill one of the wounded fexes by fire power and close combat. but before it went down, it destroyed the dreadnought's torso, keeping it immobile. the assault terminators and sicarius, and the remaining marines secured an objective. on the other side, the rhino squad thought that luck was on their side, free from the 3 rampaging carnifex. suddenly a scything talon can-opened their rhino leaving the combat squad open for the 2 more ferocious carnifex. the hive tyrand and the genestealers rushed toward the secured objective but failed to reach it.

as with one objective safely secured, the remaining marines teleported out of the battlefield. the marines won even though overwhelmed by the tyranid brood...

*special thanks to Lito Tan for the nice terrain set that we used in the battle bunker... peace!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chaos Daemons vs. Space Wolves

1000 pts

Battle with the forces of Chaos Deamons (Kim ) vs. Iron Wolves Company of the Space wolves
Space wolves composition:
Venue : Somewhere in Quezon City
Take and Hold- 5 counters, Pitched Battle
Chaos Deamons Wins 2 counters to none for the Wolves!!!

Wolf Priest Heidrun
Dreadnought : Brother Sigurdr(Stone)
Troops :
11th Blood Claws (10 members) on the Rhino
1st Grey Hunters Pack (8 members) on the Rhino
2nd Grey Hunters Pack (7 members) on the Rhino

Wolf Priest Heidrun was on a recon Mission when out of nowhere the forces of chaos began dropping in- the initial attack was not devastating but scary non the less with a Greater Daemon, 2 Lesser Daemon squads poping out of nowhere and trapping the GHP inside the Rhino.
The wolves struggled to reposition for a counter attack, But after shooting and failing to eliminate the daemon ( only wounding one of the Large monsters)-The GHP knew that thier end is near- the Demons attack - wipeout the first GHP and even with the help of the scouts who arrived in the rear and was trying to disloge the lesser deamon with thier meltagun and bolt pistols- but in turn was destroyed instead.
After the deamon attacked and destroyed the Pack of Grey Hunters. It was time for the wolves to counter attack!!! Brother Sigurdr assualted the Greater deamon with his powerfist - but to the wolves dismay Brother Sigurdr also failed to kill the Foul Creature !!! The following events was not to the wolves liking as Brother Sigurdr body was crushed by the monstrous creature almost to the point of exploding - making him a useless wreck - The blood Claws on the other hand was able to burn many of the foul Creatures - killing more than half of them - but even this sucessful attack could not alter the course of the battle. Slowly the chaos is tightening its grasp on the objectives. The remaining GHP pack tried to shoot the Greater Deamon but to no avail .
2 more turns followed as the wolves vainly tried to shoot at the deamons and use the Flamer to cleanse the land - While the Deamons tried reposition hoping to surround and trap the Blood Claw inside their Rhino!!!. But this time the Deamons failed in his assualts. But night falls rapidly- As turn 5 ends the game leaving the Chaos with 2 objectives and none for the Iron Wolves.
By dawn the wolves found that the Deamons were gone and it seems that whatever their objective was they have found it. . . and have taken it back with them.

The wolves recovered Brother Sigurdr dreadnought worn down chasis - Later transfered to a new armour to fight for the Iron Wolves.

Nice game Kim!!!

Sisters of Battle vs. Iron Wolves

1000 pts
Battle with the forces of Emperor (Sisters of Battle) (Oberon-Sir Lito) vs. Iron Wolves Company of the Space wolves

Venue : Somewhere in Quezon City
Take and Hold , Spearhead deployment
Tactical Draw: 3 Turns
Space wolves composition:
Wolf Priest Heidrun
Dreadnought : Brother Sigurdr(Stone)
Troops :
11th Blood Claws (10 members) on the Rhino
1st Grey Hunters Pack (8 members) on the Rhino
2nd Grey Hunters Pack (7 members) on the Rhino
Wolf Priest Heidrun on recon Mission met the strike force contingent of Sisters of Battle

The exercise gave the Iron Wolves the opportunity to show the Emperors Might on what the Space Wolves can achieve .
Wolf Priest Heirdrun was unsure how the Sisters of Battle would fight – sure enough the Sisters advance rapidly against the 2 rhinos and Brother Sigurdr –The Inquisition using long range missiles to disable Brother Sigurdr Power weapon and engaging the GHP that was left to protect the rear objective with an assassin was a surprise for the wolves - unfamiliar with what they can actually do.(Move my units 6 inches in any direction- Deep Strike - Poison attacks) Now I know heheheh. . .

Really something new for Wolf Priest -“We are caught Flat Footed” the Sisters pinned 2 squads inside the rhino. They(Sisters) where able to attack the Rhino from behind ! By miraculous luck none of the rhino was severly damage – saving the squad of Blood Claws from being Burned alive!!!
The following events help the Iron Wolves get back on it after the Sisters of Battle on foot didn’t reach the battle line to help their fellow Sisters, This time the Iron Wolves got the numbers againts the Witch Hunters, They now face 2 complete squads of Iron Wolves - and the timely arrival of the scouts also helped in eliminating the Sisters Long range fire power –destroying its weapon-with melta bombs. Although the Young Blood Claw Squad failed to finish off the Sisters in their initial assault – here is where the situation was still in the balance. Nevertheless The wolves showed what it could do in close combat - it took them 2 turns finished off the job by destroying the Sisters in HtH combat – The next phase showed the sisters killing off half of the blood claws with long range firepower. . . and the inquisition killing off the group of scouts. Although the battle could have drag on through the day -
The inquisition decided to ask for truce as neither of our units would be able to claim victory objective in two turns -

Here it was decided the battle is over and a truce was agreed upon. . .

Good Training for my wolves who learned how the Sisters fight Her battles –

Draw !!!

Thanks Sir Lito

World Eaters vs. Iron Wolves (1000pts.)

1000 pts

Battle with the forces of Chaos (World Eaters) Arvin vs. Iron Wolves Company of the Space Wolves Chapter
Space wolves composition:
Venue : Somewhere in San Juan
Deployment : Dawn of war , Annihilation
Kill Points : 2 to 5 Iron Wolves win!!!

Wolf Priest Heidrun
Dreadnought : Brother Sigurdr(Stone)
Troops :
11th Blood Claws (8 members)
1st Grey Hunters Pack (9 members)
2nd Grey Hunters Pack (10 members)

Transports: Skuldelev, Gokstad , Knarr and Drake

Reports are coming in from our observation post : “ Chaos Armored Column – probable advance units of a bigger invasion force “
Brother Ergil : “ Wolf Brothers there are indications that sector M1002 is being invaded by the forces of Chaos. . . hmmmm (Grim Smile ) - Wolf Brother Heidrun can you wake up Brother Sigurdr and take him with young Blood Brothers - and let them earn their rights to be called Space Wolves(11th Blood Claws). the 1st and 2nd Grey hunters –will be in support – (This is a opportunity to train our Blood Claws.) “ . . . “ Yes Brother – Perfect for my recruits !!!”

Brother Heidrun : “Scanner Report Wolf Brother”
Navigator: “Scanner shows Heavy Armor: 1 Land Raider , 2 vindicators and 2 Rhinos
- OK ‘ 1st Grey Hunter Pack and the Blood claws with me - We will see how sharp your CLAWS and FANGS are !!!.

Chaos moved in and took the first turn: as if expecting an attack-They deployed in a Mosaic style covering each others back from all directions making it difficult to hit the backside of thier armor. Wolf Priest Heidrun and the Blood Claws with the Grey Hunters in support Deployed near the Chaos tanks using Drop pods. (just in front of the side of one Vindicator and in front of the Rhino, behind us is the Landraider )
Hoping to blow them open. Wolf Priest Heidrun and the Blood Claws shot at the Vindicator successfully damaging its Battle Cannon , But the GHP failed to destroy the Rhino carrying the Chaos Marines .
The following turn saw the chaos deploying its infantry. 1 -5 man squad in power armour and a 3-man terminator squad from the Land Raider. Both units started to concentrate their firepower against the 1st GHP which was almost wiped out in the process with the help of Lascannons and Heavy bolters (5 marines was left) . Then chaos Terminator squad assaulted the remaining GHP and Slaugther started killing off all the Marines. BC expecting to destroy them with the assult -but the Terminators held their own . It took the BC 2 rounds of combat (lucky armour saves) before they were able to eliminate the terminators. It was a close call for the following couple of turns the timely arrival of Brother Sigurdr and the 2nd GHP saved the line from being broken – Lucky armor saves and deviations on part of the chaos heavy guns saved the blood claws.
Brother Sigurdr exchange shots with the chaos tanks for the following 2 turns and came out victorious disabling 2 tanks using his Assault cannon and the 2nd Grey Hunters Pack finishing off the immobilized Vindicator, The blood Claws destroyed the remaining chaos infantry – At this Time the Chaos tanks started to retreat and tried to regroup but with lucky shots the GHP changed the complexion of the game as they were able to immobilize or destroy these tanks including the Land Raider(destroyed by the Blood claws with a Meltagun).
After the last shots was fired there remained 2 tanks for World Eaters and a squad of chaos marines. While the wolves lost the 1st GHP and one Drop pod ( half of the new recruites blood claws and some of the 2nd GHP).
Will try to reconfigure my squads for smaller battles like this.

Had fun playing with Arvin . . .

Thanks Arvin

Wolves vs. Salamanders

Space Wolf Composition

1st GHP on the “ SKULDELEV” w/Death wind2nd GHP on the “ GOKSTAD”3rd GHP on the “ KNARR”4th GHP on Razorback
(HQ)Wolf Guard Battle Leader Arne (Eagle)/ WGBG on the “DRAKE”(HQ)Wolf Priest Heidrun with 11th Blood Claw on RhinoDreadnoughts:(HQ) Vendread –Brother Sigurdr (The Guardian of Victory)Elites :Dreadnought – Brother Steinar (Stone)1st Iron Wolf Scout Pack

Ryan (Salamander)
2000 Points

Hmmm after seeing how the enemy is deployed the wolves decided to stop the Salamander on there tracks by denying them the roads to the objective,
a large armored column of transports on one Flank and a Vindicator and 2 land speeder on the other flank.
Initially the Wolves Landed 2 drop pods in front of the column and immobilized one of the rhino – which forced the Salamanders to disembark. While the dreadnought took shots at the Vindicator- but failed to damage it. The Salamander retaliated by deploying the reserves to cut off the Arne and his Body guards (with the GHP) while the land speeders tried to attack the razorback . Luckily the razorback was not hit seriously that enabled its passenger to fire back and destroyed the 2 land speeders with the help of the Dreadnought Steinar. The Close combat that followed enabled the Iron Wolves to show the Salamanders their true strength Close quarter fighting !!!.
The Salamanders struggled to fight off with the wolves infantry while trying to advance to the objectives . While they advance on foot the rest of the Space Wolves reposition and met them with long range fire (without their mechanized units they were too slow to reach the objectives in time) . Salamanders lost 3 tac-squads during the whole course,
The Salamanders Veteran Squad remarked and tired to reinforce the flank that was taken by the GHP – but the Space Wolf scouts arriving at the right time blew up the Rhino that was carrying them .(force to disembark) Scouts held them long enough to enable the GHP to reposition and met the Veterans with punishing fire and forcing them to withdraw off the battle after failing moral test after loosing 3 marines. The 3rd objective was held by the 3rd GHP until the end of the battle. The GHP and the remaining blood claws tried to slow down the salamanders with gun fire and strategic assaults( dropping one reserve GHP to delay the Salamanders advance), with the assault cannon tearing through the Salamanders line ( from Brother Sigurdr) have reassured the wolves that the day is won ..
The Death wind scored lots Space marine kills. While the Vindicator struggled to return fire with the battle cannon a one point it killed 4 Space wolves(the Last turn). The long shooting phase and close combat with enemy infantry ended late (extension game turns). The wolves was able to wipe out the remaining Salamanders that was able to reach the objective.. .
Wolves secured all 3 objectives by nightfall. Concluding a hard fought battle . . .

Good Game!!! Just got lucky with the deployment .
Looking forward to the next game Ryan!!! Thanks

Sunday, November 09, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 074

Date: November 8, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Kuneho, Ebon, Henri, Salubri, with Kyuzo catching up to take down game reults
Other Players Present: Ryan Chung, The Other Marty

Some Galleria gaming after a long drought. Anyways, we've come to post some game results. I passed by Galleria to see who got to go on short notice (aka: mga adik) and try to take down game results for posterity:


Game1 Kuneho(Tyranids) vs. Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist)
2000pts Annihilation Pitched Battle Deployment

Never got to see this game. Only learned that they had to relocate after 3 Turns only because gaming had to relocate.


Game2 Ryan(Salamanders) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 counters) Pitched Battle Deployment
Henri Wins! 3-0 after 7 Turns

Henri pulled off an ace move on the first turn by landing two drop pods in front of majority of the Salamander armored column, forcing the tactical squads on Rhinos to take the roundabout route towards the objectives. Things were looking bleak for the Salamanders during the end turns, with a funky vindicator shot that deviated and killed a lot of Space Wolves in close combat, but not enough to secure the win for the Iron Wolves. More details of this game from Henri's post here.


Game3 Salubri(Sword of Light) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids)
2000pts Seize Ground(3 counters) Pitched Battle Deployment
Draw! 1-1 after 6 Turns

This was a classic and noisy game as always, with Eldar slowly falling to the seemingly endless Tyranid swarm. Extra turns proved critical as the Nids reached the other end of the table before backtracking in time to claim one counter to secure the draw.


Quotable Quote of the Day:

"Pre, baka dun daw tayo sa kama maglaro" - Kuneho telling Salubri while waiting for enough tables to clear out for them to set up another gaming table...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Reply from Games Workshop

RE: 5th ed query on blown up transports w disembarked passengers
Friday, November 7, 2008 12:01:12 AM
To:Ryan Jay Tamayo

Yes, the Shining Spears can assault the disembarked passengers.


John Spencer
Customer Service Specialist

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-----Original Message-----
From: Ryan Jay Tamayo
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 9:24 PM
To: askyourquestion
Subject: 5th ed query on blown up transports w disembarked passengers

Dear sir/madam:

I hope you can help us clarify this. The situation is that a falcon and
a unit of shining spears both shot at a rhino. The shining spears were
not able to blow it up but the falcon did. The passengers were then
disembarked as the result.

My question is can the shining spears assault the disembarked

Here's the rule in question from page 67 of the black reach mini

Note: Remember that all models in a single unit fire simultaneously, so
a squad cannot take out a transport with its lascannon and then mow down
the occupants with their bolters. However, if a transport is destroyed
(either result) by a ranged attack, the unit that shot it may assault
the now disembarked passengers, if it is allowed to assault according to
the assault rules.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Best regards,


Sent by: "John Spencer"

11/07/2008 12:01 AM

Emmanuel A Castillo/Philippines/IBM@IBMPH

RE: assulting disembarked troops from destroyed transports

Yes, Tactical Squad A can assault the passengers of the now destroyed Rhino.


John Spencer
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From: Emmanuel A Castillo []
Wednesday, November 05, 2008 10:08 PM
assulting disembarked troops from destroyed transports

I'd like to ask about the correct interpretation of this rule :

Page 67 of the Warhammer 40K 5th Edition Rulebook :

Note: remember that all models in a single unit fire simultaneously, so a squad cannot take out a transport with its lascannon and then mow down the occupants with their bolters. However, if a transport is destroyed either result) by a ranged attack, the unit that shot it may assault the now disembarked passengers, if it is allowed to assault according to the assault rules.

Specific game scenario :

I have 2 tactical squads with meltaguns, within shooting distance of an opponents Rhino which carries 1 squad of troops.

During my turn, Tactical squad A shoots at the rhino with a meltagun (nothing else), nothing happens. Tactical squad B then shoots at the same rhino with a meltagun, this time destroying it. Troops inside the rhino disembark as rhino exploded.

Question, can Tactical Squad A assault the now disembarked troops from the rhino?


Emcee Castillo
Contracts & Negotiations
IBM Solutions Delivery, Inc.
Office # : 995-0220 loc. 306
Mobile # : 0916.263-5626

Monday, November 03, 2008

When your transport blows up...

...your troops can be assaulted by anyone who shot at the transport!

I've been going over the rules issue that occurred between my match with Midnight and I eventually came to the realization that I was right. :D

The blue portion in this paragraph is a rationale but can be ignored for the purpose of understanding what this specific rule is saying:

(ronald's entry)
You are choosing to ignore this particular written portion where it is very clear ONLY 1 UNIT is being discussed. Yet you are arguing for something that is UNWRITTEN about multiple units being allowed to do so. IF GW wanted to clear something up and include other units, THEN they would have WRITTEN something that should reflect multiple units. Why should I disregard something that is written and then justify as correct something that is unwritten. (/ronald's entry)

"Remember that all models in a single unit fire simultaneously, so a squad can not take out a transport with its lascannon and then mow down the occupants with their bolters. However , if a transport is destroyed (either result) by a ranged attack, the unit that shot it may assault the now disembarked passengers, if it is allowed to assault according to the assault rules."

This is the important part of the rule. What validates my point is the fact that "it" is a pronoun and in this sentence is being used to refer to the subject which is the transport (..."a transport...", also a noun.). It doesn't refer to "a ranged attack" which is not a noun(nor the subject):

(ronald's entry)A ranged attack is a noun, please check your grammar. That's why there is an "A".(ronald's entry)
"However , if a transport is destroyed (either result) by a ranged attack, the unit that shot it..."

Also if a unit has to destroy the transport before it can assault the disembarked passengers then the easier way of saying that would be:

"However, if a unit shot and destroyed the transport, then they may assault the disembarked passengers" or something to that effect. :D which would be more specific and not as generalized as the one in the book.

whew. muntik nang hindi kinaya nang powers ko ang explanation na ito! :P

(ronalds entry)Let's forget English, or God, or other rules for that matter. Focus on this particular notation of the rule. I agree, they chose poorly in their sentence construction especially if you are looking for loopholes. We don't have to jump on the bandwagon and JOIN them in such a poor display - particularly arguing for an invalid point. This mind you is how people have been able to justify the PONZI scheme - it sounds logical but it is not.

In fact, the choice of weapons used is also poor. Hence, it could have been written with a meltagun, bolters and bolt pistols as examples.

The simple truth is this is written as a reminder to the player that:
a) all models in a single unit fire simultaneously.
b) if in the rare occasion that a player is choosing what weapon to use against said transport, either a meltagun, bolter, bolt pistol could be shot first especially if you are shooting from the REAR. if you choose to fire with a bolter first and rapid fire, it automatically disallows you from assaulting. if you choose a meltagun or bolt pistol, then this particular NOTE gives you something to consider.
c) it also sets the limitation on what you can do after, i.e. no assault if you used a rapid fire or heavy weapon, AND i'm sure though it doesn't say it - if you are more than 6" away from the disembarked passengers.

Of course the reality is that there will be situations where there are 2 or more units that can shoot the transport is not overlooked. This why I believe it is written this way. However, if a transport is destroyed (either result meaning wrecked or explodes) by a ranged attack, the unit that shot it may now assault the disembarked passengers, if it is allowed to assault according to the assault rules. It simply means that you may have more than 1 unit shooting at the same transport BUT only the UNIT that shot it (IT refers to A RANGED ATTACK) is the one that can assault. OTHERWISE, it would have been written AS "the UNITS that shot IT (the transport) may now assault the now disembarked passengers..."

Again this is consistent with how they started of this NOTE. It is a single unit that is firing on the transport. Others could also be firing at the transport. However, it is ONLY that UNIT that shoots and destroys the transport that may assault the disembarked passengers.(/ronald's entry)


(ryan's entry)

This is why the word "IT" can not be used to refer to "a ranged attack":

Main Entry:
ˈit, ət
Middle English, from Old English hit — more at he

before 12th century
1: that one —used as subject or direct object or indirect object of a verb or object of a preposition usually in reference to a lifeless thing (took a quick look at the house and noticed it was very old), a plant (there is a rosebush near the fence and it is now blooming), a person or animal whose sex is unknown or disregarded (don't know who it is), a group of individuals or things, or an abstract entity (beauty is everywhere and it is a source of joy) — compare he, she, it, they

—used as subject of an impersonal verb that expresses a condition or action without reference to an agent (it is raining)

3 a—used as anticipatory subject or object of a verb (it is necessary to repeat the whole thing) ; often used to shift emphasis to a part of a statement other than the subject (it was in this city that the treaty was signed) b—used with many verbs as a direct object with little or no meaning it back to camp)

4—used to refer to an explicit or implicit state of affairs or circumstances (how is it going)
: a crucial or climactic point
(this is it)

"IT" is a pronoun:

Main Entry:
Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin pronomin-, pronomen, from pro- for + nomin-, nomen name — more at pro-, name

: any of a small set of words in a language that are used as substitutes for nouns or noun phrases and whose referents are named or understood in the context


in the sentence the words "destroyed by a ranged attack" is the predicate. ranged attack is a "verb"

Main Entry:
Middle English verbe, from Anglo-French, from Latin verbum word, verb — more at word
14th century
: a word that characteristically is the grammatical center of a predicate and expresses an act, occurrence, or mode of being, that in various languages is inflected for agreement with the subject, for tense, for voice, for mood, or for aspect, and that typically has rather full descriptive meaning and characterizing quality but is sometimes nearly devoid of these especially when used as an auxiliary or linking verb


the argument of written vs unwritten and singular form vs plural form is a weak one. it just won't hold up. look at this:

If a unit starts its move outside difficult terrain, the player must declare if he wants his unit to try to enter difficult terrain as part of their move. If he chooses not to, the unit moves as normal but may not enter difficult terrain. (page 14 "moving thru difficult terrain")

the entire rule is written in singular form. assuming only 1 unit and 1 situation. what if there are multiple units outside of difficult terrain? does that mean that this rule will apply only to one of them? of course not. this is because this rule is a "condition" and any unit satisfying this condition will use this rule.

scan the rule book. you will see many such cases where the rule is written in singular form but is applied to every unit that satisfies it's condition.


So you see? The first "IT" in the rule refers to the transport(subject) and not "a ranged attack"
(predicate). The second "IT" in the sentence refers to "a unit".

I'm not gaining anything by arguing this rule and make it push thru. This rule will be just as dangerous to me as it will be to everyone else. It will make things even more fun though. And mostly because this is what I think is the right interpretation. lol

My aguments end here and if it is not enough to convince people then like I said I would rather let them decide(hence the vote).

If in the future an FAQ is released and I am proven wrong then great victory for the other interpretation and I will eat my words and appologize for the confusion I caused. Hindi ako ma-proud na tao. :D

(/ryan's entry)

HGR Journal Entry No. 073

Venue: Midnight's Place somewhere in Katipunan
Regulars present: Lord Chuck (aka salubri), Darth Ravage (aka balian), Deadeye, Midnight, Kuneho and Henri.
Other People present: Kei, Kim and Manolet(?) who played WARMACHINE with Midnight later in the afternoon.


Game 1 - Midnight's Space Wolves vs Lord Chuck's Craftworld Megil Mea.
Seize Ground in Spearhead Deployment
Lord Chuck wins with 1 objective to none.

This time I bunched up my units together against the rampaging Space Wolves. Lucky shot took out the Land Raider on turn 1. Timely arrivals of reserves saved my troop units from painful butt kicking. My expensive units were mostly useless for this game. Lucky roll of the die on turn 5 ended the game early and not a moment too soon as one more turn would have seen Midnight taking 2 maybe 3 objectives.

I was pretty happy to see the roads and finally use the 18" move for my transports. Sadly a lucky shot took out my Landraider causing my troops to run for it. Errors on my part were -
miscalculating the amount of firepower SW could absorb. 2 squads made it to the eldar line only to be killed by shooting from 4 squads.
charging back into combat with 4 Bloodclaws instead of going for the objective.
Grey Hunters keeping to within 6" to ensure the shining spears/autarch fled off board and in the process, leaving behind the objective.
finally, still thinking there are 6 game turns. :P

i think we need to post the rule on assaulting the unit embarked on a transport. that really is iffy to me.

Game 2 - Darth Ravage's Dark Angels vs Deadeye's Ultramarines
Seize Ground in Dawn of War Deployment
Deadeye wins!

Game 3 - Henri's Iron Wolves vs Kuneho's Tyranids
Annihilation in Spearhead Deployment
Draw with Kuneho ahead in VPs!

Some major anomaly in probabilities saved Henri's units from being wiped as their power armor saved them from some 50++ wounds!

Game 4 - Lord Chuck's Craftworld Megil Mea vs Kuneho's Tyranids
Seize Ground in Pitched Battle Deployment
Draw with Kuneho ahead in VPs!

Eldar and Tyranids on 4x4... The Horror! lol Still it went pretty well with Ian getting the best of me with the measurements and my Dire Avengers were charged on turn 2. Another mistake caused the Shining Spears and Autarch fall to a Gene Stealer assault. By turn 6 I only had 2 units left which was just about enough to contest the objective. :D

Warmachine Khador Kharchev vs. Hordes Legion Thagrosh 500 pts
No man's land
Kim took 1st turn and his units were pretty fast moving considering he had TOW in effect bringing forward his jacks much faster than normal. He also casted the clothesline so I knew I had to watch out for this. I moved my units forward - seraphs and angelius in front.
Kim upkept clothesline and his solo casted the no-spell thingy. Angelius charged one of the jacks and promptly tore off 1 arm and movement. 2 seraphs went after the jack's twin and also damaged the left arm.
Kim used TOW and knocked down my angelius then whacked it silly with his jack. Carnivean got into the fray and tried to do damage but not much. One seraph disengaged and went after the solo lurking in the back. Thagrosh uses his feat and brings back Angelius.
Kim again knocks down the Carnivean and whacks it good and dead. These guys really hurt! By this time, he has 1 jack in no-man's land as well as Kharchev. So I take a gamble and try to kill the jack which I luckily did. The angelius charges Kharchev and does a lot of damage. It all boils down to Thagrosh charging in and with a few lucky hits/damages - we're able to bring the Khador caster dow for the win!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 072

The Day of the NIDS (NIDS playing two Games in Succession)
Date: October 25, 2008
Venue: Robinson’s Galleria – lower ground floor
Regulars Present: Kuneho, Joel and Henri with special appearance of Kyuzo( too tired to play after a seminar session with his Gurlz :D )

Game 1
Kuneho(Hive Tyrants) vs. Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 Counters), Spearhead Deployment
Results : Ebon Wins! Order of the Clenched Fist claiming two Objectives to one of the Hive Fleet.

The battle line was simple for the Nids a formation of Close combat armed Large Bugs interspaced with 3 large groups of troops lesser bugs.

The NIDS Felt the Wraith of the Emperors weapons as Ebon maximized the use of his 3 Landspeeders to decimate the Nids in the early turns. Supported with long range and mid-range fire power made the difference, in one shooting phase the marines was able to kill 20 of the 28 of the first unit of lesser bugs, while the other unit of lesser bugs lost about 10 of its original 28.

2 of the 3 troop choices was almost wiped out in the first 2 turns (the lack of shooters on the Nids side was evident). Nids Tried to advance to claim/contest the 2 objective points but was almost wiped out trying to do so. Close combat was just as close as large creatures fighting it out with marine combat squads trying to hold the line. 2 turns of hard fought hand to hand combat followed. Large monsters trying to fight it out with Space marines only to be shot to death by midrange fire power after winning the close combat againts the marines.
The Nids losing 70% of their original number before the end of the 4th and early 5th round.
Last turn was still critical a draw could have been sallied by the Nids-All they needed to to do was to kill off the lone space marine holding the objective : unfortunately it was not to be.

Game ends early in 5 turns.

Game 2
Kunerho(NIDS) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 Counters), Dawn of war Deployment

Results : Draw! Space wolves Taking one objective while Nids took the other leaving the last objective contested by both sides.

Wolves again deploying via Drop pods gave up 2 turns to the Nids, enough time for them to claim all 3 objectives . The first unit to be deployed for the wolves was the priest and his blood Claws - deployed in a Rhino - This unit was wiped out after two rounds.
The third round saw the bulk of the Iron wolves deploying near or on the 2 objective points.
The next few rounds followed with Heavy close combat and short range fire-fights ensured a hard contested battle between the Nids trying to hold the objectives and Iron Wolves trying to cleanse the area from infestations.
Sudden end at turn 5 saw both Nids and Iron Wolves claimed an objective each and contested one.

Games Ends around 7:30 PM

Other Events after the games: Salubri, Kyuzo and I, unwind at our favorite coffee shop - Where the view always relaxes our tired eyes after a long days work or gaming.