Sunday, September 28, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 069 - Battles At Midnight Sector Cont'd...

Date: September 27, 2008
Venue: Somewhere in the Quezon City Area
Regulars Present: Midnight, Henri, Kuneho, Owen, Ebon, Deadeye, and Kyuzo to take note of results

Work on a Saturday has still kept me busy. But it wasn't busy enough for me to pass by the Midnight Sector to check on the games being played there before going home. Despite the small space and the occasional rain, it was not enough to dampen the spirits of the Regulars present.


Game1 - Midnight(Space Wolves) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
Draw! Killpoint Score 8-8

Details of this game as related by Midnight in his Battle Report.


Game2 - Owen(Sisters of Battle) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 Counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
Kuneho Wins! Hive Fleet claiming one Objective to the Sisters of Battle's none


Game3 - Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment
Ebon Wins! Killpoint Score 4-3


Game4 - Deadeye(Tau) vs. Midnight(Space Wolves)
2000pts Seize Ground (4 Counters), Dawn of War Deployment
Midnight Wins!

Midnight also logged in some details of this game in this Battle Report.


Went on ahead while the 4th game was in its closing stages. Hopefully next weekend we'd be back to our gaming ways in the Galleria Sector.

Session ends 8:30PM

Monday, September 22, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 068 - No Shortage Of Space Has Stopped The Regulars...

Date: September 22, 2008
Venue: Somewhere in the Quezon City Area
Regulars Present: Midnight, Salubri, Ebon, Henri, Lord Ravage, Kuneho with Kyuzo present to record results

Due to technical difficulties, this current Journal Entry is a work in progress. But the gist of what has transpired is basically there. Enjoy. ;)


Game1 - Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist) vs. Salubri(Craftworld Megil en Mea)
2000pts Capture and Control, Spearhead Deployment
Ebon Wins! Order of the Clenched Fist claiming Eldar Objective


Lord Ravage(13th Company) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
Midnight(Space Wolves) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
Draw! 13th Company-3 to Iron Wolves-3. For highlights, just refer to Henri's Battle Report
Kuneho Wins! Killpoint Score Tyranids-10 to Space Wolves-8. For highlights, just refer to Midnight's account in his Battle Report entry.


Shakey's Highlights

Starbucks Highlights

Session Ends 10-ish.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Lord Ravage(13th Company) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
4X4 Table
Draw! 13th Company-3 to Iron Wolves-3.

For several days now, reports kept coming in from our wolf scouts. There are energy surges and abnormal power surges from our equipment around the western sector. Wolf Priest decided to investigate himself. Arriving before dawn with a pack of Grey Hunters on Razorback, hoping to find what’s causing the energy surges in the area.

Wolf Priest : " there is simply nothing irregular here! Brother sergeant news from the scouts ? "
Brother Sergent : " None Sir, But they are on their way. They will be arriving soon- near the western sector . . .with the reports.
Wolf Priest: " Alright then, send the razorback- and make a scanner sweep of the area ... watch for any irregularities and energy surges. . . Also, send a pack of Grey Hunters to meet them “
Brother Sergent: Yes Sir.
After a couple of minutes ,

Brother Sergent: Sir, the Wolf scouts are incoming from western sector: reporting that they are being chased!!!
Wolf Priest: "What do you mean? Chased by whom? "

Out of nowhere a squad of biker marines came out from the flank!!! Surprising the Grey Hunters squad that was supposed to meet the scouts : “Brothers to arms!!! - - Sir enemy sighted behind the scouts- we are under attack!!! "
Before Wolf Priest could react to assess the situation , another group of Marines /on Familiar uniforms with Chaos pads and sharp wolf like Claws attacked his Position(Wolf Priest). Being in a well defended position the HQ unit was able to stand there ground.
While the Scouts was caught and assaulted from behind by a unit of space marines with Power armor,(a mixture of Space wolf and chaos arm pads and armed with heavy weapons).
Wolf Priest exclaimed “ Brother, Call for troop support !!!"
A Sharp Close combat fight followed - units exchanging hits with these Wulffen units.

Turn three:
Arriving to the scene is the Venerable Dreadnought (HQ), with Brother Ergil(HQ) , accompanied by a Land Raider Crusader. The battle Leader was to replace the fallen Wolf Priest. The Two Dreadnought fired and destroyed one of the two squads of the unknown marine unit. Wolf battle leader assaulted the remaining unit ( Rune Priest). Unable to finish them off and arriving a little too late, the remaining pack died fighting beside the fallen Wolf Priest.

While a Pack of Blood Claws on Rhino sped to the Grey Hunters aid. Unfortunately not reaching them in time. As they were speeding towards their comrades, A unit Space marine on bikes and a squad of infantry jumped them from the rear.

Turn Four:
While the scouts was doom by 4 marines with heavy weapons- supported by a unit on bike(Wolf Priest) attacked and slaughtered them. While the remaining Grey Hunters fought on against the unit on Bikes, the enemy prevailed and destroyed the whole squad but a the cost of 4 enemy bikers. While the engaged Rune priest open up a warp and the remaining enemy withdraw into it. . .
Leaving the other squad to its faith .

Turn Five:
Mopping up the remaining units while the 2 dreadnought move in to give fire support to the others in need. The BC started to shoot at the units on bike and with support from the dreadnought they where able to kill all but one of the enemy riders.

While the other unit assaulted the BC and a sharp battle between the two squads followed. Blood claws exchanging hits with the enemy but was flanked by the remaining biker from the unit that attacked the Grey hunters and was destroyed. But not without taking with them 4 enemy marines.
The enemy started to recoil and retreated near their deployment edge. and taking pot shots at the Immobilized Rhino. Losing the exchange of units against the 13th company the Grey hunters is forced to try to kill off the units to salvage at least a draw... or lose the avail
Luckily dust took longer - and a running battle surges on. . .

Extension Turn:
While the reserve Grey hunters came in almost a little to late, but was able to shoot off all the remaining enemy infantry and in firing range while the razorback picked off the lone biker, while the Venerable dreadnought killed the other Biker at Long range. the battle was about to end.

In their last turn they slowly the withdraw through the darkness of the night and disappeared.Taking pot shots against the rhino but missed. . . after making a final sweep of the area no enemy units found!!! Taking with them the life of our beloved Wolf priest.

Game End:Turn Six

Lessons learned : First kill the Rune priest first!!! KILL Points Enjoy !!!
(Nakatabla Rin - Kay Emcee!!! )

Saturday, September 20, 2008

FS/FT: Space Orks, Orks! Orks! Orks! Orks!

hello everyone!

1 ork warboss
5 trukks
1 wartrakk
10 bikes (1 w/ power klaw)
10 'ard boyz (da wanz w/ metal parts)
10 stikk bomma boyz
10 shoota boyz
34 slugga boyz
1 looted basilisk

nobz and other orkish stuff will be posted in the next update.

PM me na lang.

Tau 3rd Expansion Sphere

third Tau expansion sphere will also be up for trade...

Orks for Nids

am trading off some of my orks for nids...

will post complete orks list later.

inventory in process...

FT: Marines for Xenos, Trading Space Marines for Nids, Eldars..

hi all!

as the title sez, i'm trading off my salamanders and blood revens army for tyranids and eldar.

1 librarian (HQ)
1 chaplain on jump pack (HQ)
1 dread TL lascan/ ML (ELITES)
2 razorbacks TL lascan2 squads 5-man (1 plasma cannon each, 1 plasma gun each) (2 TROOPS)2 squads 5-man (2 flamers each) (2 TROOPS)
2 squads 5-man (2 plasma guns each) (2 TROOPS)
20 assault squad (3 power fists, 4 flamers) (3 FAST ATTACK)
1 predator destructor (HEAVY SUPPORT)
1 predator annihilator (HEAVY SUPPORT)
TOTAL: 2000pts.

1 terminator captain (HQ)
1 librarian (ezekiel model) (HQ)
10 terminators (2 assault cannons, 2 cyclone missile launchers, 2 heavy flamers) (2 ELITES)
2 squads 5-man (1 lascan each) (2 TROOPS)
2 squads 5-man (1 missile launcher each) (2 TROOPS)
2 squads 5-man (1 heavy bolters each) (2 TROOPS)
2 land speeder tornadoes (1 FAST ATTACK)
10 bikes (2 melta guns, 2 plasma guns, 2 sgts.) (2 FAST ATTACK)
TOTAL: 2000pts.

* PM me na lang.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Conflict!

After General Varras defeat against an unknown Tyranid Hive, He was demoted but given a Honorifica Imperialis, for outstanding bravery and for keeping the Tyranid Hive occupied while Space Marines arrived planet side. Being given a new rank and army, he proceeded to a system known to have sporadic Eldar presence.

The Army was on Patrol when catachan forward observers spotted an Eldar army already deployed on the horizon, Varras ordered the army to line up and face the oncoming Xenos treat. All of his forces deployed except 2 detachments of Special weapons squads and a Hardened Veterans Squad due to arrive planet side by Gravchutes.

A “Pitched Battle” was about to commence! As he surveyed the battle line, he did opted to “Seize the Initiative” but said to himself “Let the Xenos come we’ll be ready”. Establishing his Base of operations and seeing the Eldar did the same, he had no doubt that he should “Capture and Control” their base to claim victory.

The Eldar’s opening gambit was to surge forward with all their transports with a squad of Jet Bikes following closely behind, Fire Prism Tanks covered their flanks, one Prism Tank let loose a steady stream of wave energy, almost hitting a Leman Russ tank, vaporizing a pile of rubble instead.

After the initial shock of speeding transports almost cruising into the gun line, the men found their composure, and with the officers shouting clear orders downed 2 of the 3 transports, quickly taking advantage of the situation, the bewildered passengers were greeted by a fusillade of heavy weapons, lasguns and one mighty roar of a Battle cannon! While others were bathe in the glow of flamers! Another shot was heard from the tank as it shot the jetbikes afar.

But with speed and cunning the Eldars last transport quickly careened into the ranks and delivered its deadly cargo of Fire Dragons, taking careful aim, they lit the Leman Russ to a cinder, exploding into a large crater! Meanwhile the survivors of the other transports charged the gun line, with the help of the remaining Jetbikes broke squads of Heavy weapons and Infantry.

As the tank exploded, Varras, Chavez and their staff rushed into the blaze, seething with anger he saw it fit to set the Fire Dragons a blaze, afterwards charging the remaining warriors!

The badly needed reinforcements came as 2 special weapons squads gravchutes near a Prism tank and a Wraith lord, landing so stealthily near the grav tank gave them the chance to bake the tank with Meltaguns, reducing it to a wreck! The other squad did not do so well, landing near the Wraithlord but not in range to fire the demolition charge. Shooting the giant only made it aware of their presence!

Soon the Eldar Wraithlord was on a rampage burning the squads and killing them all in a fiery haze! The Farseer slaughtered the other squad. The bloodshed continued as more Infantrymen routed after facing the remnants of the jet Bikes and Dire Avengers and were cut down while fleeing! The Catachan Lieutenant also rushed in to counter the charge of the Dire Avengers killing them all in the process.

But right flank fell, as Warp spiders supported by another Prism tank decimated the catachan flank, the catachans fought well but the Xenos had technology on their side, soon the flank routed and was massacred! A tank crew watched on and as soon as the catachans fell lets looses a round in hopes to avenge their fallen comrades.

All seemed loss until the Hardened Vets came down thundering on their gravchutes, shooting the remaining Xenos on Jetbikes! A Prism transport retaliated against Varras and shot him dead! The problem grew as the operations center was unmanned and the remnants failed to report back no doubt dying to accomplish their mission. It seems that the hostilities were drawing to a stalemate as neither force had the capacity and chance to annihilate each other and claim a victory. Both armies retreated into the horizon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Horde Armies are here !!! ( Iron wolves VS Nids)

Saturday, Sept.13 2008
Robinson's Galleria
Game 2
Kuneho(Tyranids) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)

2000 pts
Objectives : Capture and Control
Deployment : Pitched Battle

This game was fun - took us 6 turns to finish the game: My thoughts:
Iron Wolves would face another horde army - As I looked at his force organization, I realized that this game is going to be long: I can see 8 Monstrous Creatures heading my way - Carnifexes, Tyrants, Zoanthropes and a large number of Hormogaunts (32 I think) . As half of my army will deploy via drop pods (3 troops,1 HQ), I decided to put most of my army in reserves.

Force Organization:
Iron Wolves:
HQ:3 1WGBL - Power armour (135), 1 WGBL with 4 Bodyguards on Drop pods, Vendread
Elites : 2 (Wolf Guard Bodyguard), Scouts unit, Dreadnought
Troops: 2-10man Grey Hunters w/ Drop Pods, 1-6man Grey Hunters w/ Razorback, 1-10man BC w/ Drop Pod, 1-12man BC on Foot
Deployment :
I decided to deploy only the Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Blood Claws on foot (To assess Ian's deployment first) Just behind the objective. Left side about 18 inches from the edge of the table; I left the right flank without any troops as I assumed that he would concentrate his force on the objective side anyways : (so I thought)

NIDS Deployment: Ian Deployed his Nids in a long line of from left to right Heavies(Carnifexes, Tyrants , swarm behind his objective then more heavies in the center (Carnifexes) , a long line 3-rank Hormoguants extended his line to the center right then at the right most side was more heavies and a swarm of Genestealers supported by more Zoanthropes and Carnifexes.

Turn 1
Wolves : we did nothing but wait:
NIDS: They Started to move forward, Shooting phase : using some Heavies againts the BC/HQ : 2 marines died /while the rest of his army ran several Units from the right line got 1 and 2 inches : Assault phase : Nids uses fleat to move forward

Turn 2
Wolves: some of my reserves became available: The Dreadnought, The Scouts, HQ on Drop pod, 10- Grey Hunters on Drop Pod, 6-Grey Hunters on Razorback
Movement : I moved the scouts just behind the swarm, I deployed My drop pods near the center of the line, one 6 inches from the objective and the other 8 inches near the center (to act as a wall - I got a bit unlucky as my 1st DP ( Grey hunters) swayed 8 inches in front just 6-7 inches from the Hormagaunts. While the DP with HQ was on target. I deployed the GHP behind the DP while the HQ in front to give the GHP some fire support in a hope to stem the advancing NIds.
Shooting: I concentrated my bolter/stormbolter and assualt cannon againts the 32 strong homaguants(we got 15 or 16 wounds) , and used the dreadnought and Razorbacks Lascannons against one of the Carnifexes in front and got 2 wounds. My scouts shot the swarm and got 2 wounds and started to Assault although I lost 2 scouts we survive and stayed in the fight : The rest of my army well " Prayed to the Emperor "

NIDS Turn 2 :
His the whole line Moved 6 inches forward,I noticed his Heavy support moved forward to attack leaving the objective defended only by his swarm (I don't know why he did this move- maybe he forgot my Drop pods ).

Shooting Phase: Heavies shoot at the BC/HQ : 3-4 marines left dead / while the rest ran towards me: Assault phase: the Tyrant I think charged the first wall(DP) while the Hormoguants attacked the GHP while another group of monsters attacked my HQ, the rest moved forward (luckily the Nids Left line (my right side) only moved 1-4inches saving my army from assault for at least 2 more turns :D(unlucky break for Ian)

Combat : Well, the Grey Hunters Survives and was able score 4 or 5 wounds more against the Hormoguants 2 extra wounds was scored: unfortunately I lost 2 terminators against the Nids HQ - but I survived the Leadership roll,

Still equal slight advantage to the advancing Nids.

Turn 3
My last reserves Arrives : I concentrated my force in the Left Side -with intention to deny the objective : I deployed the DP 6 inches from objective held by the Nids which was now uncontested :D giving me the opportunity to control the objective :

I got lucky this turn I almost killed Carnifex using my Blood Claws pistols which was deployed almost in front of the Monster (hoping that they hold it long enough, while my other units finish off the swarms, I tried to kill off the Carnifex but he still lives while luckily for my HQ, GHP survives the combat and wins My HQ killed of the enemies HQ- ,and the Grey hunters finished off the Hormaguants. While my other units shoot up the carniflexes but was only able to kill 1 monster.Turning point (here is where I forgot The razorback have 6 space marines- until the end of the game - :D whahahah Duh!!!)

NIDS Surges forward (here the Genestealers is almost in assault range:
his 2 Canifexes attacked my Blood claws of which 3 survives and Held the carnifexes for the another turn).

Turn 4 Wolves Turn 4
Here I was able to shoot off some Genestealers using Blood claws, before they assualt my HQ in terminator ,
Combat : here My Grey hunters holding the center started to fail and started to retreat, while the other Grey hunter units was able to shoot off and almost destroyed the swarm, while the BC stood firm againts the Large carniflexes

NIDS : advance forwards (many of his units was so far from the fighting they were unable to support the Genestealers and other Nids)
Heavy fighting and Nids Finishing off my HQ but not without a good fight taking 3 genestealers with him (NIDS at this point was left almost without troops to take the objectives ) GHP destroyed the remnants of the swarm while lossing 4 marines( 6- Ghunters took the objective) : but the carnifex was unable to finish off the blood Claws , this left them 12 inches away from the objective.

Turn 5 Wolves Movement: I moved some of my units towards the objective to contest it - I forgot I still have 6 grey hunters inside the Razorback!!!
Shooting: my Dreadnought took off 2 more genestealers, the Ven dread killed the Zoanthrope while the razorback killed the a large warrior NID.
The last BC died off freeing the Carniflex to move back,
NIDS Movement
but the immobilized dreadnought held and killed the nids instead

IF the turn ends: I would have won 2 objectives to none , but it was not to be Ian rolled the extension turn :
Turn 6 I tried to shoot off the 2 large monsters that was 6 inches to their objective to contest it : his two carnifexes was able to reach his home base and contested it : was able to kill 2 more large monsters. but it was a Draw

Game Ends (didn't use the 6 GHP inside the razorback!!!) Damn forgot about them!!

all objectives was contested :DRAW

Kill points score: (cant remember i am sure that I killed at least 3 monsters cockroaches!!! )
Wolves :7 - 8 1 Zoanthrope, 1 or 2? carnifex,1 or 2? Tyrants, genestealers, swarms, hormogaunts (not sure)
NIDS Killed: 7 units : 2 Blood Claws, 2 HQ,1 scouts, 2 Drop pods 204 including the DP, BC 198,66, HQBG 374,HQ135 1 Drop pod (30) :900 pts.

I am not sure about how many points did the NIDS lost
I enjoyed the game : Thanks to Kuneho(IAN) It was Close

Saturday, September 13, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 067 - Overcoming A Few Fears...

Date: September 13, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Henri, Kuneho, BattleCaptain, Kyuzo, Salubri, Deadeye, Ebon, Midnight with special appearance from Balian, Pepelu, Little John
Other Guests: The Other Marty, JR

We had a good showing of Regulars today, too good that we'd be needing a third table if we get this consistent attendance. Hope to address that soon. Now on to the hostilities proper:


Game1 - BattleCaptain(Luna Wolves) vs. Kyuzo(Black Legion)
2000pts Annihilation Spearhead Deployment
Kyuzo Wins!

With a few learnings from playing 5th Ed, I tried a different approach to my CSM list, this time bringing in 2(!) Daemon Princes with Lash of Submission as well as 2x20(!)-man CSM squads and 10(!)-man Chaos Terminators and 2x8-man Havoc squads on Rhinos.

With the killpoints scenario I'd figure Mr. Best General will have to concentrate most of his firepower on at least one of my squads to force any morale checks, while the rest of my army tries to run into close combat with the Havoc Rhinos cruising alongside for mobile fire support, cover and taxi service in case my CSM squads are reduced to a more transportable number. BattleCaptain tried to reduce the two CSM squads in the early rounds, which gave the Daemon Princes an opportunity to gain some ground and get within Lash range. When my Terminators arrived, I decided to go for broke and deepstrike them right in the center and hope to divert BattleCaptain's Terminators away from my Daemon Princes. Bad idea. The move only killed two of his Terminators, in exchange for my whole squad to be shot down to pieces by the rest of the Luna Wolf firing line. Had a little satisfaction in taking out one Dreadnought with a well placed powerfist from a CSM squad, as well as killing a Lashed Dev squad earlier on, which gave me an edge on the killpoint score a bit, but not the points recovery. Daemon Princes gave a good showing by Lashing another Tac squad into close combat with my other CSM squad while the other Prince took out an Assault Termie Squad in two turns. Sadly, both Princes get shot down shortly after, but it was enough for my CSM squads to wreak havoc on his battle line, taking out another two Tactical squads and the Havocs blowing up a Predator for good measure.

Game ends with the Black Legion racking in 6 Killpoints to the Luna Wolves' 3. Good game.


Game2 - Henri(Iron Wolves) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids)
2000pts Capture and Control Pitched Battle

Henri wrote some highlights on this one. Check out his The Horde Armies are here!!! post.


Game3 - Salubri(Craftworld Megil en Mea) vs. Deadeye(Imperial Guard)
2000pts Capture and Control Pitched Battle
Draw! 6Turns Salubri edges out in VP one turn short of a possible Massacre

Deadeye wrote his account of General Varras's encounter with the Sword of Light Craftworld in his post, The Conflict!


Game4 - Ebon(Orks!) vs. Midnight(Space Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation Pitched Battle
Midnight Wins! Ebon taps out on 4th Turn

Midnight suddenly shows up for some gaming after a long absence! Lord Ravage formerly known as Balian gives way to let him play against Mr. 2008 GT Champ! Mr. 2008 GT Champ fields Orks! Lord Ravage breathes a big sigh of relief! Makes you wanna think things were meant to happen. Didn't see much of this game, but you'd know it was Game On mode for these guys. Only learned the outcome where Mr. 2008 GT Champ taps out on the 4th Turn with Midnight winning his first game in 5th Ed.

Additional storyline from Midnight's Space Wolves vs. Orks Battle Report post.


Gaming ends 8:00ish.

Some of the guys decided to revisit Quattro for some post gaming dinner after what seemed like a two month absence? Finished off the night with a cup of coffee over at the nearby Starbucks to wrap things up and take in the view. I'd say by consensus the place did not disappoint. Good way to finish off a good day of gaming.

Session ends 10:30-ish.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Best Play at NG Galleria!!!

August 23, 2008

We came... we saw... we conquered!!!
Five from the ranks of the 101st Galleria Regulars showed up and answered the call (ie invite) to battle in this year's RHGC Grand Tournament.
After 3 grueling rounds of swiss match-ups, the following emerged victorious :
Joel - Best Over-all
Jesse - Best General
Emcee - Best Painted Army
I wouldn't go into boring you with how I won the best painted army award... again... for the 4th time (1 NG Grand Tournament, 2 NG Sponsored JAM Cups, this GT)... yo, feel the breeze :P I think that it is enough to say that more than 4 years worth of effort has gone into the Steel Falcon army, and that's that :D AND, if you are entertaining thoughts of winning the best painted army in a tournament someday, please do any of the following :
1) Show-up with a nicely painted army, and don't win any of the other major awards (I won this year because Joel already won best over-all, hehe).
2) Show-up with a nicely painted army, and make sure I win any of the other major awards :P
3) Hope the Steel Falcons go into the "hall of fame" to make it ineligible to win any more best painted awards, like Jeff's Space Wolves
4) Hope Donnel doesn't show up for the tourney.
5) Hope Jeff doesn't show-up for a tourney with an army other than his Space Wolves
JESSE has my vote for the most "under the radar" performance of the event, having 2 wins, 1 draw and no losses after 3 rounds, while still technically being a newb. Superb showing against tough opponents, virtually snatching the best general award at the last minute. Nobody saw him coming. That surely wouldn't happen in his next tourney. Watch out for this guy. He may be handing you the big "L" next time around.
JOEL had all the bases covered - a nicely painted, well rounded, and tough army. Army comp score is nice... obviously helped by the fact that his troop choices are more resilient, even when compared to other marines. If he didn't win the best over-all award, he would have taken any of the other two awards. I didn't have the honor of going up against him this time around, but I have no regrets on that as I would have been bludgeoned. To quote Kim after their match in the third round, "He crushed me!".
Romy did ok as well, emerging undefeated after 3 rounds (1 win, 2 draws). Like me, he threw army composition rules out the window... difference is he went a notch higher. If there was an award for the cheesiest army of the tournament, he would have taken it. Winning against me by a slim margin.
Henri had the tough luck of having been paired-up against members of the 101st. Damn. By the looks of it he is determined to have a better showing next time. Now he knows tourney-grade cheese is several notches higher than our usual saturday cheddar.
Kentucky Fried CHICKEN award goes to Mike for showing up, WITHOUT AN ARMY! (winning over Marty, who didn't show-up because Paranaque is far, far, away ):P
To sum up, the combined performance of the Regulars was 7 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses. Not bad at all. Now, don't read much into the title of this post. It is obviously a word play on our home store NG's tagline. It is also just me maximizing the bragging rights earned by the group after this event... from now until the next tournament. It is not really a challenge but more of an encouragement to the other 40K players to go active again and play in their own home stores... or play at NG Galleria with us. Simply put, the more players, the better, wherever you may play. Just keep playing. Others are welcome to challenge us in our turf and make me eat my words :P
1) This year's RHGC GT may go down in history as the tournament with the most skin showed, with players rolling-up sleeves and even taking-off shirts left and right. I am still trying to "wash my brain", trying to take away the memory of the ghastly sights that day :P
2) Please watch this blog and the NG forums for announcements on upcoming HGR organized 40K play/tourneys.

General Varras

Imperial Guard vs Tyranids
2000pts Capture and Control - Dawn Of War

Army List

Imperial Guard
Heroic Senior Officer Varras Power Weapon/Plasma Pistol
Master Vox, Plasmagun, Standard Bearer
Support Squads
Anti Tank 3 Lascannons, 3 Missile Launchers
Fire Support 2 Heavy Bolters Autocannon, 3 Autocannons
Special Weapons Squad-SWS 2Squads 2Melta 1 Demo Charge

Elites - Hardened Vets - 3 Meltagun Powerfist.
2 Troops choice
2 Heavy - Leman Russ - Battle Cannon

Tyranids - Nidzilla list

2 Hq Hive Tyrant With 2 Guards
3 Elite Carnifex
2 Heavy Carnifex
1 Troop 30-Hormogaunt
1 Troop 20-Genestealers

Depolyment IG wins deployment and 1st turn.

I opted to deploy in a gun line and did not put any infantry in reserve. This was to be my army's downfall. I later contemplated that if I deployed my men into a small pocket of resistance and opted to deep strike half of the army Infantry to the opponents objective I coul have split up th hive into manageable pieces instead. I gave the SWS the suicide mission of pushing back the tyranid army 18 inches. Sadly I traded my men for moer time.

1st turn - IG
Little movement was made, as all my squads have heavy weapons. My tanks charged in guns blazing scoring a battle cannon template hit! The first turn night fight rule hampered me in firing all the heavy waepons to the hives way.

The Hormogaunts w/ their fleet and leaping charged my 2nd Platoon, 2nd squad Catachans Killing them to the last man. His Carnifexes arrived from table edge. When my men saw 7 monstrous creatures from the horizon they sadly accepted that today was the day they would meet the Emperor himself!

2nd turn - IG
The Dice Gods favor me, w/ the sharpshooters doctrine any hit on 1's can be rerolled and there were a lot of one's that became hits, my only mistake was I did not focus my shooting attack on a single monstrous creature, I had too much faith in my troops, that I divided the torrents of fire into seperate beast! My Leman Russ tanks were however ineffective as only the heavy stubber was causing any wounds! My Special Weapon Squads fought on they held up in a building and made it a firebase.

The hormogaunt beast grew bolder in thier movement as they assaulted the center flank! With an officer in front they screamed "BAYONETS!" They were victorious in close combat, if it not for a synapse creature they would have ran away and we could have gun them down!

As the hive surged forward, I foresaw our doom, but with blind pride in my troops shooting I still divided the attacks wounding several creatures but not outright killing them, my tanks did not help as ineffective shooting occured, as always the heavy stubber was the one to cause wounds! The center flank would hold as they fought the creatures to a standstill!

The firebase was abandoned, my SWS in a full retreat, the other squad held up in close combat. Again the center flank held!

4th turn - IG
Things were looking grim. Almost all the front line troops were in close combat. I moved my officers for a charge. As ever dependable the center flank held! They almost wipe out the hormogaunts leaving just one! That's 4 combat turns and still they fight, If any one survived they would recommended for medals!

The center flank finally fell, I expected too much from my men. As 3 creatures( Hive tyrant and guard and a carnifex) charged the already battered men! My lines also fell, my men were either dying or routing, my officers held on, trying a ditch effort charge against a badly injured Carnifex(2 wounds left)! Heroic Senior Officer Varras's last word were "If I will Die, I will take this monstrosity with me!

5th turn - IG
I was ready to Tap Out, but Varras was on the verge of killing the beast, it had only one woud left(1 of 5 wounds)! But he died terribly(He will be demoted to Junior officer but with Honours) My men were being slaughtered by the handful. As I surrendered I thought these creatures know only two things, to kill or be killed, to surrender was a bad choice indeed!

Ian(KUNEHO) wins! With a hormogaunt within the counter and me tapping out! Great game!

HGR Journal Entry No. 066 - Resumption Of Galleria Gaming...

Date: September 6, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Henri, BattleCaptain, Commissar Alfred, Deadeye, Little John, Kuneho, with special appearance from Sigismund, Pepelu, and Kyuzo

Wasn't able to play due to some unfinished business in the office. But I still had time to pass by to see the closing stages of some 5th Ed gaming from the Regular's youngbloods. Its good to see that the guys resumed gaming hostilities after a month of no gaming in the Galleria scene. Some results posted below.


Game1 - Henri(Iron Wolves) vs. BattleCaptain(Luna Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment
BattleCaptain Wins! BattleCaptain-5 Killpoints vs. Henri-4 Killpoints


Game2 - Deadeye(IG) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids)
2000pts Capture and Control, Dawn of War Deployment
Kuneho Wins! Tryanids claiming IG Objective


Game3 - Commissar Alfred(IG with Daemonhunter Allies) vs. Little John(Tau)
2000pts Seize Ground, Dawn of War Deployment
Little John Wins! Little John claimed 1 Objective to Commissar Alfred's none


We had dinner at the Food Court before calling it a day. Some plans of the next mini-tourney as well as a campaign were tossed around as well as a few stories from the last Apocalypse game were told over dinner. Looking forward to next gaming session. Gaming ends 8:00pm

Friday, September 05, 2008

Iron Wolves - Roll call

Iron Wolves - Roll Call - (Photo Shoot )
Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, Scouts
Specialty : Drop pod assault, Death from above Close combat engagements :