Sunday, December 23, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 038 - Long Walk to Dinner...

Date: December 22, 2007
Venue: Salubri's Place
Attendees: Salubri, Balian, Joel, Kyuzo
Rules of Engagement: Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes

Christmas season traffic! Took a while for me to get to Salubri's place after my work (Still working on a Saturday before Christmas! Sheesh.). Hope the others fill in the details of the earlier games.


Game1 - Salubri(Deathwing) vs. Balian(13th Company)


Game2 - Balian(13th Company) vs. Joel(CSM Nurgle)


Game3 - Salubri(Commander Adept Nemo) vs. Balian(Sorscha)
420pts Assassination
Sorscha wins via Assassination


Game4 - Kyuzo(High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza) vs. Balian(Sorscha)
420pts Assassination
Sorscha wins via Assassination

Made a fatal error in giving Sorscha a charge lane (Right in between Two Devouts! Argh!). Underestimated Icy Gaze and Eiryss's disruption bolts.


Game5 - Kyuzo(High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza) vs. Salubri(Commander Adept Nemo)
450pts Mangled Metal
Commander Adept Nemo wins via Assassination

Low FOC management still needs some getting used to. Disruption from Nemo and Thunderhead was difficult to neutralize, since most of my tactics using warjacks is very much dependent on focus. Salubri was patient enough to point out some rules which made me rethink my tactics as well in more than one instance during the course of the game. Still a ways to go for me with Amon, with lots of self discovery moments this day to help me out in the games ahead.


Session Ends 7-ish.

Christmas season traffic unusually heavy that night, even to the point that traffic has reached Salubri's street. So we decided to walk to Quattro for dinner. Other than the fact that the walking experience was character building, dinner wasn't as eventful. Plans for the next gaming day set. Until next gaming session.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 037 - November 30 Holiday Gaming

With the country barely blinking after another failed Mutiny attempt and an imposed curfew, 101st Regulars meet for some Warhammer 40k and Warmachine gaming. Kyuzo would have been there but he had to call in sick early morning. The guy practically braved a "Warzone" the day before.

Attendees: Midnight ( 'coz it's his house! :P), Balian, Sigismund, Salubri and Joel.

November 30, 2007

Warmachine @ 420 pts
Salubri's Nemo vs Balian's Sorscha
Nemo Wins by Assassination (Killing Field HGR version)

The Old man fires the first shot of the game and took out Balian's manhuntress and widow makers with nasty Chain Lightning rolls. Next turn saw the Spriggan immobilized with Voltaic Snare and pushed back from the objective by the GMC adepts gun. Balian decided to forego the objective and went in for the kill. Sorscha feat turn saw the death of the GMC adept and turns everything Cygnar useless except for Nemo hiding behind a hill. Drakhun charges Nemo but after racking up 4 additional focus to his 7 the old man survives! The following turns saw Nemo once again raking up additonal focus from Sorscha and Grey Lords spell casting and the eventual defeat of Sorscha at the hands of the Thunderhead.

Warmachine @ 750 pts
Midnight's Thagrosh vs Salubri's Epic Stryker
Midnight Wins by Objective (Killing Field HGR version)

First time I've seen Legion of Everblight with a list brimming with Warbeasts great and small. Assassination was once again out of the question and I was forced to duke it out with Midnight with one critical blooper that may have cost me the game. I ended up killing one warbeast on a trample attack which gave Thagrosh fury for transferring damage. I opted to throw the Carnevaen away as I did not want to destroy it and have to face it with full life again when Thagrosh does his feat. Plans to kill Thagrosh on the final turns failed though as I took too long to do it and Midnight racked up on Control Points. I hate Death Shroud... and that freaking Pow 15 spell. Aaaaeiii!!! Lol

Salubri's thought during the game: "Nooo don't cast that damned spell on my Thunderhead!" lol

Warhammer 40,000 @ 2000 pts
Balian's 13th Company vs Sigismund's Speed Freaks
Balian Wins
Take and hold(?)


Joel was unable to play due to time constraints. Sorry man. We'll make it up to you next time! I've got a box to put my Deathwing in. I can play 40k again! lol

The guys wrapped it up early with a trip to Max's for dinner. Talks about new orks, eldar cheesiness and some notable differences about 40k and Warmachine ensued. Once again everyone had a problem paying with the magic 500 php bill. lol