Sunday, July 29, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 029 - Starbucks Revisited

Date : July 28, 2007
Venue : NG Galleria
Regulars Present : Balian, Sigismund, Salubri, Kyuzo
Highlights :

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and I had to carefully work my way through EDSA traffic to catch up in time for the second game over at NG Galleria. Arrived in the nick of time, only hitch was that we were only allowed to play 2000pt games on a 4x4 table. As if that would stop us, eh? :)

40k Results:

Game 1 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Sigismund(Black Templars)
2000pts Take and Hold Gamma
Balian Wins!

Game 2 - Kyuzo(Emperors Children) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Cleanse Alpha
Salubri Wins!

HGR Session ends 8:00pm.

The boyz broke off the Galleria scene choosing coffee with a view over dinner over at the local Starbucks. Of course, the Starbucks we went too rarely disappoints, if you guys could've seen Balian's spaced-out expression.

Starbucks session ends 10:00pm.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 028 - Eagle's Welcome

Date : July 7, 2007
Venue : Midnight's Residence
Regulars Attendance : Sigismund the Eagle, Salubri the Lander, Meanderer the Distracted, Balian the Lawn Mower, Midnight the Host, Kyuzo the Bus Driver...
Highlights :

Sigis is back! And itching to get back on gaming track. And what better time to do that than getting reintroduced to the game, HGR style! >:)

40k Results:

Game 1 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Meanderer(Sons of Light)
2000pts Cleanse Omega
Balian Wins!

Game 2 - Sigismund(Black Templars) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Take and Hold Alpha
Salubri Wins!

Evening ended with the boyz going for a long dinner and no coffee except for Midnight and Sigis who had to be dropped off in different parts of the QC.