Sunday, December 23, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 038 - Long Walk to Dinner...

Date: December 22, 2007
Venue: Salubri's Place
Attendees: Salubri, Balian, Joel, Kyuzo
Rules of Engagement: Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes

Christmas season traffic! Took a while for me to get to Salubri's place after my work (Still working on a Saturday before Christmas! Sheesh.). Hope the others fill in the details of the earlier games.


Game1 - Salubri(Deathwing) vs. Balian(13th Company)


Game2 - Balian(13th Company) vs. Joel(CSM Nurgle)


Game3 - Salubri(Commander Adept Nemo) vs. Balian(Sorscha)
420pts Assassination
Sorscha wins via Assassination


Game4 - Kyuzo(High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza) vs. Balian(Sorscha)
420pts Assassination
Sorscha wins via Assassination

Made a fatal error in giving Sorscha a charge lane (Right in between Two Devouts! Argh!). Underestimated Icy Gaze and Eiryss's disruption bolts.


Game5 - Kyuzo(High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza) vs. Salubri(Commander Adept Nemo)
450pts Mangled Metal
Commander Adept Nemo wins via Assassination

Low FOC management still needs some getting used to. Disruption from Nemo and Thunderhead was difficult to neutralize, since most of my tactics using warjacks is very much dependent on focus. Salubri was patient enough to point out some rules which made me rethink my tactics as well in more than one instance during the course of the game. Still a ways to go for me with Amon, with lots of self discovery moments this day to help me out in the games ahead.


Session Ends 7-ish.

Christmas season traffic unusually heavy that night, even to the point that traffic has reached Salubri's street. So we decided to walk to Quattro for dinner. Other than the fact that the walking experience was character building, dinner wasn't as eventful. Plans for the next gaming day set. Until next gaming session.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 037 - November 30 Holiday Gaming

With the country barely blinking after another failed Mutiny attempt and an imposed curfew, 101st Regulars meet for some Warhammer 40k and Warmachine gaming. Kyuzo would have been there but he had to call in sick early morning. The guy practically braved a "Warzone" the day before.

Attendees: Midnight ( 'coz it's his house! :P), Balian, Sigismund, Salubri and Joel.

November 30, 2007

Warmachine @ 420 pts
Salubri's Nemo vs Balian's Sorscha
Nemo Wins by Assassination (Killing Field HGR version)

The Old man fires the first shot of the game and took out Balian's manhuntress and widow makers with nasty Chain Lightning rolls. Next turn saw the Spriggan immobilized with Voltaic Snare and pushed back from the objective by the GMC adepts gun. Balian decided to forego the objective and went in for the kill. Sorscha feat turn saw the death of the GMC adept and turns everything Cygnar useless except for Nemo hiding behind a hill. Drakhun charges Nemo but after racking up 4 additional focus to his 7 the old man survives! The following turns saw Nemo once again raking up additonal focus from Sorscha and Grey Lords spell casting and the eventual defeat of Sorscha at the hands of the Thunderhead.

Warmachine @ 750 pts
Midnight's Thagrosh vs Salubri's Epic Stryker
Midnight Wins by Objective (Killing Field HGR version)

First time I've seen Legion of Everblight with a list brimming with Warbeasts great and small. Assassination was once again out of the question and I was forced to duke it out with Midnight with one critical blooper that may have cost me the game. I ended up killing one warbeast on a trample attack which gave Thagrosh fury for transferring damage. I opted to throw the Carnevaen away as I did not want to destroy it and have to face it with full life again when Thagrosh does his feat. Plans to kill Thagrosh on the final turns failed though as I took too long to do it and Midnight racked up on Control Points. I hate Death Shroud... and that freaking Pow 15 spell. Aaaaeiii!!! Lol

Salubri's thought during the game: "Nooo don't cast that damned spell on my Thunderhead!" lol

Warhammer 40,000 @ 2000 pts
Balian's 13th Company vs Sigismund's Speed Freaks
Balian Wins
Take and hold(?)


Joel was unable to play due to time constraints. Sorry man. We'll make it up to you next time! I've got a box to put my Deathwing in. I can play 40k again! lol

The guys wrapped it up early with a trip to Max's for dinner. Talks about new orks, eldar cheesiness and some notable differences about 40k and Warmachine ensued. Once again everyone had a problem paying with the magic 500 php bill. lol

Sunday, November 25, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 036 - Overloaded Auspexes...

Date: November 24, 2007
Venue: Salubri's Place
Attendees: Salubri, Midnight, Balian, Kyuzo, and Joel
Rules of Engagement: Warmachine/Hordes, HGR style


Game1 - Balian(Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff) vs. Midnight(Archdomina Makeda)
500pts No Man's Land
Midnight wins via Objective

Finally bringing Makeda out of retirement for a 500 pt game vs. Sorscha. I forgot to factor in the effects of the spells I cast during this game - which prompted me to buy the Skorne tokens. I also forgot to cast my feat at the right time, then deciding as most my troops were dead anyway, to no longer cast it all. I did get the chance to use Makeda's 8 strikes (2 basic+6 additional) on a knocked down spriggan - eventually demolishing the whole thing after repeated strikes of increasing POW!


Game2 - Midnight(Tyrant Lord Hexeris) vs. Salubri(Lord Commander Coleman Stryker)
750pts No Man's Land
Salubri wins via Assassination

Midnight: Fielding another 750 army! Hexeris is proving to be more interesting as a warlock especially in 750 pt games. I still have to get the hang of casting spells and calling Hexeris feat at the right time. I did get to replay death march and hexeris feat but to a lesser extent - his cavalry leader getting away! Stryker still proving to be a challenge but good game nonetheless =)

Salubri: Going up against Midnight's Hexeris is a daunting task. His ability to use my/his dead models right after they die makes his warhost even scarier. Especially when he's fielding a huge number of Beasts! It was clear to me from the start that assasination was not possible until I remove all the War Beasts in play. I opted to keep Stryker back and cast him into a support role. It proved to be effective with Centurion standing guard. The Hunter was probably one of the most valuable units I had here as it did some major damage as well as delaying his left flank. First time I ever used Stryker's cloud for an extended period. It was fun moving the cloud around though it did little damage to his units. Bloody business, this one!


Game3 - Kyuzo(High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza) vs. Joel(Goreshade the Bastard)
500pts King of the Hill
Joel wins via Objective

Goreshade... yikes. And with a Deathjack too! Tried out an Amon-Ad Raza list, along with a couple of Dervishes for the first time to check out how well Synergy would work on them.

The Deathjack's advance deployment pretty much did the damage in taking the objective since they were able to take the hill early on while the rest of Joel's battlegroup as well as mine were advancing towards the center. By second turn, Joel made a good move by charging his Deathjack straight to my Castigator (who ended up as scrap one turn after and pretty much stopped my advance to contest the hill) while Goreshade and the rest of his minions took over the controlling duties of the objective. My Dervishes and Devout were able to keep his Slayer and Deathjack from running over to Amon, even destroying the Deathjack in the process. Some last turn heroics by Amon in taking out Goreshade by charging in through a gap but not enough attacks or damage was enough to take him out as he secures the hill.

In hindsight some lessons learned:

1. I think I got a better understanding in playing out the Devout warjack compared to last time I played it.

2. Made the early mistake of NOT moving Amon forward and let him get into Meditative Stance early. First turn should have been, move the warjacks first, THEN activate Amon and go Meditative Stance on the next turn.

3. Synergy rocks. Gone high as +8 with just the light warjacks. Too bad I made low damage rolls thus taking a couple of turns longer in destroying the Deathjack and hopefully look for other targets, maybe even Goreshade himself.

4. Amon DID have a chance in taking out Goreshade. Should have Tripped him with Oblivion first, THEN use the succeeding attacks with boosted damage after. Though the math involved an unboosted To Hit roll of 8, I had a better chance.

5. A slight modification to the list I used would be able to make the list more efficient. Take out the Devout and the rest of the troops and try to keep two heavies and the two dervishes in the battlegroup and the rest of the points for choir, wracks, and a couple of solos should make them more cohesive.

Charge to experience. Good game.


Session ends 9PM

Went to Quattro and Starbucks after, for a change. Both Quattro and Starbucks were packed to the rafters. Let's suffice it to say most of the auspexes were overloaded way before the night was over. Some honorary mentions to Ms. One-Two, Ms. One(!), Ms. Pillowcase, Ms. Lifesaver, Ms. Pink and Perky who pretty much made the night for most of us.

Maybe some plans for the coming Holiday this November 30. Maybe 40k at Galleria? Abangan...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 035 - Newbie Moves By Veterans...

Date: November 17, 2007
Venue: Midnight's Residence
Regulars Present: Midnight, Salubri, special participation of Joel, Kyuzo
Games Played: Warmachine/Hordes



Game 1 - Salubri(Lord Commander Coleman Stryker) vs. Joel()

Well fought game with Joel. We ended up bum rushing each other in the center of the table with my Storm Lances getting the better of his Bane Knights(?) and Mechani Thralls(?) only to be wiped out by Purges during Deneghra's feat turn. The Helljack went on a duel vs. the Thunderhead with Joel ending up throwing the Cygnaran jack every turn but doing little damage because of it's disruption field. Pistol Wraiths did their job by pinning and killing some of my other units. One blooper I made was I declared to make an electro leap from the Storm Guard only to find out the nearest model within 4" was my own Storm Lance. I ended up killing a friendly! :D

Joel took the field by pinning down Stryker with multiple "sacrifice movement or action" from the pistol wraiths as well as Deneghra's spells.


Game 2 - Kyuzo(High Exemplar Kreoss) vs. Midnight(Lord Tyrant Hexeris)
750pts Pendulum
High Exemplar Kreoss wins via VP after 5 turns

I made a few adjustments to my 750pt Kreoss list (taking into account what I learned from my last game against Salubri's Lord Commander Stryker), taking out a Revenger, Devout and a Reclaimer solo in favor of maxxing out Holy Zealot, Temple Flameguard and Exemplar Errants squads and adding in Vilmon and two Paladins. Kept the Castigator and Crusader (wish I could afford to field another warjack, but I guess this will have to do for now).

It was my first time to go up against Midnight's Lord Tyrant Hexeris and with six(!) warbeasts! My initial impression in deployment his config had multiple threats that I had to resolve decisively and not get bogged down in close combat.

midnight comments in italics.
as usual i deployed with my warbeasts in the middle and my fast moving units on the flanks. as i wasn't sure how kreoss would play, i felt this was the safest deployment. i was surprised to see a unit AD with ranged attacks to boot! the rest however i felt i could take on if i get them to split up by the house in the middle.

i immediately went for the house and waited for him to come and i would attack him one at a time. damned basilisks frenzied too early which left my praetorians on the right exposed.

The game was a comedy of errors on my part, most memorable of (honest) mistakes is taking note of damage points to my warjacks ("9 points on column 6...:P).

memorables for me include: moving titan gladiator on his units of diehard knights, then casting deathbringer on titan gladiator which wiped out his knights. on the downside, i took 6D3 damage points on the gladiator.
basilisk taking out the left and right arms of a crusader then decimating his grenade lobbing troops.
cataphract centratii also taking out his castigator's right arm, then the cyclops taking out the left arm. unfortunately it was not enough to render the jack inert - which would've given me enough vp's for the win!

Due to the time constraint, with no control points established by either side, the game was resolved via VP, with Kreoss edging out Hexeris 10-9.

yup, kreoss hid behind the other side of the house the WHOLE game. that's playing like you've got a pair

Wehehe... I must admit I played timid with Kreoss who went without a Devout in a long while. Between the choices a) Go around a disabled Crusader to take out the Basilisk Drake, b) Go behind a Castigator (with memories of being slammed by it in the last game against Salubri still fresh in my mind) and c) Wait behind the house, I chose the house as the most logical thing to do. :P

Session ends 9:00PM.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 034 - A Few Firsts...

Date: November 10, 2007
Venue: Salubri's Residence
Regulars Present: Salubri, Balian, Kyuzo, with special participation of Joel
Games of Choice: Warhammer 40k, Warmachine


Today was a day of firsts. It was Balian's first Warmachine game that from what I gather did not show much signs of newbie-ness. It was also the first Warhammer 40k game in a while with Joel contributing to the group's impression on the new Chaos Space Marines codex. And it was Kyuzo's first venture into a 750pt Warmachine game. Here's a couple of accounts made by the Regulars and the games we played that day. Enjoy reading and keep on gaming.


Game 1 - Salubri(Commander Coleman Stryker) vs. Balian(Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff)

Game 2 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Joel(CSM Plague Marines)

Game 3 - Kyuzo(High Exemplar Kreoss) vs. Salubri(Lord Commander Coleman Stryker)
750pts Pendulum
Lord Commander Coleman Stryker wins via Assassination and Objective

Kyuzo report (some details ripped from Silence in Darkness blog):

I agreed to play a 750pt Warmachine game against Salubri's Lord Commander Coleman Stryker using my High Exemplar Kreoss. First time for me to play 750pts and against an epic warcaster at that. I lost that game, still had fun in the process, and did a bit of analysis of the outcome.

I think I did well in surviving Epic Stryker's feat by weathering out his battlegroup's extra attacks as well as keeping his Storm Lances stuck on the far flank by the Temple Flameguard. I tried to counter it by popping Kreoss's own feat on my turn to deal some considerable hurt back at the opposition. But I guess it wasn't enough and the casualties both sides inflicted created some avenues for some precise charge attacks. It was the Centurion slam on the Castigator resulting in Kreoss knockdown + the Stryker overcharge(?) that caught me flat footed. Simple error in judgement of charge distances and in placement of my remaining forces on the table. It's nothing a little more practice and gaming time can't fix. Good game against Salubri. Didn't disappoint.

Session ends with dinner Quattro (for a change), with Balian and Salubri giving new meaning to the joys of line of sight while Joel and I got a bottlecap opener each instead.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 033 - November Gaming...

Date : November 2, 2007
Venue : Pitshop/Pet Stop
Attendees : Adrian, Henri, Byron, Kyuzo, Midnight, Balian, Sigismund, Doc Lance, Mang, Pat

Games Played : Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes

Highlights :

Finally, some 40k games played after a long drought...

Came unprepared for it too, considering I was fresh out of the All Souls' Day madness. Met up with Balian and Midnight. Brought along whatever CSM models I got and hopefully I can whip up a list using the new CSM army list.

Had a good representation of Regulars. My game against Balian's Dark Angels was an interesting one, given the fact that I had to make some adjustments to my Emperor's Children list. No more siren-DP, no daemonic strength AC's, no blastmaster havocs, and to top it all off, no daemonettes! Argh. It was uphill from Turn 1. But it was fun. Can't wait for the new codex to come out as well as hopefully, my daemonettes will come back. Sigh.

Most those who went with me finished early, wanting to get a quick dinner before going home. It was a holiday and most of us were on Cinderella time. We left, with Sigismund still "educating" Byron using a virtually defunct Iron Warriors list, with the onset of the new CSM codex.

Salubri joined up shortly after that since dinner was near his house. The usual talks ensued with a few questions cropping up from both game systems for future clarification. Will post those at a later time.

Midnight report
It's been too long since I last used my space wolves and so when I heard about the games at pitshop, I just had to bring em out again for a ride.

Balian deployed most his troops as separate squads across the entire length of the table. Looking at all the plasma cannons and missile launchers on the other side, I had some serious doubts about getting to the other side. Good thing we ended up with recon and alpha level which meant we were only counting scoring units!

I got second turn and was extremely lucky that my tanks survived the Balian's shooting. We zoomed towards my left flank and waited for the next round of shooting. I could see his assault squad closing in on my hapless scouts - and knew these guys wouldn't last long. I just gambled that in moving the assault squad forward, my speeders may just be able to whittle them down later in the game. What a gambit - leaving my right flank with just the scouts and speeders to defend it. I kept reasoning to myself, if he takes out the scouts, I'll try to shoot him for 2 turns then run away to the other side.

Turn 4-5, my vindicator and 1 predator were dead as well as my scouts on the right flank. Luckily my come-from-behind scouts were able to tie up his units on the left flank (before saying hello to the Emperor!). Big bash on the left flank - SW HQs going up against DA elite squads. Fortunately my I5 boys were able to kill off the DA defenders. Speeders get away from the assault squads and run to the opposite side on the left flank.

Turn 6 was a mad dash for touchdowns! Balian was able to get 5 squads to my side on his last turn. But last minute shooting from my speeders was pretty lucky having managed to whittle down 1 squad to less than half. Final score SW 6 scoring units (3 troops, 2 speeder squads, and 1 predator) vs. 4 DA scoring units.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 032 - Killing Fields - Aftermath

Okay so midnight and I went to HH after office hours last wednesday to test the modified version of Killing Fields. It ended up being just that. A killing field!

We both decided to deploy facing the center marker as spreading our forces too thinly would cause our troops to get picked off one by one. Turn two and no one decided to take on the objective as each opponent was poised to counter anyone going for the objective. On Midnight's left flank sat the Totem Hunter behind some buildings, staying out of the Gun Mage Captain's effective range. On his right flank were the Centrati which eventually easily over came the two Stormsmiths sniping at their leader and was free to take the object. The game was decided in the middle however, as the bulk of the battlegroups and war parties were lined up for a major engagement by turn two. Turn 3 proved to be the deciding factor as midnight pours out a flurry of spells that caused the Thunderhead's strength to be used against every Cygnar model within 3". The result was catastrophic almost wiping out the knights, killing the journeyman and damaging the Thunderhead! To add to that it was Hexeris' feat turn which then put every "dead" model in his control before being removed from the game! Devastated by the enemy, the Cygnaran's went into melee and Stryker seeing a hole in the enemy's defense took his chance! It was feat turn for Cygnar and everyone could move 3" and attack after all friendly model's have activated. This allowed an overloaded Stryker to make the final movement and contact a fury-less Hexeris!

The game ended with Cygnar taking the field after 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenario Edit from recycle bin

Okay guys here's what I propose. These are some minor changes to the mission Killing Fields, just enough to make it more enjoyable... err I think. :P

Mission: Killing Fields
Modifications: a. Begin counting control points at the end of turn 2
b. Control points are counted at the end of the turn (after both players took
their turns)
Explanation: I'm thinking this only makes things a bit more fair because it eliminates the early advantage of being able to go first and also having lots of advanced deployment models. The original form started counts for control points on the first turn. Which meant whoever went first could get the required number of points by turn 2 (5 CP). Also I think that counting control points at the end of each player turn rather than at the end of 1 game turn (when both players took turns) kinda screwed the 2nd man a bit since you could run, sit on the counter and he won't be able to stop you from gaining a point.


I'm hoping that we'll get past some sort of legalism here as I've always thought of our gaming group as playing for fun rather than for keeping a tally of who wins and who loses. At any rate, just so you don't get any wrong ideas that I'm trying to change the way missions are played in the current WMH community, I am NOT repeat NOT pawning these changes to the community. Hence the reason why I'm posting it here in OUR BLOG. Its just for our gaming group and only if you want to try it. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. My only aim is to make things more enjoyable for everyone concerned. Personally I'm okay to play with anyone using whatever scenario but I'm thinking it would be more enjoyable for us if we "fixed" some of the things that we are not comfortable with. Games are made for gamers after all and not the other way around.

At any rate I leave you with this: Prime Remix, page 81, middle of left column: "Experiment with different combinations, and feel free to create variations or unique scenarios of your own."

Thursday, September 06, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 030 - Weekday Katipunero session #1

Midnight and Salburi met at hobby haven for some Warmachine VS Hordes Action!


Midnight had 500 pts of Skorne Against Salubri's 500 pts Cygnar. The guys decided to play pure assasination to get the most out of their game. It promised to be no holds barred metal vs muscle slugfest!

*Salubri discovered some nasty tricks up Skorne's sleeves when the basilisks starts spraying and doing their paralytic field/aura combos. to quote Salubri: "Nabobo yung Centurion ko dun nang 2 turns!"

*Stormsmith evades Cyclop's boosted attacks twice! lol

*Storm Lances executed a perfect flanking maneuver! effectively separating Huge bad ass titan from main battle group and holding opponents for several turns. (total amor= 20 from arcane shield bonus!)

*Storm Knights earn their pay in glorious battle with the leader bringing down both a Titan and an arcuari with one charge! ( flank attack... engaged by armless hunter. :D )

*Hexeris disengages from Centurion to make one final gambit vs Stryker only to be cut down by free strike. ( sakto pa yung damage sa life 15 vs 15. lol )

Results: Cygnar win by Assasination vs Hexeris

Sunday, July 29, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 029 - Starbucks Revisited

Date : July 28, 2007
Venue : NG Galleria
Regulars Present : Balian, Sigismund, Salubri, Kyuzo
Highlights :

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and I had to carefully work my way through EDSA traffic to catch up in time for the second game over at NG Galleria. Arrived in the nick of time, only hitch was that we were only allowed to play 2000pt games on a 4x4 table. As if that would stop us, eh? :)

40k Results:

Game 1 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Sigismund(Black Templars)
2000pts Take and Hold Gamma
Balian Wins!

Game 2 - Kyuzo(Emperors Children) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Cleanse Alpha
Salubri Wins!

HGR Session ends 8:00pm.

The boyz broke off the Galleria scene choosing coffee with a view over dinner over at the local Starbucks. Of course, the Starbucks we went too rarely disappoints, if you guys could've seen Balian's spaced-out expression.

Starbucks session ends 10:00pm.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 028 - Eagle's Welcome

Date : July 7, 2007
Venue : Midnight's Residence
Regulars Attendance : Sigismund the Eagle, Salubri the Lander, Meanderer the Distracted, Balian the Lawn Mower, Midnight the Host, Kyuzo the Bus Driver...
Highlights :

Sigis is back! And itching to get back on gaming track. And what better time to do that than getting reintroduced to the game, HGR style! >:)

40k Results:

Game 1 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Meanderer(Sons of Light)
2000pts Cleanse Omega
Balian Wins!

Game 2 - Sigismund(Black Templars) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Take and Hold Alpha
Salubri Wins!

Evening ended with the boyz going for a long dinner and no coffee except for Midnight and Sigis who had to be dropped off in different parts of the QC.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 027

evDate : June 24, 2007
Venue : Midnight's Residence
Regulars in Attendance : Midnight, Salubri, Kyuzo and Meanderer
Highlights :

40k Results:

Game 1 - Midnight(Space Wolves) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Recon Alpha
Draw! [4 scoring units each in respective enemy deployment zones]

Game 2 - Midnight(Space Wolves) vs. Kyuzo(Emperors Children)
2000pts Urban Assault Omega (Gladiator Cup Final)
Kyuzo Wins! [Kyuzo with one scoring unit occupying objective ruins]

Session ends 7:30pm


Regus vox was filled with his scouts' report on the presence of imense metal constructs in the southern sector of the ruined city of Laramis. His pack was making its way to the rally point after their encounter with the hated Dark Angels. "Burned to a crisp" he grinned at the memory of the burning landraider and its passengers.

It would be fully 2 days before their reinforcements could arrive. He still had his pack of Bloodclaws led by Hengast and Grey Hunters led by Thul along with his heavy support tanks and speeders. "Thunderfist! Prepare to depart!"

They made good time to the southern sector and even without enhanced senses, Regus could already feel the workings of something diabolic in the area. The temptingly sweet smell bringing memories of times long past was a sure sign that something evil was afoot - for nothing good could bring such deceptive thoughts and memories in a place as ravaged as this.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

ripped from the net

Im not gonna post the picture here so click on the link to see the cover.. You'll notice it's not taken on a camera phone or anything, I actually have the whole 2 part codex

I dont think BA are gonna get another codex based on the wording there if you can read it.. As it says this is the official codex, not update

Wargear changes
Exsanguinator - Description replaced with current narthecium rules. Nothing additional

Terminator armor - Same except no longer gives +1A (Same as new DA and there are no terminator honors, which means characters are at -1A)

Servo arm - Same as Codex: Sm but IT IS NOT A POWER FIST.. It "strikes at I1 at S8 with no armor save" Therefore, cover/grenades affects it

Special CHaracters

Commander Dante - 200pts

WS6, BS5, S4, T4, W3, I5, A4, LD10 SV 2+
Rights of battle
Inspiring: All friendly BA models within 12" count as having preferring enemy (Vs anyone)
Equipment: Artificer armor, iron halo, jump pack, frag and krak grenades
Axe of Mortalis - Master crafted power weapon
Death mask of sanguinius - All enemy models within 6" are at -1WS and -1BS
Perdition Pistol - Metal gun that counts as pistol in CC

If dante is included in the army then a standard bearer may carry the BA chapter banner which gives all benefits of the normal standard and also gives the unit +1A. +15pts

Tycho - Normal stats, has iron halo and artificer armor and basically is same as old edition.. IE sucks. 110pts and rights of battle

Mephiston - 225pts
WS 6, BS5, S5, T5, W3, I6, A4, LD10 SV 2+
Fearless, Feel no pain

Lord of Death - Mephiston has all 3 psychic powers and can use each one of them and his force weapon once each player turn, rather than being limited as are other librarians. He may not use the same power more than once per turn

Wargear: Artificer armor, force weapon, plasma pistol, psychic hood, frag and krak grenades

Might of Heros - same
Wings of Sanguinius - The librarian (only him) may move as a jump pack, even with terminator armor. If on a bike he counts as moving as a jetbike
Transfixing Glare - Used in the assault phase. If successful then any enemy model in BTB contact must take a LD test. If failed the model may not attack and will be hit automatically by any CC attacks directed against them. Enemy models with a LD value cannot be affected

Brother corbulo - Same as old edition except 3wounds 100pts
no power weapon and has exsanguinator and the red grail
Red Grail : All BA units within 12" At the start of one of its assault phases receives furious charge for that turn. In addition it gives corbulo a 4+ inv save

Chaplain Lamartes - 125pts Same stats as current 3W chaplain
Has the Death mask which gives all enemy models within 6" -1LD

Non-named characters (all have 2w and LD9)
Librarian - 120pts
Has rights of battle
Options: Plasma pistol, stormbolter, combi weapons, melta bombs, bike. Can replace ALL wargear for terminator armor, storm bolter, force weapon and psychic hood for 25pts.
NO OPTION for inv save except with Term armor
Cannot take Transfixing glare but comes with other two powers as standard

Chaplain - 100pts
Same options as librarian but may take a power fist and a jump pack

Company Captain (3W and L10) - 100pts
Comes with Iron Halo
Rights of Battle
Options: Power weapon, 1 or 2 LCs, Thunder hammer, Power fist, jump pack, storm bolter, combi weapons, melta bombs
OR may take Term Armor WITH Thunderhammer + Stormshield, 2x LC or Stormbolter + Power fist/Power weapon all for only +25PTs

Honor guard - 125pts
Does not take up spot on force org chart AND IS NOT A BODYGUARD. They deploy and operate independently. May include 1 for each IC in army
2A now and come with frag/krak grenades
5 marines (max)
Jump packs +25pts (entire squad) (30pts per model basically)
Options: (a ton. Think of this as a imp guard command squad in terms of options. 2 guys can have this, 2 can have that.. etc).
2x Plasma Pistol
2x Powerfist/weapon
2x Flamer/melta/plasma
Sanguinary Priest for +20pts with exsanguinator
Tech Adept +30pt (No servo arm btw). Power weapon and blessing of omnissiah rule
Standard bearer +10pts
company champion +25pts. power weapon + combat shield
Meltbombs on a per model basis +5pts


The Death company - Counts towards force org. Do not have to take
same stats. Rending, Furious Charge, Feel no pain, fearless.
Must move as fast as possible towards enemy unless chaplain or Corbulo are within 6". They have krak grenades as well
Pretty much same as rumors have stated.
You get 1 free DC per following squads
Honor Guard
Terminator Squad
Veteran Assault Squad
Tactical Squad
Devastator Squad
Jump packs +5pts per model
Additional guys +30pts
May have rhino or drop pod at point cost
Models equipped with power fists or power weapons may count them as normal CC weapons with rending

Terminator Squad - 200pts
5 men (max)
entire squad may swap weapons for 2x LC or Thunderhammer/storm shield
or may replace one term with the cyclone +20pts, Heavy flamer +5pts (lol), Assault cannon +30pts
Can take a drop pod

Furioso Dreadnaught - 100pts
Venerable +20pts
Death company dread +25pts (+D3 attacks and moves like death company)
heavy flamer +5pts
extra armor +15pts
comes with smoke and searchlight
May take a drop pod

Dreadnaught - 125pts
Assault cannon, CCW, smoke and searchlight
Venerable +20pts
Missile launcher +10pts
Multimelta, TL- Auto cannon - free
Tl- Las +20pts
Extra armor +15pts
May take drop pod

Tech Marine - 125pts (ouch)
Does NOT use up force org slot. May take 1 per vehicle chosen from elites or heavy support
same stats, except comes with artificer armor
Options - Plasma pistol, servo harness +25pts
Servitors - 0-4 25pts each with Servo arm, CCW (Not Powerfist). May replace with multimelta or HB for free, Plasma cannon +10pts (no restriction)
Ws4, Bs4, S3, T3, W1, i3, a1, ld9, sv 4+
May select rhino, razorback or drop pod

Veteran Assault squad - 150pts
2A and combat squads
Jump packs included
The squad may include up to 5 additional vets for +25pts each (and combat squads? odd)
0-3 - stormbolter, combi weapon, plasma pistol/power weapon, power fist/single LC, 2x LC or thunder hammer
Anyone can take combat shield +5pts or stormshield +10pts
0-2 - Flamer/melta/plasma
Per model basis: Melta bombs +5pts
Note: Above options replace EITHER bolt pistol OR chainsword so you can replace Chainsword with power weapon AND bolt pistol with flamer
May remove jump packs and have rhino or drop pod for no point cost

Scout Squad - 80pts
combat squads
vet sarg included
5 additional scouts +65pts
Options: same as Da codex. Sarg may take melta bombs
Shotguns: R:12, S:4, Ap:-, Assault 2


Assault Squad - 140pts
Vet sarg included
Same options as DA basically. Sarg can have combat shield and melta bombs
May remove jump packs and take rhino or drop pod for free

Tactical squad - 115pts
Same as DA codex
May take drop pod, rhino or razorback

Bike squad - 110pts
2 bikes + 1 vet sarg
No combat squads

0-2 bikers +30pts
vet sarg may have power sword (no fist) and/or melta bombs
0-2 Flamer/melta/plasma

Attack Bikes - 50pts
HB or multimelta
1 bike

0-2 additional bikes +50pts

Land Speed Squadron - 65pts
Hb or Multimelta
0-2 additional speeders +65pts
0-1 Typhoon launcher +10pts
0-2 Heavy flamer +10pts or assault cannon +35pts


Devestators - 115pts
Combat squads
Options same as DA codex
may have rhino, drop pod, razorback

Land raider - 250pts
Its a land raider.
options: Pintle storm bolter 5pts, hunter killer missile +15pts, extra armor +15pts

Land raider crusader - 250pts (no limit)
Its still a land raider and has crusader weapons.
same options as land raider

Whirlwind - 85pts
Vengeance Missiles
Incendiary Castellan

Options: Dozer blade, extra armor, pintle storm bolter, hunter killer

Predator - 70pts
Options : See whirlwind
TL - Las + 35pts
HB Sponsons +25pts, Lascannons +60pts

Vindicator - 125pts
Same as previous edition, same options as other vehicles

Baal Predator - 100pts
Overcharged engines (1 - Cannot move. 2-3 nothing, 4+ vehicle is Fast and can move max of 18" )
Pintle stormbolter +10pts, Hunter killer +15pts. NO EXTRA ARMOR
HB or heavy flamers +25pts

Rhino - 40pts
Over charged engines
same as DA codex

Razorback - 50pts
TL Las +30pts
Normal vehicle options

Drop pod - 50pts
No missile launcher option


A few notes: I didnt post point costs for many options because they're same as codex space marines (No discount for being single wound model tho) and no real point to repeat point costs for items everyone knows the pt costs for

However, items like flamers are basically half the cost currently. 5pts for every squad basically. Sorry I just really dont wanna post pt values for every item or option as its fairly easy to know what they are. Also just assume every vehicle has smoke and search lights and all the marines have frak/krak/BP and bolters. I added it for some and didnt for others, but they all have them

Sunday, June 17, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 026 - A Score Yet To Be Settled

Date : June 16, 2007
Venue : Midnight's Residence
Attendance : Midnight, Salubri, Kyuzo, and Spiderman the Space Wolf
Highlights :

Its getting tougher to get some free time from Saturday office work, and with traffic not cooperating, Kyuzo arrives to see Midnight and Salubri already in the middle of their second game. As usual, we would like to give special thanks to Ricky for bringing us together again to play. +P

40k Results:

Game 1 - Salubri(Deathwing) vs. Midnight(Space Wolves)
2000pts Cleanse Alpha
Midnight Wins!

Game 2 - Salubri(Deathwing) vs. Midnight(Space Wolves)
2000pts Seek and Destroy Gamma
Midnight Wins!

It was already getting late for the Regulars so it was mutually agreed that the Gladiator final be scheduled for next week, if not earlier during this coming week's Weekday Warrior Sessions.


From his vantage point on the top of a hill, Eidolon could see the carnage in the ruined city below. Twice he saw the dreaded terminators of the Deathwing stage their relentless attack on the sons of Russ, and twice they he saw their advance stopped with bloody precision. Not even the combined might of two Deathwing Landraiders failed to break the Space Wolves' cunning resolve.

But Eidolon wasn't there to bear witness to the Deathwing might nor was he interested in a lesson to Space Wolf guerilla tactics. Eidolon had his sights on the leader, with unfinished business he was more than willing to settle this very minute. The grizzled wolf priest seems to have sensed his presence and looks in his direction, with a look of recognition and agreement to his own thoughts. He raises his battle axe with a shout of challenge on his lips.

Eidolon didnt need any more prompting. He was already revving his bike and pulling his blade from its scabbard when he hears that familiar voice in his mind. "Patience my child. Wait for the others. Choose your time and place. Then he is yours."

Eidolon knew better than to defy the voice in his thoughts. Reluctantly, he eases his grip on the bike's throttle and raises is blade in a grim salute before turning his bike to where the rest of the Children lie in wait. "Soon, son of Russ. Soon."


To be continued...

Monday, June 11, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 025 - More Galleria Gaming

Date : June 9, 2007
Venue : Netural Grounds Galleria
Attendees : Balian, Salubri, Kyuzo
Highlights :

More 40k gaming at Neutral Grounds Galleria! Balian suddenly going Kyuzo trying out his newly painted CSM terminator lord as well as a non-daemon config for a change! Why would he do that you ask? 'Cause he can! +P Looks like Kyuzo wasn't the only one. Balian does a back to grass roots approach and brings his ever reliable 13th Company while Salubri does back to Deathwing this time coming all pimped-out in not one but TWO land raiders! Seems like the Emperors Children are in for a world of hurt either way. Lolz.

40k Results:

Game 1 - Balian(13th Company) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Seek and Destroy Alpha
Salubri Wins!

Game 2 - Balian(13th Company) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Cleanse Omega
Salubri Wins!

Game 3 - Balian(13th Company) vs. Kyuzo(Emperors Children)
2000pts Secure and Control Gamma
Balian Wins! [Balian with one Long Fang squad controlling one Loot Counter against Kyuzo having only Terminator Lord left on the table. Small morale victory when terminator lord got charged by three non-scoring units, but by virtue of warp scream termie lord practically eliminates all attackers before they had a chance to strike back! "Terminator lord showed his kung-fu, and it was strong!" :D]

Game 4 - Salubri(Deathwing) vs. Kyuzo(Emperors Children)
2000pts Recon Gamma
Salubri Wins! [Two land raiders are tough to pry open, and you need to roll a lot of hard sixes to pull it off. Deathwing massacres Emperors Children to the last man save for the terminator lord, again (termie lord rocks!).]

Gaming went he full distance and finished until closing time at 10pm.

Until next Session.

Monday, May 21, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 024 - Galleria Mileage

Date : May 19, 2007
Venue : Neutral Grounds Galleria
Attendees : Balian, Salubri, Kyuzo
Highlights :

40k gaming at Galleria continues! This time, the Regulars get to play outside the store, with good exposure to high traffic!

Arrived a little later in the day (due to the harsh reality that I couldn't get off from work early on a Saturday), to see Balian and Salubri re-living some marathon gaming in full view of the mall-going public. A summary of the games that were conducted are as follows:

40k Results:

Game 1 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Salubri(Death Ravens)
2000pts [Insert Mission and Level]
Salubri wins(?)

Game 2 - Balian(Dark Angels) vs. Salubri(Death Ravens)
2000pts Secure and Control [Insert Level]
Salubri wins!

Game 3 - Salubri(Death Ravens) vs. Kyuzo(Emperors Children)
2000pts Seek and Destroy Omega
Kyuzo wins!

Some plans of maybe playing in NG again this coming weekend, as well as the prospect of terrain building using Freddie's newly acquired terrain stuff courtesy of GW.

Games wrapped up at around 8pm. The boyz later on decided to go to Tiendesitas for some BBQ and kilawing talaba. Some more talks ensued, including ideas for a T-shirt design inspired by the T-shirts worn by the Bonnies people.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 023 - Election Day 40k Gaming

Date : May 14, 2007
Venue : Neutral Grounds Galleria
Attendees : Salubri, Balian, Kyuzo, Adrian, Donnel, Naj
Highlights :

Found an excuse to do our civic duty and vote early... so the boyz can play in the afternoon. ;) Arrived to see Salubri and Balian in the middle of their Balikatan exercise using their Dark Angel armies against each other. Also present was Adrian, Naj(?), and Donnel, where I got a first hand look at his current Army Project of Madness, the Alpha Legion. Raising the bar to far heights comes to mind. +P

40k Results:

Game 1 - Salubri(Death Ravens) vs. Balian(Dark Angels)
2000pts Take and Hold Gamma

Game 2 - Adrian(Space Marines) vs. Donnel(Alpha Legion)
1500pts Seek and Destroy Omega
Adrian Wins!

Sadly, there wasnt enough time for me to put in a Game 3 after I got a last minute call from family to watch Spidey 3. Plans for another gaming session in Galleria most like by next Saturday. Games wrapped up early at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 022 - Holidays and Beer


One step closer to my goal...

It's been three weeks since we entered the fringes of this foresaken ruin, and it's the third time that the False Emperor means to thwart us with their pathetic defenses.

My children are more than willing to teach these traitors the lesson thrice in blood, that the will of the Dark Prince cannot be undone.

Without further prompting, Valthera and Brother Eidolon led the attack on the left flank while Brother Dharkos led his fellow brethren to sneak in the right flank, all the time the tortured souls of Sargoth, Behemon, and Renghar provided battle cannon cover fire to keep the Traitors from establishing a firm foothold. The traitorous Sons of the Lion were quick to our plans and tried to reinforce their right flank, only making all the better for Brother Dharkos to call upon a coven of daemonettes in their midst. Those loyal to the False Emperor did not stand a chance, many of which stood helpless, in awe at the daemonettes deadly beauty. The carnage that ensued was long and torturous, in the end the covens waded in the viscera of their enemies, and Valthera wiping out any resistance that remained.

It is then that I felt his presence. He is my goal. He is whom my Dark Prince wants me to save.

And he is not far from where we are...


Death-Raven Chronicles Chapter 1

Chuck felt the pain coursing thru his left arm but paid it no heed. He limped slightly on his right leg. Getting pinned under the side car when the attack bike careened and turned upside down was an experience he’d rather not repeat.

Maybe I should have myself transferred to a speeder. Then again getting pinned under a speeder…

He was the lucky one though. Denny was in bad shape when he found him. The shot from the towering eldar walker struck the bike in the middle, separating the sidecar from the bike. He remembers seeing Denny lose control and crashed the bike onto natural gas containment unit. The good thing was, the force of the impact wasn’t enough to blow up the tank. The bad thing was that he found Denny lying unconscious more than 40 feet away from his bike. He was in poor shape and his limbs were broken in several places.

He felt he was walking in circles when he came up suddenly before the observation deck of the Apothecary Recovery Facility. Some of the members of the Deathwing were floating inside vats filled with greenish liquids. He remembered one conversation with a fellow Ravenwing battle brother … that the liquids contain the spirit of the emperor and can help heal broken bones and patch up torn flesh. With the Apothecary staff busily moving around, his eyes searched for Denny and found him floating in one of the vats. Cables were jutting out of his spine and he had a respirator. Smaller cables were connected onto the black carapace as well. He was conscious and caught site of Chuck. A wave of relief washed over Chuck as he found his friend in obvious recovery. He put on that childish smile and stuck the two Marksman’s Seals on the glass window of the observation deck and pointed to it for his friend to see. Denny gave him the thumbs up sign. Looks like he’ll be attending the honorific ceremony after all…

Chuck walked out of the observation deck still thinking about the Marksman’s Seal. It was for their shining moment during the previous battle. He recalled Denny spotting the enemy wizard whizzing past them. Other Ravenwing bikers began shooting at him but it was Chuck’s Multi-melta that sliced the Seer’s grav bike in half, sending him crashing onto the ground. Chuck surmised that was the last of him as he doubted their frail looking bodies could survive such an accident. His last memory of the battle was of spear wielding Eldar on jetbikes massacring one squad of Ravenwing and then headed straight for The Angel of Death. Scuttlebutt on the ship is that The Angel of Death was brought in along with the wounded and that his servitors were working on restoring the ancient grav bike. Of The Angel of Death they could say nothing more other than that he took four of his opponents down before falling himself. Chuck guessed he’d likely see him flying around in that relic again sometime soon. The man isn’t called The Angel of Death for nothing…

He came across the tech marine as he came around Hall 2-E. He had a sullen look and a contingent of servitors trailed after him. He heard them speaking in techno babble. He couldn’t understand a single word but no doubt they were discussing the recent event. Specifically when the Grand Master threatened to jettison them along with the garbage after the teleportation chamber malfunctioned in the recent battle, causing the Grand Master and his retinue to arrive too late to be of any help.

He opened the door to the garage and saw towering Vesuvius standing before him. The room was busy with servitors and tech apprentices working on the Ravenwing’s vehicles.

Uh oh… here it comes…

His eyes wondered around the room as the man went on with his tirade about how important the equipment were to the chapter and how hard they worked to maintain them and how he had a responsibility to take care of them… yada yada yada…

“Maybe you take care of my bikes this time!”

And all chuck could say was…

“Yes Sir!”

*Game: Alpha-Seek and Destroy *Players: Ricky(Eldar) vs Salubri(Death-Raven) *Result: Eldar Win (5 scoring units vs 4 scoring units)

Space Wolves 3rd Company

we came to hunt the fallen but instead came upon a different enemy

a new breed of eldar in a different style of fighting not previously recorded or reported

their rangers blended perfectly with the ruins heavy bolter fire could not move them

they picked off the pilots of our speeders with accuracy

while their jet bikes struck with deadly lances

scouts go out, study them, do not engage

we will crush them!

- Brother Regus -

Thursday, April 12, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 020 - Black Saturday 40k Action!

Date : April 7, 2007
Venue : Midnight's residence
Attendees : Midnight, Balian, Kyuzo with special appearance of Salubri later in the evening
Games of Choice : Warhammer 40k

Sorry guys, writing a storyline's taking longer than I thought so here's a summary first of what's happened. :)

Game 1 - Balian (Dark Angels with Daemonhunter Allies) vs. Kyuzo (Emperor's Children)
2000pts Cleanse Alpha (say, even the mission is themed with the Holy Week. lolz.)
Kyuzo wins with scoring units claiming three quarters against Balian's one.

Met up with Salubri later that evening for coffee at, where else, Starbucks. Even on a Black Saturday folks, the place did not disappoint. We even got to sit on a couch too!!! hehehe...

Terrain building update. Salubri able to make 4 building ruin pieces from foamboard. Cool!

Will try to post a storyline report before Meanderer can post theirs before 2008. Pramis! +P

It was morning, the husks of buildings casting weird shadows on the outskirts of what used to be a bustling city just a few weeks back. Never really cared to remember the name of this settlement, only the fleeting memory of its wanton destruction. And hopefully, before the day is over, that memory is about to be refreshed anew.

From our vantage point here at the city outskirts, activity can already be seen. The tell-tale contrails of Imperium transports tracing skywards. Dark figures moving furtively from structure to structure. The pattern of their movements is more deliberate and organized when they made planetfall, compared to that of the clumsier Imperial Guard. These are Space Marines, and judging by their colors, these must be a contingent of the Sons of El Johnson, though I sense a strange presence among them. Whoever they are, my instructions to my children were clear; they must be driven off this sector so as not to interfere with our plans.

Without further prompting, my children set forth on their mission. Brother Halus and his squad of havocs took the high ground, ready to choose their targets at will with missle and autocannon fire, while Brothers Furiax and Xarnon brought their respective havocs to the frontline. Brothers Ixius and Grax kept their noise marines slightly behind should the need for support fire arises.

It did not take long before our Enemy presented themselves to us. These are more heavily armed compared to the usual expeditionary force the Imperium would send. Then, did I realize the true nature of the strange presence that I've felt...

Daemonhosts! The Loyalist's feeble attempt at controlling the unstable power of the Warp and give it human form, though far from it. Some mad if not desperate being is leading this army, if he intends to harness the very substance of our existence against us. They shall pay dearly for this folly.

Brothers Furiax and Xarnon pressed forward, almost immediately you could hear the booming bass notes of blastmasters, combined with excellent shooting from Brother Halus, neutralizing the Dark Angels' jump troops from making any counterattack to our advance, at least for the time being.

This did not bode well for the defenders of the False Emperor, for their troubles were compounded when the daemonhosts turned on them as well, momentarily throwing them into disarray as they desperately try to regain their control over them. My children sensed that it is time they press their advantage.

Like a harbinger of death astride an iron steed. Brother Eidolon zooms into the fray, sent on engaging the nearest squad of marines even if it meant taking on two the daemonvessels at the vanguard, with Brother Zerus and his bikers closely behind in the hopes of flanking their fortification before they have a chance to return fire. Only the Daemonhosts were close enough to engage Brother Eidolon's advance, while the rest of the Enemy try to regroup. It is here where Brother Eidolon springs his trap.

Brother Eidolon, aided by the Dark Prince, summoned a coven of daemonettes to aid him, while Brother Zerus continued their blinding advance to the Unforgiven's now exposed flank. The daemonettes made short work of the daemonhosts, and quickly ran to the Dark Angels' firing line. The Dark Angels have yet to neutralize the first wave of daemons when Brother Zerus unleashed a second wave which was enough to break their resolve. Many space marines fell, dropping their guard to these pale svelte, exotic daemon women and their deadly charms. The Sons of the Lion fell back, albeit too easily, as if they have accomplished something important to them despite their great loss. Somehow, I do not think we have seen the last of them.

Journal of Brother Eleazar
Librarian, Dark Angels Fifth Company
Entry 040707

We are veterans of the Battle of the Sularian Gate. We serve the Emperor and hunt the Fallen.

To these vows we set out to the aid of Inquisitor Lord Quiroga, having picked-up a distress call sent out by one of his telepaths. We almost never trouble ourselves with the affairs of the inquisition, but Quiroga had information that is both valuable to us and sends a chill to our spine at the same time... in Quiroga we have someone outside the inner circle knowing about The Fallen...

Upon planetfall at Salvador I, we immediately located Quiroga, in battle with what I estimated to be half a company of the Emperor's Children. Supported only by his retinue, I say we just arrived in time to save him from utter doom. Upon deployment, we immediately felt something disturbing... something that caused us to hesitate... I am fearing blasphemy when I think that it could have been fear we felt... and we were quickly overwhelmed...

In the heat of battle Quiroga pointed out two of The Fallen among the traitors' ranks. We abandoned any thought of being victorius and just hunted the two Fallen at all cost. Upon accomplishing that, we withdrew, now with Quiroga and his knowledge.

It is clear that Quiroga knows of our secret crusade. In my opinion, my lord Ezekiel, it is to our best interest to keep him with us... to be able to hunt The Fallen down and figure out just exactly who this Quiroga is and how he knows what he knows. I sense something sinister, but what exactly I still have no clue.

For the Emperor

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 019 - Rabid Dogs and Barbed Wires

[Start Transmission: Grand Master Belial, Deathwing Company]

In answer to a call put thru by the Research Station on Arx. The Battle Barge, Defiance dropped out of warp space within the sector. As soon as we reached orbit, I sent out a Ravenwing scouting party to investigate. En route to Caliban, we earlier recieved word that traitor marines have been spotted in the area. Within hours the scouting party stumbled on a contingent of these traitors and our suspicions were confirmed.

It was unfortunate that they had scouts of their own and Sgt. Seth's Ravenwing were discovered. The enemy entrenched itself in an area with old walls... no doubt a ruin of the past wars when the vile Abaddon tried to enter Imperial Space thru this Sector, bypassing the Cadian Gate. Still, thru the use of their training they were able to secure good positions and advance into the enemy lines. Seizing this opportunity I ordered our battle hardened brethren to make ready to teleport as soon as the Ravenwing party gave their signal.

Sgt. Seth chose to break his unit up into combat squads and approach from both flanks of the enemy entrenchment. The signal came and the reserved Deathwing terminators, dropped one after another on the enemy's right flank. As the battle progressed I realized that it would be to our advantage should I throw the full weight of our Deathwing forces on a single flank. The theory proved correct as he tried to support his endangered right flank with their leaders and some fast moving bikers. However this was not enough to stop the righteous fury of the Deathwing. We finished them off with a final melee that saw the death of their leaders as well. I ordered Sgt. Seth to lead a team of ravenwing bikers to hunt down the stragglers. None must escape.

It is worth mentioning that after the battle we surveyed the dead bodies of the traitors. They closely resembled a mix between wolves and man. I recall that their fighting style closely mirrors that of the barbarians from Fenris. But these... abominations can not truly be of their kin... not even the Wolves would don armor worn by the chaos traitors. This... I find strange...

[End Transmission]

Youngest Wolf Lord, Space Wolves 13th Company
Entry 033107 - by Rune Priest Hjarrand

We were roused by the scent of smoke and the roar of engines. In this isolated world we now call Kievan Rus, it can only mean one thing... confrontation.

Lord Gunnar mustered the Storm Claws and, along with Wolf Priest Thorolf, set out to take the fight to the potential enemy. I stayed long enough to set-up the firing line for the Long Fangs, and then moved forward with the Slayers to lend support to Gunnar and his Claws, with our fenrisian wolves running point. I have, time and again, advised the young wolf against using speed and cunning exclusively in every battle. Evidently, Gunnar still has a lot to learn, and I hope for the warband's own good he does.

We covered a lot of ground in our advance, but the main force of the enemy appeared in the flank where we did not expect them to be. In hindsight, even if we covered that flank, we would not have been able to break through their lines... or even stop their advance. Our fast reaction was not enough, and our Long Fangs could not give the full might of their firepower to bear given their initial deployment. It was like water hitting stone.

Speed, cunning and the strength of our Lord Gunnar and the Storm Claws have given us a number of victories, but this time our strength was not enough to cleave through the enemy's battle lines. We were forced to withdraw and redraw our battle line... maybe for another day...

We still don't know the purpose of the enemy we faced... what they were doing in Kievan Rus... they have the markings of the Sons of the Lion, but their armour's colour were far different the last time we saw them... and that was before we went in the Eye.

There was a time when we knew who our enemies were. That time is long gone. We are alone...


Intercept Code: Catachan IG.
Transmission: Gonza V to Battleship Righteous Vengeance
Verification: 90.45.01 (confirmed)

Start Transmission: 10.32
Abort Refuelling - We have made contact with a local from the settlement on Therex XI and cannot secure the landing zone designated *Touchdown*.

We are confronted by fortifications being built on the outskirts of Therex. The surrounding swamplands are cleared about 500 m from the first bunkers. The village itself looks like it went through several years of conflict. The native we recovered - Uwe Neiner told us the attackers came only a week before - enslaving the villagers and then forcing those into labor. I cannot pretend to understand the workings behind the minds of such a cruel horde. The silver armour with yellow and black trimmings mark them out to be the cursed Iron Warriors once, the Emperium's finest siegemasters. Now they are here, led by a ten foot daemon whose armour seemed to have fused with his flesh.

End Transmission

Start Transmission: 14.32
We have moved our vantage position as the Iron Warriors started to scan the perimeter. My fear is that they've detected our transmission but the level of alert indicated the Iron Warriors were interested in something more.

The awful detonation of large demolisher shells marked the first locations where the Iron Warriors suspected their attackers to be seeking cover. Then we saw them break cover - they looked like Space Marines but their armour was mixed with Chaos markings. Their attack was at once fierce - seeking to overwhelm the Iron Warriors through their speed. These attackers were easily able to get through the defences and engage the well-entreched Iron Warrior defenders.

The Space Marine (if he was still loyal to the Emperor) leader drove his bike straight into a wall of Iron Warriors taking on all comers. He eventually bested even the 10 foot tall monster before being felled by a demolisher shell that fell a meter from his bike. With their leader gone and most of their number dead or injuired, the remaining attackers slipped back into the swamps. Even now I can still hear their awful howling...

Priority request for evacuation Lt. Duncan. Catachan 23rd.

End Transmission

Sunday, March 25, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 018 - 240 (minutes)

Meanderer's Sons of Light Vs SigismundV2's Black Templars
2,000 pts. - Seek and Destroy - Gamma

Wait for it!
Sons of light prepare to protect the right flank.

Tug of War
Sons of light chaplain tells his men to "Hold the line".
Sigismund's Templar chaplain says "Stay with me!".

Good old fashioned flaming!
The Meanderer prepares to cook some power armored marines.

Bold and Daring!
The Meanderer teleports his Grey knights into battle.
Sigismund decides to ignore it. :D

The Waiting Game
Kyuzo and Salubri thinking the same thing. "We should be playing poker!"

Ultramarines Vs Balian's Angels of Salvation (vanilla rules)
2,000 pts. - Take and Hold - Gamma

After 240 minutes of pure tear jerking, blood spattering and mind boggling action (in a table top gaming sense) between SigismundV2 and the Meanderer, we were finally able to stretch our warhammer muscles. Balian and I proceeded to show our friends that it IS possible to finish a game in 2 hours or less. O:D

Salubri's Account

The terrain promised a bloody battle as both our armies relied on heavy assault and little fire support. The clumping of the buildings in and around the center of the table also made sure that both sides would have to go down and dirty to grab the center. With this in mind I placed my devastators, whirlwind and sniper scouts at the right side of the table where they will be away from the fighting but with a good view of Balian's fire support units. Next I placed the chaplain assisted assault squad and vindicator near the center and behind the cluster of buildings where they could move unharassed by the enemy guns, should I needed to cross and take the fight to him. The librarian and bikes went to the left of my formation where they can do a flanking maneuver when the fighting at the center starts.

When the fighting began the plans went out the window. As soon as balian saw my bikes maneuvering to crash on his right, he started moving his army to the center and away from the bikes. It was fortunate that this caused him to bunch up in the center of the table, giving my ahem... sniper vindicator and the whirlwind plenty of targets. We were caught by surprise when a squad of incinerator armed grey knights dropped in front of one of the buildings and in one round of shooting took out a tac squad and *accidentaly hit the land speeder behind it. Two potent psykers battled for supremacy over the warp with Balian's man proving the stronger in a test of will. Both psykers did very little damage though and the game was eventually decided with a mass melee that ensued around the 3rd turn and lasted into the 4th turn. With the Chaplain and his assault squad commiting themselves to a melee with 3 (or 4) squads I had to break the original plan of getting the bikes to his side and rear and rush to the center to aid the beleaguered troops. The librarian makes it just in time to even the odds and left behind his bike squad to finish off the calidus assasin.

Balian takes the objective at the end of the 4th turn as I didn't have enough forces to secure or contest. The assault squad was chopped to bits and the librarian down to one wound. The Angels of Salvation though, now has a new opening for the post of "Epistolary". :D

Result: Salubri wins by victory point count!
Time : 1 hour and 30 minutes


Just Happy it's over
After 4 hours of waiting. Salubri and Balian got to play! :D

Huddling in the corner
Ultramarines deploy behind buildings and and stay out of sight

The bloody business!
Ultramarine assault squad with chaplain charges into the frey in a bid for the objective.

Barn Brawl!
Angels of Salvation Characters rush to defend the objective.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Q: Spartans what's your profession!?!

A: Dogs {awoo! awoo! awoo!}

So who can play this weekend? I'm free saturday and so is the Meanderer I think. Midnight will your place be available? those of you who are playing kindly post here or just give confirmation on the chatbox.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Reawakening the Fleet

Here's my contribution to HGR. It's mirrored from my KB but it felt cohesive to the literary stream here.

Since Necrons don't keep records like normal humans do, I decided to take an external point-of-view for it. I will follow the progress of a radical faction Inquisitor. He encountered the awakening of a Necron tomb fleet and has made repeated engagements against it. What follows are his accounts of said and future engagements.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Announcemento Desu!

After briefly destroying the blog while I was feeling like Sylar ("let's see how it works!"), I managed to get it back up again. hehe...

I redesigned it with a 1024 x 768 resolution so as yet, I have no idea what it looks like on other resolutions. Maybe the header will look crazy. This time around, ahem... unlike yesterday I checked it on both Internet explorer and Firefox. Looks fine to me.

I'm thinking of adding the army gallery on the sidebar so those of you with digicams start taking pictures of your figs and send it to me. Piktyuran nyo na rin yung mga sarili ninyo wag nyo lang akong bigyan nang pang friendster na pic! (friendster pic= half naked pics of self, obviously taken after working out. :P ) . Also a write up about yourself and the army might be a good idea. Para naman hindi puros sariling kathang isip ko ang ilagay ko dyan. ehi! At ang write up, wag yung pang friendster! :P

Sylar este... Ryan
p.s. Wala pa yung battle report ni lesther! lolz
9 more moths to 2008. lolz

Monday, February 26, 2007

Town Cryer Cries Again!!!

Just a few words from yours truly.

First I'd like to inform everyone that Balian and Salubri will most likely (to be confirmed) go to galleria this weekend to go on a marathon WFB session. If you have a WFB army, might as well make a 2k list (proxies are fine as long as they don't look like pepsi bottles :P ).

Second, I'd also like to advise that if you wish to post a picture please do not use photobucket as your host. Photobucket can be very slow and in the interest of making our blog load as quickly as possible I'd suggest finding an alternative host for it that you've proven to be quite fast. Me personally I prefer using

Yun lang po.

Hmm... those aren't a few words. Okay. I lieeed. mwahahaha!

p.s: Kung pwede sa inyo Midnight mas okay yun! :D

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ripped from Bolter and Chainsword


• Grandmaster – Azarael
Wargear Krak & Frag grenades, bolt pistol, Protector (artificer armour), Lion Helm (provides invulnerable save for Azarael and any unit he joins), Sword of Secrets(MC Power weapon +2S) and Lions Wrath (MC Combi plasma).

• Belial – Master of the Deathwing
- Wargear Terminator armour, storm bolter and Sword of Silence
- May change weapons to lightning claws or Thunder hammer/Storm shield for free.
- If Belial is included in an army one Terminator squad may be upgraded to a Deathwing command squad (Deathwing standard bearer and Apothecary).

• Sammael – Master of the Ravenwing
- Wargear Power Armour, Frag & Krak Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Iron Halo, Raven Sword, Adamantine Mantle, Jetbike (armed with TL-Storm Bolters & under slung Plasma Cannon)
- May switch to his Land Speeder in which case he now counts as a vehicle and wargear becomes ceremonial (having no in-game use). Shield of night now provides AV14 front and sides.
- If Sammael is included in a army one attack squadron may be upgraded to a Ravenwing command squad (Ravenwing standard bearer and Apothecary).

• Company Master (Master of the 3rd, 4th and 5th companies)
- May take a five man command squad but doesn’t have to join them.

• Ezekiel – Grandmaster of the Librarians
- Wargear Frag & Krak grenades, Secrets Shield (Artificer Armour), Deliver (MC Bolt Pistol), Traitor’s Bane (MC Force Weapon), Book of Salvation (all DA units within 12” are Fearless), and Psychic Hood, comes with both DA Psyker powers plus Mindworm.

• Dark Angels Librarian
- Pretty much the same as codex Space Marines except has two unique powers – Hellfire (Template str2D6-2 APD6) and Force Barrier (once per turn LD test ignore damage (not effective against psycannons/C’tan etc)).

• Dark Angels Chaplain
- Pretty much the same as codex Space Marines, may be upgraded to Interrogator Chaplains
- May take Terminator armour, bikes or Jump Packs.

• Dark Angels Command squads (max 5 models) are a HQ choice but do not take up a HQ slot you can take one for IC but they do not automatically form a retinue and may separate.


• Deathwing Terminator squad
- Squad Size is five models (no more/no less).
- All members of the Deathwing are fearless
- Only one heavy weapon per squad (One assault cannon, one Cyclone launcher or one heavy flamer).
- Squad can include a mixture of standard and close combat terminators.
- Uses special rule ‘Deathwing Assault’ up to 50% of terminator squads may deepstrike in the first turn without having to roll for deepstrike.
- Terminators are cheaper than the old Dark Angel codex but more expensive than Codex Space Marine Terminators
- Terminator standard equipment includes teleport homers.

• Company Veterans squad
- Base of five models and up to an additional five (although a max. squad of ten is needed to use the rule ‘combat squads’).
- Can take a mixture of weaponry (combi-weapons, storm bolters, special and heavy weapons).

• Techmarines
- Counts as elites but does not use an Elite slot in the FoC.
- One Techmarine may be taken for each non transport vehicle included in an army.

• Dark Angels Scout Squad
- Base is five marines and veteran sgt.
- May include a further five scouts.
- Armed with Krak, Frag and bolt pistol and one of the following as standard – Bolter, Shotgun or Close Combat weapon.
- Shotgun is now S4 (Manstopper rounds)
- Rest of options similar to scout squads.


• Tactical squad
- Uses ‘combat squads’ rule
- May take a special weapon if five marines and a special and heavy weapon if ten marines (heavy weapon includes plasma cannon)

• Ravenwing Attack squadron (If Master of the Ravenwing taken).

• Deathwing Terminator Squad (If Master of the Deathwing taken).

Fast Attack

• Assault squad
- Uses ‘combat squads’ rule
- May remove jump packs to count as infantry and can take a Rhino or Drop pod at no additional points cost.

• Ravenwing Attack Squadron
- Base of three bikes (may add another three to a maximum of six.
- All Ravenwing bikes are fearless.
- All Ravenwing bikes (including attack bikes) come with teleport homers and Scout USR as standard
- Two bikes may take a special weapon (flamer, melta or plasma at a points cost).
- Attack bike can be added as standard
- If squadron consists of maximum bikes (six) then a land speeder Tornado may be added.
- Squadron is deployed at the same time but may be separated into four scoring units (2x3 bikes, 1 x attack bike and 1 x land speeder Tornado).

• Ravenwing Support Squadron
- Base is one land speeder.
- May include up to four more land speeders, one may be a Tornado and one more a Typhoon.

Heavy Support

• Devastators
- May use ‘combat’ squads rule allowing squad to be split into 2x5 marines; this allows you to split out heavy weapons into two units.

Vehicle information

• Vehicles come with searchlights and smoke launchers as standard equipment.

• Drop pods and Predator annihilators (w/lascannon sponsons) more expensive all other vehicles remain at the same price or are cheaper.

• Whirlwinds have an option for incendiary missiles that remove cover saves.

• Dreadnoughts may take a Plasmacannon or Twin-linked Autocannon.

General Information

• All Dark Angels power armoured squads come with krak, frag and bolt pistols as standard
• All Dark Angels squads are led by veteran sergeants.

• Standards of Fortitude, Devastation and Retribution now come under a single classification of ‘sacred standard’ and require a interrogator chaplain in the army to use.

• No veteran skills available to Dark Angels.

• Codex follows the same format as the recently released Eldar codex.

• ‘Combat squads’ used for many selections, base is five models and then may be given another five models for a maximum of 10. When deployed unit may be split into two separate scoring units.

• Jink Save for the Ravenwing is gone.

• Stubborn and Intractable are gone.

• Rules for Cypher are not included in the codex

• No Mortis Dreadnought in the codex.

Miniature Information

• Several new HQ models including two new captains (already seen) along with remakes of named characters.

• Dark Angels upgrade sprue (similar to the Black Templars one but of better quality), icons for vehicle upgrades (no separate door sets). Including Deathwing parts and robed bodies.

• New Ravenwing sprue (including parts for the MotRW landspeeder)

• New Land Speeder sprue including parts for Tornado and Typhoon.

• Armydeal (Dark Angels) and Battleforce (Ravenwing) will be available

• New model for Cypher.

• Cypher is getting a new model. The new model of Cypher is confirmed, due for a late release. The model is in a pose crossed between the Emperor's champion and the LOTR Witch King. I hope you get what I mean. He is looking slightly downwards, and is armed with a very nice sword and some pistol I didn't recognise. (source Destris)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

From Warseer...

Plastic Dev Sprues?!

Devastator Sprue 1

Devastator Sprue 2

Aaarrrggghhh!!! =((

Sunday, February 11, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 016 - Revisting Galleria...

February 10, 2007...

Venue: Neutral Grounds Galleria
Attendees: Balian, Salubri, Kyuzo, Sigismund with special appearance of Justin, Mike Monroe and Adrian

A sudden gathering of the Regulars over at Neutral Grounds Galleria. First Regulars gathering in NG for the year 2007!

Game 1: Balian's 13th Company vs. Salubri's Deathwing
Scenario: 2000pts Seek and Destroy Level: Gamma

Salubri's Perspective:

I came lugging my compact Deathwing and half expecting Balian to bring his famed Steel Falcons only to realize he brought 13th Company instead. Battle strategy out the window! Shooting would not be so much a factor as the terrain was urban and the resulting randomization caused them to bunch up(not to mention all the cyclone launchers missed for 5 turns!!! ). The battle would later be decided in the assault phase.

Come deployment I spread the 3 units of tactical terminators( 1 assault cannon and 1 cyclone on each copy pasted thrice. :D ) on my deployment zone and held 3 units including the Grand Master in reserve. I figured it would prevent him from using his numbers against my tiny force and hopefully delay him long enough for the arrival of the 3 reserves via teleport homer. Balian, benefiting from playing too much Total War decided to strike at my left flank. Good tactic as the unit he commited were bikes and could easily move in and out while the rest of the termies from the battle line will be unable to catch up. His plans were interupted by the sudden arrival of two teleporting squads including the Grand Master. This caused him to engage in a protracted melee as the free terminator units had a field day in shooting the rest of his walking troops that were then trying to cross the table to where the assault was happening.

When the dust settled, only the Rune Priest and two stragglers from the bike squads were left. Both the Grand Master and the Wolf Lord sold their lives dearly for their respective chapters! Last minute moves weren't enough to cause a victory run as my teleporting Assault Terminators ended up deviating to my deployment zone. Kudos to Emcee for being "Rusty". ;)

Kyuzo's Account:

As expected between these two, having known each other's strategies after months of playing against each other, the exchanges were equally exciting and bloody game-wise. Arrived to see the last turn of this game with Balian's bikers doing dangerous risks in getting into the Deathwing lines by crashing through cover to get into close combat.

Result: Draw (with Balian having a slight edge in VP about 110 pts. or so)

Game 2: Balian's 13th Company vs. Kyuzo's Emperor's Children
Scenario: Cleanse Level: Alpha


I got to choose this one after winning out on strategy rating. Suddenly realized I might have been a little hasty in choosing Cleanse as a scenario after remembering Balian normally fields two squads of bikes as well as a teleporting rune priest with melta gun toting Space Wolves.

Game got underway with Balian's rune priest teleporting just a couple of inches right next to my leftmost defiler, which predictably blew later in the turn. This cleared the way for his two squads of bikes to get a chance of entering my home quarter. Luckily, my second squad of daemonettes coming in on the third turn was able to stop the bikes' advance and practically took out both squads except for one Lt on bike. My first squad of daemonettes was able to take out the Wolf Lord on bike which was locked in combat with my Lt on bike and was almost able to finish off one of the Long Fang squads if it weren't for a falling back squad of Space Wolves with flamers which targetted my Lt but took out more daemonettes by what I would best call "by strategic accident". Teleporting rune priest and squad took out the second defiler which also took with it some Space Wolves in the explosion as well as the third defiler in the succeeding turn. Mental note to remember to use smoke launchers next time. Remaining units on the table by 6th turn was a full squad of daemonettes taking one quarter, my Daemon Prince left with one wound, and a non-scoring noise marine squad while Balian was left with his Space Wolf Lt on bike.

Result: Win for Kyuzo (One scoring unit holding one quarter to none)

Other Highlights:

Apologies to Sigismund who was able to bring an army but was a little late in arriving so that we can possibly squeeze in one more game. We'll try to make it up to you next time Dude. Would help if you can come a little earlier next time. ;)

Some thoughts of playing WFB as early as March once 40k Gladiator and the 40k 1000pt tourney is done this month. The Dark Elves coming back out after a long hiatus? Abangan!

Mike Monroe also passed by so that I could trade some bitz with him. Too bad he was in a hurry and with no army so that he could've been able to play.

We left Galleria a little earlier than usual since Salubri needed to go home a little earlier than usual. We ended up having takeout pizza and mojos at his house with a small game of heads-up poker using dice as poker chips. Ended the evening with Kyuzo having the chip lead followed by Balian and Salubri.

Till next time.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Le Deadwing

Dark Angels Preview

"With the Dark Angels Codex set to be released very soon, we can give you your first taste of what's new in this book. Some of the changes to the Dark Angels rules include the ability to break units into Combat Squads, the ability to form mixed armies instead of solely Ravenwing or Deathwing, enhanced equipment, and the new Deathwing Assault rule that allows a powerful force of Deathwing Terminators to Deep Strike in the 1st turn. For all the details on these rules, grab your copy of the Codex: Dark Angels."

Isn't that cool? I think that's cool. :D

On another note I'll turn all my unpainted marines into Blood Angels. Heck I'll even sculpt the curly hair on them. :D Heck maybe I'll buy 3 baals too if they ever get to the stores here. lolz

"Now. Who wants a piece of Alexander!?" <- Taunt designed to demoralize the real men in your enemy's army. lolz

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Saturday Game Anyone?

So who's free to play this saturday? Di pa sure ang venue. Midnight okay ba sa inyo? If not Galleria na lang pero di pa sure yan. I'll need to call them up first.

Reply na lang dito ang mga pwede. Or kung hindi pa nakakapagupdate nang account yung isa dyan sa tagboard ka na lang sumagot. :P

Monday, January 29, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 015 - Starting 2007 With A Big Ordinance Template...

January 28, 2007...

Venue : Midnight's Residence, Somewhere in the concrete jungle of Quezon City
Attendees : Midnight, Kyuzo and Balian with special appearance of Baby Mia and Power Ranger Maki...

Game 1: Midnight's Space Wolves vs. Balian's Steel Falcons
Scenario: 2000pts Seek and Destroy Level: Alpha

Wasn't able to see much of this game since I had to distract Power Ranger Maki into helping me out in taking pictures of Midnight's painted minis and WIP's so that Midnight and Balian can bash each others brains out in relative peace and quiet (pardon the pun). Aggresive play from both sides early on with the Space Wolves initiating a forward charge to Balian's solid firebase. FOTA was also played a key role in some rounds but the determined charge by the Space Wolves kept things to an even standing. Game ended with Balian and Midnight with 5 scoring units each remaining on the battlefield.

Result: Draw (with Balian with a slight edge on VP if counted).

Game 2: Midnight's Space Wolves vs. Kyuzo's Emperor's Children
Scenario: 2000pts Cleanse Level: Omega

Escalation proved difficult to daemon-bomb effectively (Kyuzo's Lt on bike and Daemon Prince can only come in on the 2nd turn at the earliest) except via infiltrating squads or summoning becomes successful later in the 3rd turn.

By third turn Kyuzo did a risky bordering on foolhardy move of turbo-boosting his Lt in the midst of a sea of Space Wolves and heroically survive a torrent of shooting, only to be fully surrounded in close combat (thus, nullifying the opportunity to summon) and subsequently destroyed by a $#!^-load of powerfists (Space Wolves can carry two PF's per squad?!). It proved to be a blessing in disguise as consolidating units ended up in neat clusters for defiler target practice.

Daemonettes and DP were effective in dessimating at least 3 squads of troops, two predators and 1 landspeeder between them. Random game length proved a disadvantage to the Emperor's Children as one defiler blew up in last round heroics by remaining SW landspeeder squadron.

Result : Draw (Midnight's Space Wolves with edge in VP 1396 to 1344)