Monday, February 26, 2007

Town Cryer Cries Again!!!

Just a few words from yours truly.

First I'd like to inform everyone that Balian and Salubri will most likely (to be confirmed) go to galleria this weekend to go on a marathon WFB session. If you have a WFB army, might as well make a 2k list (proxies are fine as long as they don't look like pepsi bottles :P ).

Second, I'd also like to advise that if you wish to post a picture please do not use photobucket as your host. Photobucket can be very slow and in the interest of making our blog load as quickly as possible I'd suggest finding an alternative host for it that you've proven to be quite fast. Me personally I prefer using

Yun lang po.

Hmm... those aren't a few words. Okay. I lieeed. mwahahaha!

p.s: Kung pwede sa inyo Midnight mas okay yun! :D

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ripped from Bolter and Chainsword


• Grandmaster – Azarael
Wargear Krak & Frag grenades, bolt pistol, Protector (artificer armour), Lion Helm (provides invulnerable save for Azarael and any unit he joins), Sword of Secrets(MC Power weapon +2S) and Lions Wrath (MC Combi plasma).

• Belial – Master of the Deathwing
- Wargear Terminator armour, storm bolter and Sword of Silence
- May change weapons to lightning claws or Thunder hammer/Storm shield for free.
- If Belial is included in an army one Terminator squad may be upgraded to a Deathwing command squad (Deathwing standard bearer and Apothecary).

• Sammael – Master of the Ravenwing
- Wargear Power Armour, Frag & Krak Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Iron Halo, Raven Sword, Adamantine Mantle, Jetbike (armed with TL-Storm Bolters & under slung Plasma Cannon)
- May switch to his Land Speeder in which case he now counts as a vehicle and wargear becomes ceremonial (having no in-game use). Shield of night now provides AV14 front and sides.
- If Sammael is included in a army one attack squadron may be upgraded to a Ravenwing command squad (Ravenwing standard bearer and Apothecary).

• Company Master (Master of the 3rd, 4th and 5th companies)
- May take a five man command squad but doesn’t have to join them.

• Ezekiel – Grandmaster of the Librarians
- Wargear Frag & Krak grenades, Secrets Shield (Artificer Armour), Deliver (MC Bolt Pistol), Traitor’s Bane (MC Force Weapon), Book of Salvation (all DA units within 12” are Fearless), and Psychic Hood, comes with both DA Psyker powers plus Mindworm.

• Dark Angels Librarian
- Pretty much the same as codex Space Marines except has two unique powers – Hellfire (Template str2D6-2 APD6) and Force Barrier (once per turn LD test ignore damage (not effective against psycannons/C’tan etc)).

• Dark Angels Chaplain
- Pretty much the same as codex Space Marines, may be upgraded to Interrogator Chaplains
- May take Terminator armour, bikes or Jump Packs.

• Dark Angels Command squads (max 5 models) are a HQ choice but do not take up a HQ slot you can take one for IC but they do not automatically form a retinue and may separate.


• Deathwing Terminator squad
- Squad Size is five models (no more/no less).
- All members of the Deathwing are fearless
- Only one heavy weapon per squad (One assault cannon, one Cyclone launcher or one heavy flamer).
- Squad can include a mixture of standard and close combat terminators.
- Uses special rule ‘Deathwing Assault’ up to 50% of terminator squads may deepstrike in the first turn without having to roll for deepstrike.
- Terminators are cheaper than the old Dark Angel codex but more expensive than Codex Space Marine Terminators
- Terminator standard equipment includes teleport homers.

• Company Veterans squad
- Base of five models and up to an additional five (although a max. squad of ten is needed to use the rule ‘combat squads’).
- Can take a mixture of weaponry (combi-weapons, storm bolters, special and heavy weapons).

• Techmarines
- Counts as elites but does not use an Elite slot in the FoC.
- One Techmarine may be taken for each non transport vehicle included in an army.

• Dark Angels Scout Squad
- Base is five marines and veteran sgt.
- May include a further five scouts.
- Armed with Krak, Frag and bolt pistol and one of the following as standard – Bolter, Shotgun or Close Combat weapon.
- Shotgun is now S4 (Manstopper rounds)
- Rest of options similar to scout squads.


• Tactical squad
- Uses ‘combat squads’ rule
- May take a special weapon if five marines and a special and heavy weapon if ten marines (heavy weapon includes plasma cannon)

• Ravenwing Attack squadron (If Master of the Ravenwing taken).

• Deathwing Terminator Squad (If Master of the Deathwing taken).

Fast Attack

• Assault squad
- Uses ‘combat squads’ rule
- May remove jump packs to count as infantry and can take a Rhino or Drop pod at no additional points cost.

• Ravenwing Attack Squadron
- Base of three bikes (may add another three to a maximum of six.
- All Ravenwing bikes are fearless.
- All Ravenwing bikes (including attack bikes) come with teleport homers and Scout USR as standard
- Two bikes may take a special weapon (flamer, melta or plasma at a points cost).
- Attack bike can be added as standard
- If squadron consists of maximum bikes (six) then a land speeder Tornado may be added.
- Squadron is deployed at the same time but may be separated into four scoring units (2x3 bikes, 1 x attack bike and 1 x land speeder Tornado).

• Ravenwing Support Squadron
- Base is one land speeder.
- May include up to four more land speeders, one may be a Tornado and one more a Typhoon.

Heavy Support

• Devastators
- May use ‘combat’ squads rule allowing squad to be split into 2x5 marines; this allows you to split out heavy weapons into two units.

Vehicle information

• Vehicles come with searchlights and smoke launchers as standard equipment.

• Drop pods and Predator annihilators (w/lascannon sponsons) more expensive all other vehicles remain at the same price or are cheaper.

• Whirlwinds have an option for incendiary missiles that remove cover saves.

• Dreadnoughts may take a Plasmacannon or Twin-linked Autocannon.

General Information

• All Dark Angels power armoured squads come with krak, frag and bolt pistols as standard
• All Dark Angels squads are led by veteran sergeants.

• Standards of Fortitude, Devastation and Retribution now come under a single classification of ‘sacred standard’ and require a interrogator chaplain in the army to use.

• No veteran skills available to Dark Angels.

• Codex follows the same format as the recently released Eldar codex.

• ‘Combat squads’ used for many selections, base is five models and then may be given another five models for a maximum of 10. When deployed unit may be split into two separate scoring units.

• Jink Save for the Ravenwing is gone.

• Stubborn and Intractable are gone.

• Rules for Cypher are not included in the codex

• No Mortis Dreadnought in the codex.

Miniature Information

• Several new HQ models including two new captains (already seen) along with remakes of named characters.

• Dark Angels upgrade sprue (similar to the Black Templars one but of better quality), icons for vehicle upgrades (no separate door sets). Including Deathwing parts and robed bodies.

• New Ravenwing sprue (including parts for the MotRW landspeeder)

• New Land Speeder sprue including parts for Tornado and Typhoon.

• Armydeal (Dark Angels) and Battleforce (Ravenwing) will be available

• New model for Cypher.

• Cypher is getting a new model. The new model of Cypher is confirmed, due for a late release. The model is in a pose crossed between the Emperor's champion and the LOTR Witch King. I hope you get what I mean. He is looking slightly downwards, and is armed with a very nice sword and some pistol I didn't recognise. (source Destris)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

From Warseer...

Plastic Dev Sprues?!

Devastator Sprue 1

Devastator Sprue 2

Aaarrrggghhh!!! =((

Sunday, February 11, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 016 - Revisting Galleria...

February 10, 2007...

Venue: Neutral Grounds Galleria
Attendees: Balian, Salubri, Kyuzo, Sigismund with special appearance of Justin, Mike Monroe and Adrian

A sudden gathering of the Regulars over at Neutral Grounds Galleria. First Regulars gathering in NG for the year 2007!

Game 1: Balian's 13th Company vs. Salubri's Deathwing
Scenario: 2000pts Seek and Destroy Level: Gamma

Salubri's Perspective:

I came lugging my compact Deathwing and half expecting Balian to bring his famed Steel Falcons only to realize he brought 13th Company instead. Battle strategy out the window! Shooting would not be so much a factor as the terrain was urban and the resulting randomization caused them to bunch up(not to mention all the cyclone launchers missed for 5 turns!!! ). The battle would later be decided in the assault phase.

Come deployment I spread the 3 units of tactical terminators( 1 assault cannon and 1 cyclone on each copy pasted thrice. :D ) on my deployment zone and held 3 units including the Grand Master in reserve. I figured it would prevent him from using his numbers against my tiny force and hopefully delay him long enough for the arrival of the 3 reserves via teleport homer. Balian, benefiting from playing too much Total War decided to strike at my left flank. Good tactic as the unit he commited were bikes and could easily move in and out while the rest of the termies from the battle line will be unable to catch up. His plans were interupted by the sudden arrival of two teleporting squads including the Grand Master. This caused him to engage in a protracted melee as the free terminator units had a field day in shooting the rest of his walking troops that were then trying to cross the table to where the assault was happening.

When the dust settled, only the Rune Priest and two stragglers from the bike squads were left. Both the Grand Master and the Wolf Lord sold their lives dearly for their respective chapters! Last minute moves weren't enough to cause a victory run as my teleporting Assault Terminators ended up deviating to my deployment zone. Kudos to Emcee for being "Rusty". ;)

Kyuzo's Account:

As expected between these two, having known each other's strategies after months of playing against each other, the exchanges were equally exciting and bloody game-wise. Arrived to see the last turn of this game with Balian's bikers doing dangerous risks in getting into the Deathwing lines by crashing through cover to get into close combat.

Result: Draw (with Balian having a slight edge in VP about 110 pts. or so)

Game 2: Balian's 13th Company vs. Kyuzo's Emperor's Children
Scenario: Cleanse Level: Alpha


I got to choose this one after winning out on strategy rating. Suddenly realized I might have been a little hasty in choosing Cleanse as a scenario after remembering Balian normally fields two squads of bikes as well as a teleporting rune priest with melta gun toting Space Wolves.

Game got underway with Balian's rune priest teleporting just a couple of inches right next to my leftmost defiler, which predictably blew later in the turn. This cleared the way for his two squads of bikes to get a chance of entering my home quarter. Luckily, my second squad of daemonettes coming in on the third turn was able to stop the bikes' advance and practically took out both squads except for one Lt on bike. My first squad of daemonettes was able to take out the Wolf Lord on bike which was locked in combat with my Lt on bike and was almost able to finish off one of the Long Fang squads if it weren't for a falling back squad of Space Wolves with flamers which targetted my Lt but took out more daemonettes by what I would best call "by strategic accident". Teleporting rune priest and squad took out the second defiler which also took with it some Space Wolves in the explosion as well as the third defiler in the succeeding turn. Mental note to remember to use smoke launchers next time. Remaining units on the table by 6th turn was a full squad of daemonettes taking one quarter, my Daemon Prince left with one wound, and a non-scoring noise marine squad while Balian was left with his Space Wolf Lt on bike.

Result: Win for Kyuzo (One scoring unit holding one quarter to none)

Other Highlights:

Apologies to Sigismund who was able to bring an army but was a little late in arriving so that we can possibly squeeze in one more game. We'll try to make it up to you next time Dude. Would help if you can come a little earlier next time. ;)

Some thoughts of playing WFB as early as March once 40k Gladiator and the 40k 1000pt tourney is done this month. The Dark Elves coming back out after a long hiatus? Abangan!

Mike Monroe also passed by so that I could trade some bitz with him. Too bad he was in a hurry and with no army so that he could've been able to play.

We left Galleria a little earlier than usual since Salubri needed to go home a little earlier than usual. We ended up having takeout pizza and mojos at his house with a small game of heads-up poker using dice as poker chips. Ended the evening with Kyuzo having the chip lead followed by Balian and Salubri.

Till next time.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Le Deadwing

Dark Angels Preview

"With the Dark Angels Codex set to be released very soon, we can give you your first taste of what's new in this book. Some of the changes to the Dark Angels rules include the ability to break units into Combat Squads, the ability to form mixed armies instead of solely Ravenwing or Deathwing, enhanced equipment, and the new Deathwing Assault rule that allows a powerful force of Deathwing Terminators to Deep Strike in the 1st turn. For all the details on these rules, grab your copy of the Codex: Dark Angels."

Isn't that cool? I think that's cool. :D

On another note I'll turn all my unpainted marines into Blood Angels. Heck I'll even sculpt the curly hair on them. :D Heck maybe I'll buy 3 baals too if they ever get to the stores here. lolz

"Now. Who wants a piece of Alexander!?" <- Taunt designed to demoralize the real men in your enemy's army. lolz

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Saturday Game Anyone?

So who's free to play this saturday? Di pa sure ang venue. Midnight okay ba sa inyo? If not Galleria na lang pero di pa sure yan. I'll need to call them up first.

Reply na lang dito ang mga pwede. Or kung hindi pa nakakapagupdate nang account yung isa dyan sa tagboard ka na lang sumagot. :P