Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Beast of The Warp

January 11, 2009 - Saturday
Game 2
1500 Points – Spearhead – Capture and control
Mike (Ultramarines) vs Mike 2 (Chaos Demons Slanesh)

We received an urgent “Patrol - Seek and Destroy” order from Inquisitor______* to the Planet Aegis 7 classed as a Forge world . And Reports of a newly detected anomaly was the target of the Patrol.

M41.78.01.13 – Planet Side
After an uneventful warp to system, we immediately setup a Command base within striking distance of the Objective; the Patrol was to be a Textbook Spearhead maneuver. Brother Librarian Sevein leaded the Patrol. Adorning himself with Dreadnought Tactical Armor and taking 4 Tactical Squads 2 of them in Rhinos, a Landraider w/ Dreadnought Tactical Armor Assault Squad.

As we approached the anomaly Brother Librarian Sevein barked out “Beware, I feel the presence of foul demons, brothers!” The air around went still as a number of demons materialize from the warp, Daemons of old on beast of abomination (Blood crushers)! And large demons whose body on defilers (Soul grinders)! “Stand fast my brothers!” Sevein said. We quickly assaulted the foul beast, counting on the ferocity of our attacks, the Blood crushers succumb to out attack, while small foul wiry beast shot us with lightning bolts, and we duly answered back with our holy bolters! As one beast fell many more appeared, “looks like were in it for the long haul brothers!” our sergeant said. The landraider shot its lascannons in support of our assaults. We fought long and hard, but were overcome by the ruinous powers; it seems all our efforts would be loss, for as the beast wounded and died, it would lash out one last time and befell many of our brothers! The anomaly disappeared as soon as it came into materium, all was not loss, many a foul beast died, and as for the fallen, they will be in the presence of the Emperor! Alas, but nothing was gained!

*Inquisitor name deleted - Level 8 Imperial Records Access

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Galerii System 090129

Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian Siongco, 35.23%)
Black Legion (Romy Estrella, 12.50%)
Order of the Clenched Fist (Joel Tiongson, 9.09%)

Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian Siongco, 40.38%)
Craftworld Megil en Mea (Ryan Tamayo, 13.46%) • Iron Wolves (Henri Tecson, 13.46%)
Chaos Space Marines (Enrique, 5.77%)

Craftworld Megil en Mea (Ryan Tamayo, 27.94%)
Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian Siongco, 17.65%)
Iron Wolves (Henri Tecson, 11.76%)

Planet 4
Space Wolves (Ronald Benedicto, 12.50%) • Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian Siongco, 12.50%)
Iron Wolves (Henri Tecson, 10.94%)
Tau Empire (Marty Wong, 9.38%)

Aegis 7
Incursion 897 (Mickie Wong, 13.33%)
Black Legion (Romy Estrella, 11.67%) • Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian Siongco, 11.67%) • Order of the Clenched Fist (Joel Tiongson, 11.67%)
Iron Wolves (Henri Tecson, 10.00%) • Tomb Fleet Vyr (Kim Navarro, 10.00%)

Planet 6
Iron Wolves (Henri Tecson, 17.19%)
Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian Siongco, 15.63%)
Order of the Clenched Fist (Joel Tiongson, 9.38%)

View Graphical Map, click here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Battle bunker reports- January 27, 2009

1000 pts: Hive fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Orks (mike) [2 games]

Game 1: (fighting for planet 1; named as "Tyrantula")
Mission: capture and control
Deployment: dawn of war
Result: Draw (1-1)

we fought for 5 turns with mike successfully seized the initiative; killing off the tyrant guard on the first turn. hard fought hand to hand and close combat battle with the orks. killing my two broods of genestealers, while in return killed a mob of 20 orcs, 11 shoota boys and 3 deathkoptas... but in the end, both held their grounds in defending each objectives, and the result was a draw.

Game 2: (fighting for the same planet)
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Result: Kuneho won (8-5)

i took the first turn and no assaults was made. i moved forward and shot down his deathkoptas; who fled and never went back. 2 broods of genestealers was assaulted by the rampaging orks; 2 20 strong ork mob took assaulted both my genestealers, where, 1 of my brood was totally wiped out, while the other, won the other battle but the orks are fearless as they are still 12 model strong. my 2 gunfex with 2 TL devourers tookdown the ork mob who eliminated 1 of my genestealers. The tyrant assisted the 4 remaining genestealers and killed 8 orks who in return destroyed my remianing stealers; the close combat was won by the nids and destroying his last mob. his Ork warboss and the nobs squad moved forward but was too far away from the battle and his2 killa kans managed to wound 1 of my gunfex. with my shooting advantage with the Orks, My tyrant and 2 gunfex moved back, shooting his killa kans and managed to shook it. then the nob squad still persistent, my 2 fexes and my tyrant shot and assaulted the nobs squad and his warboss, who in the end loss the battle and was ran down. in the 6th turn, the game ended with only his damaged killa kans who was assaulted by the tyrant, and his shoota boys are the only units left on the table.

thanks mike.... the game was fun and lots of unexpected luck on the nids side. ;P

Monday, January 26, 2009

Current Results for 40K Philippines

Hive Fleet Conqueror
Tyranids (Ian Siongco, 29%)

Hive Fleet Conqueror
Tyranids (Ian Siongco, 42%)

Craftworld Megil en Mea
Eldar (Ryan Tamayo, 26%)

Iron Wolves (Henri Tecson, 13%) • Tau Empire (Marty Wong, 13%)

Chaos Daemons
Chaos Daemons (Mickie Wong, 20%)
Aegis 7

Iron Wolves
Space Wolves (Henri Tecson, 16%)

View Graphical Map, click here.

Solitary dominant influence players can post a comment on this thread or on the chatbox if you want to name the planet you control.

Planet names cannot be changed until a new player gains dominance for two straight weeks. For example, Ryan named his planet Seyella (cool-sounding and fluffy, I think he had reference to some Eldar background for it). One a gaming day, Ian knocked off Ryan's influence over the planet. Ian must keep his standing as dominant influence for two weeks from that day onward. If after said time and he remains dominant, only then can he declare a new name for the planet.


Since no planets were agreed upon, I've randomized locations of the battles (except for Ryan Tamayo, who specified on YM all his games to be fought on Seyella). The results until present post are as follows:

January 15, 2009
Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian) [d] Tau Empire (Marty) - Seyella (P3)
Space Marines (Ryan) [d] Chaos Daemons (Mickie) - P5
Iron Wolves (Henri) [x] Craftworld Megil en Mea (Ryan) - Seyella (P3)
Tau Empire (Marty) [x] Ultramarines (Mike) - P4
Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian) [d] Chaos Daemons (Mickie) - P4
Craftworld Megil en Mea (Ryan) [x] Ultramarines (Mike) - Seyella (P3)

January 16, 2009
Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian) [x] Ultramarines (Mike) - Seyella (P3)

January 17, 2009
Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian) [x] Eldar (Matthew) - P2
Chaos Daemons (Mickie) [x] Craftworld Megil en Mea (Ryan) - Seyella (P3)
Eldar (Jasper) [x] Tyranids (Sigis) - P4
Space Wolves (Ronald) [d] Tau Empire (Marty) - P6
Eldar (Matthew) [d] Tau Empire (Mike) - P6
Craftworld Megil en Mea (Ryan) [x] Iron Wolves (Henri) - Seyella (P3)
Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian) [x] Tau Empire (Mike) - P1

January 25, 2009
Chaos Daemons (Mickie) [x] Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian) - P5
Tau Empire (Marty) [x] Iron Wolves (Henri) - P4
Chaos Daemons (Mickie) [x] Black Legion (Romy) - P5
Black Legion (Romy) [x] Hive Fleet Conqueror (Ian) - P1


I will append results from the Battle Bunker within the week, since Lito's bunker won't be open until tomorrow.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 084 - Shoulda Stayed For The Second Set...

Date: January 24, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars in Attendance: Kuneho, Henri, and Kyuzo
Other Players Present: the Brothers Martie, Mickie, and Matthew
Game Highlights:

We got in a few games early in the afternoon considering we started a little after lunch and finished by 6:30pm. Here's a few highlights.


Game1 - Kuneho(Tyranids-Hive Fleet Conqueror) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
Mickie Wins via Kuneho tap out!


Game2 - Henri(SW-Iron Wolves) vs. Martie(Tau Empire)
2000pts Capture and Control, Dawn of War Deployment
Martie Wins! 1-0


Game3 - Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Capture and Control, Spearhead Deployment
Mickie Wins! 1-0

My first game for 2009 proved a tough one against Mickie's Chaos Daemons. Mickie made a lot of changes to the army I last faced, this time bringing in a Bloodthirster, an Oracle(?) of Tzeentch, and three Daemon Princes. My own Daemon Princes failed in keeping the Greater Daemons at bay, including that one key perils in the warp that should have kept that Bloodthirster beyond reach and prevent it from wreaking havoc to my battle line.

Mickie proceeded to secure the win on the 6th turn by taking out all my claiming units on my home objective while keeping his home objective intact. Good game.


Game4 - Kuneho(Tyranids-Hive Fleet Conqueror) vs. Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment
Kyuzo Wins! 8-5

I hate Kuneho's bugs, whether big and nasty or small and numerous. Did nothing new with my deployment, with the exception of fielding my Terminators facing a potentially vulnerable flank should the outflanking genestealers decide to show up.

I tried to screw up the advance of the Carnifexes and Hive Tyrant with a lot of shooting and a few well placed Lashes from the Daemon Princes. Personally, two things in the game proved critical, first being a brood of genestealers appearing and the Terminators holding the line and the second when the two Daemon Princes teamed up to take down two Carnifexes and stem the Big Bug Offensive. Game ends with the Black Legion leading the killpoint score 8 to 5. Good game.


We finished relatively early so we decided to head on to Elbow Room for some billiards and a re-acquaintance with Mr. Daniels and SAS to check out Jason and their impressive arsenal.

A few things Henri, Kuneho and Kyuzo agreed on:

1. Chaos Daemons can be nasty.
2. Genestealers can be win big/lose big on outflanking.
3. Billiards has its fun moments.
4. Definitely no complaints on the View at Elbow Room.
5. You'd never give the band a second look if they're all guys. There should at least be one sexy female in the group for it to sell. :P
6. Stubby Killer gun is uber cool!

7. And last but not least, Ashley rocks! May I say God bless her in all her petite big chested flawless flat ab-ed glory. Aaaw Aaaw Aaaawwwooooohhhh!!!! Too bad we couldn't stay for a second set because Henri has to eat cornbeef before midnight. ;)

Session ends 10:30pm

Thursday, January 22, 2009

40K Philippines

*Map removed for fear of GW's Intellectual Property hounding issues; I don't have the time nor money to deal or handle such a hassle - Ian Navarro*

There are six planets on our star system. Moving your mouse over the territories will pop up some information as to what armies have the most influence on a planet. Information on whole faction influence is also displayed in percentage (Imperium, Chaos and Xenos).

Clicking on a planet will display how your army has fared. Essentially, playing a game will score you points and will be tallied as how your force affects the planet.

How to interact with the map

For those who want to extend their influence on a planet on the map, just make a new post on the MWPH forum or the HGR blog with the following information:

Player 1 and army:
Player 2 and army:
Pointage and scenario:

The result of your games will keep adding to the total FOR YOU CHOSEN ARMY. Whether you win or lose, you'll add points to your army's standing per territory - so it's really a good idea to just keep playing and enjoy your games whether you win or lose ^_^

A win will score you 3 points, a draw will score you 2 points, a loss will score you 1 point (which is common for tourneys as well).

On my end, I will check the forum as often as I can, which is like 5 days a week or so and update the map as needed to reflect the game results.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 083 - Small Gaming of GT Proportions...

Date: January 17, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars in Attendance: Kuneho, Henri, Sigis, High Noon, Deadeye, Salubri, with special appearance from Ebon, Marty, and Kyuzo
Other Players in Attendance: Mickie, Matthew, Martie, Jasper with special appearance from George, Paolo, Jaime, and Mark
Gaming Highlights:

For starters, check these numbers:

FOUR gaming tables!
SEVENTEEN players, old and new!
EIGHT games logged in!
SEVEN xenos armies to TWO space marines in one session!


Game1 - Kuneho(Tyranids-Hive Fleet Conqueror) vs. Matthew(Eldar)
1500pts Seize Ground (5 counters), Spearhead Deployment
Kuneho Wins! 1-0, 1 contested


Game2 - Salubri(Eldar-Craftworld Megil en Mea) vs. Mickie(Chaos Daemons)
2000pts Capture and Control, Spearhead Deployment
Mickie Wins! 1-0


Game3 - Jasper(Eldar) vs. Sigis(Tyranids)
2000pts Seize Ground (3 counters), Pitched Battle Deployment
Jasper Wins! 1-0

This was a long fought one. Supposed to be a draw where both are claiming one objective each but during the post-game the gang realized that the unit Sigis was using to claim his objective was in fact a unit of genestealers which can't be a claiming Troops choice if it was a Broodlord's retinue (making the 'stealers an Elites choice) ain't it? Sorry man, better luck next game. ;)


Game4 - High Noon(Space Wolves) vs. Martie(Tau)
1500pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment

Martie: "Is there anything about your army that I should know about?"
One Regular: "It's something about the PLAYER that you should know about maybe. ;)"


Game5 - Matthew(Eldar) vs. Deadeye(Tau)
1500pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment

"Never ending dying I want to kill Firedragons..." - Deadeye's fixation on Matthew's Eldar unit


Game6 - Mickie(Chaos Daemons) vs. Henri(Space Wolves-Iron Wolves)
1500pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
Mickie Wins!

Drop Pod Assault vs. Daemonic Assault! Imagine drop pods falling from the sky while daemons rip through time and space! In the end, it was Mickie edging Herni in the killpoint score 4-3.


Game7 - Salubri(Eldar-Craftworld Megil en Mea) vs. Henri(Space Wolves-Iron Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Spearhead Deployment
Salubri Wins!

This was a rematch of last week, right down the to last mission and deployment roll. One distinct highlight in this game was the failed skilled rider check by Salubri's Shining Spears Exarch. But vengeance in the end was Salubri's, racking in a decisive 5 killpoints to Henri's none.


Game8 - Deadeye(Tau) vs. Kuneho(Tyranids-Hive Fleet Conqueror)
2000pts Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment
Kuneho Wins! 1-0

Last game for the night. Ace move for Hive Fleet Conqueror to assault two firewarrior squads with enought spacing to dislodge them from holding their home objective. Deadeye tries to counter by flanking his pathfinders and shoot down hormogaunts sitting on their home objective. Was almost successful in doing so, but the relentless advance by the Hive Mind ends up claiming the enemy objective on the last turn.

"Ganda talaga ang pagpintura ng... tambay." - Salubri after commenting on Kuneho's paint job.


With that so many games in and players in attendance, maybe a chance to get another mini-tourney to start off 2009.

Until the next gaming session.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Battle Bunker: 2000pts- Hive Fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Space Marines(mike)

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: pitch battle
terrain: ruins and buildings

Mike won the roll and deploys all his units; while i deploy everything except for outflanking genestealers

Turn 1: mike moved both his land raider and vindicator 6" while his rhinos moved on my right flank. moved his squads to get good firing position. his shooting killed 2 of my tyrant guard and wounding one of my fex.

i moved everything forward and ran towards him to get a quick assault. my two tyrants fired at his vindicator and dealt nothing.

Turn 2: tyranids closing in, mike moved his units away from me. shooting from a vindicator causes him to kill one more tyrant guard, leaving one of my tyrants with no guard. while the other tyrant guard from my second tyrant was killed by a plasma cannon from a dreadnaught. one of my assault fex was reduced to only one wound by the landraider's firepower.

one of my genestealers moved to his right flank, leaving one of mike's squad prone to assault. i moved everything forward and, again, ran. venom cannons and devourer shots causes the vindicator to be shaken. as my genestealers assaults one of his squad in cover, he killed one before the genestealers can strike leaving 5 models. mike decided to fall back, but failed due t the brood high initiative, killing another model.

Turn 3: mike prepared for a counter assault, mike disembarked his 6 strong assault termies and moved his land raider and vindicator 12" away. mike's dreadnaught, HQ on bike, and one 10 strong marine squad to closed in to my genestealers to help their comrades. his shooting was unsuccessful firing one of its lascannon to my wounded fex. another squad that disembarked fires their melta and bolters and killed the wounded assault fex. his termies assaulted one of my assault fex clipping another gunfex, and reducing the assault fex down to a wound and the other gunfex was killed from no retreat rule; and yet managed to kill a stormshield termie. meanwhile, the last 4 marines were hacked down by the genestealers and the marines counter attack made 4 kills which leaves the combat a draw.

still no sign of the other genestealer squad, my unguarded tyrant, 2nd gunfex, and my 16 hormogaunts moved forward to aid the 2 fexed from termies. my other hormogaunt squad was left to our deployment to secure the objective. the remaining fex moved forward to assault the newly disembarked squad. venom cannon shot the vindicator again and caused a stun result. the assault phase was a brutal combat for his termies and wiped them out but in return killed my other assault fex. the genestealers on the other hand was reduced to one and failed their morale and fell back to my nearest synapse. the fex assaulted the 10 strong marines and killed 3 but the powerfist sarge wounded him twice in return. lossed in combat, the marines fell back and were never to return again.

Turn 4: Mike moved his assault squad near to prepare for a counter assault. his Hq followed my retreating genestealer to give the killing blow. his dreadnaught moved forward to get better firing position to my 2nd tyrant and killing another guard. his land raider took the other fex down to one wound left. His Hq managed to kill my lone genestealer in combat.

my wounded fex closed in to his vindicator, with still no signs of the other genestealer brood. tyrant 1 moved forward to give synapse to my hormogaunts. shooting made his dreadnaught shaken and was assaulted by the 2nd tyrant; yet lossed in combat for dealing 2 wounds, killing the remaining guard, and 1 wound for the tyrant for a no retreat rule. but the dreadnaught lost his powerfist in return. the vindicator and one rhino blew up from the Gunfex and the assault fex respectively. the hormogaunts assaulted and killed 2 marines in his other squad and killing 3 of my gaunts. the explosion from the rhino killed another 2 to my gaunt brood.

Turn 5: one of his rhino squad, who i left unnoticed moved forward to my object, which is still another turn away from it. his assault squad moved towards the ongoing assault between my gaunts and his marines. his hq, trusting his relic blade, moved to the assault fex to finally put it down. his shooting from the land raider killed my gunfex (everything hits and wounds and i made no successful saves). the assault killed my last fex by his hq and my gaunts were killed by the assault squad. but before the gaunts fell, it killed two more marines in return. the 2nd tyrant blew off the dread and consolidated on the second floor of the ruins.

at last, the last genestealer brood enters... but on the other side of the table, what the ....? anyways, the tyrant 2 moved towards the remaining marine squad (3 models) fires its vennom cannon and killed one; it fell back away from the objective leaving it unsecured. the sneaky rhino, hoping for one turn, was immobilized by my other tyrant from its venom cannon. no assault was made.

i rolled for an extension turn but rolled a two.... luck was on my side and won the game with my other hormogaunt brood securing one objective....

thanks mike!!! nice game.... ;p

Remaining units:

2 tyrants (one with 1 wound)
12 genestealers (lost in battle, went nuninuninu...)
16 hormogaunts (sat the whole game in the objective, hoping it hatches ;p)

Land Raider
8 assault squad
rhino with full squad of marines
Hq on bike
2 marines

Thursday, January 15, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 082 - January 11, 2009 galleria games

Attendance: (order in appearance)
Martie, Mickie, Deadeye, Kuneho, Salubri, Henri, and Kyuzo.

Game 1: 1500pts- Hive Fleet Conqueror(Kuneho) vs Tau (Martie)

Mission: seize ground (3 counters)
Deployment: spearhead
Terrain: ruins and buildings

i won the roll for going first deploying 2 assault carnifexes, 1 gunfex, hivetyrant with 3 guards, winged tyrant and 16 hormogaunts; 2 genestealer brood outflanking. Martie deployed his 2 hammerheads, pathfinders and his HQ with two body guards; waiting to outflank are his 2 '20' strong kroot squad, 2 stealth suits and his firewarriors.

turn 1: Martie seized the initiative, nothing much in his movement phase. in the shooting phase, mainly concentrated his fire at my hormogaunts squad and reducing it to 7 models. on my turn, moved everything and ran, my gunfex immobilized the pathfinder's devilfish. my hormogaunts reached his hq crisis suit team and qounding one of his suit team and in return destroying 5 models.

turn2: 1 stealth suit squad outflanked, moving from my right short table edge. moving his 2 hammerheads 6" to have a line of sight to my flying tyrant. using his pathfinders, marking my tyrant and shooting his seeker missiles dealing 2 wounds and caused another wound from a rail gun, leaving it with one wound left. his stealth suit tried to shoot my other tyrant but unfortunately out of his range. his crisis team finally killed my gaunts in the assault phase consolidating 1". on my turn, two genestealers entered from my left and right of my short edges. my flying tyrant moved toward his crisis team preparing for an assault. almost all of my units moved forward and ran except for the gunfex who shot one of his hammerhead and dealing no damage due to disruption pod. the flying tyrant assaulted and killed Martie's hq crisis team. my genedtealers in my left assaulted his pathfinders and clipping one of his hammerhead; leaving the hammerhead stunned and killing his pathfinders. while on my right, the other genestealer squad assaulted his stealth team and wiping in out.

turn 3: fire warriors, 1 kroot squad and another stealth team entered the the game. kroot squad outflanked from my left and stealth suit to my right. his shooting killed my flying tyrant with his hammerhead and both of my genestealer squads are reduced to 4 models from fire warrior, stealth suit, and kroot fire power. my other tyrant moved back towards his stealth team during my turn and my fexes closed for the killing blow on his immobile devil fish and to his hammerhead and manage to blow up both vehicles. one of my genestealer brood managed to assault and eliminated his firewarrior squad, while the other was killed by the kroot squad reducing his kroot to 16.

turn 4: his last kroot squad entered my left flank and moved to assault one of my fexes. stealth suits fired at my remaining genestealer squad and killing it all. nothing much left to do, both kroot squad assaulted my assault fex with108 attacks but managed to deal 2 wounds and in return sliced and diced 3 of his kroots, won the combat and both fled. on my turn, 2 fexes went after his 13 strong kroot squad but and i still loss combat killing my wouned fex.

turn 5: nothing much to do in his turn, his stealth suits fired at my tyrant and killed one of the guards. my gunfex fired his barbed strangler and venom cannon to the fleeing kroot squad reducing it to below half. while in the assault, his other kroot squad fell back from my remaining assault fex.

turn 6: both kroot squad went out of the table edge with only stealth team remaining. moving away from the tyrant and managed to kill another guard at his shooting. with both of us no troops to capture objectives, i was on to annihilating him for the win. but the turn ended with my tyrant closing up to his stealth team. the game ended in a draw....

Game 2: 1500pts- Space marines (Salubri) vs chaos demons(Mickie)... ;p
result: game ended in a draw

Game 3: 2000pts- Space wolves (Henri) vs Eldar (Salubri)
mission: annihilation
deployment: spearhead
result: Henri won

Game 4: 1000pts- Tau (Martie) vs Space marines (Deadeye)
Mission: annihilation
deployment: pitch battle
result: Martie won

Game 5: 2000pts- Hive fleet Conqueror(Kuneho) vs Chaos Demons(Mickie)
mission: annihilation
deployment: pitch battle
result: draw (8-8)

Game 6: 2000pts- Space marines (Deadeye) vs Eldar (Salubri)
Mission: capture and control
deployment: pitch battle
result: Salubri won