Sunday, March 25, 2007

HGR Journal Entry No. 018 - 240 (minutes)

Meanderer's Sons of Light Vs SigismundV2's Black Templars
2,000 pts. - Seek and Destroy - Gamma

Wait for it!
Sons of light prepare to protect the right flank.

Tug of War
Sons of light chaplain tells his men to "Hold the line".
Sigismund's Templar chaplain says "Stay with me!".

Good old fashioned flaming!
The Meanderer prepares to cook some power armored marines.

Bold and Daring!
The Meanderer teleports his Grey knights into battle.
Sigismund decides to ignore it. :D

The Waiting Game
Kyuzo and Salubri thinking the same thing. "We should be playing poker!"

Ultramarines Vs Balian's Angels of Salvation (vanilla rules)
2,000 pts. - Take and Hold - Gamma

After 240 minutes of pure tear jerking, blood spattering and mind boggling action (in a table top gaming sense) between SigismundV2 and the Meanderer, we were finally able to stretch our warhammer muscles. Balian and I proceeded to show our friends that it IS possible to finish a game in 2 hours or less. O:D

Salubri's Account

The terrain promised a bloody battle as both our armies relied on heavy assault and little fire support. The clumping of the buildings in and around the center of the table also made sure that both sides would have to go down and dirty to grab the center. With this in mind I placed my devastators, whirlwind and sniper scouts at the right side of the table where they will be away from the fighting but with a good view of Balian's fire support units. Next I placed the chaplain assisted assault squad and vindicator near the center and behind the cluster of buildings where they could move unharassed by the enemy guns, should I needed to cross and take the fight to him. The librarian and bikes went to the left of my formation where they can do a flanking maneuver when the fighting at the center starts.

When the fighting began the plans went out the window. As soon as balian saw my bikes maneuvering to crash on his right, he started moving his army to the center and away from the bikes. It was fortunate that this caused him to bunch up in the center of the table, giving my ahem... sniper vindicator and the whirlwind plenty of targets. We were caught by surprise when a squad of incinerator armed grey knights dropped in front of one of the buildings and in one round of shooting took out a tac squad and *accidentaly hit the land speeder behind it. Two potent psykers battled for supremacy over the warp with Balian's man proving the stronger in a test of will. Both psykers did very little damage though and the game was eventually decided with a mass melee that ensued around the 3rd turn and lasted into the 4th turn. With the Chaplain and his assault squad commiting themselves to a melee with 3 (or 4) squads I had to break the original plan of getting the bikes to his side and rear and rush to the center to aid the beleaguered troops. The librarian makes it just in time to even the odds and left behind his bike squad to finish off the calidus assasin.

Balian takes the objective at the end of the 4th turn as I didn't have enough forces to secure or contest. The assault squad was chopped to bits and the librarian down to one wound. The Angels of Salvation though, now has a new opening for the post of "Epistolary". :D

Result: Salubri wins by victory point count!
Time : 1 hour and 30 minutes


Just Happy it's over
After 4 hours of waiting. Salubri and Balian got to play! :D

Huddling in the corner
Ultramarines deploy behind buildings and and stay out of sight

The bloody business!
Ultramarine assault squad with chaplain charges into the frey in a bid for the objective.

Barn Brawl!
Angels of Salvation Characters rush to defend the objective.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Q: Spartans what's your profession!?!

A: Dogs {awoo! awoo! awoo!}

So who can play this weekend? I'm free saturday and so is the Meanderer I think. Midnight will your place be available? those of you who are playing kindly post here or just give confirmation on the chatbox.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Reawakening the Fleet

Here's my contribution to HGR. It's mirrored from my KB but it felt cohesive to the literary stream here.

Since Necrons don't keep records like normal humans do, I decided to take an external point-of-view for it. I will follow the progress of a radical faction Inquisitor. He encountered the awakening of a Necron tomb fleet and has made repeated engagements against it. What follows are his accounts of said and future engagements.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Announcemento Desu!

After briefly destroying the blog while I was feeling like Sylar ("let's see how it works!"), I managed to get it back up again. hehe...

I redesigned it with a 1024 x 768 resolution so as yet, I have no idea what it looks like on other resolutions. Maybe the header will look crazy. This time around, ahem... unlike yesterday I checked it on both Internet explorer and Firefox. Looks fine to me.

I'm thinking of adding the army gallery on the sidebar so those of you with digicams start taking pictures of your figs and send it to me. Piktyuran nyo na rin yung mga sarili ninyo wag nyo lang akong bigyan nang pang friendster na pic! (friendster pic= half naked pics of self, obviously taken after working out. :P ) . Also a write up about yourself and the army might be a good idea. Para naman hindi puros sariling kathang isip ko ang ilagay ko dyan. ehi! At ang write up, wag yung pang friendster! :P

Sylar este... Ryan
p.s. Wala pa yung battle report ni lesther! lolz
9 more moths to 2008. lolz