Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fi'rios Cadre

The Fi'rios Planet is one of the farthest planet in the Tau Empire. Proud colonist they chose a color to taunt their enemies, "Yes you can plainly see us, and No we will not be forced away". This Cadre has already proven themselves against the Orks that use to reside on this planet and they will be ready for any Incursion or Retaliation against any foe.

Commander with Advance Crisis Suit & Drones

Commander in Shoot & Scoot! Tactic

Ethereal Displaying the Army Sept Color

Stealth Suits

Crisis Suits with Fusion Blasters

Crisis Suits in Diff. Stages, Stationary-Assault Move-Advancing

Pathfinders Lead the Way!

Piranhas with Fusion Blasters

Sniper Drones - Hiding in Plain sight


Hammerhead 1 Overhead View

Hammerhead 2 Overhead View


Salubri said...

added this to the sidebar. this is now part of the warhammer armies roster for HGR.

Kyuzo said...

Nice one Mike. :)