Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pang Sports Pa!

Written by Patrick Chua
Co-winner, Best Sportsman, 2010 Warhammer 40K GT

(photos courtesy of Neutral Grounds)

Coming to play in a grand tournament (or major tournament) has always been a nerve wracking experience for me, considering I have played many competitive CMG games from the past. This years GT was in my mind no different than last years....I was wrong...this years GT was more serious, focused and fun!

Winning the co-sportsman award was actually a shock to me since my tables had their fair share of squabbles (professional squabbles naman) but all in all we all played like gentlemen and continued onwards. But I never imagined na makukuha ko pa ung sportsman award at kasama ko pa si Wiley! (ang aking makulit na partner ng kulitan sa galle)

Well a lot of people have been asking what makes a good sportsman, well basically its about being sport, being able to dish the heat and take the heat and having fun while you are at it. Everybody hates to lose and by losing with a smile and knowing you did your best despite of everything, congratulating your opponent and learning from your mistakes. This years GT was actually a blast and a good experience for me both on and off the tabletop. My Advice to fellow players both new and old, love our hobby, love our community and most of all play nice play fair and be good!

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