Monday, June 19, 2006

2006 40k GT...

Snipped from Freddie Yu's post in the RHGC Forums:

AHOY everyone!! The 40K GT is very nearly among us!!!!

Again as a reminder, here are the rulesets...

- Date: June 24 Saturday, Tourney starts at 10 am SHARP!!!
- Venue: #35 General Lim St. Quezon City (street parallel to Quezon avenue, located right behind HEARTBEAT
- Pointage: 1500 points using any 40K GW legal army (those that do not need opponent's consent) using 4th ed rules....
- 3 Games plus....
- 1 Special Scenario: 750 points composed of units from the 1500 list, with the ff organization chart: 0-1 HQ, 0-2 elites, 2-6 troops, 0-3 fast attack, 0-1 Heavy support
- Special rules for the scenario:
a. From the parent squad/choice, you can reduce the number of elements down to the minimum required (ex. in squad alpha, you can reduce from 10 marines down to 5, or in IG command platoon Beta, you can field only the command platoon without any attached HW squad, or 1 death cult assassin instead of 2 etc.)
b. You can REMOVE (not REPLACE) weapon choices from the squad members only (ex. removing special or heavy weapons)...NOT characters and vet sergeants...
c. In cases of units like tyranid warriors, you remove WHOLE models, not individual weaponsd. Vehicles, Monstrous creatures remain as is....Heroes and vet sergeants wargear CANNOT be modified too....

- Needless to say, naming your units would be a big help in the army lists...
- There will be generalship, painting, and sports scores
- There will be a special raffle for all RHGC members who did not win any prize after the tourney
- SUBMIT your lists EARLY!!! There will be a BONUS for early submission of both 750 and 1500 point lists (FRIDAY LATEST TO QUALIFY FOR EARLY SUBMISSION BONUS)...please email to me at, or to Owen (Ruruoni), or Arthur (Omegatron)- Good luck to everyone!!!!

Map to the venue:

So, here's calling all HGR's out of the woodwork! The call to arms has been sounded. Transportation to the venue can be arranged amongst ourselves. The more the merrier I always say. Good luck and happy hunting gentlemen! ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006

2006 Fantasy GT...

June 11, 2006...

Fantasy GT 2006! This year was different considering it was held in a new venue at the clubhouse of Bonifacio Heights here at the Fort. Despite the venue being a little out of the way, it was a joint effort from everyone who attended that all those who wanted to join could be brought to the venue to play.

Players in attendance were: Sunny (Wood Elves), Carlos (Kemmler List), Mark (Dwarf), Chris (Empire), Patrick (Skaven), Joel (Vampire Counts), Ross (Empire), Raf (O&G), and myself (Dark Elves).

Other noteables were Ronald and Freddie who organized the tourney, Lito who gave all out support in attendance and even in the assistance with the food run =), the Cua bros who still passed by to watch even if they missed the start, Francis (aka Sabaw) who went to watch Sunny's wood elf tactics, and Larry who made a special appearance (great terrain pieces dude!).

Another noteable difference in this year's GT was that we were able to play 4 scenarios in just 8 hours! The funky 2nd scenario was a blast as some high-leadership characters failed their terror tests (noteable to Marks Ld9 hero rolling a 12 =P), while lowly Ld5 Skaven passed easily.

Special thanks to Raf who flew all the way from Iloilo just to play. Our final round match was the most memorable to date. It was still fun even if it wasn't a draw. ;)

In the end it was the giving out of prizes. Best Painted award went to Mark. Best General award was given to Chris. And Overall Champion went to Joel. Great games guys!

Click the link below to see the pics:

2006 Fantasy GT in Bonifacio Heights

Congrats to the winners and kudos to Ronald, Freddie and Gelo (who had to be in Subic that day) for a well-organized GT (complete with tourney kits!).

Next up will the be 2006 40k GT. Hope to see you guys on the 24th of June. I will mention the details of that event in another post soon.