Monday, July 24, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 008...


July 22, 2006...

The Venue : Neutral Grounds Robinsons Galleria
The Gamers : Balian, Salubri, The Meanderer, Sigismund, Justin, Kyuzo with special appearance by Oberon

Neutral Grounds! Its been a long while since we last played here (last entry was dated January 2006). And the place was bigger then. Despite the intimate setting, we played on! Results are as follows:

1st Game
Combatants : Balian (Steel Falcons) vs. Salubri (Deathwing)
Mission : Cleanse Level : Omega
Highlights :

Saw this on Turn 4 where Salubri's Deathwing was on the march with his assault termies slowly but surely made progress into Balian's deployment quarter. But combined heroics from Balian's librarian, tac squads, razorbacks, landspeeder and dreadnaughts provided enough suppressive fire to wither the assualt termie advance. No need to count the points on this one. Balian's Steel Falcons won that day.

Some Pics :

Somewhere in Turn 4...

You Shall Not Pass!!!

2nd Game
Combatants : Kyuzo (Dark Eldar) vs. Sigismund (Black Templars)
Mission : Seek and Destroy Level : Alpha
Highlights :

This one was interesting. Most of Kyuzo's Dark Lances and Disintegrators either missed or wasn't able to blow up any of Sigismund's vehicles on the first couple of turns thus enabling Sigismund's BT to rush to my deployment in three turns using his rhinos. Some fancy maneuvering of his four rhinos thinking he can pull the "Where's the Emperor's Champion and his squad?" delayed the inevitable but only slightly, as Kyuzo has already stretched his forces to the right flank and is too late to send any counter support to his beleaguered troops. Wyches didn't do much today as initiative on the assault was hard to recover at the very first turn. True to form, Dark Eldar went all or nothing on this scenario, with the Black Templar crusade winning over these bloodthirsty pirates at the very end.

Some Pics:

"Where's the Emperor's Champion?"...+P

Vindicator about to get some haywire love...

Some last turn heroics didn't make the difference

A pleasant surprise to see Oberon pass by to see the games (well, mostly Sigis and his intricately thought out movement phase which took about an hour... +P) as well as how the store looks like now, but soon went ahead. After the games and some goodbyes to Love (+P), the gang went to Quattro for a quick dinner and an exchange of some lively banter.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Some Posterboy Pics...

Steel Falcons:

Chief Librarian of the Steel Falcons

Inquisitor Lord Constantine

More to come...

Weekend Warriors : In Pictures...

Weekend One (July 1, 2006)...


Weekend Two (July 9, 2006)...

Deathwing...WIP pa lang yan?! Aaaarrggghhh!!!

Nabilib ako sa kuha ko ng Deathwing! Goes to show na kahit nawala sa circulation, may nagagawa pa rin! ;)

Sa susunod na pag-untog sa cabinet, este, sa paglaro. +P