Saturday, January 28, 2006

HGR Journal Entry 004...

January 28, 2006...

Two of the Regulars were able to go today to play some 40k games after a long drought. Results are as follows:

1st Game : Balian (13th Company) vs. Kyuzo (Dark Eldar)
Misson : 2000pts Recon Alpha
Result : Win for Dark Eldar with one full warrior squad able to walk to the 13th Company's deployment zone.
Highlights Include : Balian's Rune Priest evading the torment of the Archon's Crucible, but failed two psychic tests resulting in two wounds that killed himself and not able to teleport a squad of Grey Slayers to the Dark Eldar deployment zone.

2nd Game : Kyuzo (Dark Eldar) vs. Owen (Sisters of Battle)
Mission : 2000pts Seek and Destroy Omega
Result : Win for Sisters of Battle
Highlights Include : It was the battle of the elites when Kyuzo's Wyches and Incubi tried to stop the Sisters Repentia rush to the center. Dark Eldar forces were able to wipe out the 20-man repentia but was left out in the open for withering fire from the Sisters. Arco-flagellants proved very devastating and swept the Dark Eldar left flank.

Balian and I called it a day early and left Galleria and had a beer at Ñubar in Golf City. Tokwa't Baboy was great, highly recommended. ;)

Until the next...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

All Is Quiet In the HGR Front…

I guess this would not officially count into the HGR Journal entries. Things have been a bit quiet lately. It's been two straight Saturdays that the Galleria Regulars have taken on separate paths. Here's a quick rundown to give at least an idea of what the 101st have been doing when they're not playing Warhammer...

- Midnight took some time off to revisit an old hobby of his, which is golf. When the guy's not playing space wolves or vampire counts, he tries to get the exercise in swing at the ball and walking to where it landed just to swing at it again. Just heard he played Warhammer 40k at Hobby Haven in Katipunan with fellow players EJ and Ayo.

- Kyuzo is currently taking some time off to clean his room (and still at it :lol:) and reorganizing his tabletop hobby stuff. So his Dark Elves, Dark Eldar and Menoth figs are neatly packed in boxes for the moment. He's also been away from the billiard scene for quite some time now (see HGR Journal Entry No. 2) but will be playing again for sure. Just recently he went on a sojourn to visit the boyz in UP-CFA to play a game of Warmachine as well as spend some quiet time with them at da Shak to get up to speed on the boyz.

- Balian has been busy painting his Bretonnians, Steel Falcons and 13th Company when he's not playing in Galleria. He's also rediscovering the joys of computer games and is very much into Total War(see related thread). As of this writing, he was last reported doing some "PC repair".

- Salubri, when not playing Bretonnians or Ultramarines is very much an painter at heart and been recently addicted to the Total War computer game. He's currently in the middle of a 12-weekend seminar so his playing time on Saturdays are affected. Just reported playing the Total War game very late at night and have been playtesting the Warmachine game system on Sundays with Meanderer and Kim.

- Meanderer is into mountain climbing when not playing his Daemonhunters or Wood Elves. Last reported playtesting the Warmachine game system on Sundays with Salubri and Kim.

- Sigismund has been busy at work on Saturdays or his wedding preparations for this year. Lately, I believe he's ready to play 40k once more. He's good to go whether its Black Templars, Iron Warriors, Necrons, Tau, or whatever army he's got. ;)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ave General!

I foresee many more sleepless nights to come. No folks you're not looking at the latest warhammer pc game. They may look like bretonians but they are actually better. They're the knights out of the pages of your history book. ;) So without further delay (who am I kidding... you're probably not reading this anymore. lolz.) here's a few pics from the revamped Medieval: Total War 2.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

kyuzo's demo lists

here's my take on a 500 pts. bretonian party.

1 Paladin @ 105 Pts General; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Knightly Vow Virtue of the Joust (1st) [25]
1 Warhorse @ [0] Pts

1 Paladin Battle Standard Bearer @ 104 Pts Heavy Armour; Battle Standard Bearer; Knightly Vow Virtue of Duty [30]
1 Warhorse @ [0] Pts

4 Knights of the Realm @ 144 Pts Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Barding; Knightly Vow
1 Gallant @ [24] Pts
5 Warhorse @ [0] Pts

5 Mounted Yeomen @ 75 Pts Spear; Bow; Fast Cavalry
5 Warhorse @ [0] Pts

10 Peasant Bowmen Skirmishers @ 70 Pts Longbow

Casting Pool: 2
Dispel Pool: 2
Models in Army: 22
Total Army Cost: 498

on another note... i finally got to watch Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa in full(i never got to complete it everytime i watch). we should make a movie similar to that... bretonian version... 7 knights to protect a village of peasants. lolz.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

RHGC Summoning...

Taken from the RHGC Forum:

We are inviting all members of the community to join in a general assembly of the Rolling Hills Gaming Club.

We will appreciate you check your schedule and attend this meeting.

7:30pm to 11:30pm RHGC GHQ. February 3, 2006

Kindly confirm your attendance here at the forum.

This will help us prepare enough food and drinks.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


HGR Journal Entry 003...

January 7, 2005

Only three Regulars showed up that day and fantasy was the agreed game of the day. Results are as follows:

Balian(Brets) vs. Salubri(Brets) - Balian edges out on this closely fought Balikatan exercise. Look! Horses everywhere!. Critical turn occured when Salubri's grail knight lance failed to combine charges with his mounted yoemen against Balian's grail knights which resulted in a counter-charge that eventually turned the tide. Everybody I think will agree that a house ruling on combined charges and redirecting charges should be discussed to remedy this.
Balian(Brets) vs. Kyuzo(Dark Elves) - Balian wins out on this one against Kyuzo's 120+ model all-infantry list. Why'd you ask Kyuzo thought of going all-infantry with Dark Elves? Because he can! ;) It was enough to give Balian memories of Total War (See previous post).
Salubri(Brets) vs. Kyuzo(Dark Elves) - Salubri wins despite losing his general and paladin on hippogryph to the Dark Elf raiders in the process.

Not much on game highlights was remembered that day because all of that was forgotten at the thought of "Soft white beds with large, soft pillows", which haunted our minds in the middle of the second game. It was enough to distract Balian Salubri to lose their concentration momentarily in my games against them.

Oh, and sigismund passed by but was not able to play. Maybe when I get to push through with my project on 500pt demo armies will he then be able to get started with Fantasy.

We called it a day early since we didn't go play billiards after.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Total War!!!


I think it's appropriate to have a new blog for our current "alternative" addiction :)

Finally was able to play the games (medieval and rome) last week after having the games discs with me for almost a month... I am back to video gaming madness (my recent record so far is until 4 am!!!)... whew!!! This is all Salubri's fault :)

I skipped medieval after 2 days of playing it and went on to Rome... some learning experiences to date :

1) Hoplites (with the phalanx ability) rock! I can't wait to play as Greeks to be able to have a battle line full of these "men" (you have all watched alexander :)

2) Sometimes, it's better to exterminate a population. Crucify! I learned this the hard way after getting booted out of Carthage just after I won it via a very bloody siege.

3) Prime cities captured - Carthage, Athens, Corinth, Rhodes... next in line is Jerusalem, and I have an army doing nothing but walk and find battles in eastern Europe. Funny listening to the general's speech claiming they are great Romans... he has mostly mercenaries in his command (with hoplites of course). My goal is to have 10 provinces in the general area of my capital, with the rest of the 40 or so coming from Africa, Middle East, Asia Minor, Western Europe. I don't like to go towards Spain for some reason...

4) Survived my first encounter against elephants when I assaulted Carthage itself... yeah you guessed it, Hoplites :)

5) Some captains give better speaches than generals :)