Monday, May 08, 2006

Mini-tourney At NG Galleria...


May 7, 2006...

Small gathering of players to play 1000pt mini-tourney at NG Galleria. Three out of the eight players are 101st Regulars with beefcake playing librarian duties as tourney organizer. The eight player roster are as follows:

Balian - Steel Falcons
Kyuzo - Dark Eldar
Midnight - Space Wolves
EJ - Tau
Zeb - Necrons
Gelo - Lost and the Damned
Joel - Space Marines
Willy(?) - Ultramarines

The mini-tourney played three scenarios with Beefcake plugging in some funky weather conditions as well as individual player objectives forcing the players to think on their feet.

My three rounds felt like my regular Saturday games of late. My first round against Balian's Steel Falcons was a fun experience where Balian had a slight edge on VP. Second round was against Midnight's Space Wolves where I was able to edge him out on VP, with weather conditions playing a factor in the outcome. Third round was against Joel where we both were not able to breakthrough to each other's deployment zones but with my army almost decimated to the last man. Great games gentlemen! :D

In the end, it was Gelo who won out on VP to take the overall win. Congrats GeloMan! Hope to come across your mutants soon! :P

Some pics for posterity...

The boys (big and small) at play...

Gelo starting to quote some of his famous lines

Librarian Beefcake paposing-posing lang =P

"Uhm boss, I think were surrounded..."

Balian waiting for the next round...

Blaze of Glory Ultramarine fashion...=P

Some tables were intense...

...while some were just plain exciting. Joke. =P

After some inquiry with the NG staff were we able to gather that playing outside the store at the atrium can be arranged given a proper lead time for the securing of a permit. Will discuss this in detail with the organizers for the next tourney if not the GT itself.


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midnight said...

i'm pretty busy nowadays but if you guys are in galle, just give me a holler. i might be able to get time off again. see you again =)