Monday, October 30, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 012...

First Game
Combatants : Balian's Steel Falcons vs. Kyuzo's Emperors Children
Scenario : Take and Hold Gamma
Highlights :

6'x6' gaming table in da house! Plus, debut of Kyuzo's Emperors Children at 2000pts! Although around 30% of the army are proxied, it was graciously allowed by the Regulars in order to get a feel on how the config works. And with Balian's Steel Falcons across the table, its the proverbial baptism of lascannon fire right there! +P

Deployment was a little non-eventful, except for the fact that all of the Emperor's Children's troops are infiltrating. Balian himself highly recommended this given the config's obvious tactics. Wanted to check its full potential by letting Balian's scouts infiltrate first as a worst case scenario, giving my infiltrators less places to hide.

Started out with the predictable turbo-boost of the Lt on bike in the hopes of the summoned daemonettes to come out closer to the Steel Falcon firing line, only to be shot down the next turn by virtue of multiple lascannon fire. Even the 2+ invul save could not weather the Steel Falcon firepower. Daemonettes proved deadly predicted still able to take down a Calidus assassin as well as a venerable dreadnaught, but sadly ran out of turns to get to the deadlier troops still left on the Steel Falcons' deployment zone. Sonic weaponry rocks, as combined power of blastmasters and sonic blasters were capable of taking out marines with the occassional pinning check! And defilers are cool too, which was best described by Salubri. One or two defilers on the table is cheesy, while THREE defilers is not. ;)

Result : Minor Victory to the Steel Falcons!

Despite the loss, already learned a lot on what adjustments are still needed to be made to the config as well as some post game analysis to the basic tactics. Until the next time these rockers show up again. ;)

Second Game
Combatants : Sigismund's Black Templars vs. Salubri's Ultramarines
Scenario : Recon Gamma (which actually was played at Omega) +P
Highlights :

This would involve a long march for both sides due to a longer table length. Seemed ironic that an all-infantry Ultramarine army was able to cover more ground while the more forward-oriented Black Templar army stayed back. Some silent protests going along the line, "This is Recon! Cross the %&*# table already!" hung heavy in the air as the Black Templar line did not budge. Ultramarine assault squads and bikers successfully reached the black templar enemy lines, which later on proved vital in sealing the win.

Result : Minor Victory for the Ultramarines!

Salubri's Veteran Squad Sergeant

Kyuzo's Slaaneshi Marine

WIPs from Kyuzo Check out the Kroot Marine! :P

Heroes of the Imperium... and extra. ;)

Hmm... that guy looks familiar! :D

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