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HGR Journal Entry No. 022 - Holidays and Beer


One step closer to my goal...

It's been three weeks since we entered the fringes of this foresaken ruin, and it's the third time that the False Emperor means to thwart us with their pathetic defenses.

My children are more than willing to teach these traitors the lesson thrice in blood, that the will of the Dark Prince cannot be undone.

Without further prompting, Valthera and Brother Eidolon led the attack on the left flank while Brother Dharkos led his fellow brethren to sneak in the right flank, all the time the tortured souls of Sargoth, Behemon, and Renghar provided battle cannon cover fire to keep the Traitors from establishing a firm foothold. The traitorous Sons of the Lion were quick to our plans and tried to reinforce their right flank, only making all the better for Brother Dharkos to call upon a coven of daemonettes in their midst. Those loyal to the False Emperor did not stand a chance, many of which stood helpless, in awe at the daemonettes deadly beauty. The carnage that ensued was long and torturous, in the end the covens waded in the viscera of their enemies, and Valthera wiping out any resistance that remained.

It is then that I felt his presence. He is my goal. He is whom my Dark Prince wants me to save.

And he is not far from where we are...


Death-Raven Chronicles Chapter 1

Chuck felt the pain coursing thru his left arm but paid it no heed. He limped slightly on his right leg. Getting pinned under the side car when the attack bike careened and turned upside down was an experience he’d rather not repeat.

Maybe I should have myself transferred to a speeder. Then again getting pinned under a speeder…

He was the lucky one though. Denny was in bad shape when he found him. The shot from the towering eldar walker struck the bike in the middle, separating the sidecar from the bike. He remembers seeing Denny lose control and crashed the bike onto natural gas containment unit. The good thing was, the force of the impact wasn’t enough to blow up the tank. The bad thing was that he found Denny lying unconscious more than 40 feet away from his bike. He was in poor shape and his limbs were broken in several places.

He felt he was walking in circles when he came up suddenly before the observation deck of the Apothecary Recovery Facility. Some of the members of the Deathwing were floating inside vats filled with greenish liquids. He remembered one conversation with a fellow Ravenwing battle brother … that the liquids contain the spirit of the emperor and can help heal broken bones and patch up torn flesh. With the Apothecary staff busily moving around, his eyes searched for Denny and found him floating in one of the vats. Cables were jutting out of his spine and he had a respirator. Smaller cables were connected onto the black carapace as well. He was conscious and caught site of Chuck. A wave of relief washed over Chuck as he found his friend in obvious recovery. He put on that childish smile and stuck the two Marksman’s Seals on the glass window of the observation deck and pointed to it for his friend to see. Denny gave him the thumbs up sign. Looks like he’ll be attending the honorific ceremony after all…

Chuck walked out of the observation deck still thinking about the Marksman’s Seal. It was for their shining moment during the previous battle. He recalled Denny spotting the enemy wizard whizzing past them. Other Ravenwing bikers began shooting at him but it was Chuck’s Multi-melta that sliced the Seer’s grav bike in half, sending him crashing onto the ground. Chuck surmised that was the last of him as he doubted their frail looking bodies could survive such an accident. His last memory of the battle was of spear wielding Eldar on jetbikes massacring one squad of Ravenwing and then headed straight for The Angel of Death. Scuttlebutt on the ship is that The Angel of Death was brought in along with the wounded and that his servitors were working on restoring the ancient grav bike. Of The Angel of Death they could say nothing more other than that he took four of his opponents down before falling himself. Chuck guessed he’d likely see him flying around in that relic again sometime soon. The man isn’t called The Angel of Death for nothing…

He came across the tech marine as he came around Hall 2-E. He had a sullen look and a contingent of servitors trailed after him. He heard them speaking in techno babble. He couldn’t understand a single word but no doubt they were discussing the recent event. Specifically when the Grand Master threatened to jettison them along with the garbage after the teleportation chamber malfunctioned in the recent battle, causing the Grand Master and his retinue to arrive too late to be of any help.

He opened the door to the garage and saw towering Vesuvius standing before him. The room was busy with servitors and tech apprentices working on the Ravenwing’s vehicles.

Uh oh… here it comes…

His eyes wondered around the room as the man went on with his tirade about how important the equipment were to the chapter and how hard they worked to maintain them and how he had a responsibility to take care of them… yada yada yada…

“Maybe you take care of my bikes this time!”

And all chuck could say was…

“Yes Sir!”

*Game: Alpha-Seek and Destroy *Players: Ricky(Eldar) vs Salubri(Death-Raven) *Result: Eldar Win (5 scoring units vs 4 scoring units)

Space Wolves 3rd Company

we came to hunt the fallen but instead came upon a different enemy

a new breed of eldar in a different style of fighting not previously recorded or reported

their rangers blended perfectly with the ruins heavy bolter fire could not move them

they picked off the pilots of our speeders with accuracy

while their jet bikes struck with deadly lances

scouts go out, study them, do not engage

we will crush them!

- Brother Regus -


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