Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenario Edit from recycle bin

Okay guys here's what I propose. These are some minor changes to the mission Killing Fields, just enough to make it more enjoyable... err I think. :P

Mission: Killing Fields
Modifications: a. Begin counting control points at the end of turn 2
b. Control points are counted at the end of the turn (after both players took
their turns)
Explanation: I'm thinking this only makes things a bit more fair because it eliminates the early advantage of being able to go first and also having lots of advanced deployment models. The original form started counts for control points on the first turn. Which meant whoever went first could get the required number of points by turn 2 (5 CP). Also I think that counting control points at the end of each player turn rather than at the end of 1 game turn (when both players took turns) kinda screwed the 2nd man a bit since you could run, sit on the counter and he won't be able to stop you from gaining a point.


I'm hoping that we'll get past some sort of legalism here as I've always thought of our gaming group as playing for fun rather than for keeping a tally of who wins and who loses. At any rate, just so you don't get any wrong ideas that I'm trying to change the way missions are played in the current WMH community, I am NOT repeat NOT pawning these changes to the community. Hence the reason why I'm posting it here in OUR BLOG. Its just for our gaming group and only if you want to try it. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. My only aim is to make things more enjoyable for everyone concerned. Personally I'm okay to play with anyone using whatever scenario but I'm thinking it would be more enjoyable for us if we "fixed" some of the things that we are not comfortable with. Games are made for gamers after all and not the other way around.

At any rate I leave you with this: Prime Remix, page 81, middle of left column: "Experiment with different combinations, and feel free to create variations or unique scenarios of your own."


midnight said...

sounds good to me. let's give it a go tonite

Salubri said...

uy teka. di ba wednesday pa?

it's only tuesday today. :P

shink1m said...

Let me know how it goes, dude.

Kyuzo said...

the book says race to seven(7) control points, yes? race to five(5) i believe was more of a result of applying page 81. ;)

as with the proposed scenario modification, i'm all for it. IMHO i don't see it much of a problem since its still within the spirit of the scenario, unless there's some warcaster/unit or whatever with a special rule we're not aware of yet that can gain an advantage from it. i'm willing to take a stab at this scenario and see how it plays out. hopefully i can get more mobile by friday or before we start studying the next scenario, which ever comes first. :)

OT: i heard ateneo lost but it's not exactly over yet, so how's the hermit taking it? :D

Salubri said...

well the hermit is still being a hermit so i wouldn't know. lol

midnight and i will try the mission at 750. maybe i'll time it to see how long it's gonna take. just for purpose of statistics.

shink1m said...

The Killing Fields scenario from Prime Remix is different from the Steam Roller 3 tourney format. In the book, it's 7 points and you start controlling from the get go IIRC. In SR3, it's 5 points and you start controlling on your second turn.