Monday, August 04, 2008

Support Your Local Store

Warhammer 40K 5th Edition is now out along with a bunch of other new goodies from Games Workshop. Now I understand we are all giddy to get our hands on that new book, that new codex, that new tank, that new laser pointer (well, maybe not that one, except if your name is R_m_) or whatever is that new product that takes your fancy, but first let me have a talk with you entitled “Support Your Local Store”… so if you’re ready now boys and girls, here we go.

First, our group is called “101st Galleria Regulars”. So what is in that name? 1) 101 is just a number we plucked out of the air. 2) Regular is true now, because we play regularly… almost. 3) Galleria is for the mall (duh!) in which we play in. The name of the group sounds like an army regiment name, so that it won’t sound nerdy and for that macho and coolness factor some of us all so desperately need… plus it is way better to say a name that answers two questions at least (ie where do we play and how often) and gives an impression of huge numbers, than simply referring to ourselves as “our group”… and you better thank your lucky stars we are not named “The Emperor’s Pink Dice Chuckers” or maybe even “The Happiness Club”. Having said all that, we are not an organized group as in one with a president, treasurer, muse… we are just a bunch of persons (boys, men, girls, women, gays, lesbians – catch all so I won’t alienate anybody, just in case) who enjoy playing with toy soldiers together. And we are all equals (regulars… get it?). It may seem someone is boss sometimes, but that is just because that someone is like that anywhere he goes… just his own personal “airness”.

Now, we can’t just walk into Galleria, put some tables in there, put table cloth on top of it, and then terrain, and then go ahead and play. We need to have a store there who would host us. Or else the guards would kick us out in a jiffy. That store, in case you still don’t now yet, is Neutral Grounds (NG). And if you don’t know the owners of NG yet, please take time to know them so you know when to yield that chair (private joke... if you don't get it, contact me).

NG hosts us because NG sells the toys we play with. The NG staff helps us in setting-up those tables because they want us to play, because theoretically the more we play the more interest there is in the game, more products sold, and eventually there is money that flows to their paychecks. Also, us playing in Galleria exposes us to the “mall traffic” that would eventually generate interest (but the chance of enticing a new player into this hobby we have is really small, given it’s nature… you know, money-time-effort intensive).

We, on the other hand, like to be able to have that place we can all look forward to go to, on a weekend or a holiday, to play toy soldiers with like minded, sensible, mature persons. I personally like the air-conditioning, accessibility to all types of grub and drink, rest rooms, and the SIGHTS, which we usually don’t have in the comfort of our own homes / garages / basements / construction sites. I don’t have anything against playing anywhere else, but I like the 99% probability of seeing a pretty face. Whatever your reason is, I think we all agree that the best place for us to play together is in Galleria. Either that or we go ahead and change the name of our group.

So, before we think about getting that new toy somewhere else that we all want right now, let’s think about that store-player relationship thinghy that we have. There is really a lag in the arrival of GW stocks at NG, but that is a business / economics supply and demand thing that I’d rather not discuss. I’d like to think that eventually, if we buy more stuff, frequency of GW stuff coming in may increase. I am not prohibiting anyone to get their stuff somewhere else (I myself have gotten some from “pasalubongs” on occasions, etc.), but if you can get your toys at NG, please do so. My idea on this is nice and simple. I play in the store, I better get my playthings from the store. There is also this thing called "respect" that goes a long way.

I suggest, while you are waiting for that book / tank / marine / codex from NG to arrive, you may :
1) Put that money you have in something and roll it over to earn some; or
2) Keep that money in your bank account, save for a rainy day (rainy day being the day when the GW stuff arrives)
3) Go out on a date and get some... sun.
4) Treat your mom/dad/sister/brother to dinner.
5) Paint that stuff you got a year ago, damn it.

That concludes it, girls and boys. This is my personal opinion and not that of the whole 101st Galleria Regulars, but some of you may agree with me in whole or in part. This definitely is not a ruling. This is just me on a boring, lazy, rainy day.

Carry on.

P.S. I’ll be away from 40K for the whole of August doing some card flopping. See you in September. Watch out for the Emcee Stag Party 40K mini-tourney, maybe in late October or early November.
Next project - finding a new after gaming watering hole


Salubri said...

great post. i agree with every word. lol

while it can't be helped that people will buy stuff from all over the place it would be nice if you do get some of your stuff from NG atleast. since you know... we play there... practically every saturday. :P

we're not here to police anyone. this is just an appeal to your better senses. respect and support is at the very heart of this post.

OT: one more weekend akong wala and after that, back to the gaming tables. >:D

Kyuzo said...

i will second da motion on this one. 5th ed rulebook wala pang balita kung kelan dating... Wwwaaahhh!!!! :((

Salubri said...

me will always like buying in NG. credit cards allow me to buy it and have nearly two months to gather up the sum to pay for my purchase... without interest. wehehehe... :P

Anonymous said...

Same here! Almost all my brothers tyranids(exemption of just 3models!) came from about all the NG branches we went to, Trinoma, Greenhills, Galleria and Megamall. I also got my OOP command squad, marine combat squad, rhino and scouts from NG

We could(or should) start a wish list of all the units/books we like NG to get, so they will have an Idea. Make it a concrete list, not just one guy ordering, we as a group.

On my list. The newest starter set of WH40k! This item should be on everyone's list. The old starter set was the one that launched me and my brother into this 40k universe! It will have a rulebook(very important!) dice I mean die, templates and Lots of marines and orky units!