Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Conquering the Conqueror!!!

2000pts: Hive fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Salamanders (Ryan Cheung)
Location: RG
Date: 06Dec'08
Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Terrain: Hills

Hestan and his Salamanders was again called upon for another cleanse mission, cleansing another Hive fleet Conqueror infestation. As they arrived the deserted island, the place was all rotten and dead. There were no signs of life form. "Movement up north Commander Hestan." a Salamander said upon looking his auspex. "Call upon the drop pod Salamander squad, we will surprise them!" Hestan said.

Together with his Sternguard and a Librarian, they teleported in front of the rampaging tyranid fleet simultaneously with the drop pod Salamanders. Aiding their back, was 2 rhino squads, 2 Land speeders, a Predator, and a Vindicator. Wasting no time, they fired their bolters and flamers to the rushing hormogaunts, almost wiping them out completely.

As the smoke cleared out, a group of genestealers and a Hive tyrant leaped out killing all of the Sternguard. Hestan and the librarian made a tactical withdrawal, leaving the xenos out in the open. Combined firepower from the Rhino and Drop pod squads killed the genestealers and the Tyrant.

But the Tyranids seemed endless, as more of there battle brothers were massacred; tanks were destroyed by the lumbering carnifexes. Hestan saw a Psychic beam, destroying the Predator tank with just one shot, coming from a Zoanthrope.

Hestan Rallied his Salamanders. Concentrating on one flank, they slowly killed the Xenos along their path. The lumbering behemoths, one by one, fell from the Salamanders. Hestan took one carnifex head down with one slash of his blade. The Salamanders stood triumphant as the Last remaining Xenos was killed.

Result: Ryan Cheung won!!!

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