Friday, September 04, 2009

HGR Journal Entry 110 . . Monday Galleria Games!!!

Date: Aug 31, 2009
Venue: NG Backroom/Store Front, Robinson's Galleria
Attendance: Mathew, Jessee, Martie, Patrick (Kuneho) and Henri
Some Highlights:

Game 1 Henri (CSM- Masters of Ecstacy-Noise Marines) vs Jesse (SM-Luna Wolves)
Points: 1500 pts
Deployment : Pitch battle
Mission: Capture and Control
Jesse Wins!!! 1-0

Game 2
Henri (CSM - Masters of Ecstacy) vs. Mathew (Eldar)
Points: 1850 pts Deployment : Spearhead Mission: Capture and Control Mathew wins via Tap Out on top of the 5th !!!

Game 4: Martin (Orks) vs. PAT (SM) Points: 1850 pts Deployment : Spearhead Mission: Seize Ground, 4 Counters, Martie Wins 1 - 0

players who was there please add your games :D thanks

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