Thursday, August 24, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 009


1st game

Balian's Assaulty Black Legion vs Salubri's Deathwing. Balian struck Salubri's left flank and one big melee ensued. 4 black legion squads led by a deamon prince killed off a terminator assault squad in two turns of combat. With the librarian and 3 squads stranded on Deathwing's left flank the game ends in a draw with balian ahead by 100+ points.

2nd game

Adrian's Marines duke it out against Salubri's Deathwing. Salubri swallows hard as he faces an army with plasma cannons galore and 2 vindicators. Uphill climb for Deathwing as terminator falls after terminator. At the end of turn 6 2 squads of terminators survive while only taking out 1/3rd of the Adrian's Marines. Major Victory for Adrian

3rd game

Rematch game between Kyuzo a.k.a manny and Sigismund a.k.a larrios. Larrios pulls off the footwork routine once again while following up with straight right and left hook combo. Manny down for the count after receiving countless lashes from particle whip. Galleria regulars call Technical foul on Larrios after the game.

mental note to self: You can't shoot other weapons if you're using ordinance. :P

Despite odd things happening saturday's games were quite fun. Almost like the old days. Special mention goes to Manong_guard for showing up with new hobby in towe.

The gang headed on to Quattro to meet with the Meanderer and had dinner while detecting multiple infiltrators with auspex. Romy fell for Ay ay's very smooth back, Balian went Mcdreamy after minors entered the room and as a last hurrah Salubri had an encounter with fish bone just when everyone was about to leave on the end of the 8th turn. XP

sa uulitin.

p.s. ayoko nang steamed tilapia.


Kyuzo said...

i second the motion! dapat kinilaw na talaba sa susunod!!! :Lolz:

xtapb - eXtreme Terminator Annihilation via Plasma Bombardment

shink1m said...

Ordnance weapons yata:

You can move and shoot only either the Ordnance (Particle Whip) or the other weapons (Gauss Flux Arc) but not both. If the vehicle didn't move, then you can shoot with both.

Tineknikal na ako nung same situation sa Kolat, so I know firsthand.

+++ sumybhu - Sumang-ayon Unti-unti, Medyo Yari Bago Humaba Usapan.

sigismund said...

hay salamat.........


thanks kim! :P

Kyuzo said...

meron pa rin!!! =P

nwdehfuw - nnnnnnaman ang haba! +P

Salubri said...

quoting sigis=[hay salamat.........


thanks kim! :P]

you can't shoot with both nga eh ano beeeeeeeeh!!!!


sigismund said...

If the vehicle didn't move, then you can shoot with both.

ayt guys? :)

Kyuzo said...

hindi pa reeenn!!! :lolz:

clue: try to recall your 2nd turn when the first monolith showed up...

+++ afvnlgos - All For Vindication Never Lost in the Grandeur Of Scepticism

midnight said...

actually i think the rule for ordnance (barrage) weapons is you can only fire it and no other weapon even if the vehicle didn't move. that much was retained AFAIK.

Salubri said...

imagines a static leman russ firing battle cannon+sponsoon heavy bolters+hull mounted heavy bolters+ pintle mounted weapon...

... scary thought. :(

oh wait... i get a save against all that. hehe...

midnight said...

the summary table states that if you didn't move, you can shoot all main (S7 or more) and defensive weapons (S6 and less), or 1 ordinance or 1 ordinance barrage. if you move less than 6", you can fire 1 main or all defensive weapon or 1 ordinance weapon (no ordinance barrage weapons). more than 6", you can't shoot.

so for ordinance weapons, moving 6" or standing still - you can choose to shoot the ordinance weapon or your other weapons. but not both

shink1m said...

Dude, if you deepstrike with the Monolith, it counts as moving diba? If so, how far does it count as having moved? 6"? 12"? 24"?

(Sorry, P3K for a book that needs a lot of band aids? Ah not right now)

+++ bkutf - Back Kim Up The F*** (it should say, Back The F* Up, Kim; hinalo-halo lang ^_^)

Salubri said...

deepstriking stuff counts as moving below 6" i think. if deepstriking stuff is landspeeder it counts as moving fast. however, with ordinance, regardless of whether you move up to whatever distance or you stay put, you can only ever, either shoot ordinance or your other weapons but never both.

well i think this is how the rules go anyways. admittedly ang tagal ko nang di naglalaro at nagbibitbit nang ordinance. :D

midnight said...

deepstriking counts as moving more than 6" for non fast vehicles and 12" for fast vehicles. please see revised FAQ - which makes it useless to deepstrike landspeeders coz they can't do anything!

Kyuzo said...

o sigis! gets mo na? ikaw ang aasahan kong makaintindi nyan kasi ikaw ang gumagmit naman ng monolith e. ;)

+++ xoxaf - eXceptionally over eXaggerated Arc Flux +P