Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Since we're starting to have satellite gaming areas now. May I suggest that each of us come up with atleast one terrain every two weeks until we have enough variety to fill our gaming tables? I'm speaking of fully modelled and painted terrain. :D Right now midnight's gaming table looks a little bald. ;) My table at home has enough terrain for the time being. I understand Balian is also open to the idea that his house be used for an alternative gaming area so we should make terrain for that as well.

All in favor of this say "Cheese"! :D

(una na ako) ELDAR!


sigismund said...

just got the imperial sector (4 buildings) cities of death 3 days ago...
still under assembly line... :)

Salubri said...

hmm.... 4 buildings in 1 box?

sigismund said...


midnight said...

i'm ok with this - i'm up for normal terrain muna (hills/ruined fantasy houses).

i've got 1 hill flocked and another 1 still for flocking this week. i have my ruined buildings that need painting. will get rid of the cemetery piece since ala na undead army ko :)

i will add some felt paper at the undersides when they're done (better grip on table surface.)

midnight said...
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Salubri said...

cool. we need to make lots more ruins for 40k though.

Salubri said...

puga! imperial sector costs $90!!!

(falls to the ground with a loud thud)

i'd rather get all the special characters for ultramarines. lolz.

sigismund said...

sa NG 6000php.

sa GW AU $150.

Kyuzo said...

just to put on record for posterity an observation. for the sitra(?) boards, if the print is a sticker base and not painted on, i suggest carefully taking out the sticker before you do any fabrication and painting.

im currently wracking my brain on what to build but ground to a halt on a possibly important question: to what scale are we building? baka we start building stuff to different scales the battlefield might look like an impressionist landscape. ;)

midnight said...

suggest we fix size of buildings to around 6 inches long/wide and 6 inches tall (max). height will allow 3 floors already - too high baka unstable. too long baka masyadong malaki and it will be too difficult to pack/store

idea is that 3rd floor will be like ruined building na may space for siguro 3 models at the most (parang sniper position).

sa akin yun challenge is how we can make the buildings look like they're from the same place. i'm pretty sure our details will differ so it may be best if we design templates for the windows/doors para magmukhang consistent.

midnight said...

taken from Larry's text/email

i finally got some insulation foam used in buildings. sarap gamitin for terrain. eto pala gamit ng GW better than styro, walang dust.

mr resident builder - san tayo makakakuha nito?

Salubri said...

is that like the pink foamcore gw has? we could go terrain crazy if we actually have a working foam cutter. yummeh. :D

i can already see myself singing "your body is a wonderland" while carving hills. XP

yun templates okay ako dun.

midnight said...

i'm planning to go with the manufactorum/generic type of buildings for my set.

i will try to do a template for the windows/doors. (i suggest leaving the sticker on). using the template, mark out the lines to be cut, then use an exactoknife to cut out the pattern. peel off sticker (for window/door) which will then give you a guide where you should be cutting/filing till you get the right shape. once all done, peel off rest of sticker :)

for each building type, we also need to identify common household/office scrap items which we can use to add details. let's open another thread for that :)

Kyuzo said...

so, any news on where larry gets foamcore?

salubri - with foam insulation/foamcore you wont need a foam cutter. ordinary ones will suffice methinks...

Salubri said...

i downloaded a couple of templates from GW. i can put them all on a cd and hand them to you guys when we next meet.

templates i have:

2 types of bunkers
1 gun platform
1 gothic building (cityfight. i'm making this right now)
1 wall section
1 tank trap (4 per sheet)

the gothic building has blood and sweat put into it. literally... and in that order. lolz.

midnight said...

got 2 bunkers in the works and a 2 level hill. also did a building pero i'm more happy with the trench warfare kind of terrain. will try to make a few more barricades and bunkers.

kyuzo - do you still have the white dwarves i lent you? can you look for the one which shows how to make the bunkers? i want the one where IG was being featured and they were making bunkers for people and for a leman russ. these were modular so pwede i-connect