Sunday, September 17, 2006

HGR Journal Entry No. 010...


Date: September 16, 2006
Venue: Neutral Grounds Robinsons Galleria
HGR's Who Answered The Call: Kyuzo, Balian, The Meanderer, Salubri and Sigismund

The 101st got together to play their deadly game of chess, to match wits against each other and see who has bragging rights till the next encounter...

1st Game
Combatants: Kyuzo (Dark Eldar) vs. Balian (13th Company)
Scenario: Take and Hold Level: Alpha

Balian and I arrived first so we were in charge of setting the table up for the coming games. From the scenario, we first established 4 objectives to control. Luck didn't really go the way of either side. Both suffered critical losses early on in the game, with Balian's Wolf priest falling to Kyuzo's crucible (this wargear has been consistent against a lot of high Ld psykers lately), and both of Kyuzo's succubi being removed from the game due to combat drug overdose on the very same turn!

The bodycount was high which is typical when these two armies face each other. 13th Company Storm Claw bikers and Wolves were ruthless in decimating Kyuzo's infantry, almost wiping out his entire right flank. Dark Eldar efficiency in shooting proved above average by reducing Balian's Grey Slayers troops and Storm Claw bikers to non-scoring unit status, which made the score tied at one objective apiece on the 5th round. On the 6th round however, Dark Eldar decided to go for broke by letting out a unit of warriors to claim an objective left by the haemonculus and grotesques which in turn tried to fry off the approaching wolflord with destructor fire... only realizing that there was no line of sight to the Wolf lord! Wolf lord then singlehandedly contested and destroyed DE warrior scoring unit and get his Long Fangs to within 6" of one objective.

Result: 13th Company win over Dark Eldar, 1 secured objective to none.

2nd Game
Combatants: Salubri (Ultramarines) vs. The Meanderer (Daemonhunters)
Scenario: Recon Level: Omega

This was fun to watch, since it all boiled down to who's getting their reserves in first to give full support to their units that will touchdown on the opponent's deployment zone, as well as bolstering the defenses from any enemy units trying to break through. Top space marine honors should be given to The Meanderer's librarian who almost singlehandedly held a combined assault of bikers and assault marines, killing off the enemy chaplain and allowing allied scouts to help finish off the bikers. This in turn kept the victory points close, with Salubri winning out via more Ultramarine units encroaching the Daemonhunters deployment zone.

Result: Ultramarines victorious over Daemonhunters via VP difference

3rd Game
Combatants: Balia (13th Company) vs. Sigismund (Black Templar)
Scenario: Cleanse Level: Gamma

This was also interesting, to which I saw an unusual role reversal with the 13th Company taking the initiative early in contesting quarters and taking the fight to the Black Templars, who in turn, boxed themselves in a corner behind hills and blocking off all entrances with their rhinos and their predators in the vanguard.(reminiscent of wild western carriage ring surrounded by blood thirsty indians). In four turns Sigismund's two predators were picked off one by one via the 13th Company heavy weaponry. It was only on the 5th and 6th turns did we see some major movement from the Black Templar front, with three of Sigismund's LSTornados zooming out of the canyon to contest the three quarters and setting his Black Templar brethren to weather out the 13th Company onslaught. This would've proven sound if it were not for the fact that the Black Templars were at the top of the turn. The 13th Company at the bottom of its last turn shot down two of the three enemy land speeders, and although it would seem unnecessary, the 13th Company still engaged the Black Templars on the assault (like true space marines) and left both parties with casualties that didnt really bring much weight to the score. A good game nonetheless.

Result: 13th Company victorious over the Black Templars via VP difference and with two uncontested quarters to none.

Other Highlights:

We wrapped up with a quick detour to Quattro (although Sigismund was not able to join this time since he was already starting to feel under the weather for lack of sleep) before calling it a night.

We all did agree that we should be making the conscious effort in painting our armies even if it means being able to show an improvement or a new WIP everytime we meet. Some plans to put Kyuzo's ideas or a new army to the test in the near future, since Kyuzo has already put into motion the construction of this new army.

A personal thank you should be sent out to Freddie and Des for still being able to accommodate us to play despite the space and playing schedules.

Some photos to follow.

Until the next encounter.



Salubri said...

both the meanderer and sigismund are starting to strategize. just a little more polishing guys. games were pretty good last saturday. :D

too bad i didn't get to go up against kyuzo's ugly slaaneshi armylist. puno nang kalokohan yan ah. :P

that librarian definitely profited from the tall cup of juju. lolz.

Kyuzo said...

i did observe the same thing. if sigismund can learn from one game and carry it on to the next, mas maganda.

meanderer's config (to which fanbase i cant quite figure out just yet... +P) is ok. more playing time i'd say. dapat regular kang bumababa ng bundok para maglaro dude! ;)

+++ bvtqpq - Black Vloody Templar Quid Pro Quo ;)

Salubri said...

meanderer's config like his strategy came from his own twisted head. :P

ang probablema talaga nung army na yun eh puros pogi points. lolz

Kyuzo said...

but despite the pogi points value, he can make it work. no different from a certain all-termi config i know. ;)

+++ wpfytkbt - What Persistent Fool You Trying to Kid Back There?

Salubri said...

his config works better actually. lolz

sigismund said...

bakit d2 walang pics? :)