Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jonnel Mendiola...

Snipped from the RHGC forums as posted by Gelo...

As you may or may not know, this friday marks the death anniversary of one of the pioneer players for Warhammer 40k (and my old boss) - Jonnel Mendiola, from
where the original Gladiator championships was renamed to the JAM cup in his memory.

As such I would be paying respect to his memory by holding a small 500 point tournament at Hobby Haven from 12noon onwards, followed by a drink afterwards courtesy of Jeff and his Johnnie Walker and maybe a bit of BattleField 2
or Mechwarrior computer gaming

Entrance to the tournament will be P100 per person. Half of which will go
to store credit ( for the use of the facilities ) and half will go to drinks and food.

The restrictions for army list creation is based on Combat Patrol
Missions will use the Rules of engagement for combat patrol
that is found in the UK website. No need to worry about proper
computation of VP. Because of the fast nature of the games we will have
4 to 5 matches. Please have an objective marker (it can be a base or even a coin ) ready

Because of the slightly cramped space sa second floor , I have to request that only those that will play be on the second floor playing area ( ng Hobby Haven )

Those that will not can play mechwarrior or battlefield muna sa baba -- Once the games are done and we have cleaned up the tables then we can everybody that wants to have a drink. (No rowdiness though or else we will get kicked out of hobby )

Hobby Haven can only accomodate 8 people. I will play if there is an odd number of players.


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