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HGR Journal Entry No. 047 - Pooossshhhiiinnnggg!!! Lolz...

Date: March 1, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Sigismund, Kyuzo, Salubri, Ebon, Meanderer
Other Players Present: Mike, Jesse, Henry


Game1 Sigismund(World Eaters) vs. Kyuzo(Chaos Space Marines)
2000pts Secure and Control Gamma (4 Counters)
Kyuzo Wins via Massacre!

I decided to take the Defilers out for a walk... Hehehe

I thought the best way to take on Sigis's World Eaters was to rush my Rhinos and bikes and hope to charge the berserker line (he had three 15-man squads of those bloodthirsty mofo's) and have the Defilers provide battle cannon cover. Two Slaaneshi Lords on bikes carrying Blissgivers were there to tie up his Havocs and prevent any problems they might pose to my Defilers. My bikers were only able to halt two berserker squads for only a few turns before dying against sheer numbers. The third Berserker squad proved to be real scary on the charge even at half strength, being able to kill off my termie squad in just one round of combat.

Kharn the Betrayer had a chance to prove his worth when he singlehandedly destroyed one Chaos Rhino full of Chaos Space Marines (Plasma pistol at the back of the Rhino, but suffered a wound in the explosion) and killed 7 CSM on the charge in the next Turn). Ironically, it took one CSM to cause two wounds and Kharn rolling two 2's in his armor save roll that did him in (I fondly described that episode where that CSM drove his chainsword up Kharn where the sun don't shine and flipped the chainsword switch on HIGH. *Wwwhhhiiirrr!!!*). Lolz.

Game ends with Chaos claiming three counters and the World Eaters wiped out to the last man.


Game2 Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist-Space Marines) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Cleanse Alpha
Ebon Wins!


Game3 Ebon(Order of the Clenched Fist-Space Marines) vs. Jesse(Luna Wolves-Space Marines)
1500pts Cleanse Gamma
Joel Wins!


Game4 Sigismund(World Eaters) vs. Salubri(Deathwing)
2000pts Recon Alpha
Salubri Wins!

I tried to help out Sigismund on some finer points in deployment and see how he can maxmimize the effectivity of his World Eaters. Despite that, some of his units sadly sat back and waited for the Terminators to come to him, which whittled down the Berserkers numbers as they advanced.

Game ends with the Deathwing scoring three touchdown units in the World Eater deployment zone versus the World Eaters one.


Game5 Salubri(Deathwing) vs. Kyuzo(Chaos Space Marines)
2000pts Take and Hold Alpha
Kyuzo taps out on the Sixth Turn. Salubri Wins!

I'm pretty much in a pickle here, since Defiler battle cannons could do only so much against Terminator armor. I tried to take out the Ravenwing bikers out, but not in time before they were able to homer in a lot of Terminators on to the objective. It was tough to wrench the Terminators' strangle hold of the center.

Game ends with 3 Terminator units at the center to Chaos's none, with a Quotable Quote Moment allowed in the last turn. Good game.


Game6 Henry(Space Wolves) vs. Jesse(Luna Wolves-Space Marines)
1500pts Seek and Destroy Alpha
Jesse Wins!

Battle of the Wolves. Cool.

Got to consult the rulebook post-game to check that in a Seek and Destroy Alpha mission, its the most number of scoring units left after the game that determines the winner. Jesse's Luna Wolves win over Henry's Space Wolves 3 scoring units to 2.


Salubri, Meanderer, Kyuzo, Henry, Sigismund, and Jesse met up with Midnight at Quattro for some dinner and talk shop. Midnight's Saturdays were pretty much booked after taking up post-graduate studies, so it was good for the new players to meet up with him and maybe get a chance to go up against him in the coming games. Salubri and I got to congratulate Meanderer who now has a girlfriend a couple of days back. Heard he won her over with this handsome personality. Guess some of you will be able to figure that out.

We shared a few war stories and had a laugh. Who would forget Kyuzo's daemonettes (didn't realize those chicks made a considerable impression against the Regulars), Meanderer's patented oven tactics (flank the target with Rhinos then flush the corridor with LOTS of flamers), Salubri's "Sniper Vindicators", and Sigismund's Monoliths (I won't, with a sick note. Joke. :P). The Quattro scene had its share of excitement, as implied by how this Entry's title was coined. We could just imagine Balian would want to share our misery after seeing a Roxanne Ginoo in a promo girl outfit. Too bad Balian was in Sector KPH on boyfriend duties, who will most likely be back next gaming session with a vengeance.

Some Quotable Quotes:

"Thunderclaw!!!" - Luna Wolves with drawings of Thunderhammers on their Lightning Claws. Hmmm... so their claws can stun tank crews too? Haha.

" "(Jazz) - You wanna piece of me?
(Megatron) - No, I want you in pieces!"

Oops, that's Megatron" - Salubri promptly changes dice so as not to jinx his attack roll against a Defiler

Session ends 10:00PM

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