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HGR Journal Entry No. 046 - Taking Of The Tower...

Date: February 23, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Balian, Sigismund, Kyuzo, Salubri, Ebon, Shink1m
Other Players Present: Adrian, Henry, Marty, Jessie, Alfred, Kei

We got a few more good games in today, with the Regulars giving the new players a wide range of what's out there in the depths of the Imperium...


Game1 - Balian(13th Company) vs. Sigismund(World Eaters)
2000pts Take and Hold Omega
Balian Wins!

I heard this game got ugly with both sides getting into close combat early. It was a gruelling 8 Turns of multiple attacks from the 13th Company against the World Eaters' numbers. In the end, it was the ferocity of the 13th Company who won out.


Game2 - Adrian(Azure Dawn - Space Marines) vs. Kyuzo(Chaos Space Marines)
1500pts Recon Omega

Adrian came with his fun list. Well, if you call facing 8(!) Tornados, 2 Drop Pods including 1 Seige Dreadnaught(!) fun. Variable ended game length ended in 7 Turns, with the Azure Dawn having a Tornado squadron and the Commander and Termies touching down compared to the Termies and Noise Marine squad in the enemy deployment zone for Chaos.

Some post-game lessons learned:

1) You can't deepstrike the Commander and Termies as one unit, unless the Termies are part of his retinue (Hang on, are the Termies the Commander's retinue? If so, they shouldn't double up in the recon score, correct?)

Balian - a commader in terminator armour can teleport with a squad of terminators... for VP purposes though, only double-up on the squad. Exclude the points of the commander, even if he joined the terminator squad. The case may be different if the termie squad is a command squad of the commander (depends on what codex you are using).

2) When shooting at a squadron, allocate hits to the members of the squadron, then resolve the armor penetration scores per model in the squadron.


Game3 - Salubri(Death Ravens) vs. Marty(Tau)
2000pts Take and Hold Gamma
Marty taps out on the 5th Turn. Salubri Wins!

Heard Marty's starting to get the hang of what his Tau units can do and maximize the amount of shooting they can dish out. It was only the steady advance of the hard hitting Deathwing that did him in.


Game4 - Ebon(Deathguard) vs. Henry(Space Wolves)
2000pts Seek and Destroy Gamma
Ebon Wins!

I think its the second time Henry has faced the children of Nurgle. Ebon duly responds with a few alterations to his list, including a special appearance of Typhus, Herald of Nurgle. Typhus with Wind of Chaos + 1 Space Wolves squad just disembarked from a Rhino = Lots of dead Space Wolves. Typhus rocks!!!


Game5 - Shink1m(Tomb Fleet Vyr - Necrons) vs. Jessie(Luna Wolves)
1500pts Take and Hold Omega
Shink1m Wins!

Shink1m coming to play in Galleria after a long stint from the 40k scene. Welcome back Tomb Fleet Vyr! Third time this particular table rolled the Take and Hold mission. This time, Tomb Fleet Vyr comes in with a Monolith to give the Imperium something to think about.

Lesson Learned: Space Marines shouldn't consult the Imperial Archives regarding Necrons WHILE in the thick of the fighting. Hehehe...


Game6 - Balian(13th Company) vs. Alfred(Armored Company)
2000pts Recon Omega
Balian Wins!

What high armor and heavy firepower the Armored Company had in spades, the 13th Company made up for in mobility. Commissar Alfred still continues to impress the Regulars with gutsy (bordering on mad) Baneblade shooting. Game ends with two Touchdown Units for the 13th Company with the Baneblade still intact but reduced to half movement. 13th Company edges out on VP.

A lesson was learned in fire discipline


Game7 - Marty(Tau) vs. Adrian(Azure Dawn - Space Marines)
1500pts Recon Gamma
Adrian Wins!

Wasn't able to see much of this game, hearing it had to end a little short at the start of the 4th Turn, with Adrian winning out with drop pods literally dropping into the the Tau Empire's deployment zone with the dreadnaughts and tornados dishing out a lot of hurt.


Seven games on two tables in a little under 8 hours. I'd say that's not a bad piece of game management and scheduling. Pats on the back all around. Hehehe... Game session ends 8:30-ish.

Some Quotable Quotes:

Adrian: "So, what do you think of the Siege Dreadnaught?"
Kyuzo: "Hmmm... didn't it blow up the turn right after it arrived? Guess we'll never know what it can really do now, won't we?" ;)

"Nakaka-guilty ang Wind of Chaos!" - Ebon after wiping out a full Space Wolves squad

"When you think you can't, then you lost out right that very instant."


Pics from last Saturday:

Kim's commentary and a few pics on his game on his blog here.

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