Monday, June 16, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 059 - First HGR Mini-Tourney...

Date: June 14, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars In Attendance: Kyuzo, Balian, Salubri, Ebon, Sigismund
Mini-Tourney Participants: Art, Meanderer, Marty, Jesse, Naj, Francis, Shink1m, Mike, Henri, Alfred
Other Noteable Appearances: Carl, Ferds, Dexter, The Other Marty, Carlos, and What Looked Like CrispyBeefRibs and Garrboi (it just can't be them :)), Jaime and the Cua Brothers


First HGR organized Mini-Tourney! Good turn out of participants, with a few hiccups in logistics as well as scheduling the start of the rounds. But this was too much fun for those who joined we kinda forgot all the worries in between.

There were Quotable and Forgettable moments too many to mention but surely forever remembered by those who said/did them as well as those who heard/saw them. Evisceration in fiction all around. Lolz.

Mini-Tourney Results


Round 1 - Cleanse Alpha (Most number of Quarters controlled wins)

Art(CSM) vs. Meanderer(SM-Sons of Light) - Art Wins
Marty(Tau) vs. Jesse(SM-Luna Wolves) - Draw
Naj(SM-Dark Angels) vs. Francis(SM-Ravenguard) - Francis Wins
Shink1m(Necrons) vs. Mike(SM-Ultramarines) - Draw
Henri(SW-Iron Wolves) vs. Alfred(IG with DH Allies) - Henri Wins


Round 2 - Hold At All Costs Gamma Modified (Most number of Scoring Units within 6" of Center wins)

Henri(SW-Iron Wolves) vs. Francis(SM-Ravenguard) - Francis Wins via forfeit
Jesse(SM-Luna Wolves) vs. Mike(SM-Ultramarines) - Mike Wins
Art(CSM) vs. Shink1m(Necrons) - Shink1m Wins
Naj(SM-Dark Angels) vs. Marty (Tau) - Marty Wins
Meanderer(SM-Sons of Light) vs. Alfred(IG with DH Allies) - Alfred Wins


Round 3 - Secure and Control Gamma (VP determines winner and break any resulting ties)

Jesse(SM-Luna Wolves) vs. Henri(SW-Iron Wolves) - Jesse Wins
Meanderer(SM-Sons of Light) vs. Naj(SM-Dark Angels) - Naj Wins
Shink1m(Necrons) vs. Francis(SM-Ravenguard) - Shink1m Wins
Mike(SM-Ultramarines) vs. Marty(Tau) - Marty Wins
Alfred(IG with DH Allies) vs. Art(CSM) - Art Wins


When the smoke cleared it was Marty prevailing over the field via a slim VP difference. Some key highlights and hopefully some pictures will follow.

Congratulations to Marty on his first mini-tourney win! Congratulations and thanks to all those who joined and helped organize this event.

See you across the gaming tables soon.

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