Sunday, June 08, 2008

HGR Journal Entry No. 058 - Pre-MiniTourney Gaming...

Date: June 7, 2008
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Regulars Present: Ebon, Balian, Kyuzo with later participation by Salubri
Other Players Present: Mike, Henri, Naj, with special appearance by Kuneho

Some of the players were in attendance to do some more tune up games before next week's mini-tourney.


Game1 Mike(SM-Ultramarines) vs. Henri(SW-Iron Wolves)
1500pts Recon Gamma
Henri Wins! via VP


Game2 Ebon(CSM-Deathguard) vs. Balian(SM-Dark Angels)
2000pts Take and Hold Omega
Ebon Wins! Balian taps out on the 5th Turn


Game3 Naj(SM-Dark Angels) vs. Henri(SW-Iron Wolves)
2000pts Secure and Control Alpha (3 Loot Counters)
Henri Wins!


Game4 Ebon(CSM-Deathguard) vs. Mike(SM-Ultramarines)
1500pts Secure and Control Gamma (5 Loot Counters)
Ebon Wins! via VP


Game5 Balian(SM-Dark Angels) vs. Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion)
2000pts Seek and Destroy Omega
Draw! 8 Turns!

This was fun. Balian and I were not in tourney tune up mode and tried to play a fast and furious game, as expected from us Regulars. Right off the bat Balian immediately took full advantage of the terrain and my deployment and made me think twice in moving my ML havoc squad to the same flank as my AC/LC havoc squad who's suffered heavy casualties from plasma cannon and missle launcher fire. I decided to let the AC/LC havoc squad suck it up a couple of turns while a bulk of my troops in rhinos come in from Balian's uncovered flank and sweep towards the center while I wait for Balian's Assault squad coming in and exploit any weak flank I might expose.

I rolled up an Obliterator and a Terminator squad on the 3rd Turn so I decided to deepstrike them right into enemy lines. Deviate direction and distance from the two squads almost ended in disaster with the two squads landing right next to each other. Good thing since after whittling down Balian's Veteran squad with combined Obliterator/Terminator shooting, Ezekiel counters with that Hellfire thingy (thanks Salubri for the correction) and actually survive (Balian rolled an S7 AP4! Whew!), but not for long. Game ended after the 8th Turn, with last turn heroics from a melta toting Chaos Marine bringing down the Dark Angel Dreadnought which was enough to salvage a draw.


Mini-tourney next week. Results to come in a week's time.


Salubri said...

the power he used isn't mind worm. hellfire yon! if he used mind worm on anything, it's not likely to survive. lol

Kyuzo said...

edited hellfire. thanks for the heads up salubri. :)