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The Horde Armies are here !!! ( Iron wolves VS Nids)

Saturday, Sept.13 2008
Robinson's Galleria
Game 2
Kuneho(Tyranids) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)

2000 pts
Objectives : Capture and Control
Deployment : Pitched Battle

This game was fun - took us 6 turns to finish the game: My thoughts:
Iron Wolves would face another horde army - As I looked at his force organization, I realized that this game is going to be long: I can see 8 Monstrous Creatures heading my way - Carnifexes, Tyrants, Zoanthropes and a large number of Hormogaunts (32 I think) . As half of my army will deploy via drop pods (3 troops,1 HQ), I decided to put most of my army in reserves.

Force Organization:
Iron Wolves:
HQ:3 1WGBL - Power armour (135), 1 WGBL with 4 Bodyguards on Drop pods, Vendread
Elites : 2 (Wolf Guard Bodyguard), Scouts unit, Dreadnought
Troops: 2-10man Grey Hunters w/ Drop Pods, 1-6man Grey Hunters w/ Razorback, 1-10man BC w/ Drop Pod, 1-12man BC on Foot
Deployment :
I decided to deploy only the Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Blood Claws on foot (To assess Ian's deployment first) Just behind the objective. Left side about 18 inches from the edge of the table; I left the right flank without any troops as I assumed that he would concentrate his force on the objective side anyways : (so I thought)

NIDS Deployment: Ian Deployed his Nids in a long line of from left to right Heavies(Carnifexes, Tyrants , swarm behind his objective then more heavies in the center (Carnifexes) , a long line 3-rank Hormoguants extended his line to the center right then at the right most side was more heavies and a swarm of Genestealers supported by more Zoanthropes and Carnifexes.

Turn 1
Wolves : we did nothing but wait:
NIDS: They Started to move forward, Shooting phase : using some Heavies againts the BC/HQ : 2 marines died /while the rest of his army ran several Units from the right line got 1 and 2 inches : Assault phase : Nids uses fleat to move forward

Turn 2
Wolves: some of my reserves became available: The Dreadnought, The Scouts, HQ on Drop pod, 10- Grey Hunters on Drop Pod, 6-Grey Hunters on Razorback
Movement : I moved the scouts just behind the swarm, I deployed My drop pods near the center of the line, one 6 inches from the objective and the other 8 inches near the center (to act as a wall - I got a bit unlucky as my 1st DP ( Grey hunters) swayed 8 inches in front just 6-7 inches from the Hormagaunts. While the DP with HQ was on target. I deployed the GHP behind the DP while the HQ in front to give the GHP some fire support in a hope to stem the advancing NIds.
Shooting: I concentrated my bolter/stormbolter and assualt cannon againts the 32 strong homaguants(we got 15 or 16 wounds) , and used the dreadnought and Razorbacks Lascannons against one of the Carnifexes in front and got 2 wounds. My scouts shot the swarm and got 2 wounds and started to Assault although I lost 2 scouts we survive and stayed in the fight : The rest of my army well " Prayed to the Emperor "

NIDS Turn 2 :
His the whole line Moved 6 inches forward,I noticed his Heavy support moved forward to attack leaving the objective defended only by his swarm (I don't know why he did this move- maybe he forgot my Drop pods ).

Shooting Phase: Heavies shoot at the BC/HQ : 3-4 marines left dead / while the rest ran towards me: Assault phase: the Tyrant I think charged the first wall(DP) while the Hormoguants attacked the GHP while another group of monsters attacked my HQ, the rest moved forward (luckily the Nids Left line (my right side) only moved 1-4inches saving my army from assault for at least 2 more turns :D(unlucky break for Ian)

Combat : Well, the Grey Hunters Survives and was able score 4 or 5 wounds more against the Hormoguants 2 extra wounds was scored: unfortunately I lost 2 terminators against the Nids HQ - but I survived the Leadership roll,

Still equal slight advantage to the advancing Nids.

Turn 3
My last reserves Arrives : I concentrated my force in the Left Side -with intention to deny the objective : I deployed the DP 6 inches from objective held by the Nids which was now uncontested :D giving me the opportunity to control the objective :

I got lucky this turn I almost killed Carnifex using my Blood Claws pistols which was deployed almost in front of the Monster (hoping that they hold it long enough, while my other units finish off the swarms, I tried to kill off the Carnifex but he still lives while luckily for my HQ, GHP survives the combat and wins My HQ killed of the enemies HQ- ,and the Grey hunters finished off the Hormaguants. While my other units shoot up the carniflexes but was only able to kill 1 monster.Turning point (here is where I forgot The razorback have 6 space marines- until the end of the game - :D whahahah Duh!!!)

NIDS Surges forward (here the Genestealers is almost in assault range:
his 2 Canifexes attacked my Blood claws of which 3 survives and Held the carnifexes for the another turn).

Turn 4 Wolves Turn 4
Here I was able to shoot off some Genestealers using Blood claws, before they assualt my HQ in terminator ,
Combat : here My Grey hunters holding the center started to fail and started to retreat, while the other Grey hunter units was able to shoot off and almost destroyed the swarm, while the BC stood firm againts the Large carniflexes

NIDS : advance forwards (many of his units was so far from the fighting they were unable to support the Genestealers and other Nids)
Heavy fighting and Nids Finishing off my HQ but not without a good fight taking 3 genestealers with him (NIDS at this point was left almost without troops to take the objectives ) GHP destroyed the remnants of the swarm while lossing 4 marines( 6- Ghunters took the objective) : but the carnifex was unable to finish off the blood Claws , this left them 12 inches away from the objective.

Turn 5 Wolves Movement: I moved some of my units towards the objective to contest it - I forgot I still have 6 grey hunters inside the Razorback!!!
Shooting: my Dreadnought took off 2 more genestealers, the Ven dread killed the Zoanthrope while the razorback killed the a large warrior NID.
The last BC died off freeing the Carniflex to move back,
NIDS Movement
but the immobilized dreadnought held and killed the nids instead

IF the turn ends: I would have won 2 objectives to none , but it was not to be Ian rolled the extension turn :
Turn 6 I tried to shoot off the 2 large monsters that was 6 inches to their objective to contest it : his two carnifexes was able to reach his home base and contested it : was able to kill 2 more large monsters. but it was a Draw

Game Ends (didn't use the 6 GHP inside the razorback!!!) Damn forgot about them!!

all objectives was contested :DRAW

Kill points score: (cant remember i am sure that I killed at least 3 monsters cockroaches!!! )
Wolves :7 - 8 1 Zoanthrope, 1 or 2? carnifex,1 or 2? Tyrants, genestealers, swarms, hormogaunts (not sure)
NIDS Killed: 7 units : 2 Blood Claws, 2 HQ,1 scouts, 2 Drop pods 204 including the DP, BC 198,66, HQBG 374,HQ135 1 Drop pod (30) :900 pts.

I am not sure about how many points did the NIDS lost
I enjoyed the game : Thanks to Kuneho(IAN) It was Close

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