Sunday, September 21, 2008


Lord Ravage(13th Company) vs. Henri(Iron Wolves)
2000pts Annihilation, Dawn of War Deployment
4X4 Table
Draw! 13th Company-3 to Iron Wolves-3.

For several days now, reports kept coming in from our wolf scouts. There are energy surges and abnormal power surges from our equipment around the western sector. Wolf Priest decided to investigate himself. Arriving before dawn with a pack of Grey Hunters on Razorback, hoping to find what’s causing the energy surges in the area.

Wolf Priest : " there is simply nothing irregular here! Brother sergeant news from the scouts ? "
Brother Sergent : " None Sir, But they are on their way. They will be arriving soon- near the western sector . . .with the reports.
Wolf Priest: " Alright then, send the razorback- and make a scanner sweep of the area ... watch for any irregularities and energy surges. . . Also, send a pack of Grey Hunters to meet them “
Brother Sergent: Yes Sir.
After a couple of minutes ,

Brother Sergent: Sir, the Wolf scouts are incoming from western sector: reporting that they are being chased!!!
Wolf Priest: "What do you mean? Chased by whom? "

Out of nowhere a squad of biker marines came out from the flank!!! Surprising the Grey Hunters squad that was supposed to meet the scouts : “Brothers to arms!!! - - Sir enemy sighted behind the scouts- we are under attack!!! "
Before Wolf Priest could react to assess the situation , another group of Marines /on Familiar uniforms with Chaos pads and sharp wolf like Claws attacked his Position(Wolf Priest). Being in a well defended position the HQ unit was able to stand there ground.
While the Scouts was caught and assaulted from behind by a unit of space marines with Power armor,(a mixture of Space wolf and chaos arm pads and armed with heavy weapons).
Wolf Priest exclaimed “ Brother, Call for troop support !!!"
A Sharp Close combat fight followed - units exchanging hits with these Wulffen units.

Turn three:
Arriving to the scene is the Venerable Dreadnought (HQ), with Brother Ergil(HQ) , accompanied by a Land Raider Crusader. The battle Leader was to replace the fallen Wolf Priest. The Two Dreadnought fired and destroyed one of the two squads of the unknown marine unit. Wolf battle leader assaulted the remaining unit ( Rune Priest). Unable to finish them off and arriving a little too late, the remaining pack died fighting beside the fallen Wolf Priest.

While a Pack of Blood Claws on Rhino sped to the Grey Hunters aid. Unfortunately not reaching them in time. As they were speeding towards their comrades, A unit Space marine on bikes and a squad of infantry jumped them from the rear.

Turn Four:
While the scouts was doom by 4 marines with heavy weapons- supported by a unit on bike(Wolf Priest) attacked and slaughtered them. While the remaining Grey Hunters fought on against the unit on Bikes, the enemy prevailed and destroyed the whole squad but a the cost of 4 enemy bikers. While the engaged Rune priest open up a warp and the remaining enemy withdraw into it. . .
Leaving the other squad to its faith .

Turn Five:
Mopping up the remaining units while the 2 dreadnought move in to give fire support to the others in need. The BC started to shoot at the units on bike and with support from the dreadnought they where able to kill all but one of the enemy riders.

While the other unit assaulted the BC and a sharp battle between the two squads followed. Blood claws exchanging hits with the enemy but was flanked by the remaining biker from the unit that attacked the Grey hunters and was destroyed. But not without taking with them 4 enemy marines.
The enemy started to recoil and retreated near their deployment edge. and taking pot shots at the Immobilized Rhino. Losing the exchange of units against the 13th company the Grey hunters is forced to try to kill off the units to salvage at least a draw... or lose the avail
Luckily dust took longer - and a running battle surges on. . .

Extension Turn:
While the reserve Grey hunters came in almost a little to late, but was able to shoot off all the remaining enemy infantry and in firing range while the razorback picked off the lone biker, while the Venerable dreadnought killed the other Biker at Long range. the battle was about to end.

In their last turn they slowly the withdraw through the darkness of the night and disappeared.Taking pot shots against the rhino but missed. . . after making a final sweep of the area no enemy units found!!! Taking with them the life of our beloved Wolf priest.

Game End:Turn Six

Lessons learned : First kill the Rune priest first!!! KILL Points Enjoy !!!
(Nakatabla Rin - Kay Emcee!!! )

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