Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Battle Report SW vs SW (Iron Wolves)

SW Composition Iron Wolves

1st GHP on the “ SKULDELEV” w/Deathwind
2nd GHP on the “ GOKSTAD”
3rd GHP on the “ KNARR”
Wolf Guard Battle Leader Arne (Eagle)/ WGBG on the “DRAKE”
4th GHP on Razorback
Wolf Priest
Heidrun with 11th Blood Claw on Rhino
(HQ) Vendread –Brother Sigurdr (The Guardian of Victory)
Elites :
Dreadnought – Brother Steinar (Stone)
1st Iron Wolf Scout Pack

The Iron Wolves was asked again join in the training exercises with the veteran contingent of the Space Wolf Priest Regus. The Iron Wolves chose Wolf Priest Heidrun to lead the contingent. Wolf Priest Heidrun chose to deploy via Drop pods with a mobile force in support.
He joined the Blood Claws in a Rhino and a unit of Grey Hunters on a razorback, While the rest of the Grey Hunters was deployed on Drop pods with Wolf Guard Battle Leader Arne with hisbodyguards, deploying as reserves on foot was Dreadnought (Ven Dread) Leader Siguired, Brother Steinar with a pack of Wolf Scouts.

Wolf Priest Regus chose to deploy his forces in his traditional set up moving up all his units to take and hold the objectives unmolested. He took 3 of the 5 objectives with Infantry and support from Land speeders and Rhinos.
The Wolf Scouts, and VenDread Siguired was the first on the scene. Scouts failing to take out the Predator while Vendread leader Siguired eliminated the enemy scouts from the exercise. Wolf Priest Regus was quick to react and moved his forces to face the scouts -(which the lack the experience got the better of them ) the Scouts withdraw, effectively putting them out of the game early.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader Arne with his bodyguard deployed to contest one of the 5 objectives while the 2 other packs of Grey Hunters tried to take out the contingent of the opposing Grey hunters and Blood claws inside the Land Raider lead by the Regus. Hoping to destroy the Land Raider the Grey hunters pack with Meltagun tried to hit it with no effect, the other GHP opened fire on the Predator, destroying it the process, while WGBL Arne attacked the Grey hunters entrenched inside a fox hole, unfortunately with limited effect the Grim inside the Razorback and Dreadnought Brother Steinar only managed to damage land Raider’s Assault cannon. The Drop pod "SKULDELEV" armed with Deathwind mis-fired and hitting an empty space instead. While the other two Drop pods used their storm bolters against the well entrenched Grey Hunters with little success.

Wolf Priest Regus with his Blood Claws furiously assaulted the 1st GHP (Grey) and almost cutting them to last 4-men while the 2nd GHP(Black) was reduced 6-men. While the opponents land speeders concentrated their fire power in destroying the two drop pods "SKULDELEV" and "GOKSTAD".

It was looking grim from the stand point where Wolf Priest Heidrun was, (using the rhinos com devices to monitor whats happening around him) “ We are being badly mauled by Wolf priest Regus” (he was deployed in the east sector far from the main battle lines to take the 5th objective), - “ Brother
Gunnvor” Im sending you the 3rd GHP(red) to support your drive to the center line - Destroy the opposing Grey hunters Pack!!!”. . . .
After receiving the order . . . (a short pause) . . . eager for Glory Brother Gunnvor ordered a suicidal assault against the opposing GHP: " advance my brothers show them what we can do !!!", but was cut down in process. Although he managed to eliminate the GHP trying to hold the objective – it was a ill-advised assault. While Dreadnought Brother Steinar and the brother Grim inside the Razorback again failed to Eliminate their Primary target the Land Raider. While brother Leader Siguired(Ven Dread) also tried to move towards the center while firing his Assault Cannon. The arrival of the 3rd GHP somewhat stabilized the situation, The 1st GHP was destroyed while the 2nd was down to the last marine. The Iron Wolves was in dire Straits losing 2 GHP and a WGBL with his Retinue in the exchange.
Wolf Priest Regus was quick to maximize his gains assaulting and almost destroying the 2nd GH Pack, While attacking with all the fire power available to reduced 3rd GH Pack to a handful of marines before Assaulting and finishing them off with his Blood claws . While the Land speeders concentrated on destroying the "KNARR". A miraculous stand by the remaining GHP from the 1st GH Pack saved the line from total collapse.

Wolf Preist Heidrun exclaimed “Things are not going as planned” - “ Brother Steinar assault the LRC” , . . . “ Brother Grim move your (4th GH) Pack Razorback againts the enemy in the center Center" . . . concentrate all your fire power against Wolf Priest Regus and his Blood Claws!! “ –
After seeing the LRC immobilized , uncharacteristically Wolf Priest Regus ordered a withdrawal leaving the 4th GH Pack to claim the objective(failing the moral test)!!

After the Smoke have cleared , Iron Wolves took 2 objectives against 1 for the Space Wolves led by Wolf Priest Regus and 2 others contested or was unoccupied by either side. A Tactical Victory but losing almost 3 quarters of the force : 1 HQ with retinue, 3 GHP Squads and their transport and the wolf scouts against 1 squad of scouts, 1 predator, a pack of GHP and a Lord.

Watching and Studying the war exercise video:
Rune Priest
Folkvarthr (Guardian of the people) “ Well our tactics needs to be refined and our equipment needs to be double checked – Specially grenades and special weapons“ Our tactics so far have serve us well in the past - but this battle shows us the flaw in our implementation/It is high time to readjust our composition "
Wolf Guard Battle Leader
Gunnvor (War-vigilant): “ Hmmm we have proven to them that we can hold our own, but we just need to be more precise in our deployment and more accurate assumptions on the enemies plans !!, Good thing this was just a war exercise. Wolf Guard Battle Leader Valdemar (Mighty/famous) “I agree Brother Gunnvor, we need to check into weapons that we bring in future battles”. It was a near-miss thing . I'll see to it that its done"

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midnight said...

good game! last turn decider - the squad led by regus failing the morale check from shooting and the other bloodclaws not killing the lone grey hunter and forcing them to lap around and leave the objective.