Sunday, October 05, 2008

Warhammer 40,000 Ork Barricades, made in China

hi guys!

nakakabahala lang...

it started with the codexes... PRINTED IN CHINA (meaning it was made in China)

now, i was about to buy the new release Warhammer 40,000 Ork Barricades only to find out... (guess what) it is made in China.

if it is starting now... what GW product will be next?

my point is that, we are paying for our expensive hobby that is supposed to be MADE IN UK, yet, are we receiving inferior quality products for our expensive hobby?

this not about the milk scare thing on china, that's in the limelight now.

and i perfectly understand the business formula.

manufacturing cost + labor cost + storage cost + marketing cost = market pricing

all i want to convey is that i'm not saying anything about the pricing scheme of GW, alam na natin na expensive talaga sya. i dont care about that (i have 10 massive GW 40K armies).

my thing is that, am paying well for this so called quality products (na akala ko made STILL IN UK) and only to find out na GAWA NA SYA SA CHINA.

when i checked the resin-based of the barricades, "balbon" ang pagkakagawa meaning the product was made or done in disregard to product quality.

if you compare the barricades now dun sa dating barricades na release nila na gawa sa UK, maganda at maayos ang pagkakagawa meaning quality product sya.

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Salubri said...

everything is made in china these days. even american babies are made in china. :P