Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Battle Bunker Reports: February 17, 2009

Game 1: 1000pts- Hive Fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Chaos khorne Demons (kim)
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitch battle
Result: Kuneho Won. (played on gargantua)

i had the first turn but done nothing on my first player turn. The demons appeared to the hive's right flank; bloodthirster, 12 bloodletters, and his blood crushers. First and second turn was uneventful, repositioning of troops, all movement. on the second turn, a fiend and a 2nd bloodletter squad were summoned to the field

on my third turn, my hive tyrant and 3 guard assaulted his blood thirster; 1 genestealer brood on his 1 bloodletter squad; ripper swarms on the other bloodletter squad. I won all combat except for the ripper swarms who lost 6 bases but held the bloodletters to keep them busy; the blood thirster was down to 2 wounds due to implant attack but made 1 wound to the guard; the genestealers caused 14 wounds which kim all failed to save (tough luck for me) and consolidated to difficult terrain.

Kim made his counter attack on his turn; bloodcrushers on the tyrant and guard, fiend on genestealers. my tyrant attacked his blood crushers while the 3 guards attacked the thirster. the guard causes 1 wound and the thirster failed his save reducing him to 1 wound left. the hive tyrant causes 2 wounds and kim failed his saves again, causing 4 wounds due to implant attack, but his crushers made 3 wounds enough to kill my 2 guards before it was sent back to the warp. winning the combat, kim made no retreat rolls which he passed. meanwhile, the genestealers repelled the fiend and consolidated forward. Kim tapped out at the end of his assault phase.

Game 2: 2000pts- Luna Wolves (jessie) vs Imperial Guard (mike)
Mission: seize ground (5 counters)
Deployment: spearhead
Result: jessie won (3-1)

first few turns, mike was on the advantage, killing marines from apart. Jessie kept his land raider from the LR vanquisher's sights, moving from ruins to ruins. i cant recall if mike could have won or drawn the game if it ended the fifth turn, but unluckily it went through the 6th that causes mike to lose.

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